Chapter 6: Begging for More

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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I called in sick the following day but avoided informing my husband. I was TOLD to skip work and return to Shelby's apartment. It was an 'obey me or else' proposition by Garrett.  "Get your ass over here, Megan, or I'll finish her off myself," he warned.  Finish her off?  OMG...

I went back over to Shelby's place where Garrett had spent the night. He had pulled her piss stained mattress off the bed frame and leaned it haphazardly against the wall. It was ruined and needed to be trashed. Shelby was stretched nude and spread Eagle across the box springs, her ligatures so tight that she was struggling to breathe. There were red stripes and whelps covering her sweet, nimble body. Garrett had whipped her relentlessly across the front after strapping her down. 

"Do you approve, mistress?" he growled as I entered the apartment.  Garrett's menacing expression suggested I should at least appear impressed with his work.  

"Fuck, Garrett!!  You beat the shit out of her."  I feigned a smile of approbation and planted my knees on the carpet, smoothing my fingertips over Shelby's fresh wounds.  She was sweaty and severely tenderized.  Her pendulous breasts had been blistered and bruised, beaten to a pulp like punching bags. There was barely a patch of skin that hadn't been lashed. She was lost in a stupor and unresponsive.  

"Shelby, can you hear me?" I whispered. She didn't say a word. Her eyes remained closed as I kissed her on the lips. 


"Does it meet with your standards?" Garrett persisted in his German dialect.

"What standards?" I inquired without thinking.

"Your standards as a mistress... as Shelby's personal slave master."

"Oh those standards.  Well, I think it exceeds them, quite frankly. This is brutal."

Garrett seemed pleased.  "I left her back side for you to take care of," he smirked, handing me his belt and leaning down to loosen the ropes.

"I don't usually do both sides," I mumbled, hoping to dissuade Garrett from torturing the girl further.  "She looks like she's had enough."

"Nonsense, Megan.  You are a perfectionist, and perfectionists believe in symmetry."

"Symmetry?" I repeated.

"Symmetry is the essence of beauty."  Garrett loosened the final rope and Shelby groaned as he began to twist her naked body.  "Help me flip her over, Megan.  Tie her arms and legs on your side of the bed."

I put the belt down, and the two of us turned Shelby on her stomach.  We spread her wide open, then roped her appendages to the metal frame.  She was too weak to resist.  Garrett picked up the belt and handed it over.  "I'd prefer that you do this without your clothes, Megan.  I like looking at your body."

"Is that a demand or just a preference?" I asked. 

Garrett pulled a folded hunting knife from deep in his pocket.  He opened the blade and polished the shiny steel with his jeans, rubbing it up and down the front of his thigh."It's a preference. Would you prefer that I cut off your scrubs this morning or just take them off nicely?  By the way, why are you wearing those?  I think I made it clear you would be skipping work for the day."

"My husband doesn't know that I'm here.  He thinks I'm at work because I dressed to go there."

"Oh, that's so convenient, Megan.  You see!  A perfectionist.  You're always thinking... always planning ahead."


I lifted my arms for Garrett to pull off my top.  He untied my bottoms and slid them down my legs, then folded my outfit and placed it neatly on the dresser.

"I will be cutting off your bra and your panties," he insisted.  "You should have known better than to wear them."

"Please, Garrett."  He paid no attention to my objection, slicing through the lace like butter and dropping my underwear in a pile on the floor.  My pregnant belly protruded, and my milk laden breasts peaked with a sinister excitement in the open air.  

"Gag her with your panties," Garrett ordered.


"Because her screams disrupt my concentration," he responded.  "Also, I'd like for her to taste you as you whip her senseless."

I picked up the strips of material that once were my panties.  Garrett nodded as I slipped the damp crotch in Shelby's mouth, then cinched the two ends with a knot behind her head.  I draped her blonde hair to one side and exposed her bare back for the carnage to come.

