My Husband's Secrets: Part II

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The saga continues..

Susan, Dan's wife, actually went out with Vic before she ever met Dan. Her family was totally against the relationship and effectively shut it down. Vic was a bad boy motorcyclist with tattoos and a drug problem who was going nowhere with his life. Dan was the quintessential all American boy... such a gorgeous motherfucker too. That's the thing that pushed me into his arms; Susan using me to cover for her while she cheated on a guy who really had everything you could possibly want.

Yeah, I fucked him.  I fucked him a lot.  He was the first person I cheated with after Andy and I married.  I felt guilty as shit.  It was goddamn invigorating.  I get wet just thinking about his beautiful cock.

Anyway, the whole thing was a disaster, and I've got a name all over town to show for it. I'd probably do it again because I've still got my Andy, and I'm more convinced than ever that he's locked in for life. You could say that he's made the necessary adjustments.  My cheating was good for us.  It was good for my husband.  He figured himself out for just what he is.  I keep teaching him lessons and reminding him of where he belongs... on his knees, cleaning me up.

Susan confessed to having sex with Vic the night before she married Dan. In fact, when you consider the day starts at 12 AM, she did it the day she got married. She snuck out the window and was over at Vic's through the early morning hours.  She told me it was the hottest sex of her life.  Her husband was some of the hottest sex of mine.

So, I finally got up with Dan this past week. It's been six years since our first affair.  I've fucked him since then, naturally, though I promised my husband I'd never see him again.  I've made a lot of promises... to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.  Dan's screwing a married woman. That was the car parked at his house when I went by there earlier.  I finally gave him a call and invited myself over.

"I'm telling you this because you have no ethical or moral ground to judge me," Dan said.

"I'm not judging," I responded. "I'm only saying that you're wasting precious time when you could have any girl you want."

"I can't have you, can I?"

"You can have me right now..."

Dan looked at me very seriously. I thought he was kidding, and I was being a smart ass, offering myself to him the way I did when I was over there last.  That was the time his live-in girlfriend was sleeping in his bedroom while he fucked me across the kitchen table.  I wasn't pregnant at the time, and my menstrual clock was telling me it was a dangerous occasion. Dan didn't give a shit, and I didn't either.  My husband had blown plenty of time and opportunities to get me knocked up and bloated with his own precious kid.  Dan was fresh out of fertility clinic and ready to breed.  I couldn't imagine a hotter specimen to put a baby in my cunt.

Trouble is... my due date says it's not Dan's baby.  I got impregnated two weeks later.  Not by my husband.

"There's no way the baby is mine?"  Dan was hoping against hope.

"No way, sweetheart. You're actually disappointed that there's not a chance, aren't you?"

"I'd rather it be mine than some greasy hair teenage boy you've been slumming with for months."

"You'd rather it be yours than Andy's for that matter." I put my hands on my belly, unconsciously rubbing my little basketball. "After all, I put you through it with the sperm count and fertility workup. I kind of feel bad I didn't give you more of a shot."

"Are you being serious?" Dan was leaning over the kitchen island, looking into my eyes. I was surprised to still be dressed.

"Yes, Dan. I've known for some time that I wanted another baby. COVID sort of stalled the process, and Andy has been missing the mark. I think his sperm count is down as a result of sleep apnea. His testosterone is low too."

"Why didn't you put him through all the tests like you did for me?"

"He has his own doctor at the hospital, Dan. She wasn't very aggressive about it, though. I guess Andy didn't present it as much of a problem."

"Neither did I, and you wouldn't give it a rest."

"You came to see me in clinic, remember? I didn't chase you down. I just took the opportunity to raise hell at you, and you didn't mind having me help you get a sample."

"Wait, your husband has a woman doctor? Is she cute?"

"Very. I know her from ICU when I worked there several years ago. She's recently married."

"It doesn't make you jealous for Andy to go to a hot looking female doctor?"

"No, I'm not worried about it. She strikes me as straight and conservative. Andy's not exactly assertive with his underlying fantasies."

"You mean he confessed to wanting her?"

"Oh, definitely. I can get a confession out of Andy any shower I choose. Sometimes it just takes a little extra conditioner."

"How did you know to ask him?"

"Because I told him to make an appointment at the clinic as soon as he got his hospital job and insurance. Then, I asked who he was seeing. It's a resident clinic, so he is seen by one of the residents along with an attending. She's an attending now. She was a resident when I met her in ICU."

"Has she seen his dick?"

"Yep. I told him to talk to her about getting it up, and I even told him to talk to her about fertility. She checked a testosterone level. It was low. She found out he has sleep apnea. She gave him supplements and got him started on CPAP at night. He's definitely better."

