Chapter 4: Threesome in the Bedroom

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: BDSM  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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All three of us marched down to the guest bedroom after Andy gave Shelby oral, and I made her rim my anus in front of the fire. Wow, that was so romantic and memorable! Even Shelby told me Andy was good at giving head. That certainly made me smile, and I oddly didn't even feel jealous. I guess being there makes a difference because I found out I like watching my husband. 

In the guest room, I sat on the side of the bed and invited Shelby to lean back into me. I wrapped my arms and legs around her naked body. I was naked too. Andy was the only one wearing clothes.

I ordered my husband to strip in front of Shelby after warning her that he wasn't particularly endowed. She liked his body anyway. That's the first thing she mentioned. She actually saw the writing on his ass in the mirror, so I made him turn around for her reading pleasure.


Just a few days earlier, I had given Andy permission to hook up with a couple of prostitutes we both met at a friend's house.  They were driving from Florida back to their homes in Michigan for the holiday.  I couldn't believe I agreed, but they went through all the right channels.  We had been with them a few times before.  My husband came home with 'thank you' notes written to me on his ass using a permanent felt tip marker.

Shelby was a little stunned that the girls had the nerve to write me a note on my husband's butt. "You let your husband do two girls at the same time?" she asked. I nodded. 

"I'll let him do you too, Shelby."

My conversations with Shelby about Andy had been pretty extensive. She knew he liked hand jobs and humiliation, though he probably would be looking for something else from her. I told him to take a Viagra the moment Shelby and I walked in the door from the airport. One look at Shelby, and Andy didn't hesitate.

For some reason, Andy has difficulty ejaculating when he uses that stuff. It's fine by me. He lasts a little longer, but he says hand jobs don't feel as good on the medicine, so he prefers to get screwed.

Regardless, Shelby went right to work on his dick as soon as I called him over to the bed. She had him hard in seconds and stroked him gently for a while. "You like how Shelby plays with your cock, Andy?" I kept asking questions to keep everything lively. Andy is just too quiet during sex. Shelby acted a little shy at first, but it didn't take long for her to start participating in the discussion and spitting on Andy's shaft to keep him partially lubricated.

The bathroom was only a few steps away. I jumped in there quickly and returned with a bottle of suntan oil that I had stored in a cabinet this past summer. It smelled like coconut and it was completely clear. I squeezed a little into Shelby's palm. Immediately the room smelled like a day on the beach. She warmed it in her hands before gripping his prick, circling her fingers around his desperate erection. We both could easily see that he needed release.


"Yeah, I think this is gonna work for you," Shelby whispered. She was rubbing his balls and just everything at once. Andy started breathing heavy and she knew that she had him. "Here we go," she announced confidently. He spurted all over her belly. It was pretty impressive for my husband, but he's like that if you take your time.

Even with Viagra, Andy couldn't get it back up immediately. Shelby and I were ready for a shower and bedtime, but we first snuck back to the family room to lay out Sam's Santa for Christmas. We didn't bother putting anything on. Both of us loved the risk of working in the nude. After all, there was only one man in the house, and he was heading upstairs to bed. This was private time for me and Shelby, and if Sam saw the two of us stuffing stockings in the buff, she probably wouldn't think much about it - except we were just goofy.

Back in the guest room and after our shower, I tied down Shelby spread Eagle in restraints. I had promised I would fuck her with a strap-on, and I keep my promises. I hadn't ever screwed a girl lying on top of her the way a guy does. It had always been from behind or standing between her legs.  I wanted to try a new position, no matter how vanilla it sounded.


I have this leather harness with stainless-steel buckles. It fits so securely that I don't need my hands at all. I clip the cock in there and fuck like a man, no guiding or holding the dildo in position. Just aim and shove it in.

It was so intimate lying on top of Shelby, whispering in her ear, sucking her neck, fucking her pussy. She came a lot. I put several dark towels underneath her to keep the blood off the mattress. She didn't squirt like I do, but she could still flood a bed. I couldn't believe how wet she was.

Shelby was fascinated with my pregnant belly. She knew about Brandon, my seventeen year old boyfriend, and I told her it was likely his baby. That blew her mind. In bed together on Christmas Eve, it took some arranging to lift Shelby's ass with those towels to where I could comfortably lie on top of her. The bed is extra soft, which helped. Once we finally got situated, I slid that big dick up inside her, and she was in Heaven. I could roll around on her very comfortably and she loved the feel of my belly bearing down on her. I intermittently locked my elbows on either side of her for a series of serious ram sessions which would last about a minute each before she begged me to stop. She just couldn't catch her breath from climaxing. Shelby said it was better than any guy she's ever had, and she knew she'd be sore the next morning.

