Everyone wants the Head Cheerleader.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Featured Review on this writing by Dick Wood

Everyone wants Selina, her step-brother, stepdaddy, best friend and bestie’s stepsister.

Selina Dawes had one of those bodies that look good from any angle and in any situation. So, you will have to imagine for the moment just how superb the salacious bitch is going to look naked. Selina caused more accidents for randy males either focussed on her bodacious hooters, her peachy arse or her divine camel toe than skateboards, go-karts or dirt bikes combined. Most guys couldn't care what damage they did to expensive toys when they were within eye candy appreciative distance of Ms Dawes and thinking of poking their cock into one of her orifices. Well, probably all three. 

This cheer captain was so hot that she even made girls who had never had a bi thought have quite a few. Whether it was her high natural flouncy strawberry blonde ponytail. Her liquid-melting Mediterranean blue eyes. Her soft sensual lips with the cutest cupids bow or her silky thighs, well, each girl who luckily got to see more of her body than boys or older guys ever could in the gym change rooms. Well, all these girls had their personal body piece preferences, and some lusty sluts wanted the whole package. Especially after seeing her nearly shaved camel toe puffy perfection and her generous slit emerging from the female shower bay. 

Yes, Selina was a bitch. She had it all. She flaunted it all. But equally, halleluiah, praise cock in pants, she needed it all. Cock was a staple of her life, currently in the very decently sized college quarter-back, Brad. But she was considering her first lesbian dalliance. She hadn't decided who the lucky tart was yet, but Quinn Turner was innocent. The prospect of making her a slut was undoubtedly very appealing.

Her stepbrother, Jacob McMahon, watching the half-time cheer squad do their routine, was fixated on Selina. Well, he had been perving on her since his dad had remarried last year, and the head cheerleader was now insanely close to him every night, on the same upstairs landing, one room along from his. But, oh, the skimpy tight-fitting Cheetah's uniform was a male sex dream overdose. Her top was barely able to contain her copious chest jiggle. Her thighs stretched out, and her camel toe was there if you were quick enough to catch it, as her short, short cheer skirt flounced around with her stunning routine. And when the lucky bastard Joel got to do the final lift, Jacob imagined he was doing it himself and sniffing his stepsisters so close crotch. An eighteen-year boy can and will fantasise about a stepsister who fits all the criteria in the outrageously beautiful nubile category. Likewise, a boy can dream of sniffing pussy.

Jacob's dad Larry didn't have to imagine the musky, deep-layered scent contained in Selina's panties as he watched the cheer routine from the volunteer timekeeper's box. He had rifled through the laundry basket for his stepdaughter's knickers and enjoyed a sweet wank over them and sometimes lost control on them when Shelley, his new Missus, was away on company business, like this weekend. Yes, Shelley was hot and kept Larry happy, but a man goes a day or two without sex, and he was watching Selina's arse too much going up the stairs or leaning over the kitchen bench. And that cheer uniform, it was cock temptation.

Lauren Turner struggled with lesbian thoughts for the first time in her life. She had been fine at eighteen with boys. But here, just turned nineteen, and Selina was producing the weirdest of feelings in her tummy and chest and making her heart race and, yes, really making her fingers trace over her excited clitty and into her wet trimmed slit under the doona. She was way beyond dry humping her pillow or letting her teddy rub over her nipples. Lauren was frigging herself, too often of late; with speed; thinking of Selina's tits and her trimmed natural blonde fuzz, and Lauren was quickly in regular strong climax territory.

Unlike the guys trying to imagine how genuinely eye-popping Selina was in her birthday suit, Lauren had caught glimpses of her bestie a couple of times in the girl's locker room after Physical Education or cheer practice as Selina was about to take a shower. Poor Lauren, she got to see fem-perfection in the tits department but not touch it. And even more erotically charged and driving her to near wanting to feel her best friend in front of other girls, a glimpse of the sweet trimmed natural blonde fuzz with just a hint of crinkly puffy labia begging to be played with. All nicely centred in a stunning camel toe between perfectly proportioned thighs. Lauren was currently watching Selina from behind as part of the cheer squad. She would have touched her bestie's arse in public if she had been Joel. 

