The MOFU Project, part 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Eric answers a strange sex ad and finds himself a front runner for what he thinks is a grand prize

Eric never did consider himself much of a ladies’ man, although he had few complaints from the women he had dated. He just never found the one who would tolerate his sexual obsession for very long.

Riding down Dale Mabry in Tampa one day, he stopped at a traffic light, three cars in front of him. He looked to his right and noticed several men lined up on the sidewalk, waiting to get inside an office building. His curiosity got the best of him, so he signaled and parked at the curb.

He approached the last man in line and asked, jokingly, “What’s going on; are they giving away free beer or something inside?”

The man, much younger than Eric, turned around. “No, we all saw an ad online and we’re hoping to get hired.”

“Hired for what?”

“It was a sex ad, placed by this local organization.”

“So, what then – you get paid for having sex? Is it a place that films porn or something?”

“No; go look it up yourself, MOFU dot com,” he said, and turned around to face the line.

Eric stood there in line, now with two men behind him as the line neared the office door. He used his cell phone and discovered a brief but alluring ad:

“Welcome to MOFU and thank you for checking our ad. Our organization, “More Orgasms for Us,” was started by, is owned by, and run by women. We come from several different walks of life, some of us are married, others divorced or single. Our mission has been to develop a product to enable men to give us more pleasure.”

“The purpose of this ad is to attract males who will participate in our project now that a prototype has finally been developed. Not all who apply will make it to the final testing phase, but those few who do qualify will be paid.”

Eric realized now why so many men had answered the ad. Then he read further:

“Applicants are advised that the interviewing process requires giving oral sex to a number of our female staff members who will judge each applicant on his technique, genuine enthusiasm, and results. There will be no reciprocation or any other form of sex for the applicant. Those selected for the final testing phase will be paid upon completion of their performance.”

The street address of where to apply was listed below the content of the ad. Eric was now entering the office and his curiosity had grown even more than his interest. He had received positive comments from every woman to whom he had given oral sex. He guaranteed orgasms and always delivered. Surely, he could qualify to make the final phase. And getting paid to eat pussy? That was like a dream come true.

But then he formulated some doubts in his mind. What if the women were obese or had STD’s? He honestly enjoyed giving oral to large women, but he didn’t want to be smothered. But his fears faded away as he was approached by a woman who looked to be in her forties. She was not terribly attractive, just average with an average body. She was friendly and directed him to a private room.

“No need for names at this stage,” she said as she directed him to sit in a chair. “If you are selected, we will obtain whatever information we need to contact you. What questions have you at this point?” She asked.

“How does this work? I mean, what do I do?” Eric asked.

“To begin with, I want to confess to you that ninety percent of those who came in the door will be ushered out the back door. We have our preferences.”

“And might I ask what they are?”

“To begin with, if the first questions from a man are, “How much do I get paid?” or, “Can I turn in the money for a fuck instead?”, he won’t even be considered. You don’t seem desperate, and that’s a huge plus.”

“Thank you. So, again, may I ask, what now?”

“You’ll be assigned to three different staff members, one at at time, of course, and asked to give them cunnilingus. Each of them will consider your performance. If all three turn in positive votes for you, then you would probably be selected for the final testing phase.”

“What if I don’t get three votes?”

“There is no guarantee of acceptance. For those who give lackluster performance it simply means that the staff member gets some oral sex, hopefully some orgasms, and the applicant gets some practice.”

“That seems fair,” Eric said.

“And your attitude is one of the things that has promise.”

The woman took him to another room further back in the office. When he entered, there was an older woman, probably in her fifties, waiting for him. She had gray hair, a pretty face even without makeup. She wore a long white robe and white high heels. She extended her hand, welcomed Eric and closed the door.

“Please sit on the floor and make yourself as comfortable as you can,” she said softly. “I prefer being serviced standing over my subject and I enjoy extended oral. Please take your time.”

Eric sat down, crossed his legs and waited.

“Lean back on your hands; and I want only your tongue.” She said.

When she slipped off the robe, she was wearing a white lacy bra, white thigh high stockings but no panties. Regardless of her age, she was sexy. Even her pubic hair was gray, trimmed to a tiny triangle. She stood with her legs over his shoulders and tilted his head back with her hand. She gently pressed her sex to his mouth. For the next hour, Eric just followed her verbal instructions. Based on how her legs quivered, Eric thought she had come twice.

When she was satisfied, she slipped her robe back on. “You may wash your face over at the sink, and then I will take you to meet your next staff member. You have earned one vote.”