"Simply beautiful," Garrett exclaimed, grazing my body with his strong, hungry hands.  They were luxuriously soft for a man so powerful, so brutally athletic.  He kneaded my protuberant belly and felt for the baby.  "Who knocked you up, Megan?"

I hesitated to answer as it was none of his business.  I knew that would be a mistake.  Garrett backed up slightly and smacked my bare ass.  "I asked you a question."

I whimpered.  "Just a guy that isn't my husband."


"A guy named Brandon.  He's just a kid I picked up on the road. He ran out of gas."

"Just a kid?"  Garrett leaned over and kissed my neck, licking the length of my jugular vein.  I couldn't decide if I should scream or moan.  I let out a seductive sigh.  It was not intentional.  "How old?"

"Too young," I whispered.  "Not a tenth the man you are, Garrett.  You're so much bigger and better."

Garrett laughed, knowing full well I was deferring the question and trying to garner his empathy.  "Does your husband know a little boy got you pregnant?"  He sounded as abrasive as ever.

"Yeah," I confirmed.  "But that little boy is bigger than my husband."

"Then your husband is pathetic, and you need a real man to take care of you."

"I don't need anyone to take care of me, Garrett.  I take care of myself."

"Which is why you're standing here naked right now, wet for me to cut that little bastard out of your belly and fuck your dead pussy full of cum."

I shuddered in horror.  My face turned several shades of pale before Garrett grabbed a handful of hair and jerked my face into his for a kiss.  He shoved his hot tongue down my throat until I choked, then pulled away to study my reaction. 


"Take care of your girlfriend," he snickered, unfolding the belt and positioning the buckle in my hand.  "Do it right, and you'll be taking care of yourself."  Garrett snapped the belt loudly in the air above Shelby, guiding my arm through the lightening fast motion.  "Do it wrong, and you'll find yourself strapped on top of her. I will take care of both of you at the same time."

Garret backed away and nodded.  It was time to begin the game, and I knew the score.  I leaned back and brought down the belt across Shelby's slick back.  It smacked with precision and left a red mark.  Shelby flinched at the impact and groaned into her gag.

"Not bad for a beginner," Garrett commented.  "But you're a mistress, Megan, and I know you can do better."  I shook my head vehemently, but Garrett just nodded to emphasize his opinion.  "Bring the belt all the way over the top, Megan.  Scrape the ceiling and make it sing."

I knew what he meant. I knew what he expected. I just wasn't sure I was capable of duplicating the damage Garrett had demonstrated on Shelby's front side.

Garrett pulled a small object out of his pants and handed it over. It was a positive pregnancy test.The blue plus sign beamed brightly on a sterile white background.  

"What's this?" I asked. 

"What's it look like?" he smirked  

"Shelby's pregnant?"

Garrett nodded.  "She tested this morning at my insistence when I found the open box in her bathroom.  She must have missed her period."

"Yours?" I studied Garrett's expression.

"Nope.  We just met online a week ago.  Yesterday was the first day I fucked her.  She says it's your husband's ."

"She said she was pregnant with my husband's baby?"

"Could that be possible?" Garrett inquired.

"I mean... maybe.  They were only together that one time at Christmas.  Fuck, I can't believe this!"

"Believe it, Megan.  She seemed pretty sure. How could you let your pathetic husband do this?"

"Stop calling him that!  Even if he is, that's none of your business.  Besides, she has to be messing around with other guys.  She admitted to dating around when we met before the holiday"

"Maybe you can beat the truth out of her - that is, if she can speak.  Otherwise, your pathetic hubby is going to have himself another baby mama."

"The hell he is,"  I grumbled.

"And why not, Megan?  What are you going to do about it?"

"I'm going to fix it," I said.

"How so?"  Garrett interrogated slyly.

"I'm gonna take her out."

"Show me," he hummed.

