My Mates Girlfriends

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Fortuitously left with my mates, two horny women: I did what any guy would do; ‘I looked after them.’

My mates Murray and Peter felt sorry for me and invited me to their Sandy Bay apartment Friday night. I knew what being the third wheel was like, but it's even worse to be the fifth wheel— with two sets of love birds. So, I stuck out like a sore thumb. There are only so many microwave nachos you can offer to prepare and trips to the fridge to get another drink. My mates were dutifully watching a chick flick, knowing their patience would be rewarded in the bedroom later. At that point, I'd probably slink away home unnoticed.

But it got worse as the movie's smouldering narrative took a surprise soft porn twist on the big TV screen in the lounge room. I suspected it was a pay TV adult subscriber service. I wanted to slide under the floor rug or disappear down the back of the huge U-shaped lounge like lost money. Pete was suddenly into some soft porn as he groped a fair handful of his blonde girlfriends Angela's breast through her flimsy light top to my left. Which, in turn, got him a good dose of hot tongue action. Geez, his woman could flick and coil and curl her tongue. It got her a hand under her top, and I'd say prising under her bra to her nipple. They tried to sidle together, hoping everyone else was watching the hot movie scene, not copying it.

Murray was also doing okay; his cute redhead Belinda was rubbing his crotch, and his hand was trying surreptitiously to feel her up under her short skirt. Belinda on my right tried to mask her randy response in the murky lampshade light, but it was apparent my mate had a finger under her knickers doing something worthwhile for the pair's enjoyment.

I tried to keep my eyes on the movie it was cleverly filmed and probably more arousing than explicit porn. Too easy to fill in the gaps. This scorching chick was riding her guy in bed, the full sensuous woman on top grind, her long golden hair loose, her curved fulsome breast visible enough in profile, and a gorgeous rumpled red silk sheet hiding but shaping her humping arse. Okay, she was simulating copulation, but she knew the right sounds to make. Those fulfilled sighs that she was getting everything she needed and a tad more.

The actress was into the bouncy ride motion, with the bedsprings joining in an appreciative chorus, when the phone rang beside the bed. Well, nothing was stopping this chick from getting her climax, but then I realised, and everyone in the lounge room did too, that Murray's mobile was ringing, followed by Peter's. 

My mate's fingers were on their phones where just a moment ago they had been in; well, a pussy, I'd say and flicking and tweaking a nipple. As Pete turned on the total room lights, the girls looked nicely aroused but equally frustrated as their guys stood around and took the calls. 

Yeah, it was a work emergency. So, there I was on the couch with two horny excited chicks mid-way through a feel-up by their respective guys, left watching some salacious miss on the big TV screen swoon and deeply sigh in her body-yielding, relentlessly satisfying orgasm. In contrast, their guys were focused on an emergency unwanted work call-in.

Pete swore as he got off his phone. It was the hydraulics at work, and he and Murray had no choice. They had to get there ASAP.

"Look after the girls, mate," said Murray as he grabbed his keys and headed off to the garage. He turned at the door to blow his girlfriend Belinda a kiss. Nothing more.

"Yeah, be a pal, keep the girls occupied, thanks mate, see you all later," and Pete then gave his Angie a quick peck on the cheek and was hurrying off, responding to Murray's call from the garage to 'frickin hurry up.'

There I was on the lounge between two exasperated, sexually thwarted young women whose cocks had been packed off to work for God knows how long. The movie was heating up again, with the younger sister making her move on her elder sister's guy. The tension was on the screen but more on the lounge. I felt as out of place as a diamond poking out of a baboon's bulbous pink arse. If my mates hadn't asked me to look after and occupy their girls, I'd have gone.

After all, it was a chick flick and two chicks, I wasn't a fifth wheel, but I still felt a third.

As the obligatory steamed-up scene in the rain heated up on the telly, with the chick's pointy pert nipples sticking to her white-soaked blouse brushing the dude's chest, I offered to get Angela and Belinda some sweet treats from the kitchen.

The girls both looked at me and moved in on me.

"No, stay here," said Belinda.

"Yeah, we need company," said Angie, "Stay put."

It was a nice feeling being hemmed in by two chicks who wanted contact as the movie did its job of titillating and whetting their desires, or more crassly, making their nipples rigid and their pussies wet for action. The pair on the screen were tearing at each other's clothes in a frenzy of lust as they hit the fortuitously scattered hay on the barn floor, half-naked, escaping the rain, but not the searing passion for rapid sex that occupied the pair. Her skirt was hitched, her legs spread, her sex hidden by the guy's pants between her legs, the zip of his jeans obviously opened, as the soft porn conventions hid his arse, but he was humping into her.

Suddenly I had a hand on each of my thighs. 

