Chapter 1: Fantasy on a plane

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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I met A during a flight from London back to Romania. I was with my girlfriend, coming back from a week long vacation. We were having our hunger partially satisfied by a small menu at Burger King in London's Luton Airport. People were going back and forth, some looking tired, others happy, a few of them upset or anxious, plenty hurried, but most of them bored with the waiting. Some folks would say there's not much to do in an airport, but for me, airports feel like home. And no matter where you are, there's almost always people to watch. You're quietly sitting in a corner and observing. No judging, no questions, only contemplating other humans going about their lives. You pick up fragments of conversations, unspoken thoughts on their faces, feelings through gestures. Tiny bits of their lives.

A queue was now formed at the front counter. Probably a new flight that just landed, and hungry people coming to grab something to eat before continuing on to their destinations. That's when I see her. A redhead standing in line but also standing out. She's beautiful, but before consciously realizing that, I'm drawn to the magic of her nipples pointing out through her white crop top blouse. My mind is on fire, and with it, something else deep inside me. Trying not to stare but not wanting to lose her from my sight, I slightly turn back my head, just enough to point my face in another direction, while still being able to see her nipples. Her breasts look nice and plentiful. My mind already races imaginary scenes in front of my eyes. I wouldn't mind having her closer to me right now. I turn my head again towards her as nobody pays any attention to me, and try to look lower down, but my sight is blocked by Burger King's food area separator fence. Oh, how I wish I could see her in all her splendor. I'm sure she's got a lovely bottom and I'm very curious about what she's wearing. I turn my attention back to my girlfriend. She's still eating, but asks me if I want another drink. She wants more. I pass. I'm already full. As she leaves to get herself a second drink, I turn my head again to see that girl, but she's gone. I try to look around the nicely decorated concrete column in the center of the food serving area, but can't see any trace of her. Well, she's probably ordering right now, or maybe she's already left. Too bad. I try to keep the memory of her nipples poking trough that blouse in my head for as long as possible. But then I see another girl further. She's not as beautiful, her breasts leave no clue on the outside of her black top, but I like her skirt. It's still a sight worth admiring.

I feel a little bit guilty, not because of losing sight of the first girl, but because I liked her... instantly. It doesn't make sense to be guilty though, not even in my overthinking mind. It's just a basic instinct. It's there. It's natural. It's nature's way of ensuring our species's survival. If sex wasn't pleasant, if we didn't have this sexual desire, none of us would be here, would we? I quiet my mind and look for my girlfriend. She's on her way back to the table with a second drink. I already had a huge cup of Dr. Pepper and I don't need another one. Thinking of that, I realize I need to go to the restroom. As I look for the restroom sign, I also look for that girl. The restroom I could find, but the girl is nowhere to be seen. Life isn't like the movies, is it? Where magic things happen and you meet that special person and everything goes crazy and your entire life changes drastically. No, there's more routine in most people's lives than all the crazy dreams we dream with open eyes. I don't know about others, but I sure am a dreamer. And I've had my share of adventures so far in life, things very few people have or will ever get to experience, so I shouldn't feel all that bad. For quite some time now I've been trying to get to terms with routine. It's going well, but every once in a while, something comes along and pushes an invisible button, triggering inside me a drive that makes me want to quit everything I've worked for in recent years and do that crazy thing. Sometimes it's a song, other times a memory, perhaps a YouTube video, but other times... other times it's a girl. Like the one I noticed moments ago.

After the meal, we go through security and then find ourselves straight in the middle of a store. We walk around looking for nothing in particular and eventually decide to go sit somewhere. The area we're in right now is crowded, and we rarely see an available seat. We eventually find two next to each other and sit down. My girlfriend starts reading something. I resume my habit of observing people. A few minutes later, I see the girl that was sitting in line at Burger King again. She finds a seat across me in the same waiting area, and my mind goes wandering again far away into fantasy territory. I don't know what that girl does to me, but I'm wishing she boards the same flight. To my surprise, she notices me, at first by mistake, but then she throws me a curious, sneaky glance back. It ends with a smile, and my heart just goes racing like crazy. She seems interested. I panic, not knowing what to do. Before I regain my composure, I notice a guy who comes and sits right next to her, then hugs her. Damn, I think, it's her boyfriend. There's no chance in hell we'll ever get close. I also realize how absurd my desire is, calm myself down and disturb my girlfriend from her book with a kiss on her cheek. Across, that girl throws me a dirty little smile. She has "Game on" written all over her pretty face. I'm utterly astonished.