I let the belt uncurl on the floor behind me, then slung it over my shoulder with all of my strength.  The leather came down on Shelby's perfect ass.  She tensed with pain, her arms and her legs coarsely trembling against the ropes that held her down.  There was a long and muffled squeal.


"That's more like it."  Garrett stepped towards me and put a squeeze on my peach with his palm.  I found myself spreading my legs, welcoming his lewd reward for following his ruthless instructions.  "You're wet for me, Megan.  Punishing your girlfriend makes you hot, doesn't it? You can't even deny it."

"Yes," I whispered.  He squeezed me again.  My clit was throbbing against the heel of his hand.  He was smearing my juices all over my labia.

"Hit her again, Megan.  Everything you've got."

I lashed the belt down across Shelby's lower back.  She had three bright ribbons of agony. This was getting a lot easier... more intense and rewarding.

"Again," Garrett instructed, sliding his finger up my slit.  How could I refuse?  If I did, he would kill me.  If I didn't, he would surely make me cum.  I wanted to cum.  The belt came down hard with a fiery hiss.  It left a stripe across Shelby's taught thighs just below her butt.  I was painting her skin crimson with my thick, leather brush. 

I, the artist, was taking my time, gathering my strength for another hard stroke when Garrett shoved a second digit up my pink, pregnant pussy.  I moaned contently as he fucked me with his fingers, then whipped the blonde wildly with a fury of blows.


"That's my girl," Garrett murmured, his lips vibrating against my ear, his tongue wetting my pinna as he rammed his fingers faster and deeper up my cunt.  "Somebody's making a mess."  I certainly was.  My eager snatch was sloppy and gushing on the floor.  He shoved in a third finger and slipped his thumb up my ass.  I was climaxing in an instant, falling back into his tattooed chest.  I let the waves of pleasure roll through me, trembling and gasping like the bitch I was beating unconscious. 

"She's a bitch, Megan."  Garrett's words were like an echo in my mind, an astonishing clairvoyance and melding of our thoughts.  The muscles in my tunnel were gripping and relaxing.  My dark nipples dribbled their milk. 

"She's a bitch," I whispered back.  "She's a bitch that needs beating."

"Yes, she does."  Garrett steadied me beside the bed in my post-orgasmic haze.  "Use both hands," he suggested softly, molding my ten fingers around the heavy, black buckle.  "Give her what she deserves.  Then, I'll give you what you deserve."

I had a vision of chopping wood, of bashing out the life with a baseball bat... taking it high above my head and swinging it viciously... bringing it down like that giant hammer at the state fair, the one that rings the bell if you're strong enough...

cotton candy pink with a sugar sweet smack...

stripe after stripe across her legs and her back,

stripes on her ass, tears of distress,

blistered and bludgeoned until I beat her to death.


"That will do."  Garrett grabbed my wrist in mid motion, holding me back.  I was sweating profusely, beads of perspiration dripping between my breasts.  My cheeks were flushed.  My chest was heaving for air.  My curly brown hair was pasted to my face and my forehead.  Shelby was still and quiet.

"Lie down on top of her," he instructed.  "Mimic her position with your arms and legs spread over hers.  I want the two of you stacked like pussy pancakes, perfectly aligned."

"But I'm pregnant, Garrett.  I can't lie on my belly like that."

"It will be just for a minute, Megan.  You can do it for me, can't you?"

"You want to fuck us both together, don't you?  You want to dip your stick back and forth, in and out each of our pussies."

"That's exactly what I want, Megan.  Now, lie down on top her."


I did as he asked.  As soon as I was on top of Shelby, Garrett untied her wrists and ankles, then tied me to the bed frame the very same way.  Shelby's back was on fire beneath me, pressing against my boobs.  I could feel the whelps swelling and the cuts on her skin, the blood oozing and mingling with my sweat.  Her breathing was shallow and the weight of my body was smothering her.

"Garrett, you said just for a minute.  Why are you tying me down?"

"Because I lied."

"Garrett, please! Can you at least put a pillow between us?"

