Teasing Vibrations

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Farrah and Rick engage in the best sort of foreplay...




“Mmm,” Farrah groaned with pleasure, draping her arms along the rim of the hot tub. “Now, I could get used to this.”

The steam fogged up the mirrors in the marble bathroom of the luxury suite in the Fairmont. Farrah had never stayed in a fancy boutique hotel like it before and, so far, enjoyed the experience tremendously. The exquisiteness of the place in downtown Seapoint, Oregon, must have set Rick back quite a lot of paychecks, but he confessed he had always wanted to stay there, at least once.

The Nine Inch Nails concert at the Seapoint Convention Center next door was convenient as the hotel and event complex were adjoined complex. Rick and Farrah never ventured outside. In fact, dinner took place at the trendy 646 Restaurant within the Fairmont. The concert attended was late on the Sunday night schedule, but they didn’t have to worry about driving home. They partook of much beer and indecent masturbation grinds around their clothes to the pulsing, industrial beats of the 90-minute concert. After getting off more than once in their sneaky hand jobs, they staggered back to the Fairmont. Inside the privacy of their suite, they enjoyed a romantic couple’s package, which included champagne on ice and chocolate-covered strawberries. 

Very Yummy! 

While it wasn’t Valentine’s Day, Rick’s thoughtful preparation for their date was impressive. It made Farrah realize how much her boyfriend cared for her beyond the sexy plaything she was known to be. He went through so much trouble to procure front-row tickets to her favorite alternative band from the 90s and then coordinated everything else without a flaw. Further, it was no special occasion, only something different to do on a date away from Myrtle Lake for a change of scenery. Neither of them visited the city often, as their home typically provided all they needed for their varied adventures.

The staff of the Fairmont turned down the lights in the suite. Smooth Jazz instrumental music played on the TV. The mood was set, and the lovers were a-buzz for what came next after the warm-up of sorts. Once the suite door was secured, Rick sought to continue their foreplay with a kiss. The immediate space behind him, though, was vacant.


After so much activity this weekend with the Roundup, coyote attack, and the date with Rick, Farrah was thrilled for a chance to put the jacuzzi through its paces with the gift of scented oils and rose petals provided by the Fairmont staff. She stripped off her sexy leather skirt, high heel boots, and gold halter top. With a grin, Rick followed the garment trail to the enormous tub. He watched her naked backside slip into the scented waters. 

“Woncha join me, deputy?” Over her bare shoulder, Farrah tossed her dirty blond hair and curled her index finger, beckoning her beau.

“Right away, ma’am.” Chuckling, Rick wasted no time in obliging her request. When he stepped into the massive tub, more of a small pool, his entire body disappeared beneath the surface to admire the slender form he most cherished.

“Mmm-mmm,” Farrah moaned again, knowing that this moment, above all others, was the best part of their date. 

The sumptuous waters reached her breasts as she leaned her head back. She relished the jets for a time until they stopped. The only sensation of merit was the parting of her thighs by a man’s hands and the clamp of a mouth on her most intimate of body parts. It stirred the tempest, shaking her to the bone. Rick conducted the only sort of oral massage Farrah craved. The deputy appeared apt to show his girlfriend how well he could appease her titillating needs with lips and tongue. 

“Ahhh-ssss-ahhh!” Farrah shuddered as she considered all that transpired with Rick to reach their amorous mood. This past Sunday had been the best, where she handled nothing except enjoying herself. 

“I l-l-love ya!” Involuntarily, she squeezed her thighs together until a dark head popped up before her rather than trapped where she desired him beneath the suds.

“What was that?” Rick inquired, with water dribbling all over his delicious body. 

Her gunmetal eyes met his knowing chocolate brown. The tip of her tongue trailed her lips. “No one told you to stop, deputy.”

Rick’s fingers did the walking for his tongue in the meantime. They found the warm center of Farrah to continue his sensual teasing. He watched her flushed body resume the throes of passion he lived to witness. Rick understood how her reactions hastened his efforts while he fought the urge to seek his own release.

“True, but I wanted to make sure I heard you loud and clear.”

Farrah groaned as her hips moved with each stroke of more fingers inside her tightness. She urged them deeper to the knuckles before backing off. “Ooh! O-o-oh, yes!”

“What did you say, my love?”

“Oh, what a lovely day this-s-sss has been with ya,” she lied, unable to admit the truth so soon.

“Somehow, I don’t reckon that’s it.” Rick snickered as he jammed his three fingers deep and wiggled, which made her wither and sink into the bath for a second before she caught herself on the tub’s rim.


“But, I agree that this,” he stabbed her deep to the knuckle, shoving her over the edge until he slowed down. “—this is what we’ve been craving for a while. No rushed moments.” The wiggling of four digits continued with roughness until Rick eased a thumb over her swelled bud with expert precision. “No quickie in the squad car, the diner refrigerator, or my office at the station. Nuh-uh. Now those times were fun, but this—this here is where I take my time loving you, sugar, and you may also torture me with this killer body.”

The heat boiled through her nerve endings because this man knew all of her buttons and when to ease it down to a simmer, as he did now. Rick kissed her with the barest touch of his lips. He pulled away and offered his sexy smirk instead. He was in no hurry at all.Damn him.Farrah knew this game very well.

“Just how long do ya think ya can hold ya breath, deputy?” 

She panted at the rapid approach of her climax that he teased in tormenting increments before easing off again. He drew closer between her spread legs as she pouted. He held off kissing her to suggest, “Check-out isn’t until noon tomorrow?”

“Let’s find out.”

Farrah dunked his head back under the water as her smile grew. She gave herself over to the resumed licking skills of her beau. She welcomed when Rick sent her off without pause for her awaited volcanic eruption. 

Oh, God, I do love this man!

Submitted: January 22, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Amy F. Turner. All rights reserved.

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Ah, yes, don't we all want to be able to hold our breath long enough to get the job done well? And I'm still researching how to breathe through my ears. Hmmm, perhaps that would be an interesting adventure?

Mon, January 23rd, 2023 2:49am


Love in the hot tub, nicely done, Miss Amy. Wonderfully written, as always. Delightful characters, and a fun, playful time for both of them.

Mon, January 23rd, 2023 2:50am


Beautifully crafted and written, Amy.
Loved it!

Mon, January 23rd, 2023 5:44am

Aurora M. Soleado

Love me some hot tub romps.

Mon, January 23rd, 2023 12:40pm


Coyote attack??
Their night- the concert then the luxurious hotel accommodations sound like a perfect date night that Rick worked hard to plan. This man must be part mer-man if he can stay under water that long, haha. What-a-man!! wooo-weee : ))

Mon, January 23rd, 2023 7:24pm


The saga continues!

So, I love the dialect of these two country bumpkins held up here in all this big city luxury. It's both funny and sexy. I don't know if you watch MeTV much, but I'm reminded of Andy Griffith and Helen heading off to Raleigh to stay in one of them fancy hotels.

That's a dedicated man who will bob for your apple in the bottom of a soapy jacuzzi with the bubbles blowing through his hair. I'm all about some oral services but get me in one of those things, and I'm expecting some grind.

As always, Amy, it's a sophisticated tasty tease as you keep us abreast of Farrah and Rick's sexy adventures. Beautifully done, girl!

Tue, January 24th, 2023 4:26am


OMG… she killed him?! He’s probably somewhere underwater enjoying himself … I would love to go like that

Sun, January 29th, 2023 11:48am

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