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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Cari learns her place in the world by having to service an entire football team.








She stopped feeling much after the fifteenth teenage jock fucked her. After the fifteenth swollen wet football player prick filled her stretched cunt and/or mouth, she stopped feeling pain. Her pussy and throat were numb. This was, mind you after the fifteenth teenage pecker fucked her the first time. All twenty-five boys wanted seconds, and some even thirds. It went on all night. The first round was actually the easiest, as the boys came pretty quickly, they were so fucking horny and their balls were so filled with jism. The second round of fucks took longer, and the third even longer. Cari mostly felt totally exhausted, and humiliated. The humiliation came from twenty-five hunks of teenage fuckmeat being shoved into her pretty little mouth, demanding to be cleaned off, fat sweaty ball sacks slapping against her chin. Boys of ever shape and color and size.


The really big dicks still did hurt some, prodding and poking deep into her, slamming at the door to her womb. When she couldn’t take some of the larger leaking dicks all the way down into her throat, Danny became irritated with her.

“Come on, Cari, show how much you love me. All the way down to the balls. Don’t embarrass me in front of these guys. I want to see those dicks balls deep in both your cunt and your mouth!”  No doubt about it, Danny got off on it. He loved it. Nothing greater than to be totally respected by your peers while you totally degrade some cute young pussy! He tried to urge the boys to fuck her in the asshole too, but they didn’t seem interested in that. High school boys are often funny that way. They wanted fresh teen girl pussy and mouth. They were not skilled lovers. They literally slammed their swollen peckers into the poor girl’s face and into her stretched, swollen cunt.


So, as I say, after the fifteenth or sixteenth dick up her, Cari kind of turned off to the whole thing. Danny didn’t totally go for that. He slapped her face a couple of times, not to hurt or punish her, but to keep her alert and responsive.  A lot of these high school jocks had given girls pills to knock them out so they could fuck them, that was common practice among teens. But it wasn’t much fun if the girl wasn’t aware of what was happening. You might as well be fucking a blow-up doll! No, the boys liked it when the girl struggled a bit and complained that their dicks were too big and were hurting them. There is nothing a teen boy likes to hear more than some bitch saying his dick is too big! It is the greatest compliment of all.


There are those of you out there who will doubt the possibility of a sweet young girl like Cari being able to withstand being fucked more than fifty times in one night. But you are ignoring the stamina and resilience of a healthy young girl.

And let’s face it, with some of these high school horn dogs, a few pumps in a pussy or a mouth and they shot their loads, unable to control their lust. A few of the boys were so horny, they couldn’t even get into the cunt or mouth, and Danny urged them to dump their loads onto Cari’s face. The whole room smelled of sweaty prick and balls. Purveyors of filth would say it was a fucking beautiful sight. One, small, delicate beautiful teenage girl from a strict religious background, and twenty-five horny as hell stinking of sweat, naked high school athletes. It was beautiful in a way. The boys stood around pumping their pricks, scrotums dancing, while they waited for their turn. While they pumped and waited, they chatted to each other, some about sports or school, but some about what a fucked-up, wasted piece of trash slut Cari was. How she needed all the cock she could get.  Some of the guys spit in her face, calling her a cheap piece of shit to her face. Danny seemed to get off on that. Every ten fucks or so, they dragged Cari over to a tin pail and made her squat and squirt out the river of cum.

Teen sperm shot from her sore, stretched pussy. The guys took pictures. Then they dragged her back to continue the fucking. Danny, who as we know, has a sick, sadistic streak in him, poured the cum from the pail into a large jar. He fully intended to later feed it to poor Cari. She would no longer resist.


Cari was beyond resisting anything. She was broken, which is exactly how Danny wanted her. He wanted her so fucking mindless and obedient that she would do the absolutely filthiest acts without objecting. He didn’t want her so far over the edge that she no longer realized the acts were sick, demented and filthy. No, he wanted her to still be totally humiliated and degraded, but still obey. He wanted her unable to disobey. That’s how lots of men want their women. How lots of husbands want their wives.


Cum bubbled from Cari’s nostrils and ran from her mouth. Danny took one of the young footballer’s sweat stinking dirty jock straps and wiped Cari’s face with it. “You are doing a great job, Cari. I am so proud of you. I love you very much,” he told her, Then, he opened her mouth and stuck the filth encrusted jock strap pouch between her lips. “Here, suck on this honey. Suck it clean.” Cari sucked on the fuck soaked elastic, tasting the prick of the boy who had worn it for weeks.

It had gotten so, she could taste the difference in different peckers. She could taste the difference in the circumcised and uncircumcised ones. Some pricks tasted slightly of piss, some quite a lot. Some tasted of soap, most of sweat.


Danny smoothed her cum clotted hair away from her face. He took one of her  nipples in the fingers of each hand and rolled and pinched them to keep her nice and alert, as the next teen jock slammed his swollen dick into her.

“That’s my girl…” he soothed, as a heavy boy with a huge dick rubbed his balls all over her face.  The boy, grunted, shifted his position, tilted her head, yanked out the spit soaked jock strap, and shoved his dick into her mouth.