"No," he answered.  "I like how you look together just as you are. Your pussy is so pretty, Megan.  It's still soaking wet.  I'll start with you first just to lube up my dick."


Garrett dropped his jeans and his boxers to the floor.  He was hard as a porn star and dripping with pre-cum.  The knob of his cock was throbbing with anticipation.  He leaned over the bed and pressed it to my lips.  "Suck it, Megan.  Have a taste of a real man's spunk before he fucks his big load into your slutty-ass pussy."

"Garrett, please!"

He shoved it in my mouth. I sucked his salty bulb as he pushed his shaft deeper, gagging me with his prick.  I coughed and I slobbered, but I dared not bite him.

"Please!" I repeated.  He ignored me, fisting my hair and ramming his cock down my throat... gag reflex be damned.  I was strangling on his manhood.  He was fucking my mouth.  He creamed all over my tonsils.

"Load number one," Garrett uttered, pulling his fuck pole from between my trembling lips.  Thick strings of saliva dangled from his shaft as his slit drizzled and dripped out warm icing.  He was still rock hard, walking around to the foot of the bed and climbing on top of the bedsprings.  I felt him slam his thick pipe in my pussy.  I gasped.  He pulled back and rammed me again so deep that it pounded my cervix.

"Too deep!" I groaned. "Too hard!"

"Shut up, slut. Do you think I give a shit about your baby? Do you think I give a fuck about your pussy?  I'm going to fuck this cunt until it bleeds, and the same goes for Shelby. You're going to lie there on your pregnant belly and take your punishment. You're going to lie there and get fucked like the whore that you are."


Garrett pounded my slot until the pain turned to pleasure and the punishing depths of his thrusts made me squirt on his swinging scrotum. It was slapping my swollen clit. I was gripping his girth with my love muscle. I was milking his tool for a second hot load when he suddenly and unimaginably pulled out.

"What are you doing? Why are you stopping?"

I felt his washboard six-pack abdomen slam against my crotch, but his dick wasn't going inside me. He was fucking Shelby. He was fucking her beneath me.

"I've got to give your friend her share," Garrett chuckled.

"She doesn't need it, Garrett.  She doesn't even know you're inside her."

"What makes you think this is about her, Megan?  Do you want to know how her cunt feels around my dick? Do you want to taste her juice on my cock?"

"I want you to fuck me till you cum inside me, Garrett. I want you to give me your dick back."


Garrett laughed at my desperation. "And what will you give me if I fuck you some more, Megan? What will you give me for my cum?"

"What do you want?" I asked frantically.

"Finish her off."

"Finish her? What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean, Megan." Garrett pounded relentlessly against my open crotch. He was pumping Shelby's pussy full of cock. It was the cock that I wanted. It was the cock that I needed.

"How, Garrett? How do you want me to finish her?"

"I'll show you after I cum in your pussy. Do you agree to finish her, Megan? Will you do it of your own free will? I won't have to force you?"

"You won't have to force me," I promised. Shelby seemed to be barely hanging on. It shouldn't take much... something quick and easy. I was crushing her with my weight as it was. She might not be alive by the time Garrett finished fucking me. Then, it wouldn't be my fault.


Garrett rubbed the head of his cock up and down my sensitive slit. He was teasing and taunting and making me beg. "Shove it in me, Garrett! Quit messing around. I told you I'd do it. I told you I'd do what you wanted."

"Tell me again, Megan. Tell me how much you want my dick."

"I want it so bad, Garrett. I want you to fuck that big cock up inside me. I want you to give me your cum.".

"You're a whore aren't you, Megan? You're a pregnant fuck slut. Tell me what you are. Tell me what you want."

"I'm a whore. I'm a slut. I want your thumb up my butt."


Garrett cackled at my comment. "You like it up the ass too, don't you slut?"

"You know I do, Garrett. Now, fill up my pussy, baby. Make me spray all over your nuts so you can give me that seed."