Some moments later, I notice the two leaving. The girl wears her blouse loose around her shoulders, her cleavage on display in all its greatness when she bends for her bag, and naturally, my gaze follows on below as she turns around, noticing a pair of light blue jean shorts, hugging her tightly, and ending up just a bit above her buns, on that thin line where reality starts to blend with imagination. I remember my girlfriend wanted to look for something in the stores, so I ask her if she wants to go wandering around again, thinking that maybe, just maybe, we'll run into that girl again.

We go around the stores for a bit, none of us finding what we looked for, and eventually decide to go wait for our plane at an empty gate, avoiding the maddening noise of the crowds. My girlfriend resumes her book, while I wander the empty hallway looking at the planes outside, with occasional glances at the large information panel board that shows flights and their respective arrival and departure times. The gate for our flight is still not shown, so I keep wandering for a while. At some point I notice a girl, sitting alone, at another gate further down the long wide hallway. I think that maybe, just maybe, it's her, but decide it would be way too big of a coincidence, and go back to where my girl is seated. Several minutes later, I start walking around again and notice that the gate for our flight has been shown, and guess what, we're right where we need to be. Sheer luck. I turn back towards my girlfriend to see a huge crowd of people rushing madly towards the gate. I'm always surprised to notice how crazy people get in situations like these. It's not like the plane leaves without them. We wait until most of these people have boarded and go through the gate ourselves, and descend the stairs. We exit on the tarmac and head for the airplane. We board through the back door where my girlfriend has her seat, and I go on towards the front of the airplane to look for mine.

After people have finished tucking their luggage in the overhead compartments, I move up the aisle looking for row 21. I see it, but have to wait a bit for some other people to clear the way. I hoped that maybe not all seats were booked so I could look out the window and catch a beautiful sunset up above the clouds, but the airplane is jam-packed, so I'll probably have to stay put in the middle seat I got. So stupid for not paying for choosing my seat. With that in mind I near my row, and when I get there I can't believe my eyes. It's her. On the seat by the window. I look some more, as shy as ever, to make sure it's the exact same girl I noticed earlier at Burger King. Indeed, it's her. My heart explodes with rhythm, blood rushes like crazy through my body, an energy surge takes me by surprise, and then I get those butterflies, not only in my stomach, but everywhere, from my head, down my back, and right there, in my pants.

A lady from the seat next to the aisle moves out to let me in to mine and I slowly sit next to the girl. She recognizes me and smiles. "Where did you lose your girlfriend?" she asks with an interested gaze. "She's got a seat somewhere behind. You?" "Mine is up front." I can't believe my eyes. This is one of those moments when you're sure there's something more up there in the universe that plays with your life and sometimes gives you moments like these for you to wonder. "I am A, by the way", holding out her hand. I shake her hand and tell her my name. Damn, how lovely she is, with her cute round face and sensual lips. And her eyes. Oh, those eyes, green and mesmerizing and inviting. Did I mention I've got a weakness for green eyes? I realize I just stare into her eyes so I look away through the window for a few seconds, only to come back looking for her cleavage, which is more than generous, showing just enough of her breasts to make your mind go wild. They seem soft, savory, and large enough to fill one's palm. Size C, maybe D, I guess in my mind, though I know too little about bra sizes. Two erect little points are sticking out, easily seen through her blouse's thin material. She wears no bra. My gaze slips further below, to that nice and warm place in between her thighs. She notices I'm staring and smiles softly.

She comes closer and whispers into my ear: "I wear no panties either."

I can't believe what I just heard. Not knowing what to do, I touch her left leg softly with mine, as if by mistake, and she responds by pushing back at me. She wants it too. Only that the airplane is full, and there's someone next to us. She's on the seat by the window, on 21E, to my right. To my left is an older lady, in her 50s. The girl looks about 25. Not that I care much. She's just gorgeous and this is going to be an interesting flight, a very, very interesting one, and not in the typical way. Every time I fly I'm absorbed by the clouds and the features of the land below, with its mountain ranges, undulating rivers and terrain curves. I always imagine how it would be like to be inside that pilot cabin, having the best view in the world. This time though, all the curves and the mountains and the features I'm interested in, are hers. And I can't help but imagine how it would be like to be inside her now.

