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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Bonnie, the boss’s stepdaughter, is caught out relieving herself on a construction site. Alex, the foreman seeking payback on his overbearing boss, gets his way with the stuck-up college lass. Well, it is a workplace, and Daddy gets to ‘boss’ his steppie too.

The pressure was intense. The strain was approaching extreme. The tension had to find its release.

Well, work is very much like sex. However, it's hard to get sex on the job usually, especially on an all-male worksite, unless you are gay. 

The building construction phase was at the critical stage between the bonus performance and the penalty clauses.

The boss had just told his foreman Alex to get all the overtime he could arrange.

Happening NOW, like five minutes ago. So, overbearing the sod.

It was always about upping the performance for Hugh Davis, the boss; the performance. He was a bonus-driven arsehole. No thanks were given to Alex, his foreman, for keeping the project on time and out of the prohibitive financial penalties of not meeting the contract deadline.

Alex left the boss with the architect on the seventh floor. He had to scrutinise and get ready to sign off on the finished fourth floor of the inner-city car park project.

Bonnie Davis, the boss's daughter, had lost her credit card at Immaculate Ladies College earlier in the day and was peeved that she had to cancel it. Still shopping with the girls called. So, she hightailed it straight after school. Well, no, she skipped her last class and headed for the downtown construction site. Daddy's card was on her agenda.

Technically she shouldn't have been on the worksite. All that Occupational Health and Safety business, but she flashed her sparkly blue eyes, pushed out her chest at the site management entry, and was given a hard hat by the duty guy who was developing a hard-on as Bonnie bent over, replacing her school shoes with steel cap reinforced boots.

And believe me. There is something outrageously sexy about fine shaved girly legs in a short school skirt with heavy manly boots. The OHS guy was not focussing on anything hard except his dick and Bonnie's pert arse as the lass skipped away.

Oh yeah, he was enjoying it all. A senior college girl in one of those short-pleated plaid skirts, too much thigh, too much hint of peachy buttocks, all that leg, so smooth, the adorable short white socks, the white blouse, the frickin hair in a jailbait ponytail look. Yeah, Ms Davis was eighteen. Thankfully last week, as the OHS guy got the sweetest of views: of Bonnie's light yellow creamy knickers as she made her way up the unfinished stairwell, heading for the seventh floor where her dad supposedly lurked.

The OHS guy was left with a dick now harder than the yellow safety hard hat Bonnie was wearing as she upward disappeared. 

Under Construction was emblazoned on the helmet. 

her pert body flaunted nubile full-fledged complete, thank-you! thought Bonnie

The college lass made the landing on the fourth floor when she realised she needed to tinkle. She had rushed here from school, wagging her last class and was caught out with the bodily need. But there was no toilet except the work portaloos at ground level.

Bonnie wasn't going back down. She was on a mission to get Daddy's credit card. Scanning around the fourth floor, it looked finished, with no workmen in view. She looked for a concrete pillar to relieve herself behind quickly and then hike it up the remaining floors.

Screw daddy for being on level seven.

Our lass realised her need was more complex than it looked. If she squatted for a spray, she couldn't control being seen. However, if she stood up and let it stream like a guy, she could keep a bit of a lookout. However, there was no stopping the gush once it started and the trickly bit at the end. The drops that left her cute pink flaps wet.

Bother, as she frowned, she had no paper. Oh, a wet panty smudge, it would be.

Bonnie was close to bursting. She had a super full bladder. So, her skirt went up, her panties were yanked entirely off, her thighs bent out and down, her pussy lips held open, her torso pushed forward, and her jet of spray got underway. A cute stream running down the car park incline. A splash here and there on the waterproof boots was not her problem.

Oh God, it felt good, the relief, the luxurious warm dirty moment too; as she went the squirt, the high waterfall cascading splash of a super long arching trajectory. A private show for one, just how far could she release her golden shower?

A frickin powerful number of metres backed by awesome internal fem-muscles.

It's not often a guy gets to see girly water sports and a cute open pussy show anywhere. Let alone on a male-only construction site. Nevertheless, the unique fleshy construction of the young woman, the boss's stepdaughter, was stunning—a shaved wonderland for male eyes.