"Did Andy tell you he got hard for her in clinic?"

"He wishes he had. He got hard for me when I teased him about it in the shower and told him she was probably feeling sorry for him with his little cock."

"You're so mean to him sometimes, Meg. I like hearing your stories, though, but I kind of feel sorry for him too."

"Why? Because you fucked his wife so many times?"

"Yeah, I suppose. He never understood how to talk to girls. I think he was afraid of them."

"He was," I slyly admitted. "He's confessed that too, along with something else I've been meaning to ask you."

"What's that?" Dan asked.

"A girl named Emily. Andy has been telling me about his high school sweetheart during our psychotherapy jack off sessions. He said you were 'dating' a girl he liked when he was a senior."

Dan shook his head and smiled. "Is that what he said exactly? That I was dating her?"

"Exactly, Dan. Of course, after hearing the story about her, I would submit that nobody was actually dating her - but a lot of people were fucking her."

"What do you know about it?" Dan asked. He interrupted the intensity of our exchange by walking over to the fridge and pulling out a beer. He handed me a Coke.

"Only that Andy and Emily started dating when they were both juniors. She was apparently pretty average looking at first but morphed into a Venus over the summer before their senior year. Then, she started fucking everyone in sight... but Andy was oblivious. I had to explain it to him while he told me the story."

Dan laughed out loud. "You explained it to him? Are you saying he still didn't know what happened after all these years?"

"Did you know about the boy's bathroom after school where Andy ate Emily's snatch full of semen?" I asked.

Dan suddenly became somber and took a deep sip from his long-neck. "I knew about that, yes."

"Oh my," I said. I put down my can and walked over to him, lifting the bottle out of his hand and placing it on the counter. I started unbuttoning his shirt. "Do tell."

"There's nothing to tell," he mumbled.

"I think you're lying." I had him completely unbuttoned and started sliding his shirt tail out of his jeans. "Let's try again, Dan. Tell me what you did to my future husband in the boy's restroom at the end of his senior year."

"I didn't do anything to Andy," Dan responded. I was unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans.

"What did you do to his girlfriend, Dan? What did you contribute to the semen festival where my future husband tasted his first cream pie?" By now I had his cock in my hand, and he was hard.

"You can't hypnotize me with a hand job like you do with your husband, Meg."

"Who said anything about a hand job, Dan?" I got on my knees and licked up the front of his shaft, then put his fat knob in my mouth, swirling my tongue around his sensitive helmet. "You're so big, baby. So much bigger than Andy. Is that what Emily told you?"

"That subject came up a few times," he groaned.

"A few? How many times did you fuck your best friend's girl, Dan? As many times as you fucked his wife?"

"Oh, Jesus," he sighed. I could actually tell he that he was contemplating the answer in his mind... making a comparison, perhaps re-living the experience. "Andy wasn't my best friend, Meg. He was more like the little brother that's always walking in at the wrong time or constantly wanting to tag along."

Dan looked down into my face, clearly expecting to have upset me. He hadn't. Andy introduced Dan to me at our rehearsal as his best friend. Dan didn't argue or object. I could tell that Dan wasn't even surprised about the comment, and he made every effort to reciprocate the affection. But it wasn't quite real.

I broke eye contact and looked straight at Dan's dick, holding him tight at the base so he wouldn't loose any of his incredible girth. I sucked him hard, up and down, up and down...concentrating, trying not to gag. He's so big that I can only swallow about a third. I jerked his throbbing shaft, bouncing his heavy balls.

"You've fucked both my husband's girls, Dan. You fucked us behind his back. I need to tell you something, baby."


"I love your fucking cock."

"Shit..." he whispered.

"Now, tell me what you did that day." I smiled, and Dan knew intuitively that I was ready for anything.

"Emily skipped her last class," he started. "She used to do it all the time. We'd meet up somewhere like McDonalds and go find some place to fuck."

"How did you know her, Dan? How did you meet?"

"Oh god, Megan. We met at Andy's house at the beginning of his senior year. Andy lived less than a mile from my parents. So yes, we hung out occasionally, but the relationship was never that close. I saw them drive by one afternoon. It must have been the first day of school. I couldn't believe how hot she was, so I went down there to investigate. I was stunned it was the same girl he had been dating the year before. I had seen them together but had never been compelled to introduce myself."

"Holy fuck, Dan!" I looked up from sucking his cock. "You literally drove to my hubby's house to hit on his girlfriend after you saw them drive by?"

"I literally did."

"That is so outrageously wretched. I freaking love it. What happened?"

