Bunked Bonked Buggered

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Sisters-they share bunkbeds, they bonk, and one gets the other buggered.

Lucy and Hannah had always known each other and shared space for as long as they could remember. They shared it intimately in the bedroom and the bathroom. They were sisters only ten months apart. They shared a small two-bedroom inner city apartment with their mother as the male presence in their lives disappeared while they were both toddlers. They were brought up very strictly by their mother. She insisted they attend the local all-girls Catholic primary and middle school and got an overload of moral rectitude through regular confession and Mass every Sunday.

The control started slipping at a mixed public inner-city college when Lucy began attending University in 2014. Their mother, Jan, was just flat out with two jobs paying higher education fees and prayed to the Saints in her spare time that the girls were keeping their legs crossed or someone was using contraception, though that word was never mentioned at the breakfast table. The only meal they shared these days. She always sighed when she saw tampons added to the shopping list. Things were okay in their fem-world. Male-free, how Jan liked it.

Lucy and Hannah were, of course, both at the boy and cock obsessed age. Nineteen and eighteen. The elder sister had recently surrendered her virginity in the back of a car. Hannah was still under the sway of hell if she touched herself, so her fingers hadn’t even made contact with her slit.

Lucy hadn’t struck lucky recently with any boy, mainly her fault: extra shifts at the fast-food chain where she worked, university assignments and semester exams looming soon. 

Her fingers worked steadily one night under her doona on the top bunk. Age has its privileges. Hannah had always occupied the bottom. Lucy was struggling to stifle her growing self-pleasure. The pricks of bodily pussy delight. The wet slushy slutty texture of her self-wetness under her engaged fingers. Near her clit, so sensitive, responsive, and delicately tender, she kept coming back near it and occasionally directly to her cherry. She couldn’t smother the moans even with her mouth shut. The pleasure was too giddying and intoxicating to hold, especially the tickly, nearly irritating delight, self-pure glee in the night.

Hannah underneath, still awake and now getting restless, couldn’t fully understand the strange sounds: a mix of pleasure and tension. They made her randy, the sounds inducing thoughts of cock; she struggled to control them but then, with more unsuppressed groans above her: she just had to know.

“Lucy, what’s the matter?” she asked quietly but with insistence; she needed an answer.

“Oh, I thought you were asleep.”

“What is it, Lucy? I know it’s not a nightmare. Why the sounds?”

“You don’t know?”

“No, Lucy, I don’t know.”

“I’m touching myself, sis. “


“Between my legs,” came the reply back from Lucy in a very matter-of-fact unashamed voice.

“Oh God, no,” said Hannah in all mortal sin, making the sign of the cross and touching her rosary beads.

“Oh God, yes,” said Lucy talking up her pleasure, now interrupted, but it could recommence.

“What’s it like? It sounds wonderfully happy yet strangely tense, like you wanted to let go of something but couldn’t. Yet you can’t stop the tension that accompanies the pleasure. I don’t know; it made me feel horny hearing you.”

“Wow! You need to do it. What you said, that’s sort of it, sis. Try it.”

“You’re on the way to hell, Lucy. Oh, Lucy! No more.”

“Hell, no, it’s heaven, personal paradise and life-defining all rolled into one, Hannah. Trust me, the priest and mum lied.”

“How do I do it then?”

Lucy had sounded so happy that Hannah had to share in it.

“You find your style, sis. Just feel and rub and prod around gently between your legs. You’ll work it out. Fast or slow, fingers in or circulating. All choices. Just touch yourself. Go on and make a start.”

Lucy couldn’t hear anything for about thirty seconds.

Then she listened to the rustle of restless legs under the doona below, Then the soft sweet murmurs of her younger sister’s first growing orgasm.

“Oh wow! It’s wonderful. It’s, oh! My…oh!”

Hannah was rubbing and fingering at the same time.

She found a hard little nub of flesh and couldn’t leave it alone. It didn’t want to be left alone. The more attention it received, the more pleasure it gave back. As her fingers circulated faster, giving the bud all her mental and physical concentration, it gave Hannah rapture on earth. The spikes of rising pleasure. The climax of every lustful wish and the sweetest sensation as her body treated her soul. Masturbation exposed her true personality.

She wanted it again, but her body told her to wait. To savour it. It would be there again when she was ready. Shit, she realised; the instant pleasure was always available at the touch of her fingers. And then, if her fingers delivered this pleasure, what power was a cock capable of in her?

