Janie and Jenny, part 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Jackie, the hot mother of Janie and Jenny has been training Trent, their current boyfriend, in how to please her. Trent finally satisfies her needs.

(Author’s note: this is part three and the conclusion of Trent and the Twins series)

When Trent left her house to go home, Jackie was an emotional wreck. She felt guilty for seducing and using Trent, just as she had some other college freshmen. Ever since her husband left her, when the twins were small, she had focused her life on raising the girls and giving them a loving and secure life.

The fact that Jackie’s husband left her for another man instilled a lot of insecurities in her. She thought that she was an attractive woman. Men gave her appreciative glances, and she tried to stay fit and keep her body in good shape. She did not understand his lack of interest in sex just before he left, and he refused to discuss it. She was devastated when he walked out.

Rather than risk being hurt again by a mature man, Jackie made the decision to seduce young men, experienced enough to be thrilled by her looks, and she focused on friends of her twin girls. Her first was Rickie, who had been Janie’s boyfriend. He was thrilled to be with an older woman, but she was careful. He was the first, she didn’t sense what she was looking for in him.

She decided to find a college boy who had the personality that she could mold, someone who would do anything to be with her. She needed to satisfy some of her secret desires and Trent seemed perfect. He did as he was told, did not object to things that were new to him and he acted like he would yield control to her sexually, just what she wanted and needed.

When Trent came over to see her the next day, Jackie was prepared to test him again to see what his limits might be. He greeted her with a big smile when she opened her door. He didn’t move to hug her or to kiss her; a good sign of submissive behavior. He knew he needed permission.

“Trent, there is something very special I want to teach you today, and it will take some effort on your part to endure it.”

“I thought you said we going to fuck, Miss Jackie.”

“Yes, I promised you and I know you will enjoy it if you will be patient and do as I ask.”

“Of course, Miss Jackie, anything you want.”

“Good boy. Now, go to my bedroom, get undressed and wait for me; I’ll be right in.”

“Okay, Miss Jackie.”

When she went to the bedroom, Jackie had two devices with her; a face harness with a dildo attached, and a strap on. She let Trent undress her, watching his face as he exposed her body. When she was naked, she backed him up against the bedroom wall and pressed her body against his, sliding his erection between her thighs.

“Lick and suck on my breasts for a while, Trent,” she said softly. As he nuzzled his face into her cleavage, she squeezed her thighs together, trapping him there. She moved her hips back and forth, brushing her slit across his cock as she fucked him with her thighs. Trent grabbed her breasts, mauling them and sucking loudly on her flesh.

Jackie could feel the slickness on his cock, his precum mixed with her own juices. He was hard as a steel rod. She let him slobber over her breasts for a few minutes, enjoying the way ne playfully nibbled at her nipples. He was learning fast.

She backed away from him and pushed him onto the bed. He sat there, waiting eagerly for her instructions, ready to do whatever she said.

“You’re doing so well, Trent. Now, lie on your back, arms at your side. That’s it; good boy.”

She slipped the face harness over his head, tightened it, and positioned it with the dildo base pressed against his mouth. She mounted it, facing his feet and knelt there, pinning his arms. She eased up and down on it slowly, taking the full length inside her. Her buttocks bounced on his face as she rode the dildo.

“I hope you like the view down there,” she said, “I’d really appreciate some attention later.”

She watched Trent’s cock twitch as she rode the dildo right above his face. She put her hands on his rib care and fucked the dildo until she reached a climax. When she lifted up, she reached down, loosened the straps and pulled it free from his head. She slipped the tip of the plastic dildo into his lips. Trent sucked it into his mouth, humming like a hungry puppy.

“Mmm, you’re such a good boy. Now comes something new. You don’t have to like it, but you must try it just once.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said. He trusted her completely.

Jackie put on the strap on. “Put your hands behind your knees and draw them up close to your chest. I’m going to touch your butt with something wet.”

