Chapter Prologue : Noelle & Waide

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, motorcycle clubs, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, motorcycle clubs, or actual events is purely coincidental.

TRIGGER WARNING: Drug Use, Violence, Mental Health, Consensual Non-Consensual Sex Scenes
Copyright © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2023, xbrontide.


1. Cross Me - Ed Sheeran

2. Bad Together - Dua Lipa

3. Under the Influence - Chris Brown

4. No Matter What - Papa Roach


It’s my toes that start to curl first before my hands start to make fists within the crisp black sheets that lie underneath my knees and chest. The left side of my face is pressed into my soft but firm pillow that has somehow ended up diagonally on the king size bed. My eyes have rolled closed as I take every pounding thrust that the man behind me is giving me. My moans have grown louder as he moves, making my head swirl into the clouds. It’s moments like this, where I am being loud, that I am grateful that my brother has gone on a two-day run with the club.

I’m sure that if my older brother heard his little sister, his only sister moaning his very best friend’s name so loudly the neighbours probably hear, it won’t end well for anyone.

If Thomas is to ever find out what me and his best friend have been doing for the last year and a bit, I’m sure my coffin will be a very nice cardboard box big enough for me and dumped into the deepest of ocean that my brother can find. I can only imagine what he would do to his best friend. I know better than anyone that what me and Waide Hendrix have been doing when darkness falls upon us, even daylight sometimes, is a very bad fucking idea that shouldn’t keep going on. I mean all it took for Waide and I to end up rolling around in the sheets is one drunken night he threatened to let drool hover over my face like we were kids. In my drunken mind, I thought saying that if he were do that, I better be naked was the right thing.

And ever since that night, it’s been one very long one-night stand, sneaking around and sneaky little make-out sessions in the darkest of corners.

Anyone looking in from the outside would truly think that Waide and I are a couple in our honey moon stage, not lying and keeping secrets from everyone.

My eyes manage to flutter open, looking over my bare tattooed shoulder at the man who is balls deep inside of me. Waide looks like every woman’s walking wet dream; he is definitely mine if I am being completely honest about it. He’s tall, rugged, and handsome. Too handsome to be real, if I am asked. Add in his broad, muscular body almost completely covered in tattoos, that bite of dangerous by being in a motorcycle club and add in that drop-dead gorgeous smile with his two dimples. Waide is pretty much fucking perfect in my eyes.

His dark brown hair that looks almost black is damp with sweat and random pieces are stuck to his forehead. My eyes follow a bead of sweat that rolls down over the black inked dagger on the side of his god sculpted, chiselled face. Slate grey eyes stare back at me in a way that makes me clench around his weapon of a cock inside of me. Waide’s eyes are a shade darker than they normally are, filled with lust, possible desire, and something else that I just can’t put my finger on. Maybe if I wasn’t on a sex high, I’d be able to figure out what that emotion is.

The very look alone has my inside purring in a way that tells me that I might just feel something way more for Waide than I actually thought.

His large, tattooed hands are gripping my hips tightly, making my eyes roll into the back of my head. Waide fucking Hendrix, of all men on this planet, knows exactly what to do to get me climbing higher and higher on that orgasmic high that I’m about to come crashing down on. His thrusts have slowed to that pace that almost feels like he is torturing me. My back arches in a way that lets him get deeper inside of me and my body is like it has been set to vibrate. The tattooed beast of a man that has me on all fours is everything that I shouldn’t be wanting, I shouldn’t have fallen for, but unfortunately for me, I am and I have. Even after a year and a bit, I am only just realising just how deep my feelings are running for him.

And because of those pesky feelings, I know that it is definitely time to end whatever is going on between us. As much as I really don’t want to, I know that I need to. If I don’t end it now, I’ll fall deeper into what I am feeling and it’s going to make me such a miserable mess that people will notice. It’s not like I can just come out with my dirty little secret. Though, I almost have many times.

I feel Waide’s warm, broad torso come down over the back of me, his bare chest presses tightly to my back and one of his hands comes up and wraps around my throat. He holds my throat in a way that is hard enough to make my heart flutter and my pussy clench around him again, but not hard enough that I’m not able to breathe. I manage to moan his name again, pushing back on him that earns me a growl like moan from the back of his throat. His hand that’s not on my throat dips down my body, finding my very sensitive clit with such ease that it only shows me that he knows my body too well. His fingers circle around my clit, pushing to that orgasm that we both seem to be fucking chasing out of me.

