My Brother’s Mates

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Rebecca wants a fuckbuddy. Perhaps one of her brother’s mates?

I had been accepted for my beautician’s course in Sydney. So, I took the long bus ride to the city from our New England country town: the quaint Northern tablelands of New South Wales. My cute Moree on the banks of the Mehi River. Nudging ten thousand people, but like any eighteen-year-old girl, I was desperate for the nightlife of the big city and more guys to choose from. I had sampled the several local guys I thought might be longer-term prospects, but they were typical blokey: promising everything with erect cocks but in the end, once their end was in and out, typical one-night stand pricks down by the river. I was after a regular fuck buddy.

My parents insisted I stay with my brother in his small beachside city flat. My brother was single and was happy to share the rent, he said. I secretly knew he wanted someone to clean up behind him and throw his washing in the machine: lazy bastard.

I found the small Manley apartment block. It was a few streets well back from the beach. However: for the monthly rental, I knew there would be no water views. Typical Sean; he was out surfing, I suppose. The place was empty. I hadn’t actually expected him to even be there to greet me. Luckily the sod had told me about the spare key under the dying potted plants. I put my stuff in the obvious smaller spare bedroom, made myself a black coffee because there was no milk and turned on the TV and, bored, flicked the channels. It was only two in the afternoon. I was a young woman. I needed some girly action beyond the mating rituals of polar bears or Southern Baptist preachers extorting me to be a good girl.

The beach...hit the beach, girl, I said to myself.

I had a reasonable one-piece that showed off my curves sufficiently. Well, I had to take my own judgment on that: there were no decent mirrors in the place, not even in the grotty bathroom.

I was trying to check out my own arse unsuccessfully. Oh, you know: making sure nothing wasn’t showing that shouldn’t be showing. I hadn’t done a decent girly shave in a while down there, and I have such dark hair. My legs were sleek, as were my armpits. I really should shave: at least around the edges, I told myself, but I wanted the beach more. Well, actually, I wanted to see if I could find a half-decent fuck buddy.

I had just got my long hair up in a high ponytail when there was knocking at the door. Someone was after Sean: no doubt.

I could have got a towel out of my duffle bag to put around my waist, but the knocking was insistent. I certainly wasn’t touching or wrapping myself in the sad excuse for a towel, scrunched and smelly, hanging over the bathtub, which doubled as a shower.

There were two strapping guys at the door. Tall, broad, blonde, sun-bleached surfer dudes. Hot guys: they were looking for Sean. Both were in singlets and board shorts. They were too easily distracted by a good-looking young girl in a bathing suit.

Mmm, maybe a fuckbuddy was here.

Ah, a girl loves a choice of guys.

It was hot; they looked like they needed a beer. I had seen that the fridge was well stocked in that department. No fruit. No veggies, no milk but plenty of the cool amber fluid. Guys and shopping.

We all did the brief intros: the taller was Hamish, and the broader was Jarryn.

“I’ll get you a beer,” I said, inviting them in; to wait for my brother’s return.

“Thanks, Rebecca,” said Jarryn, which I thought was promising. He remembered my name and hadn’t shortened it to Becky or Bec, like most pricks, without asking first.

They were both way easier on my eyes than the mating rituals of polar bears or pudgy, balding, snide, telly evangelists.

The mates were leaning over the kitchen bench. My arse was propped up, as it is when you bend over: to get stubbies from the lower shelf of a fridge.

The broader of the two distinctly said to the taller: “Check between her legs, mate.”

Oh, bugger, I should have shaved. A few stray pubes were exciting the letches. Fuck tight bathers.

Hamish added: “Nice tits, I’d grab them. You can have her hairy arse. If you want it, mate.”

As I spun and put three beers on the bench dividing us: I looked them both straight in the eyes and said: “Guys, I decide who gets my tits and hairy arse, okay.”

They both did the over-sexed male apology together: a blended blustering new age expected politically correct sorry.

I just grinned. They both look perplexed.

I said it again slowly: “I’ll decide who gets my boobs and butt. I think Jarryn can have my tits because he wanted my arse, and you, Hamish, can stick your tongue in my hairy butt and see how good it is.”

Well, that set the scene quicker than I expected. Nothing for it but to drop my cossie and flaunt my goodies. I have great tits, and both guys appreciated the careful strip show. I insisted they stay on their side of the bench: for the moment. Both were like leashed dogs straining at the bit for action. So much for finding a fuckbuddy: I really just needed a fuck.

My pinkish bathers hit the lino. I stepped out of them, wriggled my jugs and cupped them and turned around so they could appreciate my peachy butt cheeks.

Oh well: what they made of my hairy spread.