Trent lifted his legs in the air. Jackie slipped on a vinyl glove, squirted some lube onto her finger, and pressed it to his anus. Trent didn’t respond until she pushed her slippery finger inside him.

“Oh, gosh, that’s cold.”

Jackie moved closer to him, between his legs and pushed the head of the plastic phallus against his anus. His eyes opened really wide and she pushed her hips into him, driving the dildo inside him. She peeled off the glove

“Oh, gosh! Miss Jackie!” he groaned.

“Does it hurt, baby?” she asked, easing it in and out just part way.

Trent hesitated a minute and then said, “Um, no ma’am.”

“That’s my good boy,” she cooed. “Now I’m going to stroke you while I fuck you but try not to come, okay?”

“Yes, Miss Jackie.”

She worked the dildo further inside his ass, easing in and out slowly and began to lightly pump a fist up and down his erection. As she increased the depth and pace of the dildo, he grew tense and began breathing hard. The head of his cock was purple and swollen with need. This was totally alien to him and she knew he wouldn’t last very long.

Within a few minutes, Trent grunted and without warning, he ejaculated, his sperm jetting out in spurts onto his stomach. Jackie kept stroking until the flow of his cum had ceased. She eased the dildo out of his anus, took off the device and dropped it off the bed.

Jackie climbed up on the bed near his head, facing his feet. She reached down and scooped up all she could of his ejaculate from his stomach and rubbed it down through the center of her buttocks and across her slit. She climbed up and knelt on his face, rubbing her pussy and ass back and forth across his nose and mouth.

“Be a good boy and clean me up and then I’ll make a nice lunch for us. And yes, later this afternoon, you can fuck me. You can fuck me for a long time, Trent.” She listened to his lapping and slurping for a few minutes and then whispered down at him.

“As long as you’re down there and in the right place, will you make me cum like I taught you?”


“You’re such a good boy. I’m going to take good care of you later.”

**************** ************************************

Much later, Jackie was cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen after they had eaten lunch. She was still naked, and enjoyed the glances that Trent gave her while he ate lunch. After lunch, Trent had put his boxers back on and was flipping through a magazine that he picked up in the living room.

“Trent, did you notice a different taste when you were licking me this morning?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Was it unpleasant?”

“Not really, a little salty and tart, but no big deal.”

Jackie smiled, thinking to herself that he had taken the first step of eating his cum from her. She finished with the kitchen clean up.

“Are you ready to receive your reward for being such a good boy?”

“Oh, YES, ma’am!”

He followed her to the bedroom, and he slipped off his boxers. They embraced and kissed passionately as she fondled his balls. She knew it wouldn’t take much to get him ready.

“Oh, gosh, that feels so good, Miss Jackie,” he moaned into her mouth.

She climbed on the bed and lay down, spreading her legs. Trent scurried between them and quickly entered her. He moaned as his erection slid completely inside her.

She held onto his buttocks. “Take your time, baby, enjoy it as long as you can,” she said softly.

Trent finally eased into a steady rhythm that was good for both. He lasted much longer than Jackie has excpected, and she enjoyed it. Just before he came, he stiffened and groaned, “Miss Jackie, I’m awfully close; can I, I mean, may I please…?

“Yes, baby, let go and just fill me up.”

Instantly she felt his jets of cum inside her as he continued to pump. “Oh, my God, Miss Jackie, it feels so wonderful,”

When his limp penis slipped out of her, Jackie kept her legs open for him. “I’m so glad, baby. But I didn’t finish. Will you clean me up and make me come, baby?”

Trent didn’t hesitate. “Yes, of course, Miss Jackie, I would love to.” He slipped his hands under her buttocks and lifted her to have better access. His mouth consumed her pussy and she felt his tongue doing just what she liked.

“You’re such a good boy,” she whispered, “take your time, baby; make me nice and clean.”

Jackie had found just the right young man and decided she would keep him interested and satisfied. They were going to be very happy together, and she was certain that her twin girls would understand.





Submitted: February 01, 2023

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.

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