Teen Cockaholics

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Phoebe thinks Tamara is slutty trailer trash. However, the slut releases the whorette in Phoebe.

I was bored without my boy toy. It was a stifling muggy summer afternoon in Brisbane. Natural heat had combined with my sultry girly horniness. I was hot for action but home alone.

I even painted my finger and toenails twice—a lovely magenta. My legs had been given their sleekest slowest shave ever. My pussy missed out today because it had been pampered last night. It didn’t deserve a rash, but it needed attention. I was too frisky even though I had gotten myself off twice last night.

I was pleased that my boyfriend, Dwayne, had made the state rugby squad and was now at the training camp, but he could have left his cock behind.

I don’t know, detached it for my private use or something.

My faithful side-kicking girlfriend Lynette was unavailable and had cancelled our girly date at short notice: trapped at a family gathering. You know the wealthy aged great auntie who turns up unannounced but will hopefully leave you heaps in her will if you fawn and grovel enough around her when she visits. Lyn was glad the visits were only twice a year. And yeah, the old slag better leave her heaps of cash and not for her uni fund. We had a trip planned overseas, a gap year when we finished college. I was missing Lyn. We could have lazed around my pool together.

I needed something to do. Otherwise, I would be getting myself off again solo. I was thinking maybe internet porn. I was a frisky kitten. I was ready to play. I needed that bodily touch. Hell, I realised in my daydreaming of Dwayne’s cock that I was pushing my girly pad of softness into the arm of the sofa. I needed cock so badly. I was embarrassing myself.

I heard a lot of raucous dirty boys talk from outside the patio doors. My older stepbrother Rob was back from the Skate Park with his mates. Then between their boyish smut was some clear, animated girly laughter. 

Rob thought the house was empty: that I was with Lyn and our parents were out anyway.

I had to have a peek. Rob never brought girls back home, and I seriously suspected that the only regular sex he got, he paid for. Obviously, my lack of respect for my useless stepbrother was mutual.

Yeah, I peeked. I was right. It was that grungy tattooed pair of Jonas and Hal: skater mates, keeping Rob company. It was the swarthy, curly, dark-headed Jonas who was pawing all over Tamara, a slattern street chick who happened to turn up occasionally to my senior college art class, whom the guys had brought back to our pool and spa.

A girl in the physical definition: but her rep was trailer trash. A redhead, freckles, no bra, jiggling tits and camel-toe shorts.

Hal and my brother had their tops off and dived straight into the pool in their board shorts. Jonas, the prick, was groping Tamara at the edge of our spa. It was a full-on roughhouse fondle. I had that instant jealousy hit: Dwayne never set upon me dirtily like that.

Jonas had one hand squeezing her breast through her pink boob tube and his other hand pressing into her tight, faded, shredded denim shorts. The bitch had her tongue in his mouth, but her hand had already dropped his board shorts and released his cock over the top of his elastic-waisted Billabongs. 

The uninhibited tart won the touch frenzy race. She was on her knees, sucking him off. Jonas just gave up on her body in the face of absolute male cock dominated pleasure. The bitch on heat sure knew how to suck. Mmm, as good as myself, I had to admit. 

My fingers were under my dress and through my moisture-stained panties as I watched. I fingered my slit, imagining I was sucking off Dwayne. But Tamara was taking Jonas deep. I mean, ball sack deep. She was swallowing cock with full enjoyment. She was a cockaholic.

 Hal and Rob, who had done a sprint race, were back at the edge of the pool, neck and neck and got a closer eyeful than me. We all saw the action from different angles as Tamara spat on Jonas’s pecker head and licked around his cock tip and then took her meat treat leisurely and happily, the entire stiff shaft.

Jonas was groaning in deep pleasure. I was moaning softly. My fingers had my slit so wet now, and my clitty was aching for a rescuing tongue.

Rob and Hal surprised me. They both got out of the pool and dropped their wet board shorts next to Jonas. Tamara wasn’t taken aback. The skank had Hal’s cock in her gob now and was tugging on Rob’s cock vigorously with one hand while keeping Jonas’s pecker entertained with her other fingers. 

