The Erotic Audio

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Will gets caught listening to an erotic video and things progress

My sister, Susan, and I became close when we ended up in the same college. I never knew for sure if she went there because I liked the school or because she wanted to be there with me. She was a freshman during my senior year. I had an apartment and she stayed with me to save her money. Without going into the lengthy details, I will just admit that we became lovers.

As adults we live across the country from each other. Recently I bought airline tickets so she could come and visit with me for a few days. It was late when she arrived, and she was exhausted from the trip, so I set her up in the spare bedroom to let her get some rest.

Later, I was sitting on the side of my bed, naked, my “cum towel” on my thigh, the laptop on the rolling desk in front of me, my earbuds tightly in place. Time for a little stress relief.

Sue suddenly appeared, walked straight over to me.

“What are you doing?” she asked, “I mean, I can SEE what you’re doing, but why?”

“I wasn’t sure how long you would be sleeping, and I feel like a little play time.”

She looked at the screen. “There’s no porn; what’s that on the screen?”

“It’s erotic audio; scenarios that women with a sexy voice encourage you to jack off.”

“And do you?”

“I haven’t until I came across this one. It’s called “Femdom Cum Countdown.”

“I can see that the title would interest you. Why is this one different from the rest?”

“Most of them talk about stroking, sucking, or fucking your cock and they encourage you to come at the end. But in this one, she teases about stuff I like and then tells me to come at the end.”

“So you’ve masturbated to this one before?”

“Not the first time; I just burped through it until I knew the content. But the last time I did exactly what she said, and when she whispered in my ear to tell me to come, I did. But it wasn’t at the end, so it caught me by surprise. Didn’t grab the towel in time and I came on the corner of the laptop and all over my leg.”

“That’s pathetic, Will.”

“Yeah, but her voice was sexy, and the content was awesome.”

Sue sat down beside me on the bed, reached over and pulled out the audio plug. “I want to hear it.”

“I’d rather enjoy it alone or forget it until another time when you’re not here.”

“Play it, and I’ll stroke your cock for you.”

“Okay, but only do what she says; I don’t want to come before the end.”

I clicked the “play” button on the story and as we listened, Sue did exactly as the voice instructed. When she heard the voice talk about my wanting her ass, Sue giggled. When it neared the end, when the voice talked about sitting and fucking my face, I was ready. I knew that when she mentioned my tongue fucking her asshole that I would be ready to come.

But at the very moment I should have come, Sue let go of my cock and stopped the audio.

“What the fuck? I need to come!” I yelled.

“Get on the bed, Will, you know how, and I’ll give you a lot more than she can.” She ran into the guest bedroom and came back with a blindfold. “I wear this sleeping, but it will help me drive you crazy,” she said. “Just listen to my voice, like you did on the laptop.” Then she slipped it over my head but left it resting on my forehead.

I watched my sister slowly peel off her sweatshirt and bra. Her small breasts always made me want to lick and suck on them for a long time, and I have memories of some wonderful sessions where I did just that and was rewarded with the best blowjob in the world.

 Then she shimmied out of her tight jeans. Her legs were still shapely with firm thighs. More sweet memories of those times when she made me come just by sitting on my face and squeezing her thighs together.

When she peeled her panties down, her dark pubic hair was matted against her. She climbed up on the bed, straddled my body and leaned down to kiss me. She loved teasing me with soft kisses. When we reversed roles, she knew I would do the same for her.

She moved my arms down by my sides and squatted on my chest, her pussy just inches from my face. She reached up and slid the blindfold over my eyes. She slipped a pillow under my head to prop it up, and suddenly I felt her damp pussy on my face. My cock was aching already.

“Smell me, Will,” she said softly. “My cunt is dirty, just the way you like it.”

I inhaled her and my cock throbbed, so I reached for it.
“Uh-un,” she chided, “You can’t touch your cock; leave your arms by your sides.”

“I know your balls are already to burst, but you have to wait,” she whispered. “Lick my cunt, Will; you know how I like it. Take your time.”

I licked and sucked at her hole, eventually going after her clit. She teased me, making me want her even more. “Do you like tasting me, Will? Sucking my juices up, licking my dirty cunt? Do you like me fucking your face?”

I felt like I would come any minute. All too soon, she reached down, and grabbed my head. “I’m coming on your face, Will, I’m going to come in your mouth; don’t stop!”

As she rocked on my mouth, I continued to lick her clit, then jammed my tongue deep inside her, sucking all I could from her wet hole. She moaned and I knew that she really had come. Then she did what she knew would drive me to the edge. She rubbed her wet pussy across my face, slipping it over my nose and grinding on my mouth. I moaned with need, but I knew that she wouldn’t show me any mercy.

Then her weight was gone for a moment.

“I’ve turned around now, Will, facing your hard cock. I’m going to do just what the sexy voice did, but it will be real, not pretend.”

Her weight was on my face again and my cock twitched with anticipation. “I know you want this, Will. Lick my ass. I’m going to stroke your cock. A stroke for every time you stick your tongue in my asshole. You can take your time, or you can come anytime. Ready?”

“Mmmhmm,” I moaned into her flesh. My lips kissed her tight ring as I felt her fist lightly gripping my cock. I wanted to come; I needed to come. And yet I didn’t want to until I could enjoy the thrill of tonguing my sister’s tight asshole.

But my cock was aching, and I used my tongue as fast as I could. Sue increased the strokes of my cock, putting more pressure on my shaft. I was in heaven and so close, so close.

Suddenly her weight lifted, leaving my extended tongue waving in the air. I felt her weight shift and then felt her straddling my waist.

“Slip off the blindfold, Will,” she said. When I did, she was poised with her pussy above my cock.

“I’m going to sit on your cock and take it in all the way, and you have to come because I’m only going to do this once. Are you ready?” she asked, still whispering.

She pressed her pussy lips to the head of my cock and slowly sank down, looking me straight in the eye. “Come for me, Will,” she whispered.

I came even before her pussy had made it down to the base of my cock. Cum gushed from her pussy and all over my balls. Just as she had warned, she lifted off my cock. But then being the wonderful sexy sister that she is, she sucked my cock and licked up all my cum.

When she was done, she looked up at me. “I’m really horny now; are there any sexy audios for women on there?”





Submitted: January 22, 2023

© Copyright 2023 willnorman. All rights reserved.

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harriet-jacqui x

Absolutely life-like! Where DO you find your inspiration, Will? Fab-u-lous! Harriet x

Sun, January 22nd, 2023 7:19pm


You're too kind, but thank you. And on another site with which you might be familiar, is that exact erotic audio, the inspiration.

Sun, January 22nd, 2023 11:23am

Amy F. Turner

Indeed, some hot audio that translated into a very hot session for these two.

Sun, January 22nd, 2023 8:09pm


Thanks for always sending comments, Miss Amy. I still dream of you.....(you don't mind, right?)

Sun, January 22nd, 2023 12:20pm

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