A Visit to India

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A young Indian boy accustomed to modesty in the US travels to India where he is bathed by his mother and aunt while his female cousins watch. Later when he returns to the US his resumes his modesty but his mother allows the neighbor American lady to see him naked.

This is not my story.  I have contacted the author of this story and he gave me permission to republish it here.

Visit to India

My mother and father are from India, but I was born and grew up in the United States. By age 10, I had developed a real sense of modesty, and was mortified even at the thought of a girl seeing me naked. For example, one time for a school book report, I read "Little Men" by Louisa May Alcott. In the book, there is a scene of boys being bathed by two women when he enters an orphanage. Just reading that story made me feel embarrassed and I felt glad I was not that boy.

My mom, for her part, respected my modesty. She had stopped bathing me around age 8. Up until I was 10, she would help me wash my hair. After age 10, I was never naked in the presence of my mom, except for school physicals. Even there, she tried to minimize my embarrassment by taking me to a male pediatrician, and turning away when the doctor did the whole turn and cough routine.

That state of affairs continued until I went to India with my mom for the wedding of one of her younger sisters. I think I was around 12 years old, but, in any case, had not started puberty yet. We stayed at my grandma’s house. My mom was the oldest of 3 sisters. The middle one was in her 20’s and was getting married. The youngest sister was 19 years old, and was away at college when we arrived.

This was some time back, before India had developed like it is now. The house was large, but did not have a lot of the modern amenities like indoor plumbing. Instead, the house was built around a large courtyard. In the middle was a pump. Off to one side of the yard was a bathing area that was walled off for privacy. Whenever you took a bath, you would fill up a bucket with water at the pump and carry it to the bath area. There, you would use a small cup to pour water on yourself.

Well this proved to be a problem, I was used to showering and using washcloths in America. I was not used to taking a bath with a bucket of water and soaping myself with my hands. Because of this, I did not do as good a job as I should have. Add to that the fact that there was more dirt in general due to dusty unpaved roads, and in a few days, I had developed a few small boils on my legs.

When I showed them to my mom one morning, she immediately called my grandma and aunt to come to the room and take a look. The three of them agreed that it was due to my not bathing myself properly. It was agreed that my mom would give me baths from here on out.

“Mom, I don’t want you to give me a bath. I’m a big boy now.” I protested.

“Would you like me to give you your bath?” my aunt piped up?

I blushed at the thought of my aunt giving me a bath.

“Don’t tease him,” my mom said in my defense. “He did not grow up here, and so he is very shy and is not used to our culture. Rajesh, honey, remember I am your mother. I changed your diapers and gave you baths all your life. I know you are embarrassed, but this is for your good.” my mom told me.

I realized it was hopeless. I would much rather have my mom give me a bath than my aunt. I agreed.

My mom grabbed a towel and we went out to the courtyard. I helped my mom fill the bucket with water from the pump, and carried it to the bath area. Once we were in the bath area, my mom threw the towel on the wall to keep it dry, and then began to undress me. She took off my shorts, and then my shirt. I thought for a minute that I might be able to keep my underwear on, but as soon as she had pulled my shirt off, she quickly pulled my underwear down as well and had me step out of them.

I stood completely naked before my mom. To be honest it wasn’t really that bad. It had only been a couple of years since she had seen me in the shower, and like I mentioned, I had not yet started puberty. After a few awkward minutes, I kind of became used to it and we started chatting like normal. After the bath, my mom wrapped the towel around me and we went into our room where I got dressed.

This continued for a week. By this time, I was used to my mom giving me a bath and thought nothing of it.

Then my youngest aunt came home from college. When she arrived early in the morning on the train, I was overjoyed. She brought me books and toys. Since I had come here, there was no one even close to my age. I was bored at the house. While my mom, older aunt, and my grandma more or less ignored me during the day, my youngest aunt would play games with me. I had learned a little chess back in America, and my aunt and I would play.

The second day after she came, my mom called me to come take my bath. I was playing chess at the time with my youngest aunt.

