Chapter 2: Just a taste

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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I woke up with A on my mind. It couldn't have been any other way, after all that had happened between us during the flight back home. Everything now feels more like a dream than reality, and yet I have her number. I barely avoided texting her first thing after opening my eyes. After waking up late, there was nothing to do but to continue with a lazy day, one that didn't include any work being done. I was still groggy after the flight and the following two hours and a half of driving. We had gotten home after three, which was equally very late at night and too early in the morning.

Therefore, I decided to go for a run.

Running is the only way I know of to refresh myself and my mind after nights like these. It's the only way I know to refresh myself after anything, the more I think about it. Running is freedom. I run when I'm upset, I run when I'm happy, I run when I want to get away from it all. It quiets my mind and tires my body, and that resets my mood somehow.

I put on my black Under Armour shorts, a gray T-Shirt, my runners, kiss my still sleepy girl on her forehead and get out the door. As usual, I begin my run right after getting out into the street, slowly at fist, to get warmed up, and then picking up speed until my body becomes fluent. I go around people, noticing either wonder or boredom on their faces. After all these years, some folks still seem to wonder why others run. I plan my path around people, down that underground pedestrian passage, and then on the other side, through the hotel's parking and up a narrow one way street towards the park. I then intersect the bicycle lane and follow it all the way to the park. It's the middle of the week, half past eleven, so there shouldn't be many people strolling. When I enter the park, I turn right to go down the alleyway near the smaller hotel nearby, and then onto the dirt track on the right side of the stream, the one I typically choose to avoid running on asphalt. There are a few kids having fun on the playground on the other side of the stream, but nobody on my side.

It's then when I realize that A had slipped out of my mind for some time now. I guess life just gets back to normal. I push harder over a dirt mound and let myself flow down the other side, paying attention to the way I feel. During my time in the military, I've learned to remain aware to the signals of my body during physical effort, a skill I'm grateful for in this era of smartwatches and smartphones and monitoring apps. We are getting weaker, not stronger, and the earth reminds me of that by forcing me to focus on a muddy and very slippery area. It's always wet and slippery there, and I always like to get right through the middle of it all, modifying my posture and the way I step to adapt to it. I remember doing the same thing when running in the winter. I miss winter. The thought of missing something reminds me of A, and I tell myself I'm going to text her after I get back. I don't have the phone with me anyways. I never take it with me when I go out for a run.

I can't fool myself and I won't. I do miss A. I miss her eyes, her touch, her lips, and most of all I miss her playfulness. Maybe there is something real between us, something that started high up in the clouds, and it makes sense to at least try and find out. I'm scared at the thought of ruining my current relationship because I'm chasing rainbows, but what if there's something more with A? What if? Curiosity killed the cat they say. The memory of A's soft tits makes me mellow and wanting to stop, so I chase it out of my mind and get back on track with my run. I'm only about a third into the total distance, so there are still a few kilometers left to go.

My years in the military also taught me to focus on the physical effort and not allow my mind to wander too far into those sweet dreams of ease and comfort. I push harder and faster. I feel my body aching a bit and after a few minutes I start struggling to keep up the pace. I'm at that tiny dam that keeps the swampy area separate from the rest of the park. There I need to climb a bit and then go back down on the other side. Being tired already I feel the incline, even if it's a very short one. Up, breathing heavily, and down the other side. The next part is a breeze. The green grass below my feet, the warmth of the sun and a nice soft wind blowing on my face, and very few people outside strolling. Most of them are probably at work, which is fine by me. The thought of people at work got me thinking that I don't even know what A does for a living. We were so absorbed by that sweet fire between us during the flight that we exchanged little information about our general lives. I sure am curious about her life. Thinking of A sends my mind into fantasy land once again, one of wet panties and sweet pussy, soft pale tits and eyes of fire and love. I feel my cock throbbing despite the physical effort. I must stop these thoughts or risk ending up with a big and embarrassing mound in my pants, which are too soft to keep my animalic instincts hidden.

I manage to do that, though there's no one too close around to notice yet. I'm nearing the turning point of my run, just before the main street. One more climb to the sidewalk, left turn, and then another left turn and down a narrow muddy trail and into a grove. There's always mud there and the trail gets slippery. My eyes focus on the path below and the little dry patches and tree roots and manage to get through it without getting wet. When I lift my eyes though, big surprise. I see A. She's wearing a black crop top and a short red skirt, the kind that starts smooth at the waist and flares out towards the knees, only that hers doesn't reach the knees. It ends exactly where it needs to end, revealing only enough to make you wish you'd see just a little bit more of those thighs. I assume the guy walking in front is her boyfriend. The sound of my footsteps makes her turn her head around and my sight makes her smile. It's that sort of warm, friendly smile that says she'd welcome you in her arms anytime. I notice she's lagging behind intentionally, so I stop. I just want a few moments to admire her beauty and she seems to want to allow me those moments. Her boyfriend disappears behind the next turn to the right, and we're alone.

