Anne-Marie’s Revenge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

I haven’t posted a school story for a long time, so here is one of my old stories completely rewritten

It was the day Rosebud didn’t turn up to take us for biology,  The class waited expectantly but it was clear she wasn’t coming.

The clamour started rising the way it does when there’s no teacher there until Anne-Marie spoke up.  Anne-Marie.  The sexiest girl in the class.  The girl with the pink knickers.

‘You’re wearing pink knickers,’ I’d said to her one day, ‘I’m going to tell Miss Martinet.  School uniform is blue knickers.’

‘Have you been looking up my skirt!’ Anne-Marie stared at me defiantly.

‘No… no,’ I blustered though of course I had.

‘I’ll get you back for that.  I’ll get you back!’

But I’d already run away.

This however was the day Miss Robson, or Rosenud  as we nicknamed her. Was late for class.  Poor Rosebud.  Mid-thirties.  Unmarried.  Small dainty features,  she found it impossible to control the class at the best of times and relied on the redoubtable Anne-Marie to keep order.

‘Let’s play strip poker,’ Anne-Marie said.  The sort of thing she would say.  The girls fell silent. They were all girls apart from me.  The school had only just started taking in boys and biology was considered a girly subject.  Boys did physics - apart from me.  Strip poker!  Of club or.  Everybody far too shy.  .  But not Anne-Marie.

She strode to the front.  The teachers desk.

‘Come on,’ she said, ‘just a bit of fun..  she looked at me.  She knew I would do as she said.  I always did as she said. Ever since the incident with the knickers.

She soon had five of us round the table.  Me and four girls. There were others who always did what Anne-Marie said.  Anew-Marie’s gang of girls.

In any case Anne-Marie playing strip poker.  Why wouldn’t I want that.

‘Rules are simple,’she said, ‘one card for each.  Whoever gets the lowest takes off one article of clothing. Until I decide we’ve gone far enough.’

She dealt out five cards.

‘But… er..’ I stuttered, ‘you haven’t given yourself one.’

‘I’m banker,’ she said, ‘I don’t get one.’

We were all too cowed to object.  Of course Anne-Marie wasn’t playing.  She was making us do it.  That was her thing.  Making other people embarrass themselves.

We turned the cards over.  I had the two of clubs.  Well.  One shoe,  no harm in that.

The cards went round again, and again and little by little items of clothing came off.  Two girls had lost one shoe each,  somehow without me realising it I was taking off my shirt.  The next thing to go would be my trousers.  This was getting serious.

‘Perhaps… I mean… welll… we should stop now…’ I burbled, ‘Rosebud might come in”

‘One more round,’ sid Anne-Marie ‘that can’t hurt.’

And she was already dealing.  I meekly complied.

One by one the cards were turned over.  I breathed a sight of relief.  Christine had the three of diamonds.  Not much chance of getting under that,  I turned mine over,  the two of hearts.

‘Now the game’s getting exciting’ said Anne-Marie, ‘time to see the colour of your knickers I think,’  not even giving me a chance to object,

‘But…  I’m not wearing knickers…’


‘I men I’m wearing er… boy’s underwear.’

‘Well, we’ll see what colour they are won’t we.’

Now was the time to make a stand.  To say that’s the end of the game.  It was good fun but… There is something about peer pressure.  I looked round at the girls in the class and realised I was going to have to do it.  I was wearing little white briefs.  It would be all right.  No worse than wearing a bathing costume… wouldn’t it? 

I unfastened my belt and and there I was in my undies.

‘Up on the desk,’ said Anne-Marie, ‘for the last and final round.’

‘But you said…’

‘On the desk…’

I stood on the desk in my silly white underpants.

‘Your card first,’ said Anne-Marie and turned over the Queen of Hearts,  A high card,  I was saved,

‘Denise…’ The king of clubs.  Oh heck!

‘Janice…’ the ace of hearts.  

‘Oh dear. Aces high,’ said Anne-Marie.

‘Alice… Ace of clubs.

Only Christine left.  Surely..