Wow, was it hot! 

I had double attention for a guy who hadn't had any in too long. Angie and Bee were watching the screen, but they needed the real thing. Their horny hands hit sex autopilot as they shared opening my zip and releasing my quickly developing boner. I was getting a tug job, and a ball fondle while the guy on the screen was humping into his young writhing leg spread companion.

Then as the scene settled to a family dinner with both girls and their parents, I thought I'd be left high and dry. I'd never wanted to fast forward to the next sex scene in a movie so quickly. But I didn't need to. Angela was nibbling my ear and neck. Belinda was down on my cock. 

My best mate's girl was sucking me off in my mate's place. Of course, I had a nanosecond of guilt, but the bobbing redhead knew about cock head. 

"Orrgh man, oh yes, oh god, yeah, yes, aaggh, yes," from me before endless delirium groans of cock happiness, as two girls shared my pecker. 

Angela pleasured my knob. Her curling, seemingly corkscrewing tongue swished and flicked. Whilst her mouth and lips combined in skilled siphon-sucking pecker quaffing. The girl could take cock deep. While Belinda gifted exquisite gratification to my balls, where she interchanged between licking them with her broad tongue and sucking them softly in her mouth.

God knows how the movie unfolded or ended. It had done its prep job as a soft porn chick flick because what followed was pure hardcore. 

In a flurry of activity, I was naked. My mate's two girlfriends were nude. And I was the sole beneficiary of their horny state. It was sinful and shameful to my mate's trust as I let two girls seduce me into the best titty fucks, I've ever had. The blonde and redhead knew how to squeeze their jugs together for maximum cock enjoyment. The contrast between my hardness and their shaped softness, in turn, just matchless. The redhead's tits were crumpet soft. Belinda's boobs pressed together, marshmallow spongy, her cleavage trapping my cock; she pushed her tits up and down for unbelievably heavenly friction. Then Angela scooped together her soft jugs around my pecker and urged me to fuck her tits. Just great. Frickin great. My dick was framed between incredible breasts, simple, animal passion, combining cock and boobs. 

What followed was wrong to my mates, beyond what they had thought they had left me to do, look after the girls, keep them occupied.

I did that as I looked directly at a pair of winking tight arseholes spread on the lounge in front of me. They could have been twins. Then my tongue took turns occupying their spread cracks. I rimmed them both. The redhead's buttocks twitched, and she nearly giggled, but she pressed her exposed pinkness into my delving wet tongue. Fuck she tasted good. I mean her arse, her arse tasted so good. How could anything so sweet be wrong? It was reprehensible, with my mates called out, but I mussed her arsehole into a slut slurry of readiness for more. But I had the blonde's arse to savour, which was equally good. Her puckered, rilled private starfish was so smooth in its indents, inviting, yet tight.

I realised as I teased them both, using my finger to keep the arsehole denied my tongue happy, that both girls were Friday night sex shaved ready for my mates. I could only be thankful I was in accounts and not on the machine team because, boy, I hoped the hydraulics were fucked, because I knew I needed a fair amount of fucking time to satisfy these two.

They turned over, side by side, legs spread, cock ready. Impeccable pussies glistening wet. I was about to shove into Belinda's inviting flesh, as the closest, in my virile hasty excitement, but she stayed me with a "No."

I didn't understand. Till they both just started playing with their spread pussies in front of me. They goaded and baited me as they stretched, fingered and frigged themselves happily.

"You bad boy Mark, this is Murray's play zone, but he's not here," said Belinda, revealing her hard pointy lovely clit.

 "If you don't give my pussy an orgasm, I'll tell on you."

Angela spread her arse and pussy together and said, "Peter, Peter had a girlfriend. Could he keep her? Are you man enough to fully cheat on your mates? Just don't forget to have something for my arse after my pussy is happy, okay."

I nodded. The girls were up. I was on the couch. The blonde straddled my cock. The redhead smothered my face. My tongue found her delicate fleshy, moist pussy lips and opening. Her thigh and pubic mound press were intense but great. My cock, at the same time, was getting the joyride of its existence. It received a stunning grinding, humping, frictional, massaging enveloping. Complete cock gratitude. 

I mean, if I'd died there and then or been killed by the guys returning home, I'd have had nothing to complain about in life. The two young women were horny and needy and expecting cock on a Friday night, and boy, was I the lucky guy in the right place. Sometimes a spare tyre is used. I didn't care that I was the spare male. I was the male there, and I was with two outrageously wanton wild women in their early twenties. They were at that age when women needed more than sex; they wanted dirty sex. And they ain't prepared to wait.

