Ending the Drought

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A seemingly unbreakable drought could be at an end . Losing your True Love will tame the Beast and put him into his protective shell for an unpredictable period of time . Breaking the Beast's hibernation is a momentous event and may spell a return to the world of the ultimate sensation of personal , intimate pleasure ....spurting sticky , creamy juices . Feeling it and achieving it cums first , sharing the pleasure with a new partner is the second step in the slow path to normality .

Floating in the warm waves , gently rocking , the hot sun warming his flesh . He opened his eyes and the muted blues and reds of the Sunset filled his field of view . There was another person , fingers extending , reaching to take his hand in hers .  He was aware of the warm , salty Pacific water sloshing over his body and looking along the length of his body his toes were visible . He quickly felt the arousing sensation of the warm seawater  sloshing over his flaccid cock . His slowly hardening hunk of pink meat was floating back and forth, free from the constraints of his usual Speedos . 

"Damn !!!" He thought as his situational awareness kicked into gear .

" I'm fucking  Naked !!  Holy Shit , better cover up fast or potentially become a registered sex offender !!  ". He was in a bit of a daze and unsure of how he even got there . Looking back he realised that the town at the beach , 100 yards away , was Encinitas on the California coast !! "  .

He had spent ten days on that beach with the love of his life , Caroline  in 2020 ...

"But how am I here ??? How did I get here ? " 

Suddenly the disembodied fingers that had brushed his shoulder earlier (almost imperceptabely ) were curling around the fingers of his right hand . He was not startled by this sudden contact but still had no idea , in the moment , why a strange person would be gently gripping his fingers . ?

Floodgates opened in his confused mind and a movie quickly played back in his head by way of explanation . 

The fingers which gripped his hand had manicured nails adorned with a familiar shade of blue Nailpolish . The rest of the body was obscured by a localized  foggy mist as the hand began to grip his fingers tightly . 

As thoughts and imaginings ran wild in his confused mind he could make no sense of this scenario . The  big floppy sun hat suddenly kicked him into gear and triggered a very special memory in his increasingly lucid mind's eye. 

Caroline , he thought as scenes from his recent past played out like a movie ...the flight , the hotel , meeting up with Victoria ( his online friend from Encinitas ) . 

As the foggy mist cleared the disembodied warm hand revealed  itself to be a part of a woman's body , a woman who floated comfortably beside him in silence .  It was Caroline , his one and only true Love . She appeared to be sleeping as she floated in the becalmed Pacific Ocean , a little grin dancing across her pretty face .

Submitted: January 02, 2023

© Copyright 2023 beastieboy. All rights reserved.

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Sweet, sweet Caroline!

Tue, January 3rd, 2023 9:17am

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