I listen to Waide whisper sweet, filthy nothings into my ear, urging me to let him feel me come all over his cock, urging me to let him hear it. His deep husky voice mixed with him circling my clit, his cock moving out of me in the perfect pace makes the orgasm scream out of me. I feel my own orgasm run down my legs, over his thighs and soaking into my bed sheets that will definitely need a wash before I climb in bed for sleep later. I’m not much of a squirter but when I do, for a moment, I feel like I am the sexiest fucking woman on this damn planet. I’ll deal with the embarrassment of doing it after I come down from the sex high and think about it.

How Waide has managed to get me to do it almost every time we have sex is beyond me.

The sound of wetness rings out around us, filling the room and mixing with our moans, making me feel hornier than I already am and pushes the feeling of an orgasm building.

I let myself ride out the high of the orgasm as Waide starts to pick up the pace of his thrust, letting them become harder and faster than what they were. He is getting closer and both his hands have found their way to my breasts. His fingers pinch and twist my nipples, sending pleasurable pain through my body like a fucking rocket. I meet every thrust with my hips, my ass cheeks jiggling a little. My hand reaches out for the sex toy that vibrates my clit, my mind eager to try and push one more orgasm out of my body with a demand. I turn the toy on, the sound of the vibrating mixes with every other sound around me, finding my clit with ease.

I moan a curse when I press against my clit, praying silently to the sex gods that I can get one more orgasm out.

Waide pushes himself up to his knees, his hands gripping my hips again. His grip on me makes me think that by tomorrow night, I’ll have light bruises on my hips. The vibrating against my clit has the orgasm rushing towards me and it surprises me that it’s moving that quickly. My dripping wet centre is squeezing around the man, making him tell me to hurry through a grunt and I push back on him harder. His thrusts starting to become harder, almost painful, but I take every single one like a fucking moaning champ. His hand moves from my hip, slapping my ass in a sting. Over a year ago, I would have cut off and sold my left tit on the black market to have Waide slap my naked ass just once.

I never would have imagine that Waide Hendrix would be fucking me almost into the afterlife a year later.

The thought alone makes me cry out as my orgasm quickly comes through my body almost painfully. The sheets, my legs and his legs and cock are soaked again. I struggle to hold myself up as Waide swears, saying my name and slams into me one last time. He holds my body up somehow, riding out his own orgasm in slow thrusts before my body falls into the mattress with Waide following me down. I turn the toy off, taking it completely away from me as I try to catch my damn breath.

Waide places soft, feather-like kisses against my neck and shoulder as his panting breathes tickle the sensitive skin of my neck. I sigh softly as my overwhelmed body becomes more relaxed than it has been in quite a minute. My eyes want to close but the coolness of the wet sheets and bed below me make my eyes stay open. I try not to lap up the moment but I do and I try to burn the moment into my mind. It is moments after sex that makes me realise just how I’ve fallen for Waide, how deep those pesky fucking feelings are riding within my body. The regret of breaking things off with Waide sits high within my heart, making it skip a couple beats as I think about it.

No more sneaking around behind everyone’s back with Waide.

No more keeping secrets or lying to Thomas.

No more guilt of having to lie my way through things to have a moment with Waide.

No more having a man fuck me in a way that no man will ever be able to.

Waide lays over the top of me for another moment and I soak up his warmth as my breathes match his. His fingers brush gently on my bicep and I have to stop myself from leaning into it. It takes another whole minute before Waide pulls out of me, leaving me feel empty and needy. He flops down onto the large bed beside me, his hand going up underneath his head as he stares up at the ceiling, before closing his eyes. My eyes trail down his naked broad and tattooed body, trying to burn it into my mind once again. I try to burn the memory of his every bump and curve, every ink line and colour that stains probably ninety per cent of his body and the way his tall body fits perfectly sprawled across my bed as he tries to calm his panting breathes down. It’s going to be one sight I am going to miss because there is no man quite like Waide Hendrix.

And unfortunately, this might just be the last night I enjoy having the man in my bed.

I stay lying on my stomach for a moment longer, allowing my eyes to close before I roll over, pushing myself up to sitting position. I reach down underneath the bed, reaching for the towel that I had kicked there only seconds after I got off the phone to Waide almost two hours ago. I wipe myself dry, letting the towel drop to the floor and reach for the oversized shirt that had managed to hang half off the lamp next to my bed that isn’t on. I stand up, digging into the bedside draw and pull out a set of panties, pulling them on in one smooth motion.