Alex, the foreman, did what any guy would do. He peeked and watched, mesmerised, then sexually aroused and finally thinking payback for that bastard of a boss up a few flights of stairs.

It was screwing the boss's daughter time.

A determined Alex set about giving the idea his best shot.

Of course, he had seen Bonnie's cute college body in her plaid pleats before. He'd done the usual male, you know, daydreaming about what you will see in general under there. But like every hopeful, you don't know the remarkable personal variation below because, wow, the boss's daughter had the pussy package.

She had a sexy young, shaved pussy. She obviously loved it and knew her pussy intimately. Also, the trollop wasn't ashamed of her goodies as she sprayed relief with a gleeful naughty abandonment of any social mores. 

Alex was a satisfied male perv at the immediate moment. But, God, she was sexy in that yellow hard hat and the big manly boots. Her body, though split by her slit as it tinkled. Well, her girl-defining fissure dominated Alex's viewing.

Oh, Bonnie, 'sighed', a satisfied, relieved girl as she looked down, trying to shake those dribbly drops off her stunning flapettes. But, the lass had the sense she was caught out.

Oh! Alex! Sweet Jesus, the foreman had a boner!

And her yellow knickers were stuffed in her skirt's waistband, which was tucked and rolled over her hips. 

Boy, was she exposed, still boy, she knew she looked good. Super good.

 Daddy wouldn't like his girl with the hired workersHer arse and pussy were top shelf. Reserved for first class. Yeah, she screwed around, only with rich boys.

I'll tease the bastard, but Bonnie thought, he’s not getting a touch.

"Oh, you like what you see," she said, holding her pussy open across the four metres of distance now separating them.

All Alex did was male nod.

Then he added the dirty, "Yeah, love it, but bend over so I can see your arsehole too." 

He had to see how far she would go. Very far, he hoped.

"Mmm, you can wank off while I get myself off," said Bonnie enjoying her pussy clout but not turning around. She was in control here.

Alex had his trapped hard cock released, working it through his hand as the petite college minx touched herself. Lingeringly seductively at first, then increasing the pace, then getting rapid. Then she was fully getting her off in front of him.

The wonders of life. Considering he had got a serve from this chick's dad minutes ago. All Alex wanted now was young pussy.


Well, he'd enjoy screwing his prick of a boss over through his daughter.

Yeah. God, his cock felt incredible, and geez, she was a sexy young harlot.

Bonnie hit her pleasure spots super rapidly. She was ready for cock. No way had she intended it would be a working guy. But boy, his pecker was all set and there. 

She thought: "He can lick me out, but he's not fucking me."

"Over here," she instructed. "You can lick me out but nothing more, understand."

 Alex understood; all right, eighteen-year-old pussy, purry wet and needing tongue. He was up for the job.

The young minx backed her body against the pylon. She needed to be. Heaven did he hit her clitty and pussy opening with immediate delectable passionate force. There is something very, very raunchy about getting your pussy licked out standing up. Bonnie was finding this out for the first time. Alex was enjoying the delight of semi-public spontaneous sex and the boss's daughter to boot. 

Alex had his tongue circling her already over-aroused clitty. She couldn't contain her murmurs of pleasure which became clear moans of building satisfaction. Alex had her close to the female putty stage. He felt he could do anything he wanted with Bonnie as his tongue swept over her flapettes, in her slit and over and sucked her petite pea-sized bud of fem-pleasure. 

 "Hey, stay away from my arse. It's off limits to you," said Bonnie, trying to stay in charge.

Now Alex knew the fine line between taking a girl, especially a young woman, where he wanted to go and probably where she did too, so he was surprised by her ability to deny herself an extra pleasure charge as he trespassed with his finger in her cute tight butthole. 

Bonnie was stimulated by the finger rimming her back crack. She loved the attention. A happy girl always when guys gave her pink starfish equal attention with her pussy. But there were limits in place today, like a line - you know -that No Entry tape.

So Alex's fingers pushed into her butt cheeks, opening her buttocks, forcing her diminutive pucker slot to wink open. Clever, touch without direct touch.

The sensual attention became too much for an eighteen-year-old college girl to hold in.

