Chapter 34: With a Dash of Honey

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Group Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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"Can I ...?" Ava continued her question, but still hesitated in finishing it.

Gently, Erick pushed Ava to the table.

Ava complied. She was now laying on her belly next to Mia, face to face. Mia's expression made her body felt more slippery. Ava smiled to her. "You like it, eh?"

"Screw you! Av!" Mia barked sharply but with a smile.

Erick groped Ava. She was already wet, warm, and pulsating. He played there for awhile.

Ava sighed in relieve.

"Dave ...!" Erick called a few seconds later, still pounding Mia's fortress.

Dave cleared his throat, then answered with a choked voice "Yes?"

Erick nodded toward Ava. "Can you help me?"

Of course he could. Swiftly Dave stood up and went behind her. He then dropped his trousers down, held Ava by her waist, and aimed his resolute rod.

At the table, Ava turned her head toward Dave. She smiled. Her body was full of anticipation that she was yearning for. "Hi Dave ..., Owh ...!" Her greet got interrupted as Dave slid in.

The kitchen was like an orchestra with Dave pounded furiously while Erick tried his best to maintain his pace moderately. The two girls held hand in hand as they moaned and grunted to the pounding of their boy friends.

When the storm raged in, Ava screamed and squeezed Mia's hand in relieving agony. Her body jerked. Dave had to hold her waist tightly and pushed himself in as her contraction tried to expel him out.

After her first coming, Mia, on the other hand, felt the searing pain raged again, hindered her from approaching her next one. "Erick, please ...! stop ...! it hurt ...!" she screamed word by word at every thrust. Her body glistened with cold sweat.

Erick tapped Dave and pointed to the girl he's been slamming on. Dave understood. He stop nailing Ava, and pulled himself out. Erick quickly replaced him.

Got so used to Dave since last night, Ava moaned out loud as Erick rushed in. Instinctively, she opened her mouth wide, as if it helped him sliding in.

Mia produced a sigh of relieve when finally she got a normal size hot rod. Once again she could enjoy the action. The storm water that had been stopped by the pain could now rushing in, fast.

Filled with such a mouthful dose, Ava quickly hit the home run again, big time. The victory run she had made Erick's thrusts felt so full of tingling sensation that she jerked hard at each of them. Her inner muscles involuntarily squeezed harder so hard that Erick had to stuck himself in and stayed put to prevent him being ejected. He enjoyed her peristaltic massages. The sensation was so hot, though that soon he immediately rammed again with grater force.

"Erick, please stop ....!" Ava plead.

Erick needed no plea. His coming was also nearing fast. He tapped on her butt check and slid out.

Ava got the cue. She gathered her strength to stand, facing him, and, with her muscles still pulsating, squatted in front of him. Her mouth opened, ready to receive. She didn't wait for long.

Erick grabbed Ava's hair then slid between her welcoming lips.

While massaging his hot stone with her lips and tongue, Ava touched herself down there to help her body enjoying the afterglow of her own coming.

Three big thrusts later, he deposited his promised dose right in the middle of her warm tongue.

The salty hot magma jolted her. Combined with her finger play, her body responded. Ava snuffled and a mini cramp grasped her fingers that was inside here.

Erick made sure that every drop was dropped inside her before carefully slid out.

Ava savoured every drop of him, and squeezed her lips tightly as he slid out, made sure that he didn't take any drop with him.

Panted, exhausted, but contented, Erick watched his shaft fell out of Ava, glistened and clean. He pulled Ava up, hugged her and kissed her deeply. He could only taste traces of him there.

Dave watched all that with excitement. He, too, soon felt it coming, but, by the sound her girlfriend produced, he knew she was also about to come. So, he did his best to keep the urge.

Ava smiled to Dave's intense expression. "Coming?" she asked, still inside Erick's hug.

Dave just nodded.

Ava got herself free, then kneeled next to Dave, facing him. She smiled, waiting for him.

Dave wanted to move his soldier between Ava, waiting lips, but he kept on waiting and pushing Mia toward her cliff.

Finally, off the cliff Mia went. Without waiting for Mia's completion, Dave pulled out, faced Ava, then slammed in.

A bit too late. A stream of white pearls shot across Ava's cheek. The rest of the content, though, landed safely inside.

Mia was frustrated when Dave pulled out just when she needed him most, but Erick came to the rescue.

Once Dave was absent, Erick kneeled behind Mia. He then parted her butt cheeks apart and licked the throbbing, pink, wet, glistening slit. He slurped all the juice that Mia produced, letting her butts pressed him as he pushed her across the summit.

Ava massaged and squeezed, just like what she did to Erick before. She let him out only when she was sure there was nothing left. Then, after gulped Dave's liquid, she scooped the pearls from her cheek using her finger and licked them all.

It was a sexy sight. Dave forgot about anything else. He pulled her and kissed her deeply. Ava reciprocated with the same eagerness.

Mia released everything that she got to Erick's scrapping tongue. She wanted to sit on him but she was too weak to do anything but pressing him as much as she could using her legs. Erick apparently read the sign, as she could feel he pushed his face further in. Finally, when everything has been released, Mia laid still on her belly at table, motionless, too weak to move. Erick was still doing his job to her slit, every lick and suck tickled her but at the same time brought her a searing pain. She tried to stop him but, too weak to move, she just let him.

After all has been sucked dry, Erick stood up. He gently tapped on Ava's shoulder, still slowly french kissing with Dave. Then he put on his briefs and trousers.

A bit reluctantly, Ava untangled herself from Dave, and then straightened her shirt out

"Ready?" Erick asked, smiled, "we need to go."

"Wait," Ava replied, "I am wear nothing under this."

"No problem, you look more stunning in it!" Erick commented with a wicked smile.

"Here's your shirt, Erick," Mia said weakly, still laying on the table.

"Ah, no need. I can get it later on. Besides, it's impolite to strip a dead girl naked."

"Screw you!" cursed Mia.

"Alright, then, we have to go!" Erick said to Dave and Mia, grabbing Ava's hand. "Do you want more quiche, Dear?" he asked Ava.

"Naah!" Ava answered with a big grin, "you guys have given me enough this morning, I'm full!"

"Okay, I'll give you some more later. Bye, all!"

"Bye!" Mia answered, sluggishly stood up and rested her body on the edge of the table.

Dave asked, "Should I ...."

"No!" Mia interrupted his question, "you stay! You still owe me one! The last one didn't count because Erick finished it off!"

"Oh, okay!" Dave answered with a smirk, "just let me take a rest for a couple of minutes."

"Oh, no, not now, Dear," Mia responded, shaking her head, "I'm wrecked now. I need a least a week of rest."

"Oh?" Dave exclaimed, "so ...."

"You stay here for a week, too," Mia answered, winked her eye, "perhaps more."

"Oh, Okay," said Dave.




Submitted: March 01, 2023

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