We just gained those moments we both seemed to crave. She runs a childish run and jumps in my arms. I feel her mushy breasts on my chest and my hands explore her bare midriff. She gives me a short passionate kiss and then takes a quick glance back. Hidden by the trees and a small earthen embankment, with no one around, she lowers herself into a squat, pulling my shorts and briefs down at the same time. Before I even realize what's happening, my pants are down and my cock is free, growing to its fully erect size almost instantly. A gasps at the sight and licks the very tip. A jolt of pleasure goes through my body and my cock throbs, escaping A's tongue. She catches it with her mouth and takes my head inside, her soft wet lips tightening around the shaft, right behind the corona. I moan in silence, and she looks up at my face. Her eyes burn with the pleasure my cock gives her. She sucks on my head like it's a lollypop and then starts stroking my shaft gently with her right hand. I can't believe this is happening. It feels so good to have her wet lips around it. She tastes my cock for a few more moments and I feel like like I'm in heaven. My usual shyness fades away and I couldn't care less if anyone saw us. I'm completely caught up in the pleasure that A gives me. Just a few more strokes and I'd explode in her mouth. But she stops. She gets up and pulls my pants back up as well, her hand lingering on my cock for as long as possible before hiding it back in my briefs, and looks at me with that smile she had back in the airport, the one that told me it's game on. My eyes get lost in hers, but the sound of her boyfriend calling wakes us up from the magic. Above, an airplane landing reminds us how we met. She waits for the noise of the aircraft to pass, and shouts back to her future husband, "I'm coming, honey. One of my shoelaces came untied."

"Though I'd love to cum with you", she says right after in a whisper for my ears only. Hearing those words makes my cock throb again, and A touches it one more time. She then steps back, gently sliding her hand away from it, and turns back to continue her walk. I try to touch her ass, but I only catch the edge of her skirt and lift it slightly, getting only a glimpse of the pale white skin beneath. Down in my pants, throbbing intensifies. She looks back at me and giggles, but then rushes around the turn to reach her man before he can suspect anything. I hear them speaking, but I can't make out the words. My head is so full of sexual desire for this woman, a lust so strong that arouses my mind and clears it of anything else. I've never felt something like this before, something so intense. I'm stuck there for a short while, unable to react, not wanting to go anywhere, my head full of A's seductiveness and her addictive sassiness. My cock still pulsates a bit, and I take a few moments to calm down, as my running shorts don't hide my excitation at all.

I eventually recompose myself and continue in a slow pace until I catch them. The trail is narrow here, so I slow to a walk to get past them. I can't help it and put my hand under A's skirt, looking for her cunt, but all I feel is the soft material of her panties. I retract my hand disappointed and she smiles to me. I then pass her fiancé and pick up the pace, shifting to a faster stride. As I get farther away, I hear A's giggle at a joke they're telling. I'm so happy and full of energy that my pace gets faster than before. I smile like mad while coming out from the grove on the other side and I imagine what I look like from the outside - a madman running with his grin stretching from ear to ear, but there's no one to notice me.

I continue my run on the bicycle lane keeping my smile all the way through. I go down an incline, through a passage that goes under the street above, and up again on the other side without noticing tiredness anymore. I feel happy and energetic now. It's that feeling you get when everything has settled the way you dreamed of, and your being screams through all its pores that you're alive. I can't wait to get back home and text her. I want to meet her again. I want to kiss her all over her body, to feel every inch of her skin, to get inside her warm wet slit and fuck her brains out, and then to fall asleep in a pleasant embrace, her head on my bare chest, our legs tangled together. To wake up with her by my side, to have sex in the soft morning light, to cuddle in bed with her all day long. I think I'm falling in love. Badly.

I'm now passing the outdoor workout area but I don't feel like working out. The love I feel for A makes me mellow and compassionate rather than wanting to work hard, to push myself. There's nothing to prove anymore, and nowhere to go but into her arms. I continue by the stadium and towards the exit from the park, then back the same narrow street behind the first hotel, down that underground pedestrian passageway and onto my street. I don't stop running until I get in front of the building. I pull my key out from the hidden inner pocket of the shorts, open the door and then rush up the stairs to the first floor where I live. Once inside the apartment, I hear familiar sounds in the kitchen where my girl is cooking something. I take my dirty shoes off, and go for a shower. Ten minutes later, I hop on the chair in the living room and text A. "You disappointed me today with those panties". I wait around for a few minutes, and eventually I open Spotify and play Alive by Pearl Jam, one of my favorite songs of all time. I haven't felt like this in ages. I realize I missed falling in love.

I turn up the volume and head to the kitchen. My girlfriend is cooking some new recipe she just discovered. I feel a little bit bad because I started having feelings for some other girl, but I know I shouldn't. After all, my girl always said that one person can never be enough for you. Different persons will satisfy you in different ways, being it emotionally or sexually, so she proposed we keep an open relationship between us. I've never been in such a relationship before so I don't know how to act, but I guess I shouldn't feel bad at all for what I experience with A, so I wipe those thoughts out of my mind, keeping the positive vibes I got earlier. I can't wait to meet her again. I remember the text I sent her and head back to the living room to get my phone. I unlock it and a tiny little red bubble makes my heart burst with joy. It's her. "Next time when you go for a run, take me with you. I won't wear any panties, I promise". That joy in my heart transforms into sexual energy and my cock stirs in my pants. "What are you up to later today? I can't take my mind off you". "I'm sure you can't", she tells me. "I can't either. But this afternoon we're going to visit his parents. Sorry." My spirit calms down a bit, but then I get a new message. "We can hang out tomorrow morning if you can, I start work at noon. Coffee?". "Definitely", I text. "I can't wait to see you again." Her reply comes almost instantly: "I can't wait to touch you again". My cock feels that. "Hey, I have to go now. See you tomorrow morning". I don't know what else to say, so I text her a "Can't wait. Have a nice day, A."

The song's chorus goes "I, o-oh I'm still alive / Yeah, yeah, I, o-oh I'm still alive".

"Thanks for making me feel alive again, A." Her reply comes back, "You're making me feel the same."

The rest of my day is half dream, half reality. I just can't get her out of my mind. Late in the evening I fall asleep thinking of her and our date next morning.

Submitted: March 12, 2023

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