“Akka,” my youngest aunt addressed my mom. “Akka” is our word for “big sister”.

“I will give Rajesh his bath.”

Before I could say anything, mom came to my defense.

“Thanks, but I had better give Rajesh his bath. He did not grow up here, so he doesn’t understand our culture. He would be embarrassed to have you give him his bath,” my mom replied.

“Embarrassed to have his favorite auntie give him his bath?” my aunt asked incredulously. “Let me ask him?”

“Rajesh, you are ok with me giving you a bath, right?”

I shook my head.

“Why not?”

“You’re a girl!”

“I know, just like your mother. She is a girl too.”

“But… She’s my mom. Mothers are special.”

“But I am your mother’s sister. Your aunt. I am also a mother to you.”

In our culture, we referred to mothers’ younger sisters as “little mothers” and they were treated like our own mothers.

“But my mother has been giving me baths since I was little. She’s already seen me.”

“But I gave you your baths when you came to India when you were five. I have already seen your cute little bottom and pee-pee.”

Apparently the argument convinced my mom. My mom joined in at this point. “See Rajesh, she is just like me. I am so busy honey these days, it would really help me if you let auntie give you a bath, just like she did the last time we were here.”

I was used to listening to my mom, so I didn’t put up any resistance as my aunt grabbed a towel and led me out to the courtyard. Just like with my mother, I helped her fill the bucket, and carry it to the bathing area.

As soon as we got into the bath area, my aunt casually put her fingers in the waistband of my shorts and underwear, and pulled them both down in a single quick motion.

I yelped, and instinctively covered myself with my hands.

“I’m your aunt. I’m just like your mother. No need to be shy,” my aunt said with a smile. “Now lift up your hands so I can take off your shirt.”

I lifted my arms so my aunt could take off my t-shirt, exposing my privates to her.

“You’ve grown a lot since I saw you last,” she commented as she pulled my t-shirt off me.

I blushed. It was a lot more embarrassing and exciting to be naked in front of her than my mom.

She then proceeded to matter-of-factly give me a bath, not really paying any attention to my embarrassment. She even pulled my foreskin back to wash the head of my penis and washed up my butt crack with her hand. This was all done in a casual way, while we were talking about other stuff.

After we were done, she dried my off with the towel, wrapped it around me, and sent me off to our room to get dressed.

After that, my youngest aunt bathed me whenever my mom was busy. I got used to it, though there was always a little rush when she undressed me. I think the fact that my aunt hung out with me a lot during the day playing games and talking and joking with me, made it more awkward for her to see me naked. Most of the day she was like a playmate and peer, unlike my mother. But then for my bath, I had to switch gears and see her as an authority figure and stand naked and exposed in front of her.

For her, I don’t think it was a big deal at all. In the Indian culture in which my aunt grew up, older sisters and aunts and moms bathed boys. It was just what was done, and nobody thought that was weird or shameful. For her, my embarrassment was more a source of bemusement about the cultural differences.

Because of this, she was a lot less careful about protecting my modesty than my mother had been.

My mother never allowed anyone else to come into the bath area while she was giving me my bath. If one of my aunts or grandma wanted to talk with her, she would tell them she was giving me a bath, and would talk with them afterwards. However, my aunt was different. If my mom or grandma or other aunt wanted to talk with her, she would yell out that she was in the bath area and for them to come in. The first time was with my mother. Since I was already used to my mom seeing me naked and giving me a bath, I did not object. My aunt took that as a precedent, and later on, the visitors included my other aunt and grandma. Although I was embarrassed for them to see me naked, I did not protest or make a big deal about it. Everyone seemed so casual about it, and as my aunt had pointed out, they were all in a mother-like relation to me.

Then a few days before the wedding, my mom’s cousin arrived from out of town to stay with us until the wedding. She had four daughters. The oldest was 12, the same age as me. The rest were younger.

They were in awe that I lived in America. They asked me about how life was and about all the modern stuff. I was like a god to them.

For my part, I enjoyed the adulation. It was satisfying to my male ego to have all these girls hanging on every word I was saying and being impressed with my life in America.

