Chapter 2: Emmett

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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It is the sound of someone trying to break down his door with the banging of their fist that awoke him in a start. A groan rumbling out of his lips as his hands run down his face before his fingertips rub his tired eyes. He removes his fingers from his eyes, turning his head towards the mahogany bedside table and looking at the alarm clock that sits on top. The bright red numbers that give off the reddish glow blinds him for a moment, making him close his eyes before opening them. The two flashing vertical dots are accompanied by the numbers that tell him it is close to midnight.

He had only been sound asleep for almost three hours.

Annoyed, Emmett removes the blankets from his tall, broad body and swings his legs out of the king size bed. His bare feet touch the cold, dark timber floorboards and a shiver rushes through his body. It’s only a few weeks out before the Winter season officially starts and judging by the coolness of the floorboards and the coolness that sits around him, it’s going to be a very cold winter this time round. Ignoring the cold, Emmett stands and stretches out his body, stifling another content groan. Once relaxed back down again, Emmett exits his room and enters the dark hallway, readying himself to tell whoever is knocking on his door to fuck off.

It doesn’t take long for Emmett to reach the end of the hallway where his front door is. Fingertips blindly reaching out for the light switch and flicking the switch. Just outside the door, the light brightens up everything and filters through a little inside the home. Emmett leans his body to the right a little, glancing through the slim vintage coloured glass that allows him to see who is outside.

Emmett finds his body freezing and not because of the cold. The annoyance he had felt only seconds before has slipped away from him like water droplets on a duck’s back. The long, thick lengths of her chestnut brown hair cascade down her back and stop just before the small of her back. Her hair seems to be a few centimetres longer than it was the last time he had seen her, about six or seven months ago now. He didn’t see her often, his older brother wouldn’t allow it. Her hourglass figure hidden underneath a leather jacket, jeans and a pair of ankle boots. From where Emmett stands, he can see that her hands are hidden in the pocket of the jacket.

Emmet knows that the last woman who should be on his door step, lit up by the front porch light is Sienna Fletcher.

If Carter, his older brother, knew that Sienna is occupying his front doorstep, he would blow a fuse before trying to take a swing at him. It definitely would not surprise Emmett if his charming brother accused Sienna of sleeping with him. Carter has done it before, a handful of times. He has even accused Emmett of wanting Sienna in ways that he shouldn’t be wanting her. However, Carter hadn’t be wrong about that accusation, Emmett had looked at Sienna plenty of times in ways he shouldn’t. He knew that better than anyone, but sometimes, Emmett just couldn’t help staring at the gorgeous woman in that way.

Lucky for Carter, Emmett isn’t anything like him. Sienna Fletcher may be a temptation that deserves better than Carter. She may be an off again, on again fantasy that he has pictured when his fist is wrapped around his cock. But Emmett would never over step that line, the line of making someone cheat. He wouldn’t make Sienna make that choice that would just destroy her with guilt. For now, he just let her be a fantasy, a temptation that he can never have.

Sighing, Emmett’s hand reaches forwards and starts unlocking the heavy dark wooden door. By hearing the door open, Sienna turns around and stares at Emmett through his security screen door. Her hazel-green eyes meeting his and just by the glance, he knows that she has been crying about something. Emmett unlocks the screen door and holds it open enough for his body to step outside a little. There’s a questioning look on Emmett’s face that he can’t seem to shake off because he really does want to know why Sienna has been crying.

Emmett could take a million guesses as to why she is crying. A million guesses as to why Sienna is standing on his doorstep when she knows as good as he does that she shouldn’t be there. But even with a million wrong guesses, Emmett feels that it has something to do with Carter. She wouldn’t risk being here if it wasn’t, or maybe she would if it is something important. But then again, Emmett knows that Sienna would have run to her best friend, Rylee’s place rather than his house without a second thought. Emmett can’t help but let the frown form on his face.

“Sienna,” Emmett says. Though his voice is slick with sleep, he can here the surprise in his own voice. Emmett crosses his large arms across his chest. “What are you doing here? It’s almost midnight, darlin’.”

“I-I know,” Sienna stutters out. Her voice is a husky melody, telling Emmett that she has been crying for a while now. Sienna struggles to keep Emmett’s concerned gaze. “Is it… Is it okay if I stay here tonight? I-I just don’t want to go home tonight. I mean, I know I shouldn’t be here and I should go somewhere else. But I don’t want to go to Rylee’s and I can’t go to my father’s because he is out of state at the moment an –”

“Breathe,” Emmett says, cutting her of. Two silent tears roll down her puffy cheeks and Emmett has to stop himself from wiping them away. “It’s okay, you can stay here tonight.”

She looks at him with a  grateful look and a soft sigh.  Emmett pushes the screen door open a little more, a silent invitation to go inside. Sienna ducks her head, stepping inside and Emmett’s sage green eyes follow her movement. The light from outside illuminates her retreating figure. As much as he knows he shouldn’t be, his eyes are glued to the round, peach shape of her ass. Her tight jeans hugging them in a way that makes his mouth water just a little, making the feeling of wondering what her bare skin would feel like underneath his hand. He has imagined it before, how soft it would be, how smooth it would be. He knows even secretly imagining what she would be like naked and underneath him is crossing a line, but he can’t seem to help it.

Though, it is just a line he only crosses in his mind.