Meanwhile, I was frigging myself faster now to a bevy of erect cocks. Mmm, even Rob improved promptly in my books. Naked Rob! The truth was clear, Tamara wasn’t the only cockaholic present.

But it all got stunningly randy and wildly dirty very quickly. Jonas was behind Tamara, easing down her tight denim shorts. The bitch had no underwear. The tell-tale sign of a teen whorette. 

Hal and Rob were on their knees, taking turns getting sucked off and jerked off by Tamara, now in the doggy spread. Boy, was she widespread, and Jonas was ramming his pecker into her shaved, flappy pink slit, and I could hear his balls slapping against her arse cheeks. 

I was finger fucking myself so fast I could hear the squishy squelch between my legs. I needed cock. Had to have cock. There were three in front of me. Yet I hesitated. 

I was enjoying watching cock being stuffed in Tamara’s mouth and a hard pecker filling her coochie from between her legs. I realised for a second before my orgasm blew my mind there was a voyeur in all of us. We all would watch if it were there in front of us. So it was, and I came hard. Explosive hard, and God, was I loud. 


I couldn’t contain my guttural, animalistic release — too powerful — too beautifully intense in its bodily sweep and tingly spasms of absolute magic delivery around my clit.

I was so frickin vulgar in my exuberant self-pleasure that I stopped the vigorous ardent sex drives of four others. It was like the director in a porn movie had called cut in an orgy scene before the cum sequences and expected everyone to hold off on orgasms! As if!

 The guys didn’t know what to do. It was like they had been caught with their pants down doing something naughty. Jonas’s sticky, pussy juice-smeared cock was out of Tamara. Hal and Rob’s wet saliva drenched cocks glistened unattended by either Tamara’s mouth or hand. 

Only Tammy realised what to do. Only the teen strumpet processed and appreciated what I had been doing. Only she coaxed me over with her crooked finger and tongue tip repeatedly passing over her lips. And the look in her eyes: pure slut. Pure teen bi-nympho.

Of course, I went over to them. Lured by my body. My mind opened to unexplored delights. Here was the taboo of teen group sex.

It was Tamara who undressed me. Well, that’s too polite. She stripped me unceremoniously—brusque and rough. My t-shirt pulled up over my head. My tits jerked out of my bra cups suddenly. My skirt yanked down over my hips and flopped to my ankles. My panties tugged off with one hand as her other hand grabbed a handful of tits with my explosive first-ever girl-on-girl touch.

Her other fingers, having disposed of my knickers, went straight into my girly slit. Two seeking digits of amazing spreading cavity-filling action. She pressed her palm right into me and embedded her fingers deep into my cunt. She knew the girly limit. Fuck she knew the exquisite limits of pressure. But after a few gasps, I was equal to the task. I had two fingers in her expanding flexible, warm girly hole. Shit, it felt good. Shit, I was bi.

The guys, we both realised as we were getting each other off: were just frickin male stunned, watching with their poles in their hands. Teen guys out of their league, so confident with a chick when the numbers dominated in their favour. Let’s bang the crap out of Tamarathree-on-one. Suddenly they were confronting a girl on girl—heated girls who knew how to feel up another girl: fast, indecent and deep.

But we were cockaholics. Super needy teen girls craving cock, and there it was already.

What followed just happened. No planning. Just the mayhem of unthinking teen group sex. Rob’s cock was the first I saw and grabbed. I was sucking off my stepbrother. So, what. He had a cock. I had the throbbing bodily need. In under a minute, he was dogging me on the edge of the spa.

Tamara, the vamp, was now fully naked. She was on the edge of the spa next to me but had Jonas under her. He was fingering her arse while Hal was ramming his cock into her slutty spread pussy pinkness. 

God, Rob was doing a job on me, the sod. He was ramming and slamming into me. Pure cock opportunism: nothing more.

Then I saw Jonas stab his cock into Tamara’s arsehole. Her cute tight starfish got this big fat cock squeezed into her. It was stunningly close. Her arsehole, though, was holding his cock so easily. Jonas groaned as he plunged in deeper. God, the bitch was an anal whore. I could see her squeezing her arse and cunt muscles in tandem, getting ready to milk two cocks into her body at once.

