Humans endangered

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A plethora of scientists and fact finders can't be wrong..We are going going gone


It is getting close to our own species being put on the endangered list.

We are now the major cause of the sixth mass extinction of species.The last one was the Dinasours 65 million years ago.

Elephants are on the brink as I write this.

Thousands of species have disappeared over the past fifty years.Climate change mostly caused by us will finish is off as an apex predator.Wars and civil unrest are adding to our woes.

It is unlikely humans.will reach our full cycle of evolution.It has just recently been discovered that us humans are still evolving as a species.

Their are gaps in the previous mapping of the human genome' and they have just recently been filled in.

As ecosystems on land and in the oceans are wiped out mostly by grossly overpopulated human civilisation then our species will also die.

The amount of emaciated plastic in the oceans is terrifying.It is wiping out millions of fish and turtles and destroying the ability of the seas to produce oxygen for us to breath.

My sister,_in_law.can actually see it where the sea meets the sand at her beach in sunny Queensland.It is scary....



We are talking about the here and now.The next fifty or so years.

Human sperm counts have halved in the past fifty years worldwide.

Our species is fatally flawed and we are the major cause of our soon to be fall from the top of the animal kingdom tree.













Submitted: January 08, 2023

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Elon Musk is going to fix this

Thu, January 12th, 2023 2:35am

sweet lemon

He is bleeding to death financially.
Will he run out of money or oxygen to breath first....
Thanks for replying kitty.

Thu, January 12th, 2023 2:42am

Matt Triewly

Probably not - we are still God's most entertaining creature.

Wed, January 18th, 2023 12:32pm


We are gods sad clowns MT

Wed, January 18th, 2023 8:06pm

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