Quinn Turner, Lauren's adopted younger sister, watched the cheer squad from the stands with her friends. She had just turned eighteen and had gotten a surprise French kiss from Selina and a crotch feel-up at her birthday party when no one was looking. So she had the biggest crush of her young life on another human combined with a wholly debased sexual lust to get down and dirty with her elder sister's bestie. The kiss had been incredible, mind-searing, a wet, warm tongue invasion. It brought complete girl-for-girl capitulation.

But it was Selina's hand under her dress that made Quinn's body explode with desire, a desire that wasn't explored because other partygoers were noisily coming out onto the patio. But Quinn could remember every detail of Selina's questing, pushing and pressing hand. Even through her thin panties, the pressure and touch were divine. It made her pussy lips tingle. It made her girly canal moist. It made her whole-body shudder and quiver. Quinn wanted Selina's tongue on her pussy, which surprised her as she had only ever made out with a few guys and had not gotten beyond a couple of hopeless drunken head jobs at parties. She was a virgin waiting to be devoured. 

Ms Selina Dawes knew she was God's gift to herself. But God could have provided her with a boyfriend who didn't cheat, not before she cheated first. And what a time to find out, right on half time, just before setting out to complete another outstanding performance by the Cheetahs. Well, if Brad was a bastard, she was sure payback could be instant. So she was thinking: This very evening.

When our story began, Selina was perched high above Joel, a reasonable guy in her estimations. Still, he lacked something in his character to ever get closer to her pussy, than having his head nearly pushed into it as he held her steady in a cheer hold. She couldn't picture him jacking his cock in her fetching starfish.

The truth was Selina was pretty, angel pretty but her tastes in sex were hellishly filthy. Though she had no idea, the stadium was full of lewd thoughts. Jacob was trying to perv on camel toe. Larry was enjoying his stepdaughter's tit jiggle in her cheer routine, Lauren wanted her finger in her bestie's butthole, and Quinn was confusing love with lust.

Winners are grinners, and The Cheetahs got over the line with the game's last play. Talk about a tight finish, but not in the league of tightness compared to Selina's twin hidden orifices. 

Brad, the cheating prick who had initiated the winning play, was anticipating Ms Dawe's arse for his post-match enjoyment. Yeah, Beth, he would fuck tomorrow afternoon. Life was good, he thought. Cheaters didn't always get caught, he assumed.

A stinging Selina slap was his reality check. She was actually thinking of kneeing him in the groin, but he still had his protector on, a lucky boy in that regard. 

As Ms Dawes huffed off, pissed off but satisfied with the quality of her slap and Brad's public humiliation, Brad looked at the world like a calf approaching the abattoirs until Beth turned up unexpectedly. Then, Brad just did the male thing and humped her pussy and arse at the lookout reasonably soon after the slap. His ego recovered courtesy of his cock, even if his face was still slightly red.

As the game finished: suddenly, Ms Quinn Turner found herself asked if she wouldn't mind driving Selina Dawes home. Of course, Quinn was happy to do so. She used the excuse of a manual gear change to brush Ms Dawes close bare thigh. Selina liked the surreptitious attention. But the sneaky sleight of hand was noticed by Lauren, who was stuck in the backseat of the VW. She realised her younger adopted sister had the hots for Selina, as bad, probably even worse than herself. 

Our cheer captain catching a backward glance in the rear vision mirror, saw simmering sexual jealousy in Lauren's eyes. It was caused by Quinn's thighs getting a regular brushing over, and she suddenly had the filthiest of new thoughts; if she was going bi, she might as well have two girls at the same time and sort of sisters to boot.

Ms Selina Dawes invited the pair into her place. She realised already she was going to have it off with the couple in her house. She just needed to figure out where. 

Larry collected Jacob after the game because he was going to a party but then changed his mind on the way there. So, they both headed back across town to home.

Selina loved having the house to herself. She usually cavorted around it naked just for the fun of it. Mmm, maybe she could get these two naked as well. Mmm, nuddy, birthday suit, hide and seek. 

The sisters were on the lounge, waiting while Selina got them all a drink. They were peeved with each other; they wanted to monopolise the cheer captain. They weren't the sharing type. And there they were at opposite ends of the plush red leather lounge giving each other dagger eyes; while at the same time scheming to get Selina alone.

Ms Dawes returned with the drinks and hoped for an opportunity to set the pair up. However, it was all too easy at the end when Lauren asked for directions to the bathroom.