“Here’s what you want, Bitch. Here’s what you want so bad. I got it for you!” The boy could sense how badly she needed dick. At least in his mind. It alleviated any guilt he might feel. The bitch craved dick. He pushed his huge, thick dick deeper into her mouth. She gagged.


“Come on, Cari, all the way down. No gagging now. Be a good girl,” Danny cooed, pulling hard on her nipples. Several times Cari seriously thought she would choke to death on cum. There was so much sperm and it was so thick, like wallpaper paste.


Another boy grunted and shot off in her pussy. He pulled out and the next boy slammed in. The boy who had just cum stood to one side, his slime slick dick bobbing and slowly wilting, waiting until Cari’s mouth was free to clean him off.

Boys who had shot, sat on the benches, chatting and fingering their dicks, waiting for them to get hard again.


Finally, it was over. The spent boys stumbled to the showers. Danny loved the gaping cave that was now Cari’s cunt. It looked like she had just given birth. He made her spread her legs wide, so he could take pictures of it. She was delirious and not even aware of her surroundings anymore. There was a dull, thudding, ache deep in her guts. Her lungs felt filled with sperm. Her lips were swollen, and when she opened them to breath, strings of fuck connected her top lip to her lower. Sperm ran from her nose.


“You are so beautiful, Cari, this is the way I like to see you. You have no idea how beautiful you look this way. This is how all teenage girls should look. Oh Cari, I love you so much. Do you love me, Cari?”


“I luth thu…” she managed, her tongue coated with jock cum, strings of pubic hair hanging from her teeth.


“Yeah, yeah, this is so perfect. We got to do this more often. “then he yelled into the shower room. “Tell you what guys, every time you win a game, we can have an all-night party like this. An all-night party with our favorite girl, Cari!”


They guys cheered and high fived each other, their spent pricks swinging over their low hanging nutsacks.


“No,no, Danny, pleath…I can’t do thith. It will kill me. I can’t. They win almoth every week.”  Cari moaned, trying to sit on the bench, but sliding onto her ass on the floor from the cum running out of her cunt.


“I know, baby, I know,” said Danny grinning. “But these boys are your fans now, and you can’t let them down. Can you?”


“it’ll kill me Nobody can take thith much cock…” She spit out wads of fuck.


“Don’t worry, Baby you’ll get used to it. That’s’ what girls are made for… to fuck. I’ll help you. I’ll help you get used to it. And you’ll be so popular. I just know, other schools will hear about you and want to party too. My girl. My girlfriend will be the most popular girl in the whole town!”


When they finally left, Danny helping a still naked Cari to his car, she couldn’t even walk by herself. Danny thought it was really funny. “You look drunk…” he kept saying, laughing. “Drunk on fuck.”  He took a large plastic sheet out of the trunk of the car, so she wouldn’t get all the fuck filth on the car seat. He wanted her to ride in front with him, so she could suck his dick on the way home. He hadn’t allowed her to wipe any of the cum from her body. He called her “the prettiest pig in town.”  It was bright morning when they pulled into his buddy’s driveway, where she was to get some rest. She had told her mom and dad she was sleeping over at a girlfriend’s. Danny parked on the street and made her walk totally naked up to his buddy’s apartment. When her legs collapsed and she fell to her knees, he didn’t help her, but made her crawl. He had shot his load into her mouth just as they pulled up outside the apartment, but he instructed her not to swallow but to hold it in her mouth. He wanted to see how broken and obedient she really was.


Cari was a good girl. She held the fuck slime in her mouth. It was Danny’s, and he loved her. When Danny’s buddy saw Cari, he roared with laughter.


“Christ, what a fucking whore,” he said.


“No,” Danny said defending his girl. “She’s just a very good little girl, who needs cock all the time.”


When Danny’s buddy heard that she had sucked and fucked twenty-five boys multiple times, he shook his head in disbelief. “Well, since she is crashing here, don’t I at least get a blow job?”


Danny smiled. “Of course, you do. Right Cari?  But first, sweetheart, show my buddy what you have in your mouth.”


Cari opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue…there was a lake of Danny’s fuck in there. “Okay Baby, gargle for me and swallow. Oh, yeah, isn’t that delicious. That is the very best cum. That is your boyfriend’s cum!”


Poor Cari, so fucked up and out of it, nodded her pretty little head.


“Now, be a good girl, Cari and crawl over here and suck my buddy’s dick. I know you are tired as fuck, but he’s my buddy, so do a real good job, okay? That’s what good girls do. They suck dick and get fucked.”


Cari crawled across the floor, her mouth open and her tongue hanging out.


For some reason, Danny didn’t want to let Cari shower or wash. More of his sadism, I guess. So they made her sleep in the bathtub, not wanting to get her filth on the bedsheets.A few hours later, Danny and his buddy both took out their dicks and pissed on her in the bathtub, turning the dried fuck to slime.


“Shit Man, you got the perfect girlfriend,” Danny’s buddy said.  


“it’s all in how you train them, “Danny boasted. “And just wait until she wakes up and it’s time for breakfast.”  He held up the large jar filled to the brim with the fuck slop of twenty-five high school jocks.

Submitted: February 06, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Danny is so sweet. Every girl loves it when her man prepares breakfast for her.

Thu, February 9th, 2023 7:08pm

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