My eyes stare at the door, debating if I should just make my escape to the bathroom and have a moment to myself to sort through my muddle thoughts or just tell Waide exactly what I am feeling and what needs to be done. But in the moment as I stare at the door, I know that need a damn shower at some point and I also know that I need to tell Waide what is on my mind before I explode in a rambling mess. Nervous habit I have never been able to shake. Feelings and hook-ups never work, we were stupid enough to believe we could do the no strings attached. And it’s definitely a complication that I don’t need in my life.


She stands with her back towards me, her shoulders slightly slumped and she seems to be staring at the door like she’s not sure if she should run through it or stand in the same spot. I watch as her manicured hands play with the hem of the oversized shirt she wears that barely covers her peachy shaped ass. Her shoulder length blonde hair is a mess and shows me that I have fucked her just right. If it ain’t mess, I didn’t do my job right.

As well as I know Noelle McKenna, sometimes I can’t put my finger on what is happening with her. But right now, I know that there is something spinning around in that pretty head of hers and I will get answers as to what it is that she can’t stop thinking about. Lately, Noelle has been acting all types of distant from me every now and then, and I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that in just over two months, I will be locked behind bars for a good couple of years. It’s a very fucking shit situation but it’s something that I have raised my hand to do for my club. And I know that Noelle understands that my club, Devils Sixteen comes before everything else. No matter what I feel for the woman standing with her back to me.

I climb off her massive size bed, fishing my boxer briefs from the floor and slip them on as Noelle turns and faces me. Her caramel brown eyes look at me, taking in every inch of me from head to toe and back up again. She does that a lot lately, staring at me like she is trying the burn the image of me into her head. I can see the conflict in her eyes, the shifting on her feet helps me understand that as I run a hand through the longer lengths of my hair on top of my head. I stretch out my body a little before I step up to her. My tattooed fingers brush back the loose strands of her hair from her diamond shaped face. She almost leans into my touch and her plump lips part slightly.

Fuck sake, the woman is gorgeous and it’s going to be goddamn fucking hard to say goodbye to her. Probably harder than saying goodbye to her older brother that has been my best mate for god knows how long. The only difference between her and Thomas is that Thomas will make visits to the prison and she won’t, she’d probably fear it’d give away everything between us. And speaking of Thomas, I’m sure if he knows that I have been fucking his sister for the last year or more, he’d hang my balls on a fucking string for everyone to see.

Even though I’m having a blast with Thomas’ baby sister, I hold no fucking regrets.

“You okay, kitten?” I ask her, letting my hand linger for another minute.

“I’m okay,” Noelle answers me softly with a small smile that tells me she isn’t. I know this woman like the back of my hand, I like to think I know her every fucking well because of that. I have touched, licked, kissed, bit, and sucked almost every inch of her beautiful curvy body. “Why do you ask that for?”

“You have that faraway look on your pretty little face,” I grin at her. Her facial features soften a little as I rest my forearms on her shoulders. I have to stop myself from pulling her tightly against me. “What’s on your mind, baby?”

“This,” Noelle says, waving her hand between us. “Us. We need to end it.”

I can’t help the slight frown that falls onto my face as I look at her. I’m taken back by what she has just said because I wasn’t expecting it, nor did I think she’d ever say the words. I don’t want it to end but I knew that eventually it is something that is bound to come. It’s not like I am going to be able to tell the prison screw that I am leaving for a night to give a woman the pleasure she wants and only I know how to do it properly. I am going to miss those perfect moans that escape her mouth when I hit certain spots, I am going to miss my name on her tongue, I’m going to miss that I’ve been able to have her squirting all over me, and I am definitely going to miss the nights where we just lay in bed talking, laughing, and just enjoying each other.

I watch as her eyes try to find an answer, maybe to agree with her and maybe I have to.

I really don’t fucking want to, there is something between us, I ain’t that fucking stupid. I know she feels it.

There has been many times where I have caught her staring at me in a way that silently says she feels something for me that’s more than she lets on, shows me that I am not the only one feeling it. For months I have felt something for her but I haven’t been man enough to tell her. Maybe it’s because we haven’t really had that conversation and both of us are too much of pussies to do it. We’ve had plenty of conversations of my upcoming sentencing, though. Maybe we haven’t had the conversation because of Thomas since he doesn’t know about us. There has been plenty of times that I have been tempted to tell Thomas, plenty of times it has almost come out of my mouth and plenty of times I’ve bit my tongue so fucking hard its bled.

Or maybe we’re just too worried about what the outcome would actually be.

But there has been a handful of times where I thought Thomas knows about us with comments he’s made.

