Janie and Jenny

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Trent discovers a secret about his new girlfriend

When he was a junior in college, Trent was on the school football team. He was an average player, too short to be a quarterback, but he was a fast running back. One Friday afternoon after practice, he noticed a cute blond girl sitting in the lowest row of seats in the bleachers. As he walked by her, she smiled and waved at him, so he approached her.

“Hi,” she said cheerfully. “I’m Janie.”

“Hi, back,” he replied, “I’m Trent. Have you been watching practice today?”

“Yep, yesterday and today, but I’ve mostly been watching you.”

“That’s very flattering, but I’m not that hot a player.”

“Well, you’re hot to me.”

“So are you. Say, after I shower, would you like to go out somewhere with me later?”

“I would love to. I’d even love to help with your shower, but I don’t think that’s allowed.”

After some more intriguing small talk, Janie gave him her address and he arranged to pick her up for an early dinner. He was eager to go out with a girl so direct and flirty. At dinner that evening, she told him that she had just finished high school and had applied to go to a college in Alabama, a far cry from Ohio.

“I’ve been watching you at practice, Trent, because you’re not a huge guy but you have a good body,” she said.

“You don’t like big guys?”

“No, they’re usually rough and selfish. You just look like you’d be fun to, you know, BE with.”

“I think I’d like to be with you anytime, Janie.”

“Then maybe after dinner, would you take me to your apartment and let me see your muscles?”

“It would be my pleasure.”

Later, when they arrived at Trent’s apartment, Janie initiated sex, kissing him passionately and tearing wildly at his clothes. Trent was surprised but let her move things along, until they were both naked. She didn’t even wait to go to his bedroom. She pushed him down on the sofa and sat in his lap, rubbing herself against his erection as she kissed him feverishly. Finally, she pressed the tip of his erection inside her, and she rode him to a quick release for both of them.

Trent thought that would be it, but Janie had other plans. She led him to his bedroom, pushed him down on his back on the bed and sucked on him until he was hard. Then she top rode him again, for a long time. When he came inside her, she moaned and came as well. They lay together afterwards for a while and Trent dozed off.

He awoke to feel Janie sucking his cock again and he was soon erect. She got on her hands and knees and said, “Fuck me from behind, Trent, hard and deep.” Janie came again long before he did and sweat dripped off Trent’s chest. He was getting a sexual workout. When he finally came for the third time, he was exhausted. They cleaned up, got dressed and he took her home.

On her doorstep, Janie said, “That was awesome for a first date. Can we go out again Sunday afternoon?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” Trent replied. “How about a boat ride on the lake?”

“Sounds wonderful!”

“I’ll pick you up about one o’clock.”

When he arrived at Janie’s house, she was ready to go. He drove to the lake and rented a boat and rowed out along the shore where it was shady with calm water. Janie seemed anxious about something.

“You seem a little tense, Janie; are you okay?”

“Oh, I’m fine, I’m just a little horny today for some reason. I really want to suck your cock.”

Trent was so shocked that he almost dropped the oars in the water. He’d never dated a girl who was so open about sex.

“Well, I’d be crazy to object to that, but I really wanted to show you how beautiful it is at the end of the lake.”

Okay,” she said, and she sat quietly until Trent stopped the boat in a secluded little part of the lake a few minutes later. When the boat slowed down, Trent let it drift a ways, showing Janie the trees and landscape.

Suddenly Janie got up from her seat and got on her knees in the boat in front of Trent. Silently she loosened his belt buckle, unzipped his pants and yanked at the waist to get them off. Trent lifted himself enough to allow her to pull his pants and briefs down to his ankles.

Janie was a pro at sucking cock, and she didn’t even use her hands. She teased and edged him until Trent thought his balls would explode. When he finally did come, Janie never lost a drop as he spilled his seed into her warm wet mouth. When she had taken his whole load, she went back to her seat.

“God, I needed that,” she said. “I’ve been wanting to do that since the first time I saw you on the practice field.”

Trent put his clothes back in place, astonished at this girl’s brazen attitude. He loved it.

“Thanks for the hottest blow job I’ve ever had,” he said. “I think I owe you an orgasm or two to make up for that.”

“Then row this damn boat back to the dock and let’s get back to your apartment so I can collect on that,” she said.

Trent just shook his head in amazement.

At the apartment, Trent ate her out as she lay on his bed and she came twice. He moved so he could fuck her but she rolled him over on his back on the bed. “I’m really in an oral mood today,” she said. She mounted him in a sixty-nine position and Trent struggled, trying to abate his need to come.

Janie seemed insatiable, riding his face and keeping him on the edge, controlling the pace of their lust. When she squeezed her legs together on his face, Trent came, sending ropes of his cum into her greedy sucking mouth. He felt her body quiver against his face as she came.

