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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

My gay friends

I saw them going down

The hill where they were found

Passionately sucking

While I was needing fucking

Entering my fantasies

A man upon his knees

Gagging and moaning

My pussy was condoning 

I wanted to join in

This slightly taboo sin

But watching made me wet

On this you surely bet

Two hot guys

One holding onto thighs

While bobbing quite contently

The other stroking hair gently

Feeling their obsession 

For deepthroating succession 

Now when they come around 

My request is sound

Please go down on each other

I'll play the sexy mother

And comment on the suck 

That makes me want to fuck


Submitted: February 04, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Loretta Martin. All rights reserved.

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Ohhh…. They were two guys?! Now I get it… I’m perspiring but I get it….

Sun, February 5th, 2023 6:07pm


Two hot guys, now my buddies !

Sun, February 5th, 2023 7:08pm

Dick Wood

Women like to see men get it on just as much as men like to see women get it on. Great poem.

Mon, February 6th, 2023 7:40pm


I love gay boys who share!
I get so hot watching them suck each other off,
I straddle them and masturbate while they do it!
Somewhat like twister!

Sat, February 25th, 2023 6:40am

Daisy xx

delicious poetry in motion!

Thu, February 9th, 2023 11:09pm


But the reality is Sooooo much better!

Sat, February 25th, 2023 6:37am


You got a lot going on around there, Loretta! It's always good to make new friends..

Sun, February 12th, 2023 3:10am


OMG! Gagging on cock while getting pounded from behind is Sublime!

Sat, February 25th, 2023 6:37am

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