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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Brian makes a mistake while serving men and must pay the price.

A Pre-Disciplinary Session by dale10

(All characters in this sexual fantasy are 18 years of age or older.)







I was aroused. Painfully aroused. I often became so when I was about to conduct a pre-disciplinary session with one of our teenage boys. In some ways, I enjoyed these sessions more than the actual discipline sessions themselves. The fear in the boy of the actual discipline was so terrifying to him and so debilitating, that he became especially fun to play with during the meeting I had with him before the brutal event.  It was in the pre-discipline session that the kid could be totally humiliated, degraded, broken and fucked-up even more than he already was. The fact that this session was to be with young Brian made my sexual anticipation even higher.


Boys of eighteen years of age can vary greatly in size, shape and maturity. Some eighteen year olds already have the well-developed bodies of an adult male, while other boys of eighteen still look like snot-nosed kids of fifteen.

Brian was small, slender and gorgeous with an angelic face. His body was still adolescent in looks, which of course, made him very popular with our fuck customers and for our fuck films. We kept Brian totally shaved, except for a small patch of prick hair to tease and temp the customers, so his pale, smooth body looked even younger. We kept his balls as smooth and soft as they had been when they first fell, although at eighteen, they were much larger now. But the flesh of the ball sack was just as velvety soft as ever. And his teenage asshole! His pretty pink shaved teenage asshole was one of the most beautiful sights a boy-fucking pervert could ever hope to see. We had spent a great deal of time teaching Brian how to keep that hole virgin tight, even though he was being ass- fucked multiple times each day.


He walked into the room, trembling with fear, knowing the meeting involved some fuck-up of his. He was naked naturally. Why waste clothing on fuckholes?  I should amend that. Sometimes we enjoyed dressing out boys up in tiny thongs, or mesh see through pouches, or making them over into pretty, little teenage girls, which they hated the most. Brian padded on his cute bare feet across the room, his now semi-flaccid rather thick teenage dick bobbing and swinging over those teen nuts. He knew better than to ever cover his genitals. They existed for our pleasure, not his. That was to be the point of today’s lesson.

His handsome face had that fresh, open look of a suburban teenage soccer player. His lips were full, his nose just a bit punky, and his eyes contained just a bit of “bad boy” in them. That’s because Bran had been a bad boy. That’s how I got him in the first place. He’d had nowhere else to turn. He’d fucked two girls pregnant, that’s right two. Our teen boy was a real cunt fucker. Well, not anymore, but he had been one back then. He was wanted by the police for selling and using drugs, a habit he still had, and which my associates and I used to good advantage. His conservative, religious parents threw him out of his home, and he was expelled from school. I helped those last two conditions to be permanent after I became involved in “helping” him by sending filthy naked photos of him to the school administrations, teachers and lots of the students at the school, and also to his little sister and brother.


No one wanted poor, cute, messed-up Brian!  But I did!


And now he stood before me, totally naked, head hanging. His small, compact body made his big-boy dick look even larger than it was. I knew that lots of the girls at his high school had loved sucking on it. Some complained that it was too large for their tender teen pussies, but our boy had told them that they should just relax, and they would get used to it. I had to laugh. I had told him the same thing when he complained at first that my dick was much too big for his teenage boy asshole.


“Hello, Brian.” I smiled at him, as I sat in chair facing the boy.


“Brian, do you know why you are here?” He trembled even more. Oh, God, that made my prick pulse. Watching his naked body shake like a leaf.


“I guess I fucked up.” His voice was thick as honey with testosterone, but still as sweet at honey too. He curled his handsome toes into the carpeting, and his hands balled into fists. At any moment, he would cry.


“You guess you fucked up? Do you doubt the veracity of our video tapes?” 


He lifted his head, and I saw the tears clouding up those beautiful eyes. Shit, I was actually afraid I might cum. “No, Sir. I fucked-up Sir.” 


“I don’t understand, Brian. We have been so patient and good with you. Your hypno-therapist has worked so hard to make you into a good boy. You want to be a good boy don’t you?”  he nodded and the first tear rolled down his cheek. He really did want to be a good boy. He knew he needed to be a good boy in order to avoid discipline and also to get his “medication.” The hypnotism did help to make him submissive, but suggestion alone can’t really do the trick. The various drugs did help. We also had him on three Viagra a day, which kept him constantly on sexual edge, which is how we wanted him.