That evening, my aunt took me for my bath. The whole time I was being bathed, I was in mortal fear that one of the girls would come into the bath area. To my relief, no one came into the bath area, and it was just me and my aunt for my bath.

The next evening, there was a big pre-wedding event we all had to go to. The whole house was abuzz with excitement. Everyone was getting ready. My aunt called me. “Come, Rajesh, let’s go take your bath.”

Just like usual,I filled the bucket at the pump. Just as we were about to head to the bathing area, the maid informed us that my mom was taking a bath in there.

My aunt just shrugged and said “Ok, then we will do it here!”

And with that, she casually pulled down my shorts and underwear, and told me to lift my arms to take off my t-shirt. I was embarrassed to be naked in front of the maid, who until this time had never seen me undressed. My aunt acted like it was no big deal and began to pour water on me and soap me up. I closed my eyes as my aunt soaped up my face.

After my aunt rinsed my face, I opened my eyes. To my horror, I saw the four girls that were staying with us. They were fully dressed in their party outfits. I was mortified!

Up until this time, I had been the big, suave, sophisticated boy from America, and now I was just a naked little boy, with my bare bottom, balls, and penis exposed, getting a bath in front of them while they were fully dressed! I am sure my face must have turned red with shame! How would I be able to look them in the eye, much less talk with them in the future now that they had witnessed my complete exposure?

As soon as the bath was done, I hurried upstairs and put on my clothes. We all went together to the pre-wedding event. In the festivities, I forgot about my embarrassment. We came home exhausted, and all fell asleep.

The next morning, to my surprise, the girls’ attitude toward me had not changed. They still asked me about America and hung on my every word. I was still the big, suave, sophisticated boy from America. To them, a boy getting bathed in the open was just a routine part of life.

I realized that the whole time that the only person who cared about my nudity was me! Nobody else cared or thought any less of me on account of seeing me naked. I was stressing myself out unnecessarily.

For the rest of my time during my India visit, I decided to be as casual as they were about my nudity. I let my mom and aunt bathe me in the open next to the pump. While my mom or aunt was bathing me, I would often be talking and laughing with the girls. There was a strange excitement and freedom at being naked in front of these females.

The actual wedding occurred a few days later, and shortly after that mom and I went back to America. What was strange is that once I was back in America, it was like a switch flipped and I went back to being modest again. It is so weird how just a change of location can change a boy’s feeling about modesty so greatly.

Unfortunately, my mom did not appreciate fully, just how much my modesty had returned, now that I was back in America. The big reason for this is that while I once again felt mortified at the thought of a female seeing me naked, that shame did not apply with my mother. Sometimes, she would come into the bathroom while I was getting undressed or showering to collect clothes for washing or to put away clean towels in the cabinet. Since we had clear shower doors, I was completely exposed to her. However, because she was my mother, and she had seen me naked so recently in India, this casual exposure did not bother me at all.. I would happily chat with her about my day while stark naked. However, my mom thought that my care-free nudity around her was due to a general lack of not caring who saw me naked. This misunderstanding would lead to some embarrassing situations for me.


Chapter 2

As I mentioned, my mom assuming I had lost all modesty in India, led to some very embarrassing situations for me. The first involved Mrs. Cindy Johnson. She was a neighbor lady whose husband was in the military. She was my mom’s age, but did not have any kids. She invited me and my mom over for tea after we had returned from India.

I was sitting on the couch with my mom and Mrs. Johnson, when she remarked, “What a coincidence. This month’s National Geographic Magazine issue is about India. Do you want to see it?”

My mom nodded, and Mrs. Johnson brought the magazine over. Soon they were flipping through admiring the photography while my mom complemented the article by telling her own experiences in India.

They kept flipping, until they came to a picture of a bunch of boys swimming naked in a canal by the roadside.

“Boys sure are free and uninhibited in India. What did Rajesh think of that having grown up here?” Mrs. Johnson remarked.