We fucked in that position for over an hour and when she asked me to stop on three separate occasions, she literally passed out after I gave her a break. I kept the dildo inside her the whole time. When she woke up, I was still inside her ready to go again. Needless to say, she slept soundly, and so did I. Sam woke us up the next morning rattling around in the family room. She's up early on Christmas morning. I wasn't worried about her busting in the door of the guest room since she probably assumed Shelby was the only one there.  Still, it wasn't unlike her to pop into our bedroom upstairs.

Shelby and I got dressed in a hurry after freshening up in the bathroom. She actually had Christmas PJ's which she hadn't even removed from her overnight bag because I kept her body naked all night. I had brought down my robe from upstairs. We watched Sam for 30 minutes as she opened her presents, then the two of us climbed the stairs to the master bedroom. Andy was asleep as anticipated. It was still very early. We both woke him up. He had to run to the restroom and then brush his teeth. I told him to take another pill, but it didn't have time to work.

Shelby rinsed off in the shower. She was still a little bloody from the night before, and we had dispensed with the tampons at bedtime. I got Andy prepared on the bed, rubbing and sucking until he was hard and ready. "How do you want her?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

I laughed. "Seriously? I mean in what position do you want to fuck her? Doggy? Leaning over the bed? Reverse cowgirl?"


"What's confusing you, baby? You're not doing her missionary. She and I did that all night."

"You did?"

"You couldn't hear her squealing from up here?" Andy looked at me almost astounded as if he wasn't expecting me to bang her brains out after he sauntered off to bed. "Reverse cowgirl it is..."


Shelby was walking in the room when I announced the position. Without hesitation, she hoped up on the bed, straddled my hubby between her legs and sat down on his cock as I held it in place. I kept my trigger finger wrapped around the base of his shaft like a cock ring.

Shelby started bumping up and down, giving Andy a nice view of her ass. "Put your finger up her hole, baby." I told him. He hesitantly complied, and Shelby moaned her approval. I jumped on the bed standing directly in front of her, my feet on either side of my husband's knees. I put my pussy right in her face so she could eat me. She had a tough time multi-tasking, so I gave her a break after spinning around and demanding she lick up my crack. Then, I got on my knees and sucked on her tits until she finally started grinding just to make herself cum.

That was the first time Andy had ever done reverse cowgirl. I wasn't sure it would work, but Shelby got right on it and showed him her ass like a porn star. She can act innocent enough, but she's definitely experienced. A girl that turns heads the way she does isn't going to be lacking experience.

 There wasn't much blood, but I forgot a towel - so we did get messy on the sheets. I didn't mind. Andy needed a little help with his dick when we changed positions. I know my hubby well enough to predict what he wanted next. He wanted Shelby from behind, so I draped her over the mattress where Andy could stand behind her. She could drip on the rug, and that was easier to clean than the sheets.

It took a few firm strokes to revive my hubby's erection. His second Viagra hadn't taken effect, so he wasn't as hard as the night before. I slipped him inside her and he started to swell. His pelvis was smacking against her ass when the door handle rattled. Thank goodness I had locked it. There was a quiet knock. "Mom? What are ya'll doing? When are you coming back downstairs?"

"In just a few minutes, honey. You go back down, and we will be down shortly."

It didn't escape me that the last time I told Sam to leave, she stood right there and listened through the door while we fucked. I grabbed Andy by the arm and ushered Shelby and my husband into the bathroom. Wasting no time, I shoved Shelby over the sink.

"Fuck her, Andy," I commanded. I put a hand on each of Shelby's ass cheeks and spread her wide open. "Shove it in there. Fuck her hard."

I'd never done anything like that for Andy before, and he responded energetically, pounding her forward with every thrust until her head was crashing against the mirror. He wasn't going deep, and he couldn't make her cum, but she liked it all the same. It didn't take Andy long to cream in her pussy. Then, she needed another shower. We all did. I got in with Shelby and rinsed her off, fingering her pussy to orgasm. We fingered each other and soaped each other slick, sliding our bodies together.


Shelby had brought her clothes for Christmas Sunday services.  Her parents were expecting her to meet them at their church, so she wouldn't be riding with me and Andy.  I smiled to think of the bloody mess she had left in her leather driver's seat the night before.  I was sure she had forgotten how I made her splatter her menstrual slut juice all over it on the trip to my house from the airport.  I considered giving her wet wipes on the way out the door, then I smirked at the idea of forcing her to lick it up on her knees.

Shelby got dressed in the guest room downstairs while Andy and I got ready in the upstairs master.