"I love your dirty mouth, bitch."  Garrett rammed his dick inside me and shoved a finger up my ass simultaneously. I almost came instantly before he started to pump. "Tell me again what you're going to do, Megan."

"Please fuck me, Garrett. I'll do whatever you want."

Garrett began to plow me slowly. "What will you do about Shelby?"

"Finish her, baby. I told you I'd finish her."

Garrett thrusted inside me deeper and harder, slamming against my pregnant womb and knocking me forward. "What does that mean exactly?"

I was gasping with pleasure, creeping closer to climax.  "That's it baby. Oh shit, you're going to make me cum. I'm going to cum all over your dick. I'm going to squirt on your balls."

"What does it mean, Megan?" Garrett slowed down, keeping me on the edge of my orgasm... sweet torture on the end of his shaft. He had so much control and the stamina of a teenager.

"It means I'm going to kill her, Garrett."  There. I said it. "I'm going to kill her the way you want me to kill her."

"Of your own free will," he repeated.

"Of my own free will."


Suddenly, Garrett's dick seemed to grow even bigger. His thrusts were even deeper. His shaft was even stronger. I was climaxing on a cloud. I was raining like a storm. I was gushing my juices on Shelby's blistered ass. Garrett flooded my tunnel with a bucket of jizz, and the heat only made me cum harder.

Garrett untied me and stood me up beside the bed. All my muscles were trembling. I was full of his spunk. He pulled the piss covered mattress back down to the floor and lifted Shelby off the bedsprings, draped in his arms. He dropped her on the mattress like a bag full of bricks. She was sprawled on her back barely able to move, her moans a soft sound of seduction. 

"Get down on the mattress and sit on her face." Garrett pointed at Shelby as if I somehow didn't know where she was. 

"She may struggle," I suggested, reaching for a strip of my shredded lace panties.

"Good idea," Garrett admitted. "Tie her wrists behind her back, then plant your cum filled cunt on her face, reverse cowgirl. I want you looking at her body.


Tying Shelby up was easy enough. She didn't give me any trouble. I flipped her over on her back and squatted down on her face, letting the semen run out as I secured my grip. The slimy syrup formed a seal on her complexion. In just seconds she was gurgling beneath my tightly clinched thighs, weakly writhing and twisting and lifting her butt. 

"You like that, Garrett?" He was looking over my shoulder, staring at her stripes and her cuts. "I thought it might be hard to hold her down, but it turns out she's easy as pie. We really beat the shit out of her, didn't we?"

Garrett handed me his knife.

"What do you want me to do with this?" I asked.

"Stab her," he said coldly.

"But she'll be dead in just a minute, Garrett." I was grinding my clit on her chin with my left hand shoved between her tits for support. The man said 'reverse cowgirl', so I was giving her the last ride of her life.  Too bad she would never remember it.

"Stab her," Garrett repeated.  I recalled agreeing to whatever he wanted.  I looked over, and he was hard yet again.  I couldn't believe his cock.  This time, I was willing to let him fuck Shelby.  I was willing to watch her die with Garrett's dick in her cunt.

"Fuck her, Garrett," I ordered.  "Shove your dick in her dying pussy and give her one last load before I snuff her out.  I want to see if you can make her cum."


"As you wish, Megan."  Garrett's voice sounded incredibly deep, so much different than before.  He settled himself on his knees between Shelby's legs, then draped her flaccid thighs across his muscular, broad shoulders.  His dick was growing bigger by the minute... twice as big as when I first arrived.  I watched him stretch her smooth slit around his massive member, then cram his catastrophic length into her delicate core.  Her pelvis pooched out as he plowed her balls deep.  Blood coated his shaft.  Shelby started to quiver.