My thoughts get interrupted by the usual announcement of the flight crew, who started their pre-flight duties. I notice that most people don't even pay attention and continue chatting. Me, I always like to listen and look around the plane for emergency exits and all. It's probably my years in the military and the flight school that have made me like checklists and procedures. And especially before flying, they never seem boring to me. But this time I get interrupted by A's hand touching my leg with a playful softness. She caresses my thigh and slowly moves on towards the inside, towards my groin. I can't pay attention to anything else but her hand now. She knows how to play this game. Slowly, smiling, giving me goosebumps. I turn my head left to see the lady already dozing. On the opposite row, people chat incessantly about how working in England is like. After I assure that nobody notices me and A, I make myself comfortable and invite her to touch me even more. Flight attendants are done explaining safety instructions and now go down the aisle checking we've all fastened our seatbelts. A retracts her hand from the inside of my thigh, but keeps it resting on my leg, like we're two lovers.

Everything is ready for take off, and the plane starts taxiing towards the runway. My cock is ready for take off too. A notices the swell in my pants and gives me a naughty smile. I can't resist the temptation and put my hand on her left thigh, driving my little finger up towards that fold in her skin between her lower abdomen and the inner part of the thigh. The plane now makes its final turn and lines up on the runway. Lights inside the cabin are dimmed for take off and I imagine how the pilots communicate with the tower, giving the "Ready for departure" signal and being approved to enter the runway, line up, and then receiving the wind direction and speed and the "Cleared for take off" instruction. We get pushed back into our seats, but we both keep our hands on each other's leg. The plane starts its ascent through the clouds and I hear that indistinguishable sound of the landing gear retracting inside the belly of the aircraft. The plane keeps climbing and I don't know if to watch out the window, or watch in the girl's cleavage, following that alluring line to that sweet, sweet spot in between her breasts. During this time, when most people are scared and secretly hope it ends soon and well, she grabs my cock through the pants. The lady next to me has her eyes closed and mummers something for herself. I assume it's a prayer. People across look anxious too, minus one girl who's mesmerized by what unfolds beyond her window, so I turn back to A and kiss her without thinking, not caring anymore about that lovely landscape that rushes farther and farther away below us.

Our tongues meet in a warm and wet embrace. It all feels like a dream. I've never been more aroused in my life. As the plane comes back to a horizontal flight path and the people around are waking up to life from their anxiety, our lips part ways and we behave again. As lights come back to full intensity, we both pull our hands away from each other, she from my manhood and me from her inner thigh. The seat belt sign comes off, and flight attendants resume their in flight duties. People get off their seats and continue their uproar from before take off. Things are bought, meals are eaten and drinks are drank. Me and A, we wait like horny teenagers for our next moment of intimacy. Lustful glances are all we can exchange for some time. And words. But since we can't say naughty things to each other, we find out that we live in the same city, and decide to exchange phone numbers and meet again, under more intimate circumstances. I find out that she's engaged with the guy, and that they're planning to move to another country as soon as possible. That means our time is limited. Suddenly, I don't want to waste any more of it. Her look tells me that she wishes the same.

At some point she nudges me to look out the opposite window, where the sun makes a superb show of warmth and orange light above the clouds. The sun is about to set and people are about to get sleepy. Or that's my hope, at least. A touches my hand, and I take it and hold it into mine. The lady next to us falls asleep as we watch the sunset, and we become a little bit more daring. We get back to more intimate touches. I feel A's hand slide across my leg again, from the knee upwards, but she stops in the middle of my thigh when flight attendants cross our row gathering the plastic packaging and bottles that hungry and thirsty people emptied earlier. Afterwards, the people on the opposite side of the aisle seem to go to sleep, except for that teenager girl by the window. From how mesmerized she is by what happens outside the airplane, I guess it's her first flight. And I don't even care if she sees us, she'll probably be inspired in her future cravings. I put my hand on A's thigh once again, feeling my cock growing, and my heart pumping blood faster towards it. A's hand continues its journey upwards, but strays towards the opening of my pocket. Her hand then slips inside and starts looking for it. As her fingers trace the outline of my cock, a thrill starts to go through me, filling every bit of my body. She touches me gently on my head with one finger, then grabs a little more of it, making it grow even bigger into her hand. She feels it and moans silently into my ear. Somebody stirs on a seat nearby and she quickly gets her hand out of my pocket.

