Take Your Daughter to Work Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: CFNM

A female physician takes her 18 year old daughter to work and lets her help giving a man his yearly physical.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

I had an appointment to get my yearly physical from Dr. Linda Evans. I have always been healthy but since the physical was being paid by my employer, I availed myself of it every year.  Linda had been the doctor giving me the physical for a number of years.  She had seen me naked many times before.  It never bothers me to be examined naked from female medical professionals.  They are just doing their job and while they are doing that job, that is what they are thinking about  One of the things that did bother me was the fact that a medical assistant was always watching. It is most disconcerting to have a person sitting and watching a modestly sensitive examination.  When they are sitting there watching, what are they thinking about?  I never realized that it was in my power to object so I never raised this issue.

 Linda was a pretty brunette, 40 years old, 5’ 4”, about 120 lbs., with a nice but not exceptional figure. Linda was divorced with one daughter.  She had certainly seen her share of penises before.

There was nothing unusual when I arrived at her office.  I had to wait a few minutes in the outer office. Then the medical assistant ushered me into the examination room.  I was told to strip to my shorts.  I did what I was told. A few minutes later the medical assistant reappeared. She took me out in the hall where she measured and weighed me.  That bothered me since I was almost naked and people were walking by.  There were all dressed in medical garb and paid me no attention.  Since it had always been done that way when I went to the doctor, I did not complain. 

We went back into the examination room where the medical assistant took my temperature, a blood sample, and my blood pressure.  She gave me a vial to fill with urine and left.

In a couple more minutes Dr. Evans arrived. With her was her medical assistant and a young woman about 18.  I wondered who the young woman was and why she was there. It didn't occur to me that I could ask.  I later found out it was her daughter Amanda and this was "take your daughter to work day".

Dr. Evans began by using her stethoscope to check my heart and lungs. She then proceeded to check my limbs and my skin. When she did, she found a mole on my back. She said, “I don’t recall seeing that before.”

I asked her if there was anything wrong. She said, “I don’t know but I think I’ll take a biopsy and have it tested.” She took a device pinched off a piece of the mole and put it in a vial which she gave to her medical assistant.

She said, “I had better check your entire body for moles. Please remove your underwear.”

I looked at the medical assistant and her daughter and hesitated.  Once again I didn't realize I could object to the presence of observers.  I removed my underwear. When I did Dr. Evans said, "Now Amanda, you get to see what male genitals look like first hand."

Amanda asked, “Is that a penis?”

Dr. Evans said, “Yes, it is.”

Amanda asked, “Why is it so small?”

Dr. Evans responded, "That is because he is not sexually excited.  If he were sexually excited his penis would be hard and erect."

Amanda asked, "You mean a penis can grow?"

Dr. Evans said, "Yes, when a man gets sexually excited his penis fills with blood and his penis grows and gets hard."

Amanda asked, "Are those things below his testicles?"

Dr. Evans replied, "Yes, they are.  Reach down and feel them so you can know why they are called balls."

Amanda reached down and started caressing my balls.  Amanda said, "I see now why they call them balls."  I started to grow an erection.

Amanda said, "His penis is growing."

Dr. Evans said, "That is because you are caressing his balls.  You can stop now."

Dr. Evans then made a close examination of the skin around my entire body.  While she did that Amanda didn’t take her eyes of my cock.  When she finished I had a full erection.

Amanda exclaimed, “Look mom, his penis is standing up on its own.”

Dr. Evans said, “Yes, he is.  That is called an erection. He has never done this before.  This examination has sexually excited him.  Do you still think his penis is small?”

Amanda answered, "Not any more.  Are all men as large as he?"

Dr., Evans said, "Well, I don't usually see them erect but he seems to be about average.  Why don't you check his erection so you can see how hard he is."

Amanda did what her mother suggested.  She grasped my cock and squeezed it.  She said, "Wow, is he ever hard now."

Dr. Evans said to me, “I had better check you for a hernia now."

Dr. Evans turned to Amanda and said, "Watch what I do because I will ask you to repeat it."

She stuck one finger in my scrotum and up into the inguinal rings and said, “Turn you head and cough.”  I did. She did the same on the opposite side. She felt both testicles for their smoothness. She grabbed them and said, “Turn your head and cough. I did.

When she was finished with the examination for a hernia, Dr. Evans turned to her daughter and said, “Can you repeat that?"

Amanda said, “I think so?”

Dr. Evans said, “Place you middle finger in the side of his scrotum and go upward along the spermatic cord until you feel a little ring.”

Amanda said, “What is a scrotum?”

Dr. Evans responded, “The scrotum is the sack his testicles are inside.”

Amanda proceeded to do exactly that. She said, “I think I have found it.”

Dr. Evans said to me, “Tell him to turn his head and cough.”

Amanda said to me, “Turn your head and cough.”

I complied.

Dr. Evans said, “Did you feel any bulges from inside the abdomen?”

Amanda said, “I didn’t.”

Dr. Evans then said, “Now take your other hand and do the other side.”

Amanda complied.

Dr. Evans then said, “Take your fingers and feel his testicles.  If they are healthy, they should feel smooth.”

Amanda using both hands grabbed my testicles and ran her fingers around them.  She said, “His testicles are smooth.”

Amanda asked, "Why did he get an erection?"

Dr. Evans said, "The penis and testicles are very sensitive.  His penis got excited when you started feeling his testicles."

Amanda asked, “Did I cause that?”

Dr. Evans said, “Yes, you did.”

Amanda asked, “What can I do about it?”

Dr. Evans said, “If we stiulate him more, he will orgasm and then his penis will defate.”

Dr. Evans continued, “Now take his penis and examine it for any sores or moles.”

Amanda then grabbed my cock and did exactly that.  She said, “I can’t find any sores or moles on his penis.”

Dr. Evans said to the medical assistant, I am going to take a semen sample.”

The medical assistant went and got the baby oil. Dr. Evans said to her daughter, “Massage the baby oil into his penis and testicles.  Then stroke his cock with one hand and massage his balls.” 

Amanda did as her mother instructed. I probably should have objected at being molested. I just couldn’t bring myself to confront Dr. Evans. Amanda continued stroking me and massaging me. Dr. Evans said, “Just before he cums he will suddenly get even harder.

In a couple of minutes Amanda announced, “He is suddenly harder.”

Dr, Evans said, "Make sure you continue to stroke his penis until he finishes ejaculating.

The medical assistant was ready with a vial, put the vial over my cock and I ejaculated into the vial.

That was many years ago.  The older Dr. Evans and I are both retired.  Now Amanda is my doctor.  When I go see her she always remembers me and says cheerfully, hello again Mr. Pringle, good to see you.  I go to see her every year and I always have her give me a full body skin exam as people my age are prone to get cancer.

When she gives me the full body skin exam she uses her medical assistant as a scribe to record her examination.  Dr. Evans is scrupulously diligent in examining every inch of my body.  At the end of the examination she always takes a semen sample and uses baby oil as she did many years before.  At my age I need a little help getting tumescent so the medical assistant caresses my balls while Dr. Evans strokes my cock.  I look forward to my physicals.  My empoloyer doesn't pay for them anymore but the young Dr. Evans has never charged me.  I don't know why a semen sample is part of a medical examination and I am not going to ask



Submitted: February 01, 2023

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