"Oh, lick my butt. Finger my butt. You naughty bastard," she said as Alex gave her the man handling her arsehole deserved and craved. 

Alex fixed her tight constriction with genuine male satisfaction. His tongue in the boss's daughter's rear pinkness, deep and dirty. Flexing his tongue tip, circling with his tongue around her rim and sending spasms of delight through her college body as he blew warmish air straight into her puckered growing gap.

"Your cock, you prick," said Bonnie; she had given up any pretence of priggish rich tart exclusion of working boy pecker. In the immediate situation, a cock was cock.

Alex was obliging. He had what he hoped. Everything was on offer now. 

He always knew as events unfolded, once your cock is out and activated; it's not going back away till it's had some action. He thought today that it might be a head job at first, but now he had the entire body of the boss's daughter at his disposal. So, he set about constructing pleasure for two. His pecker invited Bonnie into a partnership of screwing the maximum out of each other. And the best way to do it was to dog her. 

His cock eased into her wetness from between her thighs. Oh, she was sweet. And man, was she wet. God, she looked great with her school skirt rolled up. Frick, she was girly tight but pliably giving. The flesh-to-flesh sensation was exhilarating. Two sets of senses alerted to pleasure intake.

Alex kept building her pussy's happiness in brief segments of seconds. The inward push, the outward flesh drawing tug, the internal shove, the external pecker on sensitive labia play. Then drilling for a while, followed by the leisurely expressively exploring of her cavity of mutual need. Finally, the delicious shallowness that drives girls wild for deep piston thrusting. He hammered her coochie, his pelvis grinding into her buttocks.

He got his fingers under her blouse and in her bra cups, massaging her nipples. She gave those extra appreciative coos that kept his fingers busy on her breasts. 

He was cock rocking her so fast Bonnie lost her hard hat, which rolled away along the slope of the under-construction carpark.

Bonnie moaned in total sexual enjoyment. The cock dominating moment. She was holding onto the pylon for dear life as she was fucked as she had always wanted to be fucked like a frickin trash whore.

Oh, she got the trailer tart treatment, all right. Alex fingered the boss's daughter's butt hole as he angled for what they both wouldn't now deny each other.

The intersection of desire was the pure sexual collision between two bodies: as Bonnie hugged the concrete pylon, as Alex bent her over and spread her legs wide. Her arsehole presented a stunning gawped view to the world. But only Alex was there to see this pink starfish. The one to explore her back alley. Split her doughnut ring. Enjoy her cornhole!

Here was access to a true wonder of life and the universe in any instance of time and place, college puckered primed tradesman's entrance.

Bonnie's tunnel of fem-tightness, her constricted fissure of desire, became a crack that needed to be spread- a cranny that had to be prised. Alex had the throbbing pecker to shape what seemed impossible to shape. So small, so vulnerable, yet, there for cock.

Alex eased in with copious spit on his dick and around her pink rim. A small chink of space, straining to spread, willing to stretch and swell to accommodate its greedy need for cock.

Bonnie had that delicious naughty pleasure sensation as a pecker intruded into her arse. The raw bliss of bodily delight magnified. Oh, she was breached somehow. She never quite knew how her tight arse took cock, but she loved it.

The shoving expansion dominated both of them. Bonnie had the additional feeling her arsehole would burst. The thrusting sensation for Alex was matched by her constricted natural holding of his pecker. 

Ms Davis held on for dear life with one arm on the concrete pole as another stiff pole shaped her life between her legs. Her fingers were happily adding to the fun, stimulating her over-enlivened clit.

Pounding, grinding, pummelling, heaving, yanking; God knows how Alex didn't damage the boss's daughter's beautiful back package.

Bonnie was assailed but with no compunction. Her arse held the pleasure under Alex's virtual assault. The wilder he got, the more relaxed her stunning giving arse fracture became, and the more she enjoyed it. She was so happy in her true slut moment, beyond anything the seeming daddy's girl had ever done before, and she had done a heap of the trashy.

They reached the apex point where neither of them was in control. Bonnie's butt took over her body and her mind. Alex's cock in her tight gripping arse, well, there was nothing else in the world at that instance for him.

Cock and arse fused, fastened and fixated as a pair. Then dovetailed to release.