The redhead was designed to be fucked from behind. Her buttocks and peachy puffy pussy looked perfect from her rear positioning on the lounge. My cock's entry was a dream, her snatch shaped to my prodding cock. The blonde was grinding into my buttocks behind me, so I dug into her girlfriend's pussy. Penetrated her to the hilt. Screwed the needy bitch senseless. I thoroughly looked after her, for my mate.

It was Angie who took the three of us beyond mateship repair if the truth ever came out. We hit the dazzling heights of triple-shared sexual release. The talented bitch was on the carpet. Well, her shoulders were. Her arse was in the air, and I penetrated it, facing directly at her. I was right over her, holding her legs, and I lunged straight down into her gaped arsehole at the damn near perfect angle, straight and spearing like a sword-swallowing act. Except this act became depraved as Belinda cork screwed her girlfriend’s pussy with her fingers. Her middle finger crossed over her index finger and then twisted that combo in and out of Angie, catching the most sensitive edges of her divine hole. While I shoved cock in her arse, straight down her tight crack. Wholly occupying her needy bum hole.

Just what did these two girls get up to away from my mates?

I was still thinking mates, but ex-mates were the only likely outcome of this debauched joining. To say Belinda and I stripped Angela of any dignity would be pointless. Consent-given releases near-endless possibilities for filthy pleasure. Guilty of sodomising my mate's girl. Yes. Her orgasm was wild. Then I was culpable of wanting a second mate's girlfriend's arse. 

It was Belinda who wanted to be wheelbarrowed up her bum. Her hands were stretched to the floor. I was holding her hips and filling her arse. Her bum was a cock welcoming space. Angie was supporting her by fondling her boobs. Geez, Belinda had a sensational arsehole. The tightest clench as I burrowed into blatant buggery. I punched a channel into her bum's depths. Bore an expanding tunnel into a wide anal chasm. Base shafting; in an excellent new position for me. The talented horny slut had great upper arm strength and frickin amazing hip agility, and goddamn unexpected but satisfying arse contractions as her climax saturated and filtered fast through her body.

She repeated, "Orrgh shit."

The pair were, in the end, cum seeking vampirenes. Lustful jizz devotees. Semen sluts. They stroked and sucked my cock to squeeze and release the maximum male payload required for two. I was jerked and jacked one last time for my pleasure and their need. A massive beautiful, straining wad burst out of me as my reward and their tongue-captured treasure. A spurting surging eruption of swathing thick cum flew across their close together mouths and caught their joint extended tongues. The look in their eyes- a happy surprise. A second big whipping load bolted and sailed from my cock over cheek to cheek. Then a few final spurts ejaculated God knows where. I was male euphoric. But I saw the evidence of our combined lust. Blobs, globs and matted clumps of jizz splattered on their faces, caught in their hair, licked off their hands, lapped and shared with their tongues. And then they took turns siphoning the dregs from the base of my cock tube to its knob. Every last cum skerrick gathered by the pair.

Mates share. Mates tell everything. Bullshit, especially when you screw and bugger your mates' girlfriends in tandem. 

I sat up dutifully for my mate's three a.m. dog-tired return. Watching wrestling on their pay-tv. I didn't need any more of that soft porn adult channel. Their sated women had already gone to bed. I took an extra bit of fun tucking them in naked. They had had more than their required Friday night sex. Saturday morning; who knew their predilections? 

"Oh, mate, thanks for looking after Belinda," said Murray.

"Owe you one," he added.

"Mate, thanks for keeping that easily bored Angie occupied. Not sure how I can repay you?" quipped Peter.

"Oh, no problem," I said, "they were easily satisfied, you know; keep them company, watch a chick flick, feel 'em up, shag 'em, bugger 'em, tuck them into bed — naked."

They both looked at me oddly. Processing my words. Then they did the bro code smile. They believed I was bro joking. 

I was their mate.

Mates didn't screw girlfriends. Well, maybe one, but they didn't take me, the fifth wheel, as capable of doing the dirty double!

They excused their tired selves. They needed sleep. They had chicks to shag and bugger senseless in a few hours to make up for Friday night. 

I eased back to finish watching the wrestling. I'd let myself out later, I said.

"Look, mate," offered Murray, "Why don't you join us Sunday when we go scuba diving for crays and abalone at Bruny."

"Sorry, I don't dive."

"No problem, neither do the girls. Just come anyway," added Pete.

"Sure," I said. 

Everything quickly settled and arranged, mate style.

Off they went to their beds and their sleeping naked women.

This was too easy. Cheat on your mates once. You'll cheat again. I could already picture the guys going over the edge of the boat, bags in hand for crays or shellfish and leaving me upside with the girls for a good thirty minutes. Oh, I'd go diving all right, double muff diving for a start.

Roll on Sunday afternoon, mates.

Submitted: February 05, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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