My mom then proceeded to tell how I had first been so shy, but eventually I had left my modesty behind and had allowed my mom or my aunt to bathe me in the open courtyard, even when there were other relatives visiting, not caring who saw me naked.

“You know,” began Mrs. Johnson,”boys used to be free like that here too. My mother told me stories of when she was growing up, they would have bath nights, where they brought a big tub and set it up in the kitchen. She and her sisters along with my grandma, would help their brothers to take a bath. I am glad that your culture still preserves that innocence and freedom for boys.”

At this point, I swear she looked at me with a little twinkle in her eye, and then looked back at my mom.

“Please don’t take it the wrong way, but I am almost sad that I was not there to witness it. A boy of Rajesh’s age being so innocent and carefree, must have been so beautiful.”

“It definitely was,” my mom replied. “I feel so much closer to my son now. I feel he is so much more open with me about everything.”

Thankfully, they moved on to other topics.

A few days later, I came home from playing ball with some neighborhood kids. As I walked inside the house, I saw Mrs Johnson standing in the hallway with a basket of clothes.

“Hi, Mom. Hi, Mrs. Johnson,” I called out. “I am all sweaty, so I will go upstairs and shower.”

“Hi Rajesh,” Mrs. Johnson greeted me.

“Rajesh, honey, our washing machine is broken. Mrs. Johnson is graciously helping out by taking a load of laundry to her place.”

“Cindy, would you mind waiting for just a minute so I can give you Rajesh’s clothes too. That way we don’t have sweaty clothes just lying about in the house growing germs.”

“No problem. I can wait,” Mrs. Johnson answered.

“Ok, honey. Take off your clothes and put them in the basket for Mrs. Johnson.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Hopefully, I could at least keep my underwear on.

Still in shock and disbelief that I had to undress in front of Mrs. Johnson, I slowly undid my shoes, took them off, and then took off my socks and put them in the basket.

I must have been too slow for Mom.

“Honey, let’s not keep Mrs. Johnson waiting,” she said.

With that, she grabbed the waistband of my shorts and underwear, and pulled them both down in one shot. I kind of casually covered myself while I stepped out of them for her. But then, she had me lift up my hands over my head to take off my t-shirt.

I was fully exposed.

“He is growing up so fast,” I heard Mrs. Johnson remark.

My mom swept off my t-shirt and put it in the basket with the other clothes.

“He is, but he will always be my baby,” she remarked tenderly, hugging me and planting a kiss on my forehead.

That was when she noticed a small amount of blood on my forehead.above my eye from where I had scraped myself while playing.

“Honey, wait right here, I will get a wet paper towel so I can wipe the blood and take a better look at it.”

I desperately wanted to cover up, but it seemed pointless now. Also, my mom had previously told Mrs. Johnson that I was unashamed about my nudity now that I had returned from India, and I didn’t want to make my mom look bad in front of her friend. So, I just stood there, arms by my side, trying to act like it was no big deal, waiting for my mom to come back from the kitchen. Mrs. Johnson just looked at me with a slight smile.

Mom soon returned with the wet paper towel and carefully dabbed the blood away to reveal a small abrasion.

“Now go take your bath,” my mom said as she gave a light smack to my naked bottom. “After you are done, I will put some medicine on the cut.”

As I walked up the stairs naked, I felt embarrassed and angry at my mom for exposing me like this. As I continued to think about it, though, I realized that she wasn’t doing it to be mean, she just thought I didn’t care. I vowed I would talk to my mom and tell her that she was embarrassing me.

However, for some reason, I could never make myself actually bring up the subject with her, and my mom kept on assuming that I was ok with the casual nudity.


This story is psychologically fascinating. Modesty makes no logical sense, its existence is wholly psychological.Everyone knows by the time they are five exactly what the other gender’s genitals look like. There is no reason to be ashamed of what you are. Second, modesty itself is a sexual reaction. You are clearly reacting for sexual reasons.