The trampy young wench exploded under the combined pressure of her arseholes constrained bliss and her clitty getting the succour of her frenetic fondling fingers.

She expressed this less poetically as: "Oh shit! Oh, Fuck! Oh My! I'm cumming. Orrgh, Ah, Ahh."

Bonnie took Alex in her mouth, sucking him off to cock heaven.

Unknown to Bonnie and Alex, Hugh, after farewelling the architect on the seventh floor at the external construction hoist, raced down the stairs to pester his foreman on the fourth level.

Suddenly another set of hands found the college tart's hips.

Instinctively, intuitively, the miss suspected her stepdad.

The boss, as usual, got his way in life. With a daughter as attractive as Bonnie, it had crossed Hugh Davis’ mind. But ah, the chance to act out a forbidden fantasy. Seriously when was he ever going to catch his daughter with her pants off, her butt spread, and her lips already enjoying bringing another cock to its pleasure release.

Hugh hit Bonnie's sweet, warm, moisture-saturated coochie first.

She was good, better than any recent tart he had cheated with.

Bonnie was quality teenage flesh as cock was enveloped by her warm gooey, latching, fastening pussy.

Bonnie was delirious with new, unexpected pleasure. A cock about to explode in her mouth and her daddy's rod in her pussy.

Hugh's cock was pumping his life into his steppie.

Ms Bonnie Davis didn't even have time to object, let alone think. Her rapture closed off sin. Something this exciting and climax-inducing was too good to be wrong. Especially as she sucked and sucked off cock, and a pecker was banging and pounding into her from behind.

What more could the boss's daughter want in life?

One thing, daddy's credit card later. But right now, Bonnie was man meat soaked, inundated by males, swamped by two dirty bastards taking advantage of her, and it was body euphoric. 

Of course: Hugh Davis had to have his own daughter's arse. Why? Because it was there and nicely gawped ready

So, he filled her. In her prepped state, he went the pecker jackhammer. She would never forget this arse flogging. He plunged, pounded and punched into her butthole. He whammed and rammed his man meat so deep. His steppie moaned between jacking off his foreman.

Alex was caught in the raunchy mayhem. He saw cute Bonnie suck him off while she was being anally debauched by her stepdad.

Fuck the boss. They always win.

Then tempered by God, the bitch gives good head.

There were no losers here, in a car park under construction.

The actual erection of pleasure was threefold. First, a college lass was creamed as copious swathes of cum flew across her pretty face and in her expectant mouth. Whilst her stepdad released a whopper of a load in her tight back alley. Her narrow passageway of taboo desire experienced a mind and body-defining second butt-ramming, which was a cloud-nine elation of ecstasy for her. Forget about being on level four. Her body was off the planet.

The dirty, dirty girl, in earthy level four car park reality: was a cum drenched face and arse jizz leaking young body on display to two satisfied males. Yet the overwhelming image that dominated all three was human gratification. Indulgence beyond a treat, the pure sexual rawness they experienced.

No tricky after-sex moments here. Our tart Bonnie just wiped the jizz from her face and the cream dribbling from her arse with her skimpy yellow panties while the two pricks watched.

Guys can never get enough.

Ms Davis then rolled down her school skirt and asked daddy for his credit card. She got the plastic, no questions asked, and strolled to the stairwell. Only stopping to retrieve the hard hat to return at the site office.

Yes, Bonnie bent over for the helmet, now pantiless, and her delicious moisture-glistening shaved slit and still puckered arse showed all the tell-tale signs of her recent absolute fucking satisfaction.

Bonnie, the bitch, swaggered off, swinging her wet yellow knickers in her raised hand.

On the stairwell down, she knew exactly what to do with her wet cum stained knickers. The OHS guy was in for a treat when he got the hard hat back.

Bonnie upturned the helmet and saw its message in a different light.

Under Construction Mmm, yeah, her sex life was certainly that!

Submitted: February 08, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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and after all that, did she get her a new credit card?
she should've, she earned it, and how her bum must be sore.
How i wonder did the boss find them and steal the fun away from Alex?

Wed, February 8th, 2023 2:42am


Thanks for the feedback. I'll add a few lines to get daddy down the stairs logically.

Wed, February 8th, 2023 3:06am

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