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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Cari has stopped resisting Danny's control, letting him do more and more perverse things to her.





Teenage love and erotic horror mix in my novel "AGITATO"  on sale at Amazon. Look for books by D.H.Gutzman




After the party where she was gang fucked, Cari was a different girl. I suppose having the big, thick, wet dicks of a dozen teenage boy shoved up your pussy might do that to a girl. Although to be fair, Danny did try to explain to her that it was no big deal. He did hug her, although he didn’t much want to kiss her anymore now that he mouth was a cocksucking, teenage dick ditch. He told her that girls were made to fuck. It was their natural and most important function in life. That is what their holes are for, and she should be a good girl and learn to accept that. She was no longer sure she entirely believed him. She was not even sure that he really loved her, and for the first time, she was not certain she really loved him. He had used her so terribly. But still, she was somehow broken, and so she was even more submissive and robot-like, which was fine with Danny. On the way home from that horrible party and that humiliating fucking contest where it turned out she was the only real victim, Danny massaged her neck and then gently pushed her face down into his crotch, so she could suck his dick while he drove. And she didn’t resist. She didn’t fight him. She no longer got angry like she used to, when he made her do some degrading thing. She was broken. Now Danny could really go to work.


While she licked and sucked his thick leaking dick, he slid a hand between her legs. She stiffened slightly. “Always keep your legs spread, Baby, you know I taught you that.” He said gently, pushing a finger into her cunt. He didn’t worry about a dozen loads of sperm pouring out of her fucked pussy, because before they finished their games, they had had Cari squat over a large punch bowl and squirt all of the cum up her pussy out into the bowl. She had already been so degraded that it meant almost nothing to her, but it drew a nice round of applause from the guys and girls at the party. Danny also didn’t tell her, but he had the guys save the cum from the punchbowl, and Danny would have Cari later drink it all. He would do anything at all to turn his “girlfriend” into a total fuckpig. He would tell his buddies, “Before I dump her, I want to make her try every fucking filthy sex act possible!”


That is also what the teenage monster Danny was doing with his own sister and mother. He had forcibly turned them into sex animals. It was their own fault, he reasoned. After all, he had caught both his sister and his mother lusting after his thick, swollen teenage dick. His fucking whore of a mom had actually taken to peeking on him in his bedroom when he jerked off. Once he knew the dried-up cunt was hot for her own son, he would spread himself out on the bed naked and flog his pecker for hours, knowing she was watching. He knew lots of mothers secretly wanted their sons’ cocks, but most let it live in the world of fantasy, with perhaps little private dirty games, like sucking on the dirty pouch of their teenage son’s filthy jock strap when she washed it. There had been one sick mom of one of the boys when he went to high school, who actually paid her own son to buy the filth encrusted sweat soaked, piss and cum stained jock straps of the other boys on the football team, so she could suck them clean. The depths of human depravity run deep. And Danny was a kid who was a sick as a boy could get. So he made his mom and sister his sex slaves. He made them put on sex shows for him, rubbing and sucking on each other’s nipples and cunts, while he decided which one he wanted to fuck and in which way he wanted to fuck her. Being a cool kind of dude, he also allowed his buddies to fuck both his sister and mom.


And he now had sweet, young Cari exactly where he wanted her. In the next few weeks, when he dated Cari, he seldom took her out anyplace nice anymore. They were mostly just FUCK DATES. Oh, he would tell her how much he loved her, and ask her if she loved him, but it was now all about sex. The moment she got in his car, she would now pull her terribly short skirts up so he could jam three fingers up her cunt to get her going. And the thing was, you see, she began to respond. It did turn her on sexually. Something had indeed happened to her. Her body did respond. Instead of ever kissing him, she automatically put his wet dick in her mouth.

Sometimes he had just finished fucking some other girl before he picked Cari up, and she was actually cleaning another girl’s cunt juice off his prick with her mouth. He liked that idea too.

Even more, he like it when he had just fucked some girl up the ass and then had Cari clean his dick without knowing it. He now thought of her mouth as a filthy sewer.


Poor Cari didn’t know what to think anymore. It seemed she hardly thought at all. He would take her over to the apartment of a slightly older dude friend of his, a guy in his twenties, and Danny would fuck her there. Now, he always made sure that one or two of his buddies were present, and at some point, they would join in the fun. Cari would have one dick down her throat, another in her pussy and a third dick up her ass. That became normal everyday sex for her. Danny kept reminding her that that is what her holes were for.


And then one day, he told her, he needed a special favor from her. “if you really love me, Cari, you will do this for me. You see, I lost a big bet. I bet on the wrong high school football team. It was my fuck-up, I know, but I was so sure I would win big. Well anyway, the deal was, that if the team I bet on won, I would make a couple of thousand bucks. But if the team lost, well, I would have to pay a penalty to the winning team. And Cari, Baby, you happen to be the penalty.” 


“Huh?” she asked, blinking her beautiful but now usually dull eyes. “What do you mean?”

He shrugged his shoulders. He looked so damned cute. He pouted his full lips. “I’m sorry, but the deal was that if I lost, the winning football team would get to fuck you.”


