Merlin 2 Scene

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is one of the original scenes I wrote for Merlin: A Rogue's Inferno, that didn't make it into the story because I decided to change where I was going with it, but I still thought a few people might enjoy it so I decided to post it anyways.

“How dare you try to undermine me!” Merlin accused letting the door slam shut as he entered the laboratory.

I looked up from the book I’d been studying and eyed Hada. She shrugged, also confused as to whom he was addressing.

“Hada, please step out for a moment, I’d like a word alone with Penelope,” Merlin spoke calmly, despite the anger in his eyes.

“Uh, yes, Master Merlin,” she spoke before leaving the two of us alone in the room.

“Merlin--,” I began.

“You will let me finish what I have to say!” he shouted slamming a piece of paper down on the table.

I didn’t have to examine it long to realize it was my sworn statement that I’d given to Archmage Arbor regarding Panacea’s death.

“How did you come across this?” I questioned.

“I am on trial for murder, Penelope. Arbor will discuss everyone’s statements with me!” he shouted.

I shrugged. “I didn’t undermine you. I spoke the truth, Merlin. You’re guilty,” I answered simply.

“I thought we had moved past this Penelope,” he sighed balling up the paper before it immediately caught fire and burned to ash.

“I am trying to forgive you for what happened, but I will not lie about what happened that day,” I stated closing the book and walking past him to place it back on the shelf.

“Do you even care what happens to me?!” he questioned wheeling around and gripping my arm.

“You dare ask me that? YOU? You have quite the nerve, Merlin,” I accused.

“I have apologized profusely. Mistakes were made. You know my feelings on the matter,” he groaned, clearly frustrated.

“You may feel guilty, but that won’t change what happened that day and I will not lie, especially to the Archmage. Perhaps you should have thought about the consequences before acting,” I stated. “Now release me.”

He leaned close, his eyes narrowed, but did not release me.

“Very well. Have it your way,” I murmured as little bits of electricity exited my fingertips, slid up my arm and shocked him.

He gasped in surprise and jerked away from me.

“Is that all you wanted Merlin? I’ve some plans with Hada. She is tutoring me on a particularly difficult potion I’ve been having trouble mastering and then I have lunch plans with Ovinnik later on,” I informed him nonchalantly.

“Just what is this measly Ovinnik to you?” he questioned, clearly jealous.

“He was Panacea’s familiar and was passed on to me,” I replied simply.

“The day we met the Archmage I smelled his scent on you,” he growled, his cat eyes narrowed.

“Well yes, I have been somewhat lonely these last fifty years, hiding away in Panacea’s temple. Things happen. Nothing I regret though.”

Before I could anticipate his movement he took hold of my arms and pushed me into the bookcase. He slammed my back into it with enough force to cause some books to wobble. He pinned my arms together above my head.

“So, you fuck him?” he growled.

“On occasion. Why, you jealous?” I asked with a smirk. It was clear that he was. He was not used to the new me, he was used to the meek Penelope I had been fifty years ago when we’d first met. I was no longer that girl.

“You fuck him, but you refuse to touch me?!” he interrogated.

It had been nearly two months since I’d returned to the house and had reluctantly agreed to let him teach me how to control my powers. I’d agreed knowing he was the only one who could do it. In his mind he must have assumed it would take no time at all for things to return to how they had been before. It had been hard for sure, knowing we were staying under the same roof and not to seek him out, but if he wanted me so badly then he would have to seek me out this time.

“Yes, well Ovinnik is actually loyal and doesn’t betray me,” I countered.

He leaned closer, our gazes meeting. His lips were so close to mine that I could feel his breath on my face. “And do you enjoy it with him? Can he make you scream his name out like I can?”

The question caught me off guard and my face flushed with heat. “Can he make you come like I can?” he breathed into my ear, tracing the outline of it with his tongue. It sent shivers down my spine. Things were quickly spiraling out of control. I didn’t know how to answer.

“Does he have you begging for more?” He questioned, trailing his lips down my throat. “Is he bigger than me?” he asked, pressing his now hard cock against my thigh.

The answer to all these questions was no, but I couldn’t let him win so easily. “None of this is relevant because nothing is happening between you and I today,” I answered shoving him away from me and stepping away from him.  

He did not let me leave as he strode after me and gripped me by the back of my neck and spun me around to face him. The other hand slipped into my hair, and he tangled his fingers into it as he gripped a handful of it at the root. He yanked my head back.

“Merlin!” I cried out in pain, but I was cut off as his lips came hungrily down on mine. The hand that gripped my neck loosened and he moved it to my lower back and applied pressure, pushing me taut against his body.

He pulled his mouth away just a bit so he could speak. “If you don’t want me. Tell me clearly now and I’ll let you go,” he promised, his eyes searching mine for approval or disapproval.

The words didn’t come, and a triumphant smile crept onto his face. “Time’s up, Penelope.” The words had barely left his mouth before his lips came crashing back down on mine. He kissed me for a few moments, nibbling on my bottom lip. Releasing his grip on my hair, he took my hands in his and wrapped my arms around him. “Touch me, Penelope. Let go and allow yourself to feel what you want to.”