In this story, the author tells how, since he grew up in the United States, he developed modesty. Then he goes to India where his family does not have a shower. They have a walled off bathing area at one side of a courtyard.  The then 12-year-old author develops small boils on his legs and his female relatives decide his mother needs to bathe him. When she bathes him, he finds the experience quite pleasant. Nothing remarkable about that.

He develops a relationship with his mother’s younger sister, his aunt. She is back from college, she is only 19, only 7 years older than the author.  She decides she wants to bathe her nephew. Why? Why does a teen-aged girl want to bathe a 12-year old boy? The author does not want his aunt to bathe him! Initially his mother defends her son’s modesty but the aunt is persistent.  This is where it gets interesting. The aunt is only 19 years old, she has no children of her own yet her excuse for bathing him is that as his aunt she is like a mother to him.  What is the aunt's real motive?  If the author were female, she wouldn't insist on bathing a niece?  Why does the mother side with her sister?  She says it is because she is busy. Does giving a bath really take that much time?

When the aunt bathes the author, nothing erotic happens. The author describes a platonic mother-son type bath although she does clean his foreskin.  He enjoys her bath but his only mention of something erotic is when he says he had a little rush when his aunt undressed him. He is 12 years old, he can undress himself! He says of his own motive, “It was a lot more embarrassing and exciting to be naked in front of her than my mom.”  The words ‘embarrassing and exciting’ are used in the same sentence to describe the same thing. It strongly suggests a relationship between embarrassment and sexual gratification.

Wh do adult female relatives come over to talk to the aunt while he is being bathed. The author’s mother would not permit this..  Why does the aunt? The aunt knows her sister wants her son's modesty protected?  The aunt knows her nephew wants his modesty respected.  She was present when he objected to her bathing him.  Why did the author let her?  Why do adult women violate the modesty of a 12-year old boy? Indian women know what modesty is, at least for themselves. The bath cannot take long. They easily could wait. Moreover, when the adult women visit, the aunt encourages them. If there is anything erotic in this, it was not noticed by the author. Do the adult women have ulterior motives?

On the day a pre-wedding event, the author is bathed in the middle of the courtyard by the aunt in front of the maid and his female cousins. Why? Ostensibly it is because the author's mother is using the bathing area.  Why not wait? Even if the author is being bathed in the center of the courtyard, it is still possible to protect the author's modesty from his cousins. The cousins do not have to be present.  They can be asked to leave. Can it be that the aunt does not understand the embarrassment she is causing her nephew or is that the point? This teen aged aunt may believe she is like a mother to her nephew but how does that justify exposing him to his female cousins? The aunt is not a mother, she is a college girl, only 7 years older than the author.  The mother justification is just an excuse to get the author naked.  Is there a vicarious sexual gratification by exposing him to females of his own age? He is now being exposed naked to all the females of the household!  This deliberate humiliation of a 12-year old boy in front of his female cousins suggests an element of misandry, a prejudice towards men.  She would never expose a 12-year-old girl to 12-year old boys. 

With respect to his female cousins, the author clearly understood the sexuality of being naked in front of them. He says, “I let my mom and aunt bathe me in the open next to the pump. While my mom or aunt was bathing me, I would often be talking and laughing with the girls. There was a strange excitement and freedom at being naked in front of these females.”  The violation of modesty has led to a kind of sexual gratification. Unfortunately, we don't know what the female cousins thought about it.  They almost certainly found the author's nudity more interesting than the adult women.  He isn't a little boy to them.  Exposing this boy naked to his female cousins cannot be justified on the belief that it's motive is maternal. 

After the pre-wedding event, the author says he was bathed by his mother and aunt in the courtyard in front of his female cousins?  Why not bathe him in th bathing area? Why is his mother now participating in his humiliation?  How did his cousins know to be present?  Was he deliberately bathed in the middle of the courtyard so that his cousins could watch? It would appear that he was!  He was the only one bathed in the open.  Where were his female cousins bathed?  If they had bathed in the open, it would have been mentioned.