Anne-Marie turned the card over,  Queen of Spades,

‘Oh dear…’ said Anne-Marie looking at me, ‘Spades outranks hearts, looks like you lost.’

‘But… no I can’t.’

‘Oh yes you can.’


‘Off. Off.  Off,’ chanted the class.

And I felt I had to.  I had to do what she told me to. Ever since the incident with the knickers.

I took hold of the waistband of my underpants.  The class was silent.  I started to pull them down and a collective gasp went up.  They got mid-thigh and stopped.  My cock was on display.  What was I doing.  I clipped my hand over my privates with my pants at half mast.

I looked at Anne-Marie, standing there with a triumphant smile on her face.  She had made me do it and she knew it.

‘Right down.  Right off,’ she said 

With a quick movement she took hold of my panties, yanked them right down and pulled them off.  Anne-Marie held them above her head like a trophy, swung them round her head and threw them to the girls; and I stood there in front of the class on the teacher’s desk.  Completely nude,  Hands clapped firmly over my privates.  I wasn’t showing the girls my cock. I couldn’t show them my cock, it was just too embarrassing.

‘What on earth?’

All eyes turned to the door.  Rosebud was standing there staring.  Lost for words.

Anne-Marie took charge as only she could.

‘Hello Miss Robaon,’ she said, ‘we started the lesson without you because you were late and we felt that the Headmistress would be very disappointed if she thought we were not learning anything because you were late. She seemed very disappointed last time you were late, so we thought that if we started then we wouldn’t need to tell her..’

Miss Martinet the Headmistress lived up to her name.  We all knew Rosebud was terrified of her.  Would do anything rather than incur her wrath.

‘But… but…  he’s got no clothes on.’

‘You said we were to be shown human reproductive anatomy and we were not to be embarrassed about such things.  You said that last time Miss Robson.’

It had been a lesson Anne-Marie had specifically requested.

‘But I meant diagrams not…’

‘So much better than diagrams though.  You can only learn so much from diagrams.  Perhaps you  can demonstrate on our volunteer model Miss Robson.  Or should I perhaps explain to the headmistress why we had to start without you.’

‘No… I mean.. that’s showing  great initiative.’

She turned to me.

‘Perhaps if you take your hands away from your er… er… private parts I can demonstrate to the er… girls.’

‘Take them away?’

‘Yes… of course…’

Another gasp from the class. The reason for my embarrassment was plain to see.  Even at that age I had a very big one,

‘Oh… really… I wasn’t well… girls.  The male anatomy consists of the er… well… the er… you see it here… the er…’

‘Penis, Miss Robson?’ Interjected Anne-Marie.

‘Yes indeed. The penis..

‘And below the er… penis.  The er…’

‘Testicles, Miss Robson?’

‘Yes… they’re…’

‘Perhaps if you ask our model to lift his penis up we can see them more closely Miss Robson.’

‘Yes indeed.  Could you perhaps…’

‘Do I…’ I looked at Anne-Marie.  I did.

‘Well girls, here we can see he has two nicely… er… rather impressive… I mean we’ll. the left one hangs lower than the right which is normal…’

‘Can you explain to us about the penis Miss Robson?’

‘Yes, we’ll… the penis is an organ which…’ her voice stumbled to a halt

‘Which what Miss Robson?’

‘Which is er…’ poor Rosebud was a bundle of embarrassed nerves.

‘Inserted into the vagina during sexual intercourse, is that correct Miss Robson.’

‘Yes, thank you Anne-Marie, that is correct.’


‘Sorry Anne-Marie, I don’t understand.’

‘How is it inserted when it is all soft and floppy?’

‘It… it… er…’ Miss Robson was lost for words again.

‘I heard a girl can make a boy’s penis stand up hard and erect so that it can be inserted.  Is that correct Miss Robson?’

‘Yes… er… I think so…’ Rosebud’s experience did not seem that broad.

‘How does she do that?’

‘Well I…I…’

‘I heard that if she strokes it then it will go up…’

‘I suppose… I think… that might be right…’

‘Can I try and see if it works?’