"He introduced us and we all went inside. I knew Andy's parents and his brothers pretty well. His oldest brother was in my class, as you know, but both his brothers were out of the house by then. Andy's mom was there."

"Shit, Dan...would you get on with it???"

"As luck would have it, we were all standing around talking in the kitchen when Andy's mom came in needing assistance. She asked Andy to go out back with her and help spray some wasps or something. Andy suggested they wait till evening, but she was insistent. Naturally, I offered to help, but Andy waived me off, saying it would only be a minute."

"So, you were alone with Emily within minutes of crashing the house. You are such a dog, Dan."

Dan couldn't help but grin. I had given him a free pass on confession, not to mention a blow job in progress. He had no reason to hold back the truth.

"What was your line, Dan? What did you hit her with - the grand slam pick-up move?"

"I told her she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen."

"And she bought that completely, I guess? It's kind of stale by your standards."

"I was only twenty-one, Meg. Give me a break. Besides, I looked pretty good in those days, and she was getting an eyeful of it."

"I bet she was, baby. Did she get a mouthful of it too?" I sucked him in with perfect timing. Dan moaned as I swirled my tongue all over the spongy head of his prick.

"We ended up kissing in the kitchen while I kept my eye on the back window."

"That's it? You kissed her?"

"Jeeeze, Meg. I couldn't exactly lay her over the counter. We felt each other up a little."

"So, you kissed her, felt her up, and got her number?"

"That's about it."

"How long before you called her?"

"As soon as Andy took her home from his house, she called me."

"The same afternoon?"


"And you just talked?"


"You went over to her house?"

"She asked me to come over, Meg. What can I say?"

"What happened?"

"What do you think?"

"You fucked her on the same day you met her? You fucked Andy's girlfriend within hours of him introducing you to her?"

"Meg, she was a virgin."

"Are you shitting me!! You fucked Andy's virgin girlfriend? Does he know this?"

"Hell no, and that is not masturbation fodder."

"The fuck it isn't, Dan." I was jerking his dick pretty hard, but I didn't want him to come. To be honest, I wanted him inside me. I was so horny, I could barely contain myself. "Did you make a mess on her bed, Dan? Where did this happen?"

"Actually, it was in her parent's bed. Neither of them were at home, and she said she wasn't expecting them anytime soon."

"Oh, that was brazen as fuck, Dan."

"They had a nice bed. It was a king."

"So were you, by the sound of it."

Dan couldn't stop cackling, even though I was stroking his dick. "I didn't realize she was a virgin until...well...when I tried to get inside her, we got that pop."

"Didn't you ask? Didn't you notice how tight she was?"

"I didn't ask because she was so eager, Meg. I figured she was experienced. As for her being tight, most girls I screw feel pretty tight to me."

I smirked at him. I would have given him shit, but I knew he was actually telling the truth. "So, she bled all over you dick and all over the bed. Did you cream her pussy or did you have the good sense to pull out? I'm sure you didn't bring a condom."

"How would you know that, Meg? Actually, I did carry condoms. She just didn't want me to use it. We had already messed up the bed by the time I knew what was what. We just kept going because she insisted. It took a while for her to get used to my size. By the time she could take all of me, I couldn't hold back."

"Damn, that was stupid, Dan. You were lucky."

"Don't I know it," he said. "And we hadn't even finished. We put towels down for round two, and I creamed her again. Then, I helped her put the sheets in the wash."

"Did her parents show up?"

"Not before I left. They had busy schedules. We fucked a lot at her house."

"Without protection?"

"She got on BC pretty quickly. Not sure how she managed, but she did. Maybe she had a special relationship with an understanding mother. Her mom was really sweet."

"She wasn't even eighteen at the time, right?"

"No, she was seventeen. I took her to North Carolina when she turned eighteen."

"What??? That was you!!!"

"Huh? What are you talking about, Meg?"

"Andy told me that Emily went to North Carolina on her birthday with her girlfriends to visit some schools and get piercings at the beach. That was you who took her?"

Dan rolled his eyes. "Yeah, that was me. Emily's mom knew about the trip. As I said, she was cool. I think her mom told her dad that Emily was going with girlfriends. He would not have been good with her going with me."

"Did Emily's mom see the piercings?"

"Yes, she did. Emily told me she didn't like them, but she didn't tell her father. He would have no reason to know about them, no reason to see them."

"The piercings were your idea?"

"No, Emily asked me if I would like her to get them when we were in Wilmington. We saw a place that did tattoos and piercings. She wasn't exactly sober, to be honest, but they overlooked it. I got to watch. It was crazy sexy, and I fucked her unconscious in the hotel afterwards."

"Did a guy do them?"