Lucy also came intensely, above her masturbating sister, in a powerful rapid finger fuck made more exciting by Hannah’s unrepressed moans below. Luckily mum had a night shift. The noisy tart below was finding sensational release on her first feeling furry journey. Her sister hid nothing of her pleasure; wow, it was potent, and their room wafted mingling musk from two sources as they drifted to sleep; both dreaming of cock; long and hard; primed before their pussies and then slumber.

It was the first Friday night of their midyear breaks. Mum was again on the night shift routine. However, it allowed the girls to sneak out to a local nightclub. Lucy was determined to help her sister, and Hannah was willing now to lose her virginity. She had plenty of weeks on the pill, prepping her each time she popped one down her throat. 

However: Lucy knew the importance of pussy prep time in the modern age. Guys just expected manicured smooth delight below. Too much porn, she thought and fantasising about those Brazilian girls: the world cup soccer to blame; Rio docs on TV; that beach and those local completely tanned boob job girls, bouncing freely playing that unique beach soccer.

“Hannah, honey, come into the bathroom.”

“I’m about to get dressed.”

“Don’t bother; come here now,” said Luce.

Hannah rocked leisurely into the small bathroom. The shower, vanity and toilet were very cramped. She strolled in wearing her matching lilac underwear, cute and new, with lacey trim and high cut. Her mum would have seen it as Satan’s lust, but her mum wasn’t here.

Lucy saw the problem straight away. But, Christ, didn’t Hannah ever look down; because a few wispy crinkly dark long pubes were spoiling the perfect lingerie look; it was shaving time for her sister: time to trim the bush.

“Hannah, sweetie, get those delicious panties off now.”

Lucy only had on her underwear too, and there was nothing unusual in that, typically, between sisters.

But this!

“Wow, Luce, gay sisterhood, sib-cest, I don’t think so.” 

She stepped back and stood in the doorway. 

“You may secretly wish that, honey, but no, I’m no sister fister just yet, “she winked, “we must trim and shave your bush. Look down.”

Hannah peeped, head intently on her chin, and her expression changed to fuck. Got to fix this. 

The fister bit she would look up later.

“Okay, sit on the toilet seat and get those panties off,” ordered her big sister.

Hannah hesitated, then complied. They had seen each other partially or fully naked in the bathroom or their bedroom, but that was just glances as they dressed, undressed, changed or got out or into the shower. Nothing sexy, just naked bodies. This was different. 

Hannah was now naked on the toilet seat, but her legs were closed. Still, the top of her bushy V was very thick. Thick, she noticed.

Lucy had a pair of scissors and asked her sister to open her thighs. 

Hannah did so, unsure but tingly too. 

Her older sister snipped like a pro through Hannah’s veritable pubic forest.

 Still, the younger sister thought, ‘shit, what are you doing? It’s all stubble now, grosser than unshaved legs.’

“Stop! Please, stop.”

“What’s the matter, sis?”

“It looks awful. I hate it, a guy, if I get a guy, he’ll run away if he sees this mess;” she was close to tears.

“Oh, my little rabbit. I thought you knew you’re only half done. Here this is what it looks like.”

Lucy peeled back her black lacy pants, and Hannah got the surprise of her life. There was her sister’s shaved coochie, and her rose-petal folded lips fleshly exposed and so attractive, so eye drawing. The secret recess revealed draws the eye. She took in the familiar, her sister’s female bits similar to hers, but the intriguing long hood and the crimpled uniquely shaped lips.

She understood the job to be completed now, creating a scene that, when revealed as freshly shaved pussy; no guy would be able to resist; virginity easily defeated with this new look. She spread her legs wider.

“Here, sis, the delicate bits need the personal touch; besides, I might get over-excited. Can’t have that happening and got to let a guy touch you first.”

Lucy left Hannah with a new blade in the razor for the closest of close labia to razor finishes.

Hannah carefully lathered up and slid the razor ever so gingerly carefully over her crotch flesh folds. The grating, stubbly pubes were whipped away, leaving incredibly soft skin. Her meat pleats were left dangling, exposed like never before. So fleshy, so pink, so self-appealing. Cuteness was defined and ready for a man—her first guy.

Well, one attractive girl will draw the eyes of all the dudes in a bar room. Two is just a treat. Friday night is looking up, and Lucy and Hannah are swamped with dance invitations, drink offers and whispered invites to cut to the chase and leave for more intimate action.

Hannah was nearly too slutty, observed Lucy at the start, but gets distracted with potential guys of her own. Guys on the dance floor are through Hannah’s space, touching her arse and pushing into her breasts. Lucy wants her younger sister to slow down. The problem was she had her desire to feed too.