As soon as Lauren headed up the stairs, Selina wasn't giving her directions to the closer one downstairs. 

Instead, she whispered in Quinn's ear, "Move your car around the back, then go up the outdoor landing steps to my room and get naked; I'll send your stepsister home by taxi, go, go, now."

Quinn Turner didn't need urging; her life was lust centred from the word naked. She completed all of her instructions in a blur of mounting desire till she stood naked, looking at herself in Selina's bedroom mirror. She tweaked her nipples, which were very prominent anyway and easily pointed firm when played with, now even more so, by spreading copious salvia over them. They shone, they had sex lustre, and they were deliberately inviting for a nibble and a suck. 

Quinn knew Selina would love them as much as she loved her titties and nipples herself. Her brunette muff was also nicely trimmed too; just yesterday. Life was good and going to get better as soon as her sister was sent packing. Quinn couldn't help herself and rubbed her pubic fuzz patch.

Lauren returned from the loo to find Quinn wasn't there but accepted gullibly that her adopted sister had been sent home. The senior Ms Turner only heard what she wanted to hear; Selina preferred her. And it got better as her bestie told her to go to the guest room along the hallway, strip off completely, and wait for Selina to organise a naughty surprise. So, of course, Lauren scooted off and divested herself of her clothes super promptly. The slut spitting on her fingers to lube her pussy and arse crack open. Oh, she wanted to invite Ms Dawes to taste and explore every part of her. It never hurts for a girl to make herself ready in every hole.

Selina leisurely got entirely out of her cheer uniform. Her big boobs were so happy to be sports bra-free. And as her skimpy knickers hit the carpet, she ran around completely naked, just enjoying her body in its natural state. Her body deserved freedom like this. She was, it appeared, a naturist in the making.

Ms Dawes used the house intercom to ring her room, inviting Quinn to search for her in a game of naked hide and seek. The reward for her capture would be a mutual sixty-nine pussy lick out. She heard Quinn Turner swoon as she put down the receiver. She quickly rang Lauren Turner, telling her there was mutual arse play in their game of hide and seek. She heard the older stepsister give a delicious groan, and then she switched off all the lights at the power board and plunged the house into darkness and then went nuddy pussy hunting herself. Hoping the three of them would embrace somewhere in the dark.

Well, Ms Selina Dawes wasn't leaving a birthday suit girly threesome to chance and was strategically positioned in the dark on the main staircase with a large torch. Quinn was edging carefully down the stairs naked, holding the banister rail. She was enjoying being naked, looking for a pretty naked girl like herself. Lauren found the staircase from the bottom in the shadows and was intent on getting to Selina's room; her body enjoyed the thrill of this game of dark, nuddy hide and seek. Grabbing the banister as a guide, up she went.

The tit she grabbed was divine, thought Quinn, as she tangled with a body on the stairs.

Lauren was excited as she shaped a cute handful of arse and her mouth found lips. She pashed French and dirty.

Quinn's fingers went straight into a wet slit. Lauren's finger sought and found a puckered, indented, tight sensitive arse crack.

Selina's arms wrapped the pair, and her mouth joined a triple frenzy of tongues. Oh, the stepsisters knew where their tongues and fingers were now; before Selina turned the beam of the big flashlight on with her foot, revealing the slutty sleek flesh fruits of nuddy hide and seek. Three bodies had a naughty glow; hands were ferreting into orifices everywhere. Moist slits were invaded by plying fingers. Cute arseholes were fingered basely. Fingers dispensed the pleasure. Gratuitous need revealed and fed upon openly. The step sisters enjoyed each other as much as Selina.

It was like; if this was the price for Selina, no price was too high. Lauren had a finger up Selina's arse. Selina had a finger in Lauren's arse too. Quinn was pussy captivated by Ms Dawes, and the younger adopted sister was in pussy induced bliss as the cheer captain rammed a second and then a third finger in her pliable sopping cunt. And the sisters, well, Quinn found her sister's silky wet slit hole, and her big sister was close to getting a second finger in her little sister's virginal arsehole.

