Liam is exhibited

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Liam's girlfriend Rose wants to show off her boyfriend at the holiday cabin this weekend. Liam is dubious.

"Rose, what has gotten into you?" an exasperated Liam asked his comely 25-year-old girlfriend.

Liam was a wiry redhead of 27. He worked for the county sheriff's office. He was considered somewhat of a nerd, albeit a good-looking one. He was toned but he did not work out that much. He had pale skin, a nice smile, and sparkling green eyes.

Rose was a fun-loving blonde girl who worked at the multiplex. They'd been dating for a year.

Liam was devoted to Rose, but she had proposed something a bit out of his comfort zone.

They were invited to a weekend bash at a cabin in the woods. The host was a gay couple, Mark and Jake.

Rose wanted Liam to drive them to the cabin shirtless and without underwear underneath his pants. Liam was NOT comfortable with this, because he thought it would be potentially embarrassing. Mark and Jake were physically fit specimens and they were younger than Liam. Liam was not keen on the idea of party guests seeing him without a shirt. Rose not only wanted to drive to the cabin topless, she wanted Liam to remain shirtless until nightfall.

"I've cleared it with the boys," Rose explained, as if this would validate this idea.

"Was this THEIR idea?" Liam sneered. He knew Jake thought he was "cute."

"Nope. This is on me," Rose laughed. "I want to show you off."

"Honey, driving 30 miles shirtless is just weird." Not only did Liam not want to drive to the woods topless, he did not want to exit the car in the same state of undress.

Rose pouted. "It's my fantasy, Liam. It turns me on."

Liam arched an eyebrow. Hmmmm, he thought. He considered this proposal.

"I like your body, what can I say?" Rose shrugged.

"How many people at this party?" asked Liam, nervously.

Rose knew she had him.

She lied. "About ten or so." It would be triple that, she had been told. Jake had also told her, "If you can get him to do this, I'll pay you. I know it will embarrass him. Liam is no exhibitionist, that's for sure."

Rose had replied, laughingly, "I know. Don't pay me. Just find some way to strip him naked in front of everybody without hurting him."

Jake had chuckled. "I'll come up with something."

Rose couldn't wait to see her handsome, shy boyfriend nude in front of strangers.


Mark and Jake are making a modest supper the night before the party. They have two early guests, Joan (a beautiful blonde model) and Jill (Joan’s assistant, a pudgy, giggly virgin).

All these people are in their early 30s.

Supper is hamburgers, baked potatoes, and salad. But Mark and Jake are expert cooks, so this dinner will be anything but mundane.

Mark and Jake are hunky dudes, both gay. They’ve been a couple for five years. When Mark and/or Jake venture outside the cabin to do yard work, many people suddenly develop urges to ride their bikes.

Mark is vain, dark-haired and impeccably bearded. His sense of humor comes and goes.

Jake is more affable. He’s blonde, clean-shaven and he likes weed (a lot).

As dinner is being prepared, a conversation ensues over bottles of red wine.

Joan: “Rose wants you guys to strip Liam naked? How are you going to do that, Liam is so shy.”

Secretly, Joan was moist. She thought Liam to be quite adorable.

Jill had never seen “this Liam.” She felt she had to chime in: “Yeah. How you gonna get Rose’s boyfriend NAKED?” Jill had never seen a REAL-LIFE NAKED MAN, only the ones on cable.

Mark groused as he tossed the salad, noticing that Jake had forgotten to buy mushrooms (again). He poured himself (secretly, he thought) a shot of bourbon.

Jake, a writer of a few produced indie screenplays,did not miss a beat. “We will have a game called ROLL THE DICE. If CERTAIN PEOPLE can restrain themselves from BOURBON, we all will be able to keep our clothes on. Since Liam will be arriving wearing only a pair of jeans, he will be immediately compromised.”

Mark glared. “I don’t know why Jake wants to see Liam naked. He has not physique.”

Jake was ready for that. “Mark, not everyone is into preening muscle queens.”

Mark viciously tossed salad. “I don’t know QUITE what you mean.”

The girls smoked a joint and laughed. Jill thought, “OMG, these gay hunks are so fun and maybe I’ll see them all naked.” But Jill did not want to expose her body. She was, she knew, fat.

Joan giggled, “I think Liam looks like has quite a nice body. And Rose told me he was more than terrific in the sack.”

Jake checked on the burgers. “I agree with Rose.”

“So how does this game work?” asked Joan, as Mark glowered.