Then I realised they were both young guys, and they’d shove their cock in any offered hole, pubic hair or shaved.

I was right: they gave me appreciative groans; they were randy; I flashed my pink goodies between my fur carpet, and I noticed their male erections were taking over.

I had been directing my scene, not really sure where it was taking me with two guys. But suddenly, two guys were feral with my body, and God, did I like it. I surrendered to their dirty desires and was fully girly and acquiescent to the ensuing filth.

My boobs were squishy squashy manhandled, and so were my arse cheeks. All the more exciting for me because it was simultaneous.

My nipples were hustled between big strong fingers and then surrounding sure lips. Equally sure fingers were digging quickly into my arsehole. Hamish was intent on buggering me: it seemed and felt like it.

Hands were roving all over me. Tongues everywhere too. Jarryn’s fingers spread and filled my pussy, while Hamish now had two fingers in my tight butt hole.

There was a flurry of pressing into me. I could feel two hard cocks against me. One nuzzling into my hairy coochie and the other snuggling around my butt rim. Oh, double delicious pleasure for me.

Then my sexual world was in a spin of rampant bliss. I had a guy down between my legs, Jarryn and another guy licking out my arse at the same time. I was standing between them, but my sensitive twin holes were getting ‘the loving’ concurrently. Jarryn had his tongue tip probing into my wet mushy slit. Fuck, it felt good. Hamish had his tongue tip buried in my pucker slot; Fuck, it felt equally first-rate. I was pressing forwards and backwards, trying to grind into both guys at once. I wanted it all. I wanted the insanely building pleasure to cascade through me.

I could have stood there all day, and all night I think: that’s how amazing it was. My parallel pleasure spaces responding to the max. I was so happy in my own body.

“Oh, Christ. Oh, Fuck. OH MY GOD. You buggers! Ahh, Ahh, Ahh,” and endless girly cooed moans. Ecstatic bodily rapture.

I didn’t know which way to push or grind or move. Oh God, it was sensationally good. The frickin amazing as they doubled-dipped me. In the same joint, jolting, joining instance, three bodies seemingly meshed into one. Mine, Jarryn’s fat cock pummelling my slutty hairy pussy tube and Hamish’s rigid stiffy buggerising my tender tight arsehole.

I realised my body was reacting and moving to their joint competing cock motions. The forceful plying grinding of Jarryn’s hard pecker in my cunt. He was ramming into me while I was being cock slayed from behind. Hamish was really jabbing and impaling into my barely giving backside furrow. Fuck he was ploughing into me. Gouging out space for his dick in my butt.

Their commitment to the pleasure minutes couldn’t be questioned. They were both in cock happiness mode. Drilling into me in tandem. Pressing into me from in front and behind. Body burrowing with their cocks. My arse was like a borehole, expanding under massive cock pressure. Constriction and restraint. Unbearable demands placed on both my arse and pussy: combined with amazing soul-defining pleasure spasms, escalating through me.

Jarryn was piston-pumping my pussy. So wet, so mushy, so accepting of cock. Hamish had the relaxed, measured thrusts repeating in my throbbing butthole. I was taking him really deep now.

Fuck I thought I would split open like a piñata down there.

I could feel wetness, traction, hardness, pressing, and tightness; all at once. I still don’t know how something down there didn’t perforate or tear. Fuck, it was intense. Overblown delight in double cock mayhem.

I was a dingo and a tassie devil combined. I was taking it all. Demanding it all.

My arse and pussy gave me it all: in a heave-ho: a dominant-filling masculine moment that subsumed my femininity in previously unknown base slut desire. I cummed effusively and loudly; as a throbbing cock jerked and deposited jizz in my arse and a pulsating stiffy unloaded spunk deep in my pleasure-pleased pussy.

Oh fuck; if they hadn’t kept me squeezed between them as they both withdrew, I would have slunk to the floor and lain pleasantly in the puddles of jizz splattered there from my leaking happy holes.

Well, we had a well-earned beer. Boy, did I gulp it down: as fast and greedy as the guys.

Talk about a girl not knowing where her fuck buddy would emerge from in a new city. Sydney was, however, looking good: better than good.

My mobile rang: Sean was going to a party: he’d catch up with me tomorrow afternoon. He asked if I would be okay by myself: the prick already assuming I would be.

Oh, I was fine: I got the guys another beer and myself one: we talked and slowed down a bit on the second drink because we all knew we now had the place to ourselves.

Some easy flirting quickly descended to the lewd: but hey, we were all fine with that: we had our threesome skills to practice and refine.

Fuck-mates had a nicer ring than a single fuckbuddy.

Submitted: February 02, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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