“Brian, tell me you want to be a good boy.”


“I want to be a good boy, Sir.” 


“And what do good boys do?


“Good boys follow all your orders and have only one purpose in life.”


“And what is that purpose, Brian?” I watched the tear drip from his chin onto his nicely-formed slender chest and tease one fair-sized round teenage boy nipple.


“To service and serve real men in any and all ways that please them.”  He hated that part. He hated to think of himself as less than a real man. But we’d spend weeks drumming into his fucked-up head that he was not a real man. He was a faggot. A faggot who sucked cock and took it up the ass and drank piss and, well, many, many even worse things.  We’d convinced him at least partly that he was not a real girl fucker… a teenage stud. Look at how small and slender he was. Look at how he’d totally fucked up his life. We taught him to think of himself as a loser. A pathetic loser. He was shaking even worse now, and for a moment, I feared he might collapse.


“And tell me, Brian, what rule did you break today? How did you fuck-up today?” I reached down and openly squeezed the nine-inch throbbing dick pushing out the material of my trousers. Frightened teenage boys. Crying teenage boys. How I loved them.  How quickly they could be stripped of their manhood and tossed back into childhood.


“I…” his voice was slightly hoarse and he licked his lips. “I guess I touched my clit while that man was fucking me.”


“You guess you touched your clit?”


It was then that he began to actually sob. “I touched my clit when that man was fucking me.”


“Yes, Brian. That nice older gentleman paid good money to fuck your dirty little teenage cunty boy hole.  He paid good money for you to pleasure him! FOR YOU TO PLEASURE HIM, BRIAN. NOT FOR YOU TO SELFISHLY PLEASURE YOURSELF  BY RUBBING THAT USELESS EXCUSE FOR A BOY DICK WHICH IS REALLY A CLIT HANGING DOWN BETWEEN YOUR LEGS!”  I shouted at him, and he actually did collapse down onto the floor. He tried to scramble up, but was so weak and scared, he ended up on his hands and knees.


“I’m….I’m, so sorry sir. Please don’t discipline me. I try so hard. But I haven’t emptied my balls in so long, and you keep me hard and on edge all the time, and I can’t stand it and sometimes I think I’m going crazy!” 


“Very pretty speech, Brian.” It was all true. One of my favorite activities was to keep my boys on the very edge of sexual orgasms constantly…for days or weeks, or even months, without giving them any release. We make the boys get full dripping hardons every fifteen minutes during the day and evening, without letting them shoot. It is especially difficult for them when one of the customers who is fucking them has a large dick that rubs against their teenage prostates. Can the need to cum drive a teenage boy out of his mind? We were experimenting.


“Rules, Brian! You know the rules!  You fucked two girls pregnant with that big dirty dick of yours. You have to learn self-discipline. We are helping you with that. You know that one of the first rules of this place is that no boy is ever…EVER… to cum without permission. No boy is ever to touch his clit when a man is fucking his cunt, unless ordered to.  There are boys here your age who have not shot a load in nine months!  I am so proud of them when I see them walking around her with a really thick, throbbing, dripping erection. And it always looks so good in the videos we make. You know that a boy can earn the right to cum by being an exceptionally good boy. But Brian…you are not a good boy! You are a bad boy!”

In their daily sessions with the hypno-therapist, the boys were conditioned to respond to the terms “good boy” and “bad boy.”  When they thought of themselves as a “bad boy” they would feel sick to their stomachs and depressed and awful about themselves. When they thought of themselves as “good boys” they were content and peaceful and felt just a wee bit of self-esteem. Not too much. We wouldn’t want our teenage boys to have much self-esteem.


Brian buried his face in his hands and continued to sob. ‘I try, Sir. I try so hard.

But when guys are fucking me, I somehow respond sexually and I need to cum so bad.” 


“Badly, Brian. The correct word is badly. You need to cum badly. Well, that’s a good sign in a way.  Maybe we can turn this into something positive. Remember when you first came to me, how you fought? How you swore you would never ever suck dick or let a man fuck your pretty little teenage boy ass?  You screamed at me that you would never get used to it. And now, just look at you. Saying that when there is man-prick up your boy pussy, you want to cum. I’d say that’s a big improvement.” 


He looked up at me, hope in those crying eyes. God, they were gorgeous eyes.