The pattern of dates and sex continued the same for over a month. On one date, Janie wanted to fuck his brains out, and on the next she only wanted oral sex.

Trent didn’t want to complain, but on one of their dates when he knew they would only have oral sex, he just wanted to fuck her. They were in his car and on the way to see a movie when he decided to bring up the subject.

“Janie, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“Okay; what’s up?”

“Although you give amazing blow jobs and I love eating your pussy, sometimes I want to fuck and you won’t let me. Like today, you won’t let me fuck you, right?”

“That’s right, so I guess I owe you an explanation.”

“Good, this is driving me nuts.”

“When Janie saw you at practice, she decided right then and there that she wanted you to fuck her. I knew having oral sex would be just as good, so we decided to date you.”

“What? “We”, who is “we”?”

“It’s obvious, Trent. You’re fucking Janie, but you’re eating MY pussy. I’m Jenny, her identical twin.”

“Her twin? But everything is the same, your tits, your pussy, pubic hair, your voice….?”

“Hence the word “identical”, Trent. We’re like a clone of each other. But doesn’t it make you feel good, knowing you’ve been satisfying two girls at the same time?”

 Trent pulled the car over to the side of the road. “This is hard to believe and yet it makes sense. But now that I know, where do we go from here?”

“Well, you can continue to take us out individually, or we could all go out together. We would have fun sharing you and you can take your pick of who you want to have sex with, but there are the same rules; fuck Janie, eat Jenny.”

“Well, I like sex with both of you but with a little variety. How will I know which one I’m with?”

“Janie and I discussed what to do if you found out that we have been switching on you. We suggest that when it’s time for sex, we all just get together and do whatever pleases everybody.”

“You mean a threesome? Holy shit; you girls are wearing me out as it is, I can’t imagine trying to satisfy you both.”

“But you already are. Don’t worry; we’ll take it easy on you and we also agreed that we only need to come once, so we won’t wear you out.”

“Wow, just fucking wow,” Trent muttered. “Since I want to fuck today and I have the wrong sister, can I just take you home?”

“Sure, no worries. Why don’t you think about it for a few days and then decide what to do?”

“That would be great because I really like both of you, even without the sex.”

Trent didn’t call the girls or hear from them for almost two weeks. He felt embarrassed because he decided that he really wanted to try dating them both at the same time. He drove to their house and knocked on the door. When it opened, a tall, beautiful woman stared out at him. She had long blond hair, really blue eyes, probably size D tits and a youthful face. Obviously, she was their mother.

“Um, Hi, I’m Trent. Are the girls here?”

“Yes, and hi, I’m Jackie, their mom. Come in and sit down.”

Trent followed her into the living room, his eyes focused on her incredible ass moving sensuously in her skin tight pants. He sat on the sofa, and she sat opposite of him. She leaned down, crossing her arms on her knees and presented an incredible view of the largest, softest looking cleavage that Trent had ever seen.

“So, you’re the boy the girls have been fucking,” she said, calmly. “They told me they wanted to play the switching game on you. Did it piss you off when you found out?”

“No, ma’am but it answered a lot of questions I had.”

The girls came downstairs, and they left with Trent on their first threesome date. As they drove to the roller rink, Jenny started talking to Trent from the back seat.

“We know our mom has a hot body, but beware, Trent; she’s more than a pair of big tits.”

“Yeah,” added Janie. “When I broke off with a boyfriend once, and he was just MY boyfriend at the time, our mom invited him over to help do some stupid chore for her.”

“She met him at the door in her bra and panties,” laughed Jenny. “The poor guy ended up staying the whole weekend, in bed with her.”

“Yeah, poor Rickie could hardly walk and he was too embarrassed to tell his friends that our mom wore him out. So, don’t let her seduce you when we’re not looking,” warned Janie.

Trent dated both girls for a month, enjoying the newness of having sex with two girls at the same time. Since the girls limited their orgasms to one per date, they made sure that they got with Trent three times a week.

Trent went out of the state with his dad for a fishing trip and was gone two weeks. When he returned, he went over to Janie’s and Jenny’s house. Their mom answered the door.

“Ah, Trent, the girls have been trying to get in touch with you.”

“My dad made me leave my cell phone at home while we were fishing.”

“Well, I’m sorry to say that the girls are not here. My ex got them enrolled, one at Auburn and the other at Alabama and they have already moved out. I’m sorry you missed them.”

“Did their phone number or email change? Can you give me their new address?” he asked.

“Sure,” she said, stepping aside. “Come on in and I’ll get it for you. By the way, could you stay a little while to help me with some chores?”

(Next episode – the blond bombshell)











Submitted: January 02, 2023

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Dick Wood

Twins and a MILF!!! Is there an horny aunt or grandma waiting in the wings? Great story

Tue, January 3rd, 2023 9:19pm


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Tue, January 3rd, 2023 5:10pm

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