"Oh yeah, and he was covered with tats. He acted like it was nothing, just told her to get naked and get up on the table. I think he asked if she wanted a sheet, and she asked him why would she want that. He said, 'exactly' - then helped her up on the table totally nude. He pierced her nipples in less than five minutes, then told her to spread her legs like he was telling her to sign a receipt.  The hood piercing was the hottest."

"Andy has no idea it was you that took her to North Carolina, Dan. This is so rich."

"Yeah, well he didn't really know I was fucking her either. I just told him we were friends and occasionally met up at some places."

"Like her parent's bed," I interjected.

"Yeah, that was a common place we met." Dan looked down at me. There was lust in his eyes. We had been having so much fun, laughing and giggling. We wanted each other. It felt so familiar. "You want me to fuck you with this stick, or are you finished messing around?"

I stood up and started pulling off my scrubs. "I want you to fuck this pregnant pussy with that stick, Dan. I'm not finished messing around. I want you to make a big mess of this cunt."

"Turn around," he ordered, planting my hands on the kitchen island and bending me over. He put his strong hands on my hips. I could feel him spreading my ass cheeks, and I opened my legs even more.

"Fuck me, Dan. Fuck me like you fucked Em."

"How did you know I called her that?" Dan slipped his cock into my hot, wet gash. I wanted him to pop me like a virgin. Instead, I was pregnant, but he loved that too.

"I didn't know, Dan. But I can assume a lot after today."

"Like what?" he asked, shoving his dick all the way inside me. I moaned gleefully. I wanted him to come inside me just like he did with Emily.

"Like the fact that you fucked Emily full of your jizz before she invited Andy into that boys bathroom at school."

"Yeah, you're right about that." Dan started pumping. His cock felt amazing.

"How did everyone else know about it, Dan? How did Andy end up with an audience?"

"The audience was always there, Meg. I fucked Em in front of all those guys right there in the bathroom. I just didn't know she was going to go ask Andy to come eat her out afterwards."

"So, you weren't in the bathroom watching from the stalls?"

"No, I left her draped over the sink in the restroom. I used to do that a lot towards the end of school year... just fucked her and left her to drip. She never complained. Always came back begging for more."

"Just a common whore always wet for your dick, wasn't she baby?" I could feel the tingle in my pussy rushing up my spine with every thrust. Dan can get me off quicker than anyone. He knows just how to tease my clit and poke his finger up my ass.

"Just a common whore like you, Meg. Beg for my dick, bitch. Beg for my cum."

"Please give it to me, Dan. Fuck that cum inside me, baby. Fuck it in there so my husband can eat it. Give him what he needs - a wife full of your cum. Fill me just like Em. I'll feed him in the bathroom just like she did. You just fuck all my husband's whores, you know that, Dan? You just fuck all of us. We're all just sluts for your cock, and Andy doesn't even know it."

Dan blew his load in me. I could feel that hot volcano erupting as I exploded on his shaft. I made every effort to hold it inside and save it for later. Some of it still drizzled out.

"That was amazing, Dan." I was slipping on my clothes.

"You're seriously going to go home and feed that to your husband?"

"Dan, my husband is a cum eating cuck. You made him that way. I think it's time we talk about setting all the bullshit aside and having you over to the house. I think you should fuck me in our king size bed right in front of him. That's such a convenient place to meet and have my hubby clean up. Don't you agree?"

"I think you've lost it, Meg. Are you going to tell him about Emily?"

"I'm going to tie him up and tell him everything. Then, you're going to fuck me. Then, I'll sit on his face while you kiss me and milk my engorged tits with your fingers, squeezing my little nipples until I forget that my husband is beneath me. You're going to make it feel so damn good, Dan... grinding his face like Emily did in the bathroom, my pregnant pussy full of your cum."

"That's so nasty, Megan."

"So, take me for a piercing."

Submitted: February 05, 2023

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It looks like it the age of bios memoirs and confessions. Everyone wants something off their chests these days. You have taken this to completely different level… Nicely done

Sun, February 5th, 2023 5:49pm


I've got nothing on my chest, Sam... and I sure would love it if you came over here and rubbed on some lotion.

Sun, February 5th, 2023 4:00pm


Fucking hell! Very hot! Extremely well written!

Thu, February 9th, 2023 9:46pm


Thank you, sweetie!

Fri, February 10th, 2023 2:14pm


Meg, there aren't many men who could last very long with your mouth and hands on their cock and you talking like that. Hell, tie me down, tell me what I want and can't have, sit on my face and convert me, Meg.

Fri, February 17th, 2023 1:16pm


Convert you to what, Will? Would you like to be my fuck toy?

Sat, February 18th, 2023 9:20pm

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