I take advantage of the situation and move my hand closer in between her legs. She's so aroused that I can feel her warmth through the textile. I rub my fingers against her pussy through the hard fabric of her jean shorts but she takes my hand and gets it under, while looking around to see if anyone notices. She then slides her hand inside the pocket of my pants again, looking for the only thing she wants right now. She finds it and manages to take it out from my underwear and feels it pulsating. I push my hand down under her pants slowly, with my heart racing faster, until I feel a warm and moist welcome. She's got a pleasantly fat pussy, and it's all juicy right now. My dick throbs at the realization. She feels it and smiles to me. She leans towards my ear and whispers "I want you inside me". My cock throbs again and A starts stroking it slowly, while trying to get more of it into her hand. I continue to feel her nether lips for a little bit and then I slide my middle finger into that sweet crack between her legs and she moans a "Fuck me" into my ear. Oh, how I'd love to do that right now. But the impossibility of it all makes me want her even more. I push my finger as much as I can past her lips, towards that warmth inside her, realizing all of a sudden that her breasts are there, waiting. Those two hardened points demand some attention as well. I pull my finger out and rub her sweet pussy gently before taking my hand out of her pants. The coincidence made it for a man to pass up the aisle right after, making A stop playing in my pocket and slowly sliding her hand out as well.

I look around. Some people are still chatting, but most are sleeping. It's way passed midnight and there's nothing left to see outside the window. Flight attendants do whatever it is they do somewhere near the pilots' cabin, so we still have time to enjoy each other. That's all we care about. I don't know how much time we have left, and I couldn't care less. I put my right hand around A's waist and move closer to her. She pushes herself into me as well and kisses me like there's no tomorrow. I move my hand slowly upwards, feeling her naked skin and looking for the bottom edge of her top. I find it and sneak my hand underneath with a huge desire. Her skin is soft and so very pleasurable to touch and I enjoy going over every inch of it. I reach the bottom of her right boob and can't help myself but squeeze it into my palm. My heart goes wild again and A bites my upper lip in pleasure. I start playing with her nipple and she bites my ear. We're both heated and the small world around us fades away. A is the first one to notice a flight attendant coming down the aisle, but I'm slow to realize that and keep touching her breast under the blouse. When I notice the stewardess, it's already too late. She notices the closeness between us and then my hand coming out from under A's blouse. She throws us a naughty smile and continues her journey to the back of the airplane. Me and A look back at each other and we amuse ourselves in complete silence.

I look around for a few moments and then turn around and tell her "I want you so bad, A", without making any sound. She reads it on my lips, grabs my cock and whispers into my ear "I want you too".

A few moments later comes the announcement of the captain that we're close to destination, and that landing procedures will start in a few minutes, another part of every flight that I'm usually very excited about. Only this time, my excitement lies in between A's thighs and under her blouse, in her eyes and on her lips, and... What have you done to me, A?

I feel the airplane starting its descent, and start hearing the sounds of people waking up all over the plane. I realize that my time with A has almost ended, and a feeling of sadness takes over my heart. It's almost like when you wake up from something beautiful to realize you were dreaming. Only that this time I know I'm not dreaming. Or at least that I'm not the only one dreaming it. People fret and start tucking away in their bags books and tablets and headphones. Me and A, we're holding hands. Lights in the cabin get dimmed again for the final approach and the captain announces that they're starting landing procedures. Flight attendants check that everybody has fastened their seatbelts and then go back to their own seats. As during take off, most people stop chatting. The captain's announcement wakes them up again to the reality that they're in an airplane about to land and the fear of something happening during this final stage of the flight takes over their minds again. I don't care about this part anymore, as it wakes me up from my own dream with A. As silence and soft light take over the airplane, A's hand goes back inside my pocket and takes over my cock for one last time. I go around her waist again and plant my hand into her pants too, realizing I already missed her sweet, sweet opening. We rub each other's sexes with a slowness that shouldn't give us away, kissing and chasing our tongues for a few moments again, only stopping when we hear the wheels touching the tarmac. Some people start clapping their hands and cheer, and general chatting and good mood resumes. Soon, everybody will stand up and take their luggage out, rushing to disembark.

We'd stay behind a little longer, but we both have somebody else waiting for us, so it wouldn't be wise. We continue to hold our hands for a while more.

After the plane stops and people start going out, A stands up and tries to exit while I'm still seated. At first, I don't understand her logic, but when she falls on my lap, I get her "mistake". She's teasing me one last time, sitting on my lap to feel the mound in my pants for a few seconds. Me, I'm enjoying the way the mushiness of her buttocks feels on my cock. Moments later, she stands up and goes back to her seat, pardoning herself with a sly smile on her face. When the time comes, I go out the aisle, and back up a little bit to allow A to exit in front of me. As we wait on the aisle, I push my cock in between her buttocks, and looking carefully around to see if anyone can notice, I put my hand around her waist and look for her breasts again. She likes that and pushes herself back into me for a moment. We start moving towards the front exit, and her fiance is there, waiting for her. As they meet, everything goes back to normal, like we don't even know each other. I disembark and look for my girlfriend. She's way more enthusiastic than I expect, and starts telling me how it was the first time she looked out the window during a flight and how stunned she was by the beauty of that sunset above the clouds. She notices a little trace of sadness on my face and asks me if it's because I wasn't by the window to watch all that beauty. I nod. She awws and grabs my arm. We continue through the gates towards the exit, find our car and get on the road. We still have two hours and a half to drive before we get home.