The destruction of the author’s modesty is now complete. This is not an accident! The underlying motive of the author’s aunt and all his female relatives is laid clear.  They were offended by his modesty. He was an Indian boy.  The aunt wanted to see him naked and when she did she was joined by her female relatives including the author's mother.  HIs mother, though she initially protected his modesty, is fully complicit in its destruction.

When the author returned to America, he says his modesty returned.  This is doubtful.  He only returned to showering by himself.  However, his immodesty remained with regard to his mother and his mother to him.  He says. “Sometimes, she would come into the bathroom while I was getting undressed or showering to collect clothes for washing or to put away clean towels in the cabinet. Since we had clear shower doors, I was completely exposed to her.”  What mother does that?  Once again, showering cannot take that long. She easily could have waited. There is an ulterior motive here!  If his modesty had returned, he would have objected to her invading his privacy.  She did not do this before the trip to India!

This most interesting aspect of this story is when the author is exposed by his mother to his neighbor, Mrs. Cindy Johnson. It is where the author’s mother and Mrs. Johnson explain their voyeuristic rationalization. Mrs. Johnson mentions a National Geographic article on boys swimming nude in India. She says, “Boys sure are free and uninhibited in India.” 

The author says," My mom then proceeded to tell how I had first been so shy, but eventually I had left my modesty behind and had allowed my mom or my aunt to bathe me in the open courtyard, even when there were other relatives visiting, not caring who saw me naked.:

Mrs. Johnson responds ,”[B]oys used to be free like that here too. My mother told me stories of when she was growing up, they would have bath nights, where they brought a big tub and set it up in the kitchen. She and her sisters along with my grandma, would help their brothers to take a bath. I am glad that your culture still preserves that innocence and freedom for boys."  This is pure rationalization!  The reason her mother, aunts and grandma bathed her uncles was because they lacked plumbing!  That is why they brought in a big tub and set it up in the kitchen.  What happened when the girls bathed?  Why do only boys get "innocence and freedom"? 

 Mrs. Johnson continues, ““Please don’t take it the wrong way, but I am almost sad that I was not there to witness it. A boy of Rajesh’s age being so innocent and carefree, must have been so beautiful.”  When Mrs. Johnson says, "Please don't take it the wrong way . . ." , she gives away her real motive.  It was beautiful all right but not because Mrs. Johnson wants boys "innocent and carefree".  It was beautiful because Mrs. Johnson thinks naked 12-year old boys are beautiful.  Why are only naked boys beautiful?  Aren't naked girls just as beautiful?

The author quotes his mother, “It definitely was, I feel so much closer to my son now. I feel he is so much more open with me about everything.”  Really, stripping your son naked in public so that his female cousins can watch him bathe him makes you feel closer to him?

A few days later when the author’s family’s washing machine broke down. Mrs. Johnson kindly offered to do a load in her machine. When the author came in from playing, the mother stripped him naked in front of Mrs. Johnson to give her his clothes. Then his mother forced him to stand naked in front of  Mrs. Johnson while the mother got a wet paper towel to wipe away blood from a small abrasion. Any other mother would just have had him go to his room, change clothes and bring the dirty clothes to Mrs. Johnson.  Instead the author’s mother deliberately stripped her son naked in front of Mrs. Johnson to demonstrate her “close relationship” with him and how “free and innocent” he was.  It was entirely unnecessary and a little bit cruel.

The author says this incident embarrassed him and he swore to himself he would confront his mother. He never did! He never confronted his mother because had he confronted her, her voyeurism and his exhibitionism would have ended.  Had he wanted to retain his modesty, he would have said something.  He didn't because he liked it. 

There is a mutual,exploitation between the author and his female relatives. He enjoyed being being naked in front of his female relatives as much if not more than his female relatives! There is a curious, implied agreement to keep the sexuality limited.  He did not grow an erection while being bathed!  Had he done so, it would have completely changed the women’s attitude. They would not have regarded this as boyish.  They would have realized, his baths were sexual and ceased bathing him.  He didn't get an erection because he didn't realize his female relatives behavior had ulterior motives.  He thought it was merely a difference of custom. Had he thought he was being sexually exploited, he almost certainly would have grown an erection.

