Book 1: Knot

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Group Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Ava was a girl next door, a bit shy and madly in love with Erick, her boyfriend. So mad that she developed a rather unusual addiction. She never minded having that obsession, though, until one day when she couldn’t get the substance she needed, which lead her to a complicated situation between her boyfriend, her boss, and her best friend who happened to be her boss’ girlfriend.
The condition got worse when Erick, who seemed to enjoy Watching his girlfriend does things, kept pushing her envelope. Being pushed further and further away from her comfort zone, Ava began to loathe him.
Or does she? Can a woman fall in love with two men? Can both men tolerate the feeling? Or perhaps the three of them enjoyed it?

Table of Contents


"Good morning, Dave." John, the HR recruiter officer, stood in front of Dave's office, along with a girl next to him. "Hey, John! Goo... Read Chapter


"Morning." Dave greeted Ava. One cup of cafe-latte was there at her desk, as usual. She is busy working, also as usual. "Morning, sir... Read Chapter

The Debt

"Hold on..." Dave interrupted her, held her wrist to stop her from standing up. "Yes?" Ave asked, puzzled. "How about another loa... Read Chapter

The Repayment

Friday, Dave drove his car towards Ava’s, with her sat on the front passenger seat. The air is awkwardly silent "Nervous?" Dave ask... Read Chapter

The Bet

The bathtub was huge, big enough to accommodate three persons. Ava sat between Erick and Dave, enjoying the warm water. "I never knew... Read Chapter


"Erick ...." Ava protested weakly. "Shit! Dave, please ... don't...." Ava writhed and whined as Dave started rubbing her love button ... Read Chapter


"Uh, since you milked me that day, I became addicted to your action, and, yeah, since our little party last weekend, I can't stop thinkin... Read Chapter


"Uh, since you milked me that day, I became addicted to your action, and, yeah, since our little party last weekend, I can't stop thinkin... Read Chapter


"I wonder if I can help you milking him," Mia asked. "You can have all of his load. I'll just need to have someone to ease this ovary exp... Read Chapter

The Milked Cow

There was no time. Ava quickly caught Dave's nut, lifted them, and applied the pressure to his perineum. All the time she still sat on hi... Read Chapter


“Dave, I got several news,” said Ava. She entered the room and closed the door, but didn’t lock it as she used to do. “Oh, wh... Read Chapter

Toilet Break

At the toilet, she removed her skirt and panties, open the lid, sat on it, resting her back to the water tank. Then she didn’t what to ... Read Chapter

Out for Lunch

Ava could not sleep. Her craving for sperm and her anxiety about Mia's request for gratitude is tearing her apart. She changed her positi... Read Chapter

Live Show

Mia then started unbuckling Dave’s belt, “Not until I free you from this suffocating pair of trousers,” she continued with teasing ... Read Chapter


“You want me to wear that on our date?” Ava exclaimed, pointed to a red dress hung on her wardrobe. “Yes. Why? Something wrong ... Read Chapter

Prolonged Once

Ava caressed his nut sack all this time for his additional sensation. From the way his nuts contracted , Ava could also sense that Erick ... Read Chapter

The Gym

Mia straddled him, positioned her slit right on top of his stiffened crowbar. “You’re warm,” she commented, then started grinding. ... Read Chapter


Mia straddled him, positioned her slit right on top of his stiffened crowbar. “You’re warm,” she commented, then started grinding. ... Read Chapter


Hi Tony...,” Mia greeted Tony on her phone. “Thanks,” she appreciated the security guard at the building’s reception desk for... Read Chapter


Still busy sucking and licking, Tony started to unbutton his shirt. Seeing his struggle, April hurriedly approach him and helped him undr... Read Chapter

At the Restaurant

She took bath for ages. Maybe because of her actions on the greasy table at the workshop, or because she was just a typical woman. ... Read Chapter


The waiter has gone after taking their order. Erick and Dave watched their girlfriends’ action with excitement. Finally Erick turned th... Read Chapter

Melted Butter

“So, since Ava and I are yours tonight, what do you want us to do?” They were inside the elevator. Mia tried to speak to Erick be... Read Chapter


Ava sighed. She then climbed down from Erick and briskly approached Mia and grabbed her. Mia surprised for a moment but quickly caught on... Read Chapter

Arranged Skewers

Erick and Ava kissed. soft and slow at first, but gain intensity over time. Soon, Erick sat with legs straight on the floor and hands rea... Read Chapter


Ava pushed downward and sat on his lap for awhile. Dave could only hiss his reply. "Finally," Dave commented their union. "Yeah, ... Read Chapter

Thawed Beef

Ava grunted, rolled her body, and asked, "alright, which one of you I need to work on first?" "Me, of course," Erick answered with a ... Read Chapter

Beef Up

Erick smeared the liquid around Mia's back hole. "Don't worry, Dear, I'll make sure of that!" Mia hissed and clenched when Erick put ... Read Chapter


Cold breeze woke Dave up. For a moment he puzzled on his whereabouts, until the smell of their earlier activities rang a bell. The balcon... Read Chapter

Cheese ...

“Ugghhh ....” Her voice turned to a groan as she felt him slid inside her damp tunnel. Her nerve endings tingled with sensations. ... Read Chapter

A Cup of Espresso ...

Mia awoken up to the sound chatters on the balcony. Her body and orifices felt sore, and for a moment she didn't remember even where she ... Read Chapter

And a Piece of Biscuit

Erick finally stopped pumping. He again turned her to her back, then sat next to her on the floor. He panted heavily. Their bodies gliste... Read Chapter

A Morning Quiche

Sun was already bright when Mia woke up. Her body ached as hell, even worse than when she awoke earlier last night. Erick laid next to he... Read Chapter

With a Dash of Honey

"Can I ...?" Ava continued her question, but still hesitated in finishing it. Gently, Erick pushed Ava to the table. Ava complied... Read Chapter

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Ailsa McNair

Great writing! I really enjoyed your opening part! x

Thu, February 2nd, 2023 2:16pm


Thanks for the compliment! That means a lot to me!

Thu, February 2nd, 2023 8:32am

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