On our way home, my girl falls asleep next to me on the passenger seat and my attention shifts to the little I see of the road ahead, while the back of my head remains full of the auburn of A's hair, the green of her eyes, the fullness of her breasts, and those sweet, sweet lips of hers, both the upper and those in between her thighs. I miss her already.



Submitted: January 17, 2023

© Copyright 2023 vladccn. All rights reserved.


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Aurora M. Soleado

Wed, January 18th, 2023 12:42am

Aurora M. Soleado

I know I miss her already!

Wed, January 18th, 2023 12:43am


Haha... :)
Btw, Aurora, she wanted me to let you know she'd hug you tight! :)

Wed, January 18th, 2023 2:39am

harriet-jacqui x

Delicious writing, I love it!

Wed, January 18th, 2023 2:02am


Thank you, harriet-jacqui x. I'm blushing... inside... :) I'm glad you like it. I appreciate your feedback.

Wed, January 18th, 2023 2:37am


That's beautifully done and hugely romantic. For an interesting twist, wouldn't it be fun to find your girlfriend intimately close to a stranger by the gate as you exit the plane? Now, what would you immediately think?

I like how you develop this piece, and I'm particularly impressed with the detail of observations in the airport. It's clear you're a seasoned traveler and people watcher.

I was confident you and A would end up together in one of the plane's cramped lavatories doing the nasty. All the same, it was a very sexy account. Odd, though, how two couples should both travel apart on the plane like that without organizing their seats together. Serendipitous, perhaps.

Of course, this is a book with chapters to come..
and you've got her number.

Wed, January 18th, 2023 4:17am


Thank you so much for your feedback, DampKitten. I'm glad you like it.

That would be an interesting twist, indeed. Never thought of it.

I was thinking about the lavatory as well, but I wanted to prolong that "agony". Having to wait for that intimate moment we all cherish makes everything that much more interesting, and I wanted to play with those feelings a little bit more before "making it happen".

The thing with choosing your seats is maybe a bit too much, but it can happen. What were the chances that both couples did the same mistake of not booking their seats together? Slim, I know, but... I'll try to be more realistic about these kinds of details from now on.

It's my first try at a "book", and believe it or not, I didn't even think it would be an erotic romance. I'm more of a sci-fi / horror / pshychological type of reader. :) But I had these fantasies in my head and I was thinking... what if?

This is what came out from asking myself that question. :)

And now I've got plenty of ideas in my head, and several other chapters to come for sure. And yeah, I've got her number... what a lucky man. :)))

Wed, January 18th, 2023 2:35am


I don't think it's that unrealistic that the seats are apart if you happen to travel Southwest Airlines. You know, that's a cattle call over there... at least last time I flew them. You don't book seats. You grab them.

I fully understand the 'literary foreplay' here. Very nice technique, though neither person is particularly shy about physical contact. I also find it interesting that neither character seems to experience any guilt, remorse, or hesitation based on being involved with another - particularly curious since 'A' is actually engaged. In real life, usually you have one who is the seducer and the other as being seduced. I'd say that 'A' is a bit more assertive.

Really good start for your first book. The thing about writing is going back later and making alterations. It's like creating a dress in that regard. Every writer does it - every good writer. You go back and add the frills, tighten the fitting.
This is a long flight, btw - your speaker should buy his lady a drink to loosen her up.

There are the ever present snack interruptions and bathroom breaks where both parties might catch a glimpse of their formal companions elsewhere seated. It's the opportunity for a guilty pang or sudden realization that their mate might potentially get up and walk by their own seat where these two lovebirds are sitting.

I mention specific events with which you might embellish your piece so that you can draw your reader closer. Create tension and suspense in your chapter. Add a little more dialogue. It helps with character development.

You have an eye for detail which is well demonstrated in the first several paragraphs but as the piece progresses, it dissipates slightly. The sexual contact is actually superficial relative to your established ability. We are repeatedly doing the same things, occasionally dodging the stewardess not to get caught. This could be much more intense and imaginative. Foreplay doesn't have to boring. It can be electrifying. (Not that this is boring) - but you're trying to hold back when don't actually need to do that.

Thu, January 19th, 2023 1:47am


Wow, thank you. That's a lot of food for thought. I'm taking notes already. :)

Tue, January 24th, 2023 10:58am

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