Hannah looks to Lucy for direction but only sees a tramp; her elder sister, her role model for the night, faced locked with some guy who is also groping her butt cheeks. Handfuls of Lucy’s behind.

As the night intensifies, they are both lost in their own developing choices. This is for self. Find a fuck for yourself. Hannah can’t see Lucy: maybe she has left with a guy already.

Hannah’s choice was made. Richard, nice boy, nice name. Hannah, though, was thinking dick. Richard Dick; she was caught with Dick. Cock, Dick, Cock; her mind closed off to anything else.

Richard and his dick had no idea how lucky they would be. He was nineteen, had no car, and his parents were home. No problem. Hannah lived nearby, and her mum was not at home; off they rushed.

Fast was a misnomer regarding the speed of their mutual stripping of gear in Hannah’s room. Richard thought the petite girly room cute with its bunk beds. He’d never fucked on the top bunk before, or the bottom bunk for that matter or fucked any girl, but he wasn’t telling; this slut was hot; she must chase cock every night of the week. It was his lucky turn.

How little we know: how we exaggerate what we think we know sexually of another without knowing: two virgins thinking: ‘stud’ and ‘whore’. Their bodies and minds were lost in lust. Youthful demanding yearning. Hungry for proffered available sex.

They were kissing and fondling each other’s privates. Both were lost in the rapture of touch until Richard suddenly felt the urgency in his pecker. He grabbed her hand and started to climb the bunk bed ladder.

“Oh no, the bottom bunk, please,” from Hannah; she couldn’t bonk on her sister’s bunk: no way.

Richard’s plan went out of his mind as Hannah took head on her bottom bunk. Fuck cock was great, was all she thought. Then it was slurp, the slide and the slurry of spittle on his hardness. His beautiful, beautiful hardness, God, it was hard, and Hannah loved hard: all she needed was stiff, and she had rigid.

Richard was flat on his back, watching his cock, his virgin cock disappearing between Hannah’s wet sexy gorgeous lips.

Hannah had that inspired a free-of-morality sexual moment and grabbed the wooden supports for the top bunk’s mattress above her head, bent her knees, straddled her man like a goddam pro and rode his cock into mental oblivion. She was loudly moaning, then added: ‘Oh fuck! Oh, fuck, this is good! Oh, fuck me,”: nothing virginal in the virgin’s response here.

Richard thought: Fuck, I like sex, and Fuck, what a girl.

Hannah settled into a tight spearing rhythm of the extended body up, then down. Total pleasure sensation concentration. Internalising it all through her spread fleshy slit filled with cock.

Lucy came through the door with a guy; both were half undressed and tearing at clothes, and they both saw her little sister’s high-humping arse like the slut Lucy only thought she was. Hannah was bonking wildly.

Richard and Hannah knew others were in the room, but they were both past the point of stopping; the pleasure rush had pushed them too far.

The guy with Lucy was frickin excited. He had the elder sister willingly and over eagerly spread and propped against the bunk bed ladder and, after some rapid foreplay, was shafting her pucker hole. Lucy was moaning louder than her sister, who was very close to orgasm on the bunk bed. 

Hannah turned to see Lucy’s arsehole gaped and stuffed on the ladder’s rungs. WOW; it was sexy, and she wanted that too, but the thought was lost; in the no-thought rush, the total blank sensation of incredible self-captivating pleasure spasms darting through her pussy but holding intensely from side to side and in and under and over her clit and then flowing everywhere through her: “Ohh! Ohh! Ohh,” was everything; body, thought and life for Lucy, as she came strongly; fuller than any self-stimulation on the same bed. 

Richard jizzed in frantic happy waves deep in her, and fuck, he was delighted, and the girl on top of him was very contented too. 

Cock pleased, pussy glad. 

Hannah’s arse was sated and nicely buggered. The guy then had his cock sucked off and finished off well by giving Hannah the full cum facial: as a girl on the bed watched. The guy on the bed looked stuffed, rooted. He was lying back. Sweet, thought the guy; fabulous: I cum on a chick’s face and have an audience.

When Jan caught up with girls briefly at breakfast before heading to work the following day, again, she said she would have dinner in town and then go to her second job and not come home till after midnight. Was that okay? She would catch them both on Sunday morning. 

Jan was hardly out the door before Lucy and Hannah were on their phones: inviting last night’s guys to come straight over.

Submitted: January 08, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Janus. All rights reserved.

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