"How did you like Shelby's pussy?" I casually remarked as Andy zipped up the back of my dress.  I turned around to straighten his tie and incidentally brushed against his pelvis.

"I liked it a lot," he mumbled.  Andy's always hesitant to discuss his sexual feelings unless I urge him to comment with a hand on his cock.

"It feels like you're ready for more," I giggled, placing my hand on his crotch.  "I wonder if she's dressed yet?"

"Wouldn't you rather I fuck you instead?"  My husband looked hopeful and as ready as he ever could get.

"Babe, as hard as you are, you know your cock is still pathetic next to Brandon's, and he's not even that big.  Besides, I'm already dressed, and I can't be smelling up the sanctuary with your smegma scent.  Why don't we check on Shelby?  I'm sure it would take a hot minute for me to jerk you off, and you'd prefer the warmth of her pussy."


"I bet she put in her tampon by now,"  Andy said disappointedly.

"What difference does that make?"  I unzipped Andy's trousers and pulled out his pulsating prick.  The Viagra had finally taken effect.  He was needy as ever.

"I don't think she'd want to remove it," Andy answered, his voice a little raspy from my special attention.

"Then, don't remove it.  Fuck her with it in there." 

"Are you serious or just trying to get me off?"


I smiled and took my husband by the cock, leading him downstairs like a dog on a leash.  Samantha was still in her bedroom, no doubt watching television, awaiting my arrival to help her with her hair.  I walked Andy back to the guest room where we found Shelby fully dressed and packing her night bag.

"I've got a Christmas present for you," I announced. Shelby gasped at the site of me holding Andy's erection.  "Bend over the bed, bitch, so we can jingle these bells."

"Please, Meg.  I've just dressed, and I used my last tampon."

"Then I guess you'll have to dig it out after church."  I shoved Shelby over the foot of the bed and lifted her red Christmas skirt.  She had on full length nude pantyhose without panties or a gusset.


"Oh, this should be easy." I slapped Shelby's behind.  I had her pinned face down on the mattress with her butt hanging over the side. I jerked Andy's belt out of the loops of his pants and secured Shelby's arms which I folded behind her back.  "Don't fight this, you little wench, or I'll be forced to whip your ass.  Then, my husband will fuck you anyway."

"Meg, where did you learn to do that?"  Andy stood there gawking at Shelby's tight little buns perfectly pronounced in her skin tight pantyhose.

"Close the door and lock it, muscle boy.  Stop asking stupid questions."  Andy did as I asked.  "Now, take off your trousers and get over here.  I don't want you to get cum on your church clothes." 

"Please, Megan..." Shelby whined, too fearful to move.


"You disappoint me, Shelby.  I thought you'd be wearing crotchless pantyhose."  The little blonde sniffed back a tear.  "I can fix that for you if you'll spread your legs."  I waited.  I smacked her ass again, this time leaving a hand print.  "Are you going to spread your legs, or do I have to blister your ass?"

Shelby opened her legs as a tear rolled down her cheek.  She didn't say a word.

"That's so much better, sweetie.  Now, don't smear your mascara or you may never get to church."  I leaned over and poked a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose.  "That's the nice thing about having strong fingernails, Shelby."  I showed her my French manicure.  "You can use them for so many things - tickling a guy's testicles, scratching a girl's labia, stimulating her clit..." 

I slipped my finger through the hole I had created and pushed the string from Shelby's tampon deep up inside her snatch, well out of her reach.  "And they are really good for taste testing your favorite recipe."

I presented my wet finger to the tiny blonde minx.  "Taste," I whispered.  She opened her mouth with little resistance and sucked my digit clean.  I returned my finger to the hole in her pantyhose, only this time I massaged the tight ring of her anus.  "Taste," I again insisted, touching my finger to her lips.  The blonde was more hesitant, but ultimately submitted with a salacious slurp. 

Finally, I inserted my wet finger all the way up her rectum and fucked her as deep as I could.  She groaned as I stretched her puckering sphincter.  "Taste," I demanded, sliding out my nasty appendage.  She pursed her lips in disgust.  "Taste," I repeated.  She shook her head.  I jerked back her hair with my opposite hand.  "Suck it, bitch."  And she did - exactly as I intended; deeply and slowly and deliciously.  My dirty little finger.  All clean.




My husband seemed to awaken from a trance.  "Shall I pull these down?"  He grabbed the top of Shelby's pantyhose and started to remove them.

"Hell no, Andy!  Rip them from the center.  That's why I opened a hole for you.  Rip the crotch wide open like a man who has a dick."

I could see I struck a nerve as Andy furrowed his brow.  He put his finger through the hole, but he was struggling to tear it further. 