Oh, the torchlight was good. Better than good. It brought girly bits into the glare of light and teased body parts sought into the shadows until they were selfishly exposed to illumination. Stairs are excellent for massed naked bodies; they allow a tiering effect, a piling of flesh shapes in super slutty accessible readiness for the devil's playground of smutty enjoyment. 

Selina was bent forward, slurping into Quinn's trimmed fur patch. She enjoyed her girly moans and her leaking wetness combined with her searching tongue as she swathed and swished her tongue across the youngest sister's clitty and into her pink open pussy hole. While that dirty, dirty big sister was licking and delving into her arsehole a step or two down. Who cared? Well, they did; they were nicely positioned for mutual defilement. 

Arousal took the lust-filled encounter beyond where stepsisters and bestie's usually go. Selina had no problem stacking the sisters. Quinn was resting over Lauren's thighs, two pussies, and two crinkled balloon knots awaiting attention from their shared lover, Selina. Of course, Ms Dawes, the head cheer, indulged herself. Who wouldn't? Two stunning part-sisterly sluts, vulnerably exposed just for you. Her tongue and fingers knew no limits or barriers. One sister, then the others sister's arse, was poked and inflamed with searing needy passion. Quinn's cute pussy was licked, and then her big sister's clit, spread just above it. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. Only someone who hasn't had the pleasure of licking out two sweet girly pussies together and two stunning dimpled pink puckered balloon knots would say otherwise.

"Fuck Selina," said Larry, stuck outside the main double garage adjoining the house, the power tripped off by some girly overload. 

Initially, he thought her hairdryer, her heater but then imagined a powerful Hitachi Magic Wand, her clitty sucking the power from the mains. Her nub, he dreamed of as an electric pulsing button of need.

Jacob liked the phrase, "Fuck Selina", but realised his sister was probably getting it from Brad at the lookout, probably; right now.

He knew the French doors off the lounge were most likely unlocked. Selina was a careless bitch. Careless, but not careless enough, thought Jacob. Her bloody towel never came off her body when she strolled around upstairs going to and from the shower. Jacob just sighed, realising he would never see his eye-drooling stepsister naked.

Never is a long time and sometimes random fortune delivers a better win than taking home the national lottery. All a step-father and his son saw coming through the French doors was stacked naked slutty, moaning girly flesh illuminated by torchlight on their main staircase.

There was Selina's arse gorgeously spread, wriggling divinely, and her fem-slit just visible between her legs. Larry saw his stepdaughter's head bobbing between two sets of girls' open legs. The slut was slurping pussy lips. And Jacob saw it too; then he was gobsmacked as his stepsister's tongue tip nuzzled into a pair of girly arseholes in turn.

"Orrgh Fuck," groaned Jacob mesmerised.

Larry had a momentary fixation on the scene, but he knew; it was in; where the action was. 

He told Jacob to strip and said, "Fuck anything on the stairs."

The girls were in the swoon climax zone when their triple threat was invaded by cock. But hey, they were all greedy, greedy, and extra needy now. 

Quinn Turner didn't care for Jacob, but she was so randy his cock just slotted into her wetness in pussy acceptance. She craved the burgeoning stiffness in her inner girly self. Her virginal status was genuinely unworthy of her heightened slutty state. She found herself grinding into cock with force. Probably made all the more enjoyable by her sister pushing her arse cheeks forward with her body while her sister's hands were driving Jacob's arse cheeks to shove his pecker more profoundly into her. All three bodies were pushed against the side wall for traction.

Oh, Larry knew he was going to enjoy Selina, and the bitches’ best assets were not disappointing to his eye or cock. She had the cutest petite girly service holes he had ever seen. Her slit beckoning. Her arse summoning cock, demanding it. And he would have decided to sodomise his steppie first, but she was on her knees, a couple of steps up from him, sucking his cock like it was a sweet lollypop. 

Larry reached in and fondled his stepdaughter's soft boobs. He was smart enough to realise this might never happen again. His hands were busy in mountainous piles of breast, but his eyes were fixated on his quality head job. His shiny knob was getting a pleasure workout under the torchlight.

The minx knew when to stop too. 

She was splayed on the stairs stating to her step-father: "I know you want to look inside me,"

And she opened herself up, her fingers peeling her pussy lips delicately open.

Larry's eyes, fingers and tongue examined every flesh fold and pleasure secret of his stepdaughter.