The next woman was young, in her early twenties perhaps. She was a large girl, waiting in just her red bra and panties. Her huge breasts were stuffed in a bra too small. Her dark brown hair flowed down over her shoulder in front as she sat on the edge of a twin size bed. She smiled when Eric closed the door behind him. She had beautiful white teeth, and her eyes reflected a sense of excitement.

“I’m Gina,” she volunteered. “I’m the newest staff member. They wanted someone with a little bulk to see if a guy would still perform.”

“If you have a pussy under those panties, let’s find out,” said Eric with a smile.

The girl nearly ripped off the panties. She sat on the end of the bed and leaned back, spreading her legs wide, eyes gleaming with anticipation. Eric softly rubbed her inner thighs, kissed them and then moved to her labia. She was wet the instant his tongue entered her. She began to breathe heavily, rushing towards her peak.

“Calm down, Gina, relax and let it come naturally,” Eric coaxed.

Her quiet smile almost covered the width of her face. Eric teased her, carefully taking her to an orgasm that she had obviously not experienced before. She yelled, grabbed the bed covers and humped against his face. Her heavy thighs closed on him, temporarily shutting off his air. He waited and she relaxed.

When she sat up, she looked at Eric with admiring eyes. “You’re the kindest man I’ve ever been with,” she said. “You have my vote.”

“Thank you; I appreciate it.”

“You don’t have to thank me; you had my vote just by staying.”

Gina led him to his last staff member, who was in a lavish suite, much larger than the other rooms he had visited. She was absolutely gorgeous, beautiful face, perfect body. Long red hair cascaded down her back. Her attire was more bold than the others; black bra, black thigh high stockings, black thong and black high heels. She had an air of authority about her that concerned Eric.

“Shut the door and lie on the bed, arms down by your sides and do NOT fucking move!” she demanded. He knew this was going to be different than the previous visits. She got onto the bed, straddled his midsection, and sat down. She leaned forward, smiling. Eric smiled back and she slapped his face. Not hard, but enough to show she was in control.

She stood up on the bed, one hand on the ceiling for balance and slid off her thong. She moved, towering over his head. “See this pussy? A pathetic piece of shit like you will never get to fuck it.”

Eric remained still, gazing up at her beautiful legs and the generous patch of red pubic hair directly above him.

“If you want my vote, you’ll have to earn it, worm,” she snarled. She squatted down, her anus just inches away from his lips. “Before I let you taste my perfect pussy, you need to taste my perfect ass. Let’s see if you’re man enough; stick your worthless tongue out.”

Eric stuck his tongue out, but she called for more.

“Farther! I want your tongue all the way in my asshole; now DO IT!”

Eric had done this before for a woman, but not in this situation. But he was committed this far and decided to just go with it. The redhead used his tongue, pressed her weight down on him, trying to humiliate him.

“How’s it feel to have you tongue up a woman’s shit hole, you worthless fuck?”

Eric could not and did not answer but it wasn’t necessary. She stood up again, leaned down and slapped his face again, much harder than the first time.

“Go wash your filthy mouth before I confuse it with a toilet,” she spat.

Eric washed his face and tried to rinse out his mouth. When he returned to the bed, she was still standing, waiting.

“On your back!” she demanded.

Eric waited for the inevitable and when the redhead sat on his face, he was shocked. Her body smelled of sweat and urine, a lot of both. She was testing his resolve. Could he tolerate it and still get her off?

She jammed her pussy against his mouth. “Show me what you’ve got, you horny fucker.”

Eric did what he usually did with a woman’s pussy on his face. He ignored the stench and to his surprise, the redhead actually came quickly. Perhaps she did not expect him to try to make her come.

She rolled off his face, reached over and slapped him again. “Your resolve is stronger than most. You have the final vote,” she said. “You will probably be the one selected for the final phase. Consider yourself lucky.”

After Eric washed up, the redhead took him back to the office where he started. The same woman was still there, and she explained the next step.

“You’ve been tested, not just for your oral skills but for your persistence in doing what was necessary. The next part won’t be so easy.

(Next – the project and the prototype)



Submitted: January 24, 2023

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.

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Poor Eric, what did getting slapped do to him, and spoken to so cruelly? Did it get him angry or get him off? Will he get to show them ladies exactly what he can do? Waiting anxiously for the next installment.

Tue, January 31st, 2023 7:37pm


Coming soon. Did you guess what the prototype might be?

Tue, January 31st, 2023 1:11pm

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