“But I don’t understand, Sir.  You feed us sex stimulants all the time, and make us jerk our dicks until our balls pull up and we are at the very edge of cumming, and then you make us pull back. It actually hurts. My balls ache all the time.”


“Self-discipline, Brian. We are teaching you self-discipline. You can’t just go out in life and fuck every girl you see pregnant. You have to learn how to control your dick. You are being totally selfish. You must think of the man’s pleasure, not your own. How many customers fucked your asshole today?”


He licked those beautiful lips. “Six, Sir.”


“And were you a good boy with all six? When the men shot their sperm up your useless boy pussy, did you scoop the cum out of your dirty cunt and eat it?”


Brian nodded. “Oh, yes, Sir. You can check the videos.”


“And did you tell the men it was the most delicious fuck sauce you ever tasted?”


He nodded again. His hair flopped down a bit on his forehead. “Oh, yes, sir. I always praise the flavor of their fuck sperm.”


“And do you ask the nice gentlemen if they would like to take a nice long piss down your throat or up your cute little teenage ass?”


“Yes, Sir.  Two gentlemen pissed up my ass and that trucker pissed down my throat.” Brian tried to look proud, like a good boy.


“And with the two men who pissed up your ass, did you offer to shit out the piss into a bowl and drink if for them?”


Oh, yes, Sir. Only one of them wanted me to drink it, and I did a real good job. Gargled and everything. He said he was very pleased and would come back to have me again.”


I smiled. “Well, that’s a good boy. That’s a very good boy.”  Oh, how he blossomed them. I can’t tell you. His whole lean, smooth naked body relaxed. His face, which had been twisted in anxiety relaxed into its angelic beauty.


He knew I could tell all of this from the video tapes, so why was I asking him, he must have wondered. “And did you do an especially good job eating out their asses? I know I am always pleased when you eat and suck out my ass. Every single customer, no matter how tired you are, or what he may look like, or his age,  needs that faggot teenage tongue as deep up into his asshole as you can get it.”


“Oh, yes, Sir.  You know what a fine job I do on a man’s ass. You are always telling me, aren’t you sir, that no boy here eats ass as well as I do. Nobody gets their tongue as deep up into the rectum as I do!”  He now had hopes of saving himself. In his enthusiasm, he actually stuck his cute pink tongue out of his beautiful mouth and wiggled it seductively. Shit, I could almost feel it up my own asshole when he did that. I sometimes had him eat out my ass for hours while I watched a football game on tv.


“Good boy, Brian. Such a good boy, Brian. But there still is one problem. You touched your clit while that last man was fucking you. Your mind should have been totally on pleasing him. Not on your useless clit.”  I looked down at the boys fine big teenage dick as I said this, and I actually thought I saw it twitch. Poor kid, needed to shoot a load so badly, it was driving him crazy. We lock the boys’ dicks up at night so they can’t play with themselves in their sleep. But first thing in the morning, they are required to pump up to a full leaking hardon for morning inspection. The boy who has the biggest morning erection or the hardest morning dick, might be given television privileges or a filthy gay video game or something. We measure the boys’ dicks several times a week to check on teenage growth. The goal is to have the boys living in a total world of fuck twenty-four hours a day. They must only think FUCK. When they are allowed to watch tv, they have to write down which football players they think have the biggest dicks based on the bulges in their uniforms. A popular, beautiful boy like Brian might get ass fucked ten times a day and suck over twenty dicks. To impress the customer, he is required to have a dripping hardon for the start of every session. After that, his cock becomes a clit and he may not touch it. If a customer wants to masturbate a boy to climax, he must get permission and pay extra. We do not give permission with boys like Brian…it is too much fun watching them suffer week after week.


And of course, to teach a boy to walk around all day with a throbbing teenage hard on and long strings of pre-fuck hanging from his swollen pisshole, BUT NOT TO CUM. NEVER TO CUM WITHOUT PERMISSION, THERE IS ALWAYS THE DREADED DISCIPLINE SESSION.


“So, then, Brian, are you ready for your discipline session?”


The poor sweet kid let out a horrific cry of anguish and curled his lithe body up into a fetal position. “Don’t fret, Brian. With my help, you’ll learn!”

Submitted: January 24, 2023

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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It sounds like these fuckholes can be a real handfull. Thank you for putting them on the correct path in life.

Tue, January 24th, 2023 4:46am

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