Jacob found himself manipulated by Lauren and prone on the stairs. Suddenly two young women were sucking his cock in turn. Then Quinn was gobbling his knob while Lauren sucked his balls. Then in a delirium of male joy, Lauren faced away from him but speared his cock, straight into her tight, tight arse. Then she worked her arse up and down off his cock. Finally, as if that wasn't mind-blowing enough, Quinn straddled over him and forced her still-second orgasm-seeking pussy, right into his face. Jacob was happy because pussy smelled fantastic and tasted even better.

Larry urged Selina up and around into a nice doggy position up several stairs and started rimming her delicate inviting arsehole. Then he jammed the bitch well. He packed her quickly with his raging cock. He besieged her arse hard. Of course, she yelped, but it was a series of delightful squeals—an immediately satisfied arsehole. Larry couldn't believe how perfectly accommodating her back crack was and how stunningly addictively constricting. 

Tightness itself ensures excellent sex, but it was her attitude that swelled the encounter to the ceiling. His stepdaughter demanded of sex and got it. Her arse was magnificent. Here was a stepdaddy enjoying wickedly good arse humping.

Quinn Turner realised two girls' arseholes were being pleasured but not hers. But, hell, she fixed that quickly. It only took stating the unknown to Selina's arse-pummelling stepdad.

"Mr McMahon, please take my arse; I'm a butthole virgin."

Well, as good as Selina was, well, Larry knew how good he was in her, but the prospect of deflowering an arse was too much temptation, even with his cock in his stepdaughter's butthole. 

No worries, Selina was a pure slut; she could handle this and released her stepdaddy to his new mission.

Larry sat on the stairs, and Quinn was above him. He rimmed her puckered slot while his own stepdaughter spat in and around the young girl's vulnerable gaped arsehole. Then the old bastard was in her back passage, easing in, enjoying her muffled cries at a new experience.

Then youth and sex were going for it; over-ripe and too ready for the new, raunchy and intense. A certainty of carnality was lushly spreading as Selina licked out Quinn's pussy while her first buggering beautifully battered her arse.

Quinn's skin, her skin, everywhere under the light was her skin. Her sleek, soft desirable skin suit, her stunning girly nakedness. Skin pressed into by cock. Pussy flesh pushed to its pleasure limits. 

Selina then yelped as her flesh delight, her skin lust, was ignited under stiff maleness probing and penetrating her pussy from behind as she found Quinn's hard clitty. Her stepbrother was dogging her, and her bestie Lauren pushed her nipple into her arsehole. Now that wasn't polite! Instead, it was rude and divine. Where had the dirty tart learnt that trick?

Selina's arse and pussy hit the heights. Her inbuilt reward system fired up to its optimal operating level. She screamed in a satisfying orgasm as a nipple played around her arse crack and her stepbrother creamed her pussy. Quinn's cute pussy was forgotten in her shrieks of self-satisfaction.

It was okay; Quinn's arse was very happy with itself as Larry jagged and gouged in her youthful play hole. His cock fully succoured in her cavity of depravity. The young tramp luxuriated in herself, too, as she felt the old dude's cock tighten in her arse and jerk inside her. The warm oozing spunk appealed to her as it seeped out of her body after his cock withdrew.

Two sated peckers rested on the stairs. But three wild flesh-craving insatiable whorettes were still apparently undiminished in their naked need. So somebody needed to put clothes on these three to contain them. 

The two guys, one older, one younger, one a dad, one a son, watched in awe as the unleashed sexual womanhood of three naked nubiles continued in the pursuit of seemingly endless multiple orgasms on the staircase. Under the torchlight, there was; skin meshing to skin, flesh encapsulating flesh and lust carnivorous as it disgorged itself in an orgy for three. 

Still, everyone wanted Selina, and the guys re-joined the two part-sisters and four lewd souls set about sexually dismantling and orgasm, reassembling the cheer captain's body. Yes, in every improper way you can imagine and then over-the-top more because everyone wanted the head cheerleader's mouth, pussy and arse!

Submitted: January 15, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Dick Wood

This was a hot hot story.

Sun, January 15th, 2023 2:08pm

Aurora M. Soleado

OoooOOO...First time I've heard the phrase "pliable, sopping cunt..." and I kinda like it.

Mon, January 16th, 2023 4:18am

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