I digress to ask a simple question. The author says he was pre-pubescent at the time. Would it have happened if he were pubescent? The mere fact that he had pubic hair would have changed the attitude of his female relatives. Boys without pubic hair are little boys! Once boys grow pubic hair, they are becoming men. Once boys become men, the women won't think they are being maternal.  Until then they don’t realize that their behavior has an underlying sexuality. Once a boy is pubescent, his female relatives aren't going to regard him as a "free and innocent" boy any more.

Another digression, how many readers would have refused to do what Rajesh did? Few, I think. How many of us faced with that much feminine attention would have objected?  I have long felt there is an undercurrent of sexuality between a mother and son and a father and daughter. I believe it is healthy and normal as long as it doesn’t turn exploitive. I cite this story as compelling evidence of this belief.  Even though I have connected the behavior of all parties as sexual, there is nothing here that was erotic.  There is nothing here that was harmful!  The only behavior here that I think is inappropriate is the exposure of the author to his female cousins and to Mrs. Johnson. Being bathed by your aunt even at age 12 isn't all that unusual - especially in India!


Now to extrapolate these conclusions further, to quote what I read in a nursing magazine “when a man in the US goes to the hospital it is like he is thrown naked into a sorority house.”  The reason for this is that 90% of nurses and other hospital treating personnel are female. Though male patient nudity is inevitable, it has led to double standards of medical nudity. There is a plethora of stories on-line of male nudity medical double standards. What male patients particularly detest is when female medical providers bring in scribes, medical assistants, or chaperones, or any female to sit and watch their modestly sensitive examinations. There are no complaints against female medical providers themselves, just their female kibitzers.  Male medical providers are often just as bad and sometimes worse.  What I am saying here is the if you are being given a modesty sensitive medical examination, you don't have to allow anyone to sit and watch.  You can protest to the presence of kibitzers and if your protest is ignored, you can get up and leave!

This story suggests something else.  The medical profession is unanimous and adamant that they are indifferent to patient nudity.  While I believe that to be true with regard to erotic reactions, this story suggests that medical personnel still could have a psycho-sexual reaction to nudity.  My wife is a nurse, one of her friends once complained that she had no male patients to care for.  Why?  I had a roommate who was an ex-nurse.  She told me a story of a patient she thought had handsome genitals.  Then for the rest of the shift the nurses traded him off so they could all see his genitals.  Then there were the 5 Denver nurses who were punished for going to the morgue to see the size of a decedent's penis.  Nurses are still women and they still look at good looking men.  Why would it be different when the men are naked?

Then there is the case of female wax estheticians.  The majority do not want to give men Brazilian waxes.  Why?  One would expect female estheticians to like giving male Brazilians or at least be indifferent. Why disdain the income? Is it not unprofessional and discriminatory, to do women but not men?  What are they afraid of?  The ones who do cannot explain why the ones who don't, don't.  It is not primarily the fear of male misbehavior.  The estheticians who do men, know how deal with misbehaving men.   Estheticians who refuse to do men are afraid of having a sexual reaction while giving a Brazilian wax! If, like female doctors, nurses or masseuses, they did it a couple of times, they would get used to it.  They may, like Stephanie Laynes, an esthetician with her own website, find they "love it".1  The difference between estheticians and other female caregivers like nurses, is that the latter do not have a choice to provide service for naked men.  When caring for naked persons of the opposite sex is a routine part of your job, it ceases to be erotic. It becomes a routine part of your job! You may still notice attractive persons of the opposite sex but it won't be erotic!

If the reader thinks I am making this up about medical double standards concerning male nudity, go on the internet and read "Sports Physicals Often Include No Provision for Privacy" in Kevin MD, "Undressing for Group Sports Physical" in All Nurses and “When Men Patients are Forced to Man Up in the Medical Setting” in Dr. Linda. I could cite many more!

1.  See video Stephanie Laynes, Are You Offiering Men's Waxing Services?


Submitted: January 09, 2023

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