Her eyes filled with tears. “Oh, Danny! The whole team?” 


Danny hung his head. “Uh, huh.”


“A dozen guys?” she thought of the gang bang party and a shiver ran though her small body.  




“She put her fingers to her mouth. Her lower lips trembled. “How many?”

Danny sucked in air through his teeth, as if he were ashamed, but his pecker was rock hard. “Twenty-six.”


She gasped and feared she would pass out. Everything spun around her. “Oh, Danny, I can’t do that. Nobody could do that.”


“Sure you can, Baby, because I love you and I know you love me. It won’t be so bad. And you know how teenage dudes are, some of them will cum real quick. And not all of them will want seconds or thirds.”


“No, Danny, I can’t. I just can’t! It’ll kill me.” She crawled away from him.


“I thought you loved me.”


She looked at him. “Honestly, Daniel, I don’t know how I feel anymore.”


“Well then, I guess we will just have to break-up.” 


Why did those words hit her like a brick?  What did she still see in him? What did she get from him? Was she dependent on him? For what? 


“Oh, Danny,” She cried, reaching for his hand. He smiled. He moved close to her and began to twist her nipples. Her breathing became heavy.


“That’s my girl. You know you love it. You know you need it…” Her nipples grew rock hard. It was that afternoon that he took her to a tattoo and piercing place and had large silver rings put through her nipples. At the last minute, he also decided to put two small rings through her cunt lips. He wanted to have the world CUNT tattooed across her forehead, but he knew it was too soon for that.


“I’ll have to hide the bulges from the rings in my nipples from my parents somehow. Padded bras at home perhaps,” she said, studying the obscenely whorish rings in her tits.


“Yeah, but no bras when we go out or at school. You know the rules.” He wanted everyone to know what a fucked-up slut she had become. He smoothed her beautiful hair back. ‘in the future, Baby, we’ll have beautiful rings put through your ass lips as well. And through your clit. These rings are fucking expensive, and that should prove to you how much I love you. So, what do you say?” 


“Thank you, Danny.”


It was after a game, and they had gotten rid of the high school coach. Danny led Cari into the boy’s locker room. The twenty-six horny, teenage boys were standing around naked, masturbating their dicks.  None of them had showered after the game, so the stench in the locker room was extreme. Cari gagged.


“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the smell real quick. It’s mostly just ass, ball and pit sweat. I told the guys not to shower, so that you could lick them clean.”


The senior boys hooted and hollered and pumped their leaking pricks at the sight of the beautiful Cari. What Cari didn’t know of course, was that there had been no lost bet. Each of the football boys was paying Danny twenty bucks to fuck Cari.


The young jocks lined up… a line that stretched all the way through the locker room. There was every sized boy with every sized dick and every sized bag of balls.


“All right, Cari. strip naked for the guys.” He had given her some pills before the event, but she still felt, saw and feared everything. “This is some prime cunt, fellas. I keep my word,” Danny yelled. One of the boys couldn’t stand it, and his dick began to bounce and shoot a rope of cum across the room. The other boys howled with laughter. All the dicks were twitching and dripping. Some of them slapped the bellies of the boys. Others stood out straight.


Cari, undressed. She was used to this by now. Danny had her naked in front of his buddies almost all the time. She always had some guys fingers up her cunt or asshole. They liked to keep her wet and hot. She stood there, naked, her hands covering her pussy. Danny gently but firmly moved her hands so the boys cold see her cunt.


“All right, turn your backs to us, fellas. We will start the festivities with Cari licking and eating your sweaty assholes!”  The boys were nervous too. Some of them just stood there, shifting from bare foot to bare foot. Others reached back and spread their ass cheeks, revealing their pink or brown assholes. “There are twenty-six dudes, honey, so as much as you might want to linger on a hot asshole, only thirty-seconds or so on each hole. Make sure to get your tongue way up right away.”  He led Cari over to the muscular, beefy boy on the end. They kid chucked and spread his cheeks. The stench of sweat poured over Cari. Danny gently pushed the naked girl down on her knees. He reached around and twisted her nipples in his fingers and tugged on the silver nipple rings.


“Don’t be nervous, Baby. And don’t let me down. Do a real good job now.” 


He gently but firmly pushed her face into the boy’s ass. The jock let out a grunt. Cari licked up and down the sweaty asscrack, trying to hold her breath. Then she shoved her tongue as deep as she could into the corrugated flesh of the asshole itself. Deep into the warm, musky, bitter hole.


At what point does a degraded human being no longer feel humiliated? At what point does it no longer matter?”  Was there a point at which no further damage could be done… at which a person could not be brought any lower?Danny certainly hoped not. He still had so many more filthy, devious games he wanted to play with Cari. Games where he treated her like an animal, and games where she even did things with animals. Is sucking the asses of twenty-six boys really such an awful thing? How would she react when each of the boys shoved his needy dick balls deep up her pussy?How would she feel when each of the boys shot his boy spunk into her?  And how long before the inevitable?  How long before the bitch became pregnant?

Submitted: January 26, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Can't wait for Cari to get preg. So hot

Mon, January 30th, 2023 2:02pm

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