"Cream her, Garrett," I whispered, sensing seconds to spare.  "Cream her before she's done."  I leaned over to lick his nipple as I was grinding her face.  It was firm and delicious like a liquor coated strawberry.  He smelled sweet as a meadow, and he moaned in my ear.  I cupped his taught sac to help him squeeze out his semen.  I gripped his apple ass and pulled him deep up her sheath. "That's it baby."  I was climaxing too; gushing down her throat.  We were cumming together.  She was drowning in snatch slime.

Shelby was convulsing on Garrett's skewer, shaking relentlessly, ankles flexed around his neck with her cute little toes flaring out like flower petals.

"Give me the knife," I said.  "Show me where you want me to stab her."

Garrett handed me the blade.  "Cut off her nipples and her clit."

I smiled maliciously.  "Alright.  Lean over here and pull her tits up by the nips.  I'll slice them off, and we can each keep one as a souvenir.  She won't be needing them to feed any babies."  Shelby's convulsions trickled down to a few final jerks before she finally became rag doll relaxed.  I kept my seat on her face since I was plenty comfortable, and I wanted to be sure she was dead. 

Garrett leaned over and lifted Shelby's breasts. "The knife is laser sharp," he assured me.  "It will slice her tits like sushi."

"Excellent," I smirked as I pressed the gleaming edge against the delicate pale skin of her jugs and playfully grazed the epidermis.  "Maybe I should just slice off her whole tit." 

Garrett nodded in agreement.  "As you wish, Megan."

"Or maybe," I said, "I should do something completely different."

"That being?"  Garrett looked at me inquisitively. 

I smiled and stabbed him right in the throat.

Submitted: February 26, 2023

© Copyright 2023 DampKitten. All rights reserved.


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Very climatic! I was so worried Megs anger and jealous was blinding her, she definitely would have regretted killing Shelby. Great post, such a wild ride with fear and climax all in one. I know that Shelby had very little to do with this story but if she survives (hopefully it’s not too late) then she’s a strong woman. I’m still curious where this asshole came from, he definitely needed to die because if Shelby had died he would have moved on to Megan and I just don’t think my heart could handle all that!

Curious to see the aftermath, the police will come, but there’s enough evidence to prove Garrett’s a monster. But what if the police find a hidden video that Garrett has in the room.

Megan is definitely living a life of excitement and she seems to find it, I would say it finds her but she enjoys the drama and the thrill. I see a corrupt officer who knows the truth or maybe a military superior, with the drama she drags out so much can happen and now that Andy is a potential dad, how will Megan fill about Shelby now? How will she punish Andy? Maybe Shelby will help with that, or maybe Shelby will team up with Andy (give him a backbone) to punish Megan for all this trouble after all this is all Megan’s fault, Andy didn’t bring Shelby home. This is Shelby’s Punishment but maybe we need a book called Shelby’s revenge!

Thu, March 2nd, 2023 4:23pm


Oh, Meg is blind, jealous, and bat shit crazy. I'm still coordinating ideas with Shell on the end of this. Garrett is definitely serial killer material, as you have so intuitively noted. The police are probably coming. Otherwise, it's going to be an adventure with the body or bodies. One problem, if you will remember, is Garrett's phone. He definitely videoed some footage the day before, and it might not look favorable for Megan.

Thu, March 2nd, 2023 4:30pm


We should all remember not to piss off Ms Meg ...she's got a blade and she knows how to use it ...knows how to use that tight little pussy too ...Yummy Mummy strikes again ?

Fri, March 3rd, 2023 7:45am


You got that right, Beastie!!

Fri, March 3rd, 2023 10:02am


Hmmm, not my cup of tea. The end is sadly appropiate, though.

Fri, March 3rd, 2023 3:21pm


Not quite done yet, but agreeably rough! Thanks for looking, Lizzie

Fri, March 3rd, 2023 10:03am

Ailsa McNair

Love it when you write on a knife's edge, Kitten - at your prolific sharpest (sorry!) x

Thu, March 9th, 2023 11:09pm


Thank you, sweet Alisa!

Tue, March 14th, 2023 8:24pm

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