“Is that something you want, kit?” I question her.

“You’re going inside for god knows how long, we know that already and have spoken huge amounts about it that it’s now burnt inside of my damn head. And if I’m being completely honest with you,” She says as she raises her hand and presses it against my chest. I’m sure she can feel my heart slamming against my ribcage. I don’t even know if it’s from the sex or what she is about to say. “I have feelings for you, Waide, deep feelings that I can’t fuckin’ shake. I’ve tried pushing them aside, not think about them, but it makes it hard when I’m fucking you every chance that we get. But I think it’s best to end this before I probably end up heart broken and miserable and having nothing to fix it because you’ll be on the inside.”

“Baby, I don’t get sentenced for another two months or whatever,” I state as I cup her face with both my hands. “And feelings, well I can’t exactly take them away from you. But if you feel that ending this is the better way to make them go away, then your wish is my command, kitten.”

I watch as she tries to smile at me, but it doesn’t quite work or even reach those pretty eyes of hers. It seems like sadness is filling her eyes, but it also seems like she is doing something that she really doesn’t want to be doing. At the same time, I understand why she is doing it, protecting herself from yet another broken heart. The woman has gone through enough heart break in her life and I don’t want to be another reason that it shatters. I only know that her heart has been broken because I’ve watched it and tried to help her through it alongside her brother. I’d rather protect her from it.

I move forwards a little, pressing my lips to her forehead and linger there for a moment. I breathe in her sweet scent mixed with the smell of sex. My head screaming at me to let her go, get dressed and walk out. My heart telling me to stay put for as long as I can. My gut tells me that give it two more days of a good time while Thomas is on the gun protection run with the club and say goodbye before the forty-eight hours is up. My body is a whole mess of fucking mix signals that even I’ve gotten myself confused.

“I just have to move on, right?” She frowns a little as I pull back.

I give her some sort of nod, not that I really agree with her. The thought of her moving on makes me heart sink and makes my stomach feel sick. I want her to be mine but I just can’t manage to say the fucking words. She looks down between us and I can’t get a good read on her. Someone just fucking shoot me please.

“Look at me, Noelle,” I order softly. Her caramel brown sad eyes look up at me and everything inside of me wants to take that sadness away and take it on myself. But I know that it’s not that easy to do. “If you feel that you need to move to get over whatever you’re feeling and protect that big heart of yours, then that’s what you need to do and I understand completely. I’m not going to be that man who stands in your way, sugar.”

Noelle groans softly as her forehead falls to my chest. “God, you’re really going to kill me by saying that. You seriously are fuckin’ perfect sometimes.”

Unable to help myself, a smile stretches across my lips as my hand cups the back of her head. “I can wholeheartedly say the same thing about you, Elly.”

I let us stand in the same position for a moment before I’m making her look at me. I stare at reality, knowing that  soon enough I will not be the one warming her bed. The thought alone punches me in the gut like a sucker. I school my expression, making sure she can’t see any of the feelings rushing through me. If she does, she might just regret what she has said and take it all back. I can’t have her doing that when she is doing the right thing for herself. She’ll hold onto those feelings until I’m taken into custody and thrown behind bars like a dog. Like I said, I ain’t going to be the cunt that stands in her way of that. Noelle means a whole fucking lot to me and even if my heart feels like it’s been sucker punched out of my chest, I’m not going to have her hang on and wait around until I get out of prison.

Without trying to think anymore about it, I lower my head to the woman I may just be in love with and kiss her. The reality is being with Noelle is as easy as breathing and I don’t want to ever let her go, but I know I have to. I pull her closer to me, kissing her in a way that I know will make her fucking breathless. She didn’t say it has to end right this night so I am jumping through that motherfucking loop hole and soaking up everything I can like a sponge. I let my hands bury themselves into her hair, holding her in place and holding her in a way like I’m about to lose her. Again, reality hits me when I know that I am about to lose her because I’m too much of a fucking bitch who can’t voice the words I want to voice.

At least now, I know the feeling is mutual and not just one sided. My feelings will just stay hidden for good measure.

We might have just finished fucking but I am going to milk this whole thing for the next forty-eight hours.

My way of saying goodbye to what we have.

Noelle McKenna will be mine again, even if she doesn’t know it.

But it’ll be forever and no one will stand in my fucking way.