My last bit of self-control left at his words and I gripped him tightly, kissing him back. Pulling away I shoved his chest, causing him to stumble against the bookshelf. I came to stand before him, and he stared into my eyes. They were filled with desire. Slowly approaching him, my hand shot out around his throat and I gripped it tightly as I pulled his face back to mine, kissing him wildly.

His arms came up around my waist and he pulled me tight against him, his hands sliding over every portion of my body overtop the fabric of the dress. Gripping at my chest he tore the front of my dress wide open, revealing my breasts. Pulling his mouth away from mine he lowered his head to my chest and began to kiss and bite at my flesh, sucking hard on my nipples. I cried out in pain, and he clamped his hand down over my mouth. He lifted his head and our gazes met.  

“I will not be gentle as I have been in the past. You’re much stronger now,” he informed.

I was determined from that point not to cry out again. I could take what he dished out and give a bit of my own. I bit his hand and he pulled it away, his fist balled, teeth clenched together. Trying to gain control again, I tore at his pants releasing his hardened cock from his trousers. Stepping up onto the bookshelf I situated myself over his erection. He slid his hands beneath my dress and ripped away my undergarments with ease, gripping my thighs tightly he pulled me down onto his erection. I moaned as he filled me to my core, rekindling the longing of this sensation with him.

His lips came crashing down onto mine and he kissed me with an intensity I’d never known as he pounded into me roughly. He lifted me off the bookshelf and carried me over to the table where I’d been reading earlier and slammed me down onto it, continuing to thrust into me. He leaned over the table and squeezed my breasts tightly, causing me to moan again.

Our lips met once again, and he groaned against my mouth. His hands were all over me, squeezing me, touching me. Likewise with my own. I was gripping and digging into his flesh with my nails.

I pulled away momentarily to pull his shirt over his head and paused when I saw the scars on his back. “Is that from the demons?” I asked gently sliding my fingertips over the raised scars. I had assumed the panacea would heal him completely, but I didn’t stay long enough afterwards to find out.

“Yes. Are they ugly? Do I repulse you?” he asked, beginning to pull away.

“No,” I answered taking his face in my hands. “You’re not repulsive.” I pressed my lips back to his and dug my nails into his back and he picked up the pace again.

“Ohh, Merlin,” I moaned, on the verge of coming.

“Do you feel it, Penelope? This connection we have? I’ll never have it with anyone but you,” he declared, kissing my neck as we came together.

We came with such intensity that afterwards he collapsed onto me and we remained motionless, breathless, and sweaty for quite some time.

“Penelope?” Merlin asked, his voice taking on a gentler tone.

“Yes Merlin?” I asked as he lifted his head to look into my eyes.

“I’m not really angry about what you said to the Archmage. I am angrier with myself. My actions were foolish and incompetent, and I’ve ruined everything. Please allow me a second chance with you and I promise not to fuck this one up, hmm?” He caressed my cheek softly with his thumb.

“It will be a long process, but I will agree if we can take things slow. What happened just now, it can’t happen like this again. Do you understand me?” I questioned.

“Did you not enjoy it?” he asked, genuinely confused.

“Clearly I did, Merlin, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. I mean that you need to let me come to you when I’m ready. I don’t want to feel pressured or rushed into doing anything I’m not ready to do,” I answered.

“Ah, I understand. Forgive me,” he apologized pressing his forehead to mine.

“Well I think I’ll have to skip out on my lesson with Hada for today, but if you’ll excuse me I still have to meet Ovinnik for lunch.” I shuffled out from underneath him, and he looked at me incredulously.

“You’re still going to that?” he questioned.

“Yes of course. It’s a business meeting. He’s keeping up with the estate and all that. I have much to discuss in those matters with him,” I answered.

“Very well, but don’t wash up. Let him smell my seed in you,” he stated with a wicked grin that caused me to blush.

“I’ve got to go for now,” I said, ignoring his comment and he chuckled as I rushed out of the room.

 His comment had caused me to turn red again and I didn’t want him to see that. He didn’t need to know that he still had the same effect on me that he had fifty years ago. Against his advice, I washed up and changed into a not torn dress and made my way back downstairs.

As I approached the door Merlin caught my hand, intertwining his fingers with mine. I hadn’t even seen him there. My heart beat fast at his touch. I turned around to face him and he smiled at me. It was one of those genuine smiles that reached his eyes.

“What is it, Merlin?” I inquired. “Why are you smiling?”

“Because I feel like I’m seeing you in a new light. I don’t know if it’s possible, but you’ve grown more beautiful somehow,” he admitted somewhat sheepishly, sliding his fingers through his hair.

I blushed once again, for like the hundredth time in the last two hours. “Thank you, but your words won’t flatter me. I do have to go.”

“I know. Would you like to take the carriage?” he inquired.

“No, I prefer to walk. I won’t be far away. Don’t worry Merlin, I’ll come back,” I promised.

“Good, I’ll leave you to it then.” He brought my hand to his mouth and pressed his lips to the back of it in a quick kiss. Then he released me, turned on his heels, and strode off towards his laboratory. A small part of me was disappointed that he had not given me a proper kiss goodbye, but then I realized that he was trying to respect my words and give me the time I needed.

With a sigh, I opened the door and stepped out onto the stoop, shutting the door behind me. I took a fresh breath of air and took off towards the restaurant where I was to meet Ovinnik.

Submitted: January 07, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Pandita95. All rights reserved.

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