The MOFU Project part 2j

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Eric has just qualified as the candidate to test the MOFU prototype

Eric has just qualified to be a candidate to test the organization’s prototype. A female staff member of More Orgasms for Us explained the next step for him:

“The product we have developed links two parts of the brain to exchange their functions,” she said. “The Auditory cortex controls hearing, and the Medulla oblongata controls the lungs, basically instructing the body to breathe.”

“Is this going to require me to have some sort of surgery?” he asked.

“Oh, no; there are devices that fit easily into each ear canal.”

“So, what, exactly, do they do?”

“There are two earpieces; one that controls breathing in and the other controls exhaling.”

“You mean, I’ll be breathing through my ears? You can’t be serious?” he asked.

“You’ll be given Valium to relax you enough that you won’t think about breathing through your nose or mouth. As your body requires it, oxygen will be taken into your lungs via one earpiece and exhaled through the other. You’ll even be able to hold your breath, as you normally would.”

“I don’t quite understand why you have this product.”

“Sometime during your life you must have heard a woman complain that when cunnilingus was interrupted, she wished a man could breathe through his ears?”

“So, you mean by wearing these gizmos in my ears, I’ll be able to lick a woman for a longer period of time?”

“Oh, very much so,” she said with a wide smile. “We have three more tests for you, but each will involve wearing the devices while you administer cunnilingus to staff members.”

“Actually, I find this not only interesting but a little stimulating,” he admitted.

“Good! Then we’ll take you to your first test chamber.”

The test chamber was just a room with a bed, a desk with a chair and a sink.

The woman closed the door and disrobed. She had average breasts, perhaps “B” cup, and a flat stomach. She had nice thighs and firm buttocks. Eric was pleased to see a blond patch of pubic hair when she stood in front of him.

“I’m Emma,” she said, smiling at him. “This first test will be relatively easy. You will wear the devices, but I will put a clamp over your nose. As you get more involved between my legs, we will see how the devices work.” She gave him a Valium and a small cup of water and he swallowed the pill.

She put a plastic clamp over the end of his nose, then put his hands behind his back. She put handcuffs on him and then set on the edge of the bed. Eric shuffled on his knees between her legs. She took two ear plugs from a nearby table and inserted them in his ears. Then she pulled his head between her legs. She held him firmly against her while he did what was expected of him. To his surprise, he did not feel the urge to breathe through his mouth, and yet he was comfortable. He continued his duty until Emma was satisfied with the performance of the devices. He could not tell, but he hoped that she was satisfied with his performance as well.

She unlocked the handcuffs and told Eric to just tilt his head one way and then the other. When he did, the ear plugs fell out into her hand.

“That went well,” she said. “The next test will be without the nose clamp. We need to see how well the devices will work under normal sexual activify.”

She led him to another room, similarly furnished. The female participant was younger than Emma, a slim brunette. She was standing naked by the edge of the bed.

“I’m Diedre,” she said, although not as warmly as the greeting he got from Emma.

Emma handed the earpieces to Diedre, and then she left the room.

“Please lie down on the bed, with your head here at the corner,” she indicated.

Eric felt a little more at ease since she had at least used the word “please.” Once he was on his back on the bed, Diedre pushed the earpieces into his ears and then, still standing, turned and straddled the corner of the bed. She eased herself down until her buttocks spread open and pressed his nose deep inside.

The warm flesh surrounded his nose as Eric instinctively began licking. Diedre applied her weight accordingly, controlling the pressure and depth of his tongue. Once again, Eric was amazed that he felt no need to breathe as this woman used his tongue. When her juices practically poured into his mouth, Eric sucked eagerly.

“That was very good,” Diedre said. “Now, just let me have your tongue, as far as you can extend it so we can see how the devices work.”

She pressed her weight fully down on his face, consuming his tongue and smothering his nose in her ass. Eric felt no need to panic. He was enjoying a woman sitting on his face and tasting her very core. His breathing seemed normal.

When Diedre was satisfied, she stood up and instructed Eric to shake his head as before, and she collected the earpieces. Eric found it curious that so far, neither of he women had offered to let him wash his wet face.

Diedre led him to the next room, and he was surprised to see the redhead from earlier there, waiting for him. She was naked except for her black bra, and Eric marveled at how perfect her body was. Diedre gave the ear plugs to the redhead, then she left and closed the door behind her.

The redhead smiled but did not slap him as Eric thought she might.

“I’m Mia. As you might have guessed, I like rough sex, and that’s why I am the final staff member to test the devises with you.”

Eric was pretty sure what would happen next. He went to the bed and lay down on it, positioned just as had done in the previous room.

“Very impressive,” Mia said with another smile. “I happen to like your submissive attitude, and once this is over, I’ll let you fuck my brains out if you don’t let any of the staff know.”

She pushed the earplugs into his ears, straddled the end of the bed facing Eric’s feet, and lowered herself down. He extended his tongue and she raked her pussy across it, slowly at first and then faster. He felt her sweet juices dripping into his mouth and his cock stiffened in his pants. How badly he wanted to fuck this girl!

She used his tongue and mouth, raping his face until she reached her peak.

“That was just to make sure I would be satisfied before we finish,” she said.

Then she turned around, reached back and spread her buttocks with her hands. She lowered herself until his mouth touched her asshole, then she let her buttocks grip his face as she settled her full weight onto his face.

Eric stabbed her tight asshole with his tongue. Mia gripped his head and yanked his nose into her wet pussy. “You seem to know what to do; I like that,” she said.

Unfortunately for Eric, when Mia grabbed his head, the ear plug that inhaled for him fell out. He moaned into her ass, hoping to draw her attention to what had happened. But Mia didn’t know and possibly as the ultimate part of the test, she pulled Eric’s nose deep inside her pussy. Her juices filled his nostrils, which, had the device stayed in place, would not matter.

Her weight on his face cut off any chance of telling her his predicament. Without any intake, Eric soon was oblivious of Mia wiggling on his face and he passed out.

Later, as he came to, Eric found himself in the same room, on the same bed. Mia and Diedre were leaning over him. Diedre had a worried look on her face.

“Thank goodness that Mia realized you had passed out,” she said.

“Yes, when I felt you go limp, I realized that something was wrong. I’m sorry I didn’t know that you had lost one of the devices.”

Eric sat up on the bed. “I was enjoying what was going on until that happened, so I didn’t realize I was in trouble until it was almost too late.”

“Well, since you’re feeling better, just rest easy and when you’ve fully recovered, Mia will bring you to the main office and you’ll be paid. Thank you so much for all you’ve endured.”

When Diedre left, Mia shut the door and sat down by Eric on the bed. “What’s your name?” she asked.


She reached down and wrapped her fingers delicately around his cock. She leaned in and kissed him and he took her in his arms, kissing her back.

Mia pulled away and lay down on the bed, spreading her legs, knees in the air. “Okay, Eric, a promise is a promise. Come and get it and remember; I like it hard.”

Eric had such a good time with Mia that he walked out of the office, exhausted and forgot to collect his monetary reward.








Submitted: February 01, 2023

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.

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