I can’t stop my eyes from shifting between Thomas’ hand strangling the damn life out of Sharna’s hand, the ring on her finger that still sparkles in the shit court room lighting and Waide’s broad back hidden underneath the black, long-sleeved button-down he wears. I’ve barely been able to keep up with what the judge has says the whole time Waide was brought out to face him. All I’ve managed to hear is that Waide is going away for five years with the possibility of parole in three years. However, I have a feeling that sits heavy in my stomach that Waide will not be getting out when the three years rolls around. And though I knew he’s going away for the stupid club; I can’t help the small part of my heart that feels nothing but sorry for Waide and the choice he made.

But at the same time I feel sorry for Waide, I feel sorry for my brother.

For as long as I can remember, it has always been Waide and Thomas, Thomas and Waide. If there is one hanging around, the other is surely there as well. If one is causing havoc with everyone, the other is there egging him on and enjoying it like it’s some sort of comedy show. They have forever been thick as thieves, making my and everyone’s lives hell and I know that Thomas isn’t taking it as well as he thinks he is playing it off. I can see the anger and sadness in his eyes knowing that his best mate is going to be stuck behind bars. And unfortunately, I don’t think my brother was prepared for the moment he heard the judge’s sentencing.

Three years is a long time, but five years? That’s a really long time to be away from family, friends, and the club.

My eyes shift away from my brother and back to Waide as he looks over his shoulder. Like I have witnessed many times before, Waide and Thomas share a silent look and have a whole damn conversation just by their eyes alone. As the two uniformed officers walk over to Waide, ready to take him away, I can see Waide’s silent goodbye, silent promise of being okay and not too worry about him on the inside, and the silent comment about looking after himself. I glance at Thomas as he gives Waide that assuring single nod. I’ve watched them speak silently long enough to know what’s being said between the pair.

I look back at Waide to find him staring straight at me, those haunting slate grey eyes hold mine hostage and it’s mine turn to get the silent conversation just by looks alone. I can see his silent goodbye to me and it makes me sigh softly. I can see the command in his facial features telling me to make sure that Thomas doesn’t do anything stupid, like try to make his own prison break episode. And I see that promise to me that Waide is going to be perfectly fine in prison. And with all of that, I give my own nod, knowing that Thomas will be the first person on his visitors list straight after Waide’s mother that couldn’t bring herself to watch her son go to prison.

My eyes sink down to Waide’s hands held in waiting as one of the officers place the hand cuffs around them. My heart drops to my stomach as my heart finally lets in the fact that it is going to be the last time I see the man I’m sure I’m in love with for the next few years. And now, I’m definitely going to have to go through with that promise I made him over two months ago, after I told him we had to end it, after we spent two days together memorizing everything about each other. Not sleeping with him for the last few weeks has made it a little easier to watch him go away. But not as easy as I thought.

Damn me and my fucking heart and feelings.

I finally tear my eyes away from Waide for a moment, looking over to my brother who now looks more pissed than upset. Sharna’s hand rubs his shoulder blade in a way that tells me she is trying to tell him to calm down and it’s going to be all okay. I want to tell my brother that Waide is going to be okay, Waide is going to be fine and the next handful of years are going to fly by quicker than he thinks. But I know saying all of that is just going to be empty promises and lies. I mean with the way Thomas is looking at Waide, anyone would think it’s his coffin going into the ground.

I guess that’s just how much Thomas cares for Waide, I see that.

“You know Waide will probably thrive in there.” I say to Thomas as he stands up and I follow in suit.

“Yeah, I know he will.” Thomas answers me without looking at me.

Thomas turns and starts to walk out of the court room, dragging Sharna with him. I take the hint and move, excusing myself around people’s knees as I do so. Before I’m able to get to the door, I can’t help but turn around and look back at Waide who is almost taken out the back door of the court room. He’s looking at me, a knowing smirk on his face that makes my whole body heats up. He throws me a wink and I can’t stop the shy, blushing smile that pulls to my lips. Waide’s smile broadens a little as he sends a wink and blows a kiss my way. I feel the heat rise from chest and settle in my cheeks. He knows what he is doing and I can’t help but feel like a damn love sick fool.

I give Waide one more look over and a small wave before disappearing behind the door.

My feet move at a pace that I feel like I am about to fall over in the black heels I had chosen to wear. Thomas is quick on his feet; poor Sharna seems to have to jog to keep up with him and I am sure she is regretting the beige heels she is wearing. Thomas moves past people without a single glance or manners, he is definitely up in his fucking emotions about all of this. If I thought it is going to be a long few years, it’s nothing compared to what Thomas is clearly thinking.


Please don't hesitate to point out any mistakes I have missed :)

Submitted: January 13, 2023

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