"Just grab a handful on either side and rip them straight down the middle.  A guy with some balls wouldn't need all this instruction."

My hubby was fuming, and it was just what he needed.  He didn't just rip the crotch.  He ripped her pantyhose all the way up the crack of her ass, barely leaving the waistband in tact.  Shelby was whimpering again, and I whacked her repeatedly on her butt.


"You think you can fuck this pussy, Andy?  Are you man enough to fuck this pussy?  Can you tear up this pussy like an actual alpha?" 

My husband rammed his dick inside Shelby's pink slot.  He was admittedly as hard as I've ever seen him, and there was no gentle teasing or careful cunt stretching.  Shelby groaned from the impact of his very first thrust, then grunted as the pounding continued.

"Do you feel that tampon against the tip of your cock?  Do you feel that little soft ball of cotton?"

Andy nodded as he humped Shelby's cunt even harder, ripping her stockings further until he exposed her ass completely.

"Drill it, baby," I purred, palming Andy's balls in my hand.  "Shred that tampon to pieces just like her pantyhose.  Shred that pretty pink pussy just to show me you can.  Do you want to see me spank her?"


He did.

I slipped out of my dress, wearing panties and bra and thigh high stockings.  I didn't bother to take off my heels as I climbed on top of her, sitting on her back as I faced my husband.  I untied her arms and handed my husband the belt.

"Fold it up like this." I showed him how to do it, looping the leather on top of itself.  "I'll hold her arms down so you can whip her ass while you fuck her."

Andy studied my expression.

"You don't think I'm serious, honey?"  I reached down and shredded Shelby's pantyhose apart.  The pieces dangled torn from her thighs.


"Give me the belt, then."  I took it from my husband and patted the looped leather on the swell of her cheeks. 

WHAP!  And a red stripe appeared across her bum.  WHAP!  She had another.  WHAP!  And another.


"You better hurry up and cum in her or I'm going to scar her ass for life."

Andy closed his eyes and exploded inside her.  It was his second load of the morning, and though I knew it couldn't be much, I was impressed with his repeat performance.


My husband kept pumping until his prick became too small to insert.  He was a little boy again, and I studdied Shelby's slit with interest, curious to see if anything would dribble out.  "Did that feel good, baby?" I teased.  "Did her pussy feel nice on your little pole?"

I leaned over for a kiss, and it felt deviously naughty.  My fingernails were digging into Shelby's cute ass as I probed my husband's mouth with my tongue.  He sighed in contentment.  The two of us had paired up to do this.  We both forced her to submit.  We both ripped off her stockings.

"You beat her pretty bad," Andy whispered.  His eyes were fixated on Shelby's festering welts. They were growing more pronounced by the second.

"Would you like me to whip her some more?" I grinned.  "I know you liked what you saw.  Don't deny it.  When's the last time you nutted twice in less than an hour?"


"I can't remember," he mumbled.  I placed my husband's hand on Shelby's burning buttocks, tracing his fingers over the cherry red ridges where her swelling was more pronounced.  She tightened her ass at the subtle sensation.  "Did we rape her?" he whispered.  His breath was hot on my ear, and I adored how he pressed his face into my soft curly hair.

"We raped the hell out of her, Andy."  I gave him a devilish look, so sinister and cunning that he nearly stopped breathing.  "You and I, we're just a couple of thugs in an alley.  She was in the wrong place at just the right time.  We had her all to ourselves.  We still do.  Anything else you want to do to her?"

"What?" he finally asked.  "Meg, this is serious."

"I know," I responded.  "Just be sure you tell everyone she wanted it.  Tell them she begged for it."


Andy backed away.  There was a tiny stream of semen seeping from Shelby's smoothly shaved slot, perhaps a couple drops.  "Bring me that strap-on dildo lying on the counter," I pointed.  Andy brought it over.  "Now, strap it on me and buckle it tight."

I climbed off Shelby and stood by the bed as Andy fitted me into the fuck harness.

"What are you going to do, Meg?"

"What does it look like?"  I stepped behind Shelby, sporting a foot long black, plastic erection.  She was still leaning over the mattress in submission.  "I'm gonna fuck that tampon so far up her cunt that her gynechologist will have to peel it off her cervix."

We need to leave for church in five minutes.  My parents are expecting us."

"Go get your daughter and put her in the car, Andy.  I'll be out as soon as I'm finished."

"When will that be, Megan?"

I laughed as I slammed my dildo into Shelby's dark opening, giving her every black inch with a single, hard thrust.  She shreaked into the folds of sheets and blankets, a muffled cry for help that would go unanswered.

"I'll be finished when she is..."





Submitted: January 06, 2023

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