‘Well I don’t know…’

But Anne-Marie was already experimenting.  Standing naked in front of all the girls I had been making monumental efforts to stop my cock going up.  It only took one touch from Anne-Marie and all the efforts came to nothing.  It was pointing rigidly at the ceiling within seconds.

‘It works!’ Exclaimed Anne-Marie with feigned surprise, ‘is tht normal size Miss Robson?’

‘Well… I… I don’t know.’

‘It looks very big to me.’

‘I… I think I read somewhere… yes somewhere… that the average size of the er… er…’

‘Erect penis?’

‘Yes the er… erect penis is approximately er… six inches.’

‘This looks bigger.  Shall I measure it Miss Ronson?’

‘Well I don’t know…’

But Anne-Marie already had her ruler out.

‘Seven point…’ she looked more close.y, ‘three inches.’

‘Very impressive…’ Rosebud’s eyes opened wide..

‘What is very impressive?’

A voice boomed out from the door.  Everyone turned frozen as in a tableau vivant as Miss Martinet the headmistress stared in disbelief at Anne-Marie standing holding a ruler next to the penis of a naked boy standing on the teacher’s desk. She stared at my penis.

‘I see,’ she said, ‘and what is the meaning of this Miss Robson.

’I was… I was… well late this morning.  I mean it wasn’t my fault, some child had deflated the tyres on my little car and…’

I looked at Anne-Marie and she winked at me.  I knew immediately who had let down Rosebud’s tyres, the same person who had suggested strip poker, the same person who had rigged the game so the only boy in the class would lose, the same person who was now holding a ruler next to my erect penis. The same person who had vowed to get me back for peeking at her knickers.

‘It’s alll his fault,’ piped up,Anne-Marie pointing at me, Miss Robson arrived late and found this boy standing on the desk.  He’d climbed up on the desk and taken all his clothes off because he wanted to show the girls his willy.  And Miss Robson had arrived late and so I didn’t want to get him into trouble so I said  he was the model for her lesson on male anatomy.  And she said she was just going to use diagrams.  And I said a live model was better. And..’

‘Quiet girl!’ She turned to Rosebud, ‘you may leave us Miss Robson.  I will conclude this lesson.  Report to my office after school.’

‘Yes Miss Martinet.  Of course Miss Martinet,’ and poor Rosebud scurried out.

The headmistress glowered at me.

‘Is this true?’ she said.

‘Well.  It wasn’t… I mean… I didn’t…’

‘Stop babbling boy,  Did you or did you not stand on this desk and take all your clothes off?’

‘Yes but…

‘No buts.  Was this or was this not for the purpose of an anatomy lesson?’

‘No but…

‘Quiet boy.  Girls, have you learned anything from this lesson?’

‘Yes Miss Martinet.’

‘Good.  In that case I will limit your punishment to two strokes of the ruler.’

‘But Miss…’

‘Quiet boy… or do you want more?’

.’But Miss…’

‘I think perhaps we should ask the girls.  Girls, two strokes or more?’ Hands up for two’

Not a hand went up.

‘Three, four, five, six…’ at last the hands went up. ‘That’s it hen.  Six strokes.  A fair punishment I think.’

Anne-Marie’s hand shot up.

‘Can I administer them please Miss.  seeing as I have the…’ she pointed at the ruler.

‘I think that would be entirely appropriate.  In view of your exemplary behaviour in this matter.  Boy… over the desk.’

I climbed off from the desk and looked at Anne-Marie.  She grinned and mouthed one word at me, ‘Knickers’.

And I knew.  As I bent over the desk All her plans were about to culminate in the ultimate revenge.  And as she tapped my bare bottom with the hard foot ruler in preparation for administering the hardest six whacks she could I knew her plans for the ultimate revenge had reached their fruition,


‘Ooow!’ my face was burning even more than my bottom and there were still five more to go.


Submitted: January 10, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Joex. All rights reserved.

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Robert Brooks

Wow, great to see a school story from you again! Loved it! :)

Tue, January 10th, 2023 10:45pm


I like it. Thanks.
Um, one question: "Of club or" Is that some British expression?

Sun, January 15th, 2023 3:48pm

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