Emmett forces his eyes away from the sway of Sienna’s hips and turns around. He closes and locks both doors before switching the light of. For a moment, darkness surrounds them, his eyes adjusting as he makes his way up the short hallway where Sienna has stopped and turned back to him. Emmett struts past her, leading her into his lounge room and turns on the lamp that sits on the corner coffee table. The dull glow of the lamp gives them enough light to see and Sienna makes a move to settle onto the plush, black couch. Without a thought, Emmett moves to the dark wooden coffee table that goes with the rest of the dark furniture around it. He places himself on the coffee table, directly in front of Sienna.

Emmett knows that he has never been good with an upset woman. An angry woman, he can deal with. Same goes with a frustrated woman and a confused woman. But a woman that’s been crying, totally out of his depth. For a moment, they both sit in silence and Sienna staring down at her fidgeting hands. Emmett takes a moment to study the woman in front of her, trying to get a better read on a situation that he doesn’t know about. His eyes taking in very damn inch of her like she is about to disappear into thin air and he’ll wake up from the dream, or maybe nightmare. He isn’t sure what it is yet.

Sienna’s chestnut brown hair isn’t as neat as it generally was. There are tiny pieces of hair sticking up in a curve, like she had been running her hands through her hair repeatedly. Sienna’s hair is normally in some sort of neat hairstyle that never gets touched by her hands, unlike other woman who forever are touching their hair. Her clothes are neat and tidy, a little crumpled. Her sweet perfume sticks to her and floats around Emmett at the same time. Her sweet scent being brought into his lungs with each passing breath. The only thing missing about Sienna is that confidence she holds within herself. Her whole body seems to slump.

To Emmett, it seems like that confidence has just been fucking ripped right out of her.

“So, are you going to tell me what is going on and why you are here?” Emmett finally asks, breaking the silence around them. Sienna finally looks up at him, hazel eyes with the green flecks swarm with sadness and anger. “I really don’t want to be pushing you for answers, Sienna, but we both know that you shouldn’t be here without Carter.”

“I know,” Sienna’s voice is still rough and soft. “But it’s just, it’s the only place I know that he won’t come looking when I don’t show up home tonight.”

“I’m taking it as something has happened between you and Carter? Want to tell me what it is?” Emmett questions with extreme caution. “Maybe I can try to help you with whatever it is. I mean, you are definitely welcome to stay the night. I’m not trying to get rid of you.”

Sienna looks down at her hands, picking at the side of one of her nails. “Carter and Rylee is what happened.”

Emmett frowns deeply. “What did Carter and Rylee do?”

“It’s going to sound weird, but I had this gut feeling that had been sitting heavy with me for some time now. A feeling that told me that Carter has been up to something that he really shouldn’t be doing,” Sienna says as one of her hands make a claw like gesture at her stomach. Her eyes meeting Emmett’s listening gaze and he finds himself holding his breath. He thinks he knows what Carter and Rylee did. “I lied to Carter about going out with the girls tonight so I could sit across the street like a damn stalker. Carter wasn’t even home for more than ten minutes when Rylee pulled up in a Jeep that isn’t hers. And as I watched… fuck.”

Sienna’s manicured hands went to her face, sobs breaking through the barrier of her hands. Emmett doesn’t need Sienna to continue on with the events of the night, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. No wonder she is so upset about it all, Emmett knows what his brother is like. Better than what Sienna has seen in the four years they have been together. Four years of watching Sienna never make eyes at another man, years of knowing that she has never even flirted or given the wrong impression to another man, and never has filtered a lie out of mouth until tonight.

Though, there has been a couple times Emmett has seen her flash a certain look at him until she masked it.

Carter, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Emmett has listened to him lie through his teeth to Sienna. Emmett has watched him walk out of a bar or a club with another woman on his arm. Emmett is sure that Carter has only asked him out to cover what lie he told Sienna that night. Carter has made Sienna be at home waiting for him while he did whatever he wanted to. It does come as a surprise that Sienna is only feeling something wrong now. But what doesn’t surprise him is why Carter never let Sienna be around him by himself. He knew it is because Emmett knows all Carter’s dirty secrets.

But as much as Emmett shouldn’t have, he kept those secrets. He didn’t want to be the one breaking the poor woman’s heart and it wasn’t, still isn’t his place to say so. It only made Emmett hate his brother more.

“I’m really sorry, Sienna,” Emmett says, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. “He’s really a piece of shit.”

Emmett feels Sienna lean into his touch and for a moment she stays like that, but he guesses she wanted that comfort because she leans into his chest. Emmett manages to wrap his arms around the crying woman awkwardly, allowing her to cry big, hot tears onto his bare chest. He knows that it is going to be an awfully long night, a rush of relief passing through him knowing that tomorrow is Saturday and his day off. Though, he is quite sure how he is going to help dry up Sienna’s tears. Carter doesn’t fucking deserve her being so heart-broken over her.

If Sienna were a man, he’d have no problems taking those emotions away. He’d tell her to get dress, dry them eyes and get her in the car before driving her to the closest bar to drown her sorrows. And they wouldn’t leave that bar until she needs help to walk out of the place. But Sienna isn’t a man and he definitely has no damn skill set to deal it. However, at the same time, he figures a drink of something might help her forget. A drink to help her numb the pain she has going through her body. All he can do is try and hope it damn well works.

“I don’t know if it will help,” Emmett voices to her. “But do you want a strong drink? It’ll probably help you forget for a moment and then you should be able to get some sleep.”

“Y-Yeah, sure,” Sienna nods, pulling away from Emmett. Oddly, he misses her that close. He watches as her fingertips with the long nails wipes her eyes, making all the tears that fell slightly disappear. He wonders how she doesn’t poke herself in the eyes. He shakes the thought as she asks, “Got any whiskey?”

Chapter Status: EDITED

Submitted: January 25, 2023

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