I needed my arse filled too. Screw her being the only tight butt hole, pleasure-filled bitch here.

Only Dwayne had ever had my arse when I felt like it. Suddenly I wanted my arsehole taken filthy and skanky. I saw how trashy Tamara was and wanted that pleasure dip too. 

“Finger my arse, you prick and then stick your fuckin dick in there,” I told my steppie, Rob.

Well, he got the call all guys love to hear but surprised me by licking and rimming my cute balloon knot. I have one of those puckered, sensitive arseholes. A fleshy pouty crevasse when spread. A fuckin cute skin breach that I occasionally slid a finger into myself.

I was intoxicated by rapturous waves of flesh stretching bodily delight. I also got off watching Tamara get doubled cocked while my arsehole was given the special treatment it deserved.

As Rob fingered my back door, getting it ready for his cock I saw Hal’s cock jerk repeatedly in Tamara’s tight enveloping pussy. As he withdrew his cum covered cock a seeping gluggy wad of semen pearl strings oozed out of the tart’s spread coochie. Jonas was still hammering her arse. He was banging into her. 

Fuck I was excited. My brain was cum filled too. Sex was smeared through my mind. I wanted frickin everything too.

Then Rob was in my arse. My loathsome stepbrother was cramming and jamming his cock dirtily deep in my willing happy arsehole. I was moaning. He was groaning. I shut my eyes. The pleasure was so delightful. I wanted to sink into my own body. But, instead, I was reduced to being arsehole centred too easily.

Tamara took me wholly to the fuckette nympho I secretly was. 

“Phoebe, change your frickin position,” and I did, but I wasn’t guiding my body.

Tamara was orchestrating my pleasure heights. She had Rob underneath me. He was happy again as his cock wanted only my arse. I didn’t care as long as my arse had a cock in it. I was anally saturated. I was back door flesh sodden. My arsehole crammed. Fuck, it was good. 

Then my body exploded and imploded with undreamt pleasure as Jonas filled my gaped pussy with his cock. I accepted a double dipping without even asking for it. Hell, I didn’t want it to stop once it was underway. Fuck, my body was awesome. Fuck I loved myself. Fuck I loved cock. Fuck I loved my arse. Fuck I loved my pussy.

Fuck! Fuck! My mind was a fucking blur.

Then, Tamara had her head angling over my pubic mound, her fingers spread my clit hood, and her tongue repeatedly swept over my engorged sensitive bud. My body was drenched in sex. My flesh had captivated my body. 

Then Hal was licking my erect nipples and grabbing handfuls of my titties.

I was awash with pleasure. Nearly numbed by pleasure.

“Orrgh, ah, ah, ah,” in a delirium.

Then pleasure gave its all. My glutted, delighted arse was creamed. Rob hammered my crimped pink tightness with a lavish splashing load. As he exited, I felt my arse gape and the wet warm jizz oozed around my rim.

I had no time to savour it fully as Tamara assaulted my clit with rapid flicks and edgy sucking. I shuddered in bodily heaven. My pussy was still stuffed with repeated cock thrusting.

Tamara urged me up to share Jonas’s cum in my mouth. We were together awaiting his personal cargo jettison.

He had plenty of jizz to share between two teen sexaholics. His cock jerked with his brimming load. Jonas splattered a teeming wad across both our waiting mouths.

A profuse sticky warmish slushy slurry formed in my mouth. I rolled it around my mouth. Yum, Yum.

I saw the lush pasty semen blend commingle with Tamara’s saliva. A spitball of cum in her open gob.

We both knew what to do. We kissed lewdly and swapped and shared our gob’s cum. 

Of course, we apportioned the sludgy string goo, and both swallowed. 

We were fused teen nymphos. 

God, Dwayne would have to be frickin good when he returned from camp. And Lyn had no idea what I might do to her either. Even Rob might get lucky again.

But my mind was already too eager to join Tamara on her trampy street cruising nights.

Submitted: January 27, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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