Fresh Cut Rose

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Owen Goldenfist is a detective with the State Militia, a branch of his country's military. His first assignment is to Two Rocks, a very isolated town at the far end of the province. He and his two companions, Sidhion and Walter, are tasked with investigating the grisly murder of Panril Gaelmorne. The investigation takes the group deeper and deeper into the secrets Two Rocks holds.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1

It's late afternoon. The sun is shining directly in my eyes. I am so tired. I've been stuck on this stiff, uncomfortable seat for nearly ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Night has fallen by the time we make it into town. Most streets we pass down are lit only by the windows of houses. Near the center of to... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The alley beside Kellerman’s general store is being defended by one sleepy-looking guardsman. He sees the badge pinned to my lapel and ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Two Rocks is a beautiful town, despite its remote nature. The streets on the fairer side of town are all paved with large flagstones fill... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Sidhion and I pace side-by-side down Rynor avenue. The bustle of the day-time town washes over and around us. "Since Walter is busy c... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

The old precinct's fireplace crackles with life. Laid out in front of it are several piles of luxurious goose-down pillows. I plop down o... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

My head is pounding. My stomach is churning. I can't even bring myself to lift my head from my pillow. I can hear every single one of Sid... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Far below me, a meadow stretches for miles, colliding with the full moon on the horizon. Purple mist swirls in the air, settling on the g... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

The Last Rail, on the surface, is a warm and inviting 24-hour tavern. The building is a single wide-open room. Even a casual observer cou... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

The sun barely peeks over the ocean, casting orange fire around itself, attempting to assert its dominion over the dark purple waves in t... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

“Quick! The chain! While it’s confused,” Sidhion shouts. The great wolf claws at its eyes, yelping and crying in pain and confu... Read Chapter

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