“It will be fair. Some of us may have to show a little flesh. That will be  no problem for THIS ONE.” Jake gestured to his disgruntled boyfriend.

“I am NOT a show-off,” Mark blurted, annoyed.

“Mark, it’s how I met you.” Jake took a swig of wine. He knew Mark liked stripping and humiliation, and Jake liked needling Mark about his vanity (which, to be fair, was understandable since Mark, who was a lawyer, could easily been in the movies).

“How DID you guys meet?” Jill fairly shrieked.

Mark grimaced. He preferred this information not to be disclosed.

Jake disclosed it with glee, as he knew it would in the long run make Mark horny.

“Mark was at the gym, WATCHING HIMSELF WORK OUT IN THE MIRROR. PREENING. I walked in and pretended not to notice him. Then next thing I knew, he’s following me into the sauna.”

Mark was kind of livid now. “Jake, shut up.”

Jill squealed, “That’s so hot.”

Joan drank. She was amused. She loved gay male bickering especially if they supplied her with wine and weed.

Jake would not be silenced. “Yeah. He  even preened in the sauna.”

Mark groused. “I DID NOT.”

Jake laughed, “Preen, preen, preen. And then he ‘accidentally' dropped his towel and bent over right in front of me.”

And the rest is history, thought Joan, but she didn't say it, as she Mark knew had a short fuse.

Mark sighed. All of this was true. He decided to smoke a joint. The salad was finished.

He did say, “Jake, when you are finished jabbering, why not check on the baked potatoes?”



Submitted: January 28, 2023

© Copyright 2023 davey. All rights reserved.

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I like the concept. I also like the idea of him being modest and being a nerd. It creates a story line about how his modesty is overcome. I don't get the point of going to show him off to two gay guys. It actually turns me off. Two girl friends would be better. The two girlfriend should already have plans for him before he arrives.

It should be two horny girlfriends who have long admired him. Better yet she could take him home to meet her mother and her three younger sisters and one brother. It should a tradition in the family for the girls to bathe the youngest brother. There could be a pond there where he will have to go in nude. When he comes out the girls slather suntan lotion on him.

Rather than having him not wear underwear he should be put in a kilt without underwear. That way you can upskirt him in front of a bunch of women even before you get to the cabin.

You should have a reason to strip him. The most acceptable reason to strip is for medical reasons. I suggest you make the girls nursing students who want to learn how to examine a male for a inguinal hernia. The sexiest way to do this is for her to be examining him when one of the girls knock on the door and she lets her in to first watch and then do the examination herself. Then the other girl the same thing. Naturally during the examination he should get an erection.

While in the woods he has to defecate and uses poison oak to wipe himself. the he has to be taken to an urgent care clinic. There an emergency develops so he is pushed naked out of the examination room in public view. Then, of course, he is kept nude while the girls treat him.

Once he is nude he has to be kept nude. The girls should always stay clothed. This is CFNM, clothed female, naked male. The girls should be as lusting as possible and the male should react to it. The more times you can find to expose him to other women, the batter. Other female visitor should enter the picture.

Sun, January 29th, 2023 1:13am


I have no issue with your victim being humiliatingly stripped against his will by his girlfriend in front of a couple of gay guys. To the contrary, it may be even MORE humiliating for a heterosexual guy being forced naked in front of one or more gay guys who are turned on by the concept, and the victim KNOWING that they are turned on by his humiliation.

Now, if there happens to be some females among the guests also, all the better. :)

Sun, January 29th, 2023 7:15pm


More from you, please.

Sun, January 29th, 2023 12:03pm


I would add a cop stop and maybe som search by a female cop.
Maybe some drive-thru fun also on the way to the party.
And something embarrassing could also be he has a stop next to a bus with cheerleaders seeing him topless or something like that.

Sun, January 29th, 2023 7:44pm


I agree with Blondie, the gay couple add to the humiliation, just so long as they don't physically assault him.
Liam is NOT going to want to play this game! I'd vote for him to be "persuaded" by straight guys who think it's funny, egged on by girls, who don't realise he's "going commando" until too late, at which point they think it's even funnier and show him off to everyone while telling him he brought it on himself.
But that's just my opinion of course. Write what you like but please continue.

Sat, February 18th, 2023 8:45pm


I'm gonna get back to Liam, don't worry.

Thanks for your suggestions. They are appreciated.

This is one of the few stories I started without having the ending in mind. So, I am gonna proceed a bit slowly.

Sat, February 18th, 2023 1:50pm

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