The Masturbatrix

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A high school girl describes her sexual fetish and exploits as a masturbatrix.

The Masturbatrix

My name is Donna Donald.  I am a gorgeous girl.  I am 5’ 4”, 110 lbs., with blonde hair and blue eyes.  My girly dimensions are 38-24-38.  I have never had a boyfriend.  I never wanted one.  I could be a femdom mistress but I don’t like to inflict pain.  I only like to inflict pleasure.  I can’t stand the idea of a man controlling me.  I have to be in charge. 

I am still a virgin.  I can’t stand the idea of a man sticking his cock in me. I still like sex but since I insist on control what I like is giving hand jobs.  Not only hand jobs but hand jobs in public.  I like to give them with other females watching. It is more humiliating.

The first time I gave a hand job was when I was with two friends, a boy and a girl.  The boy was just driving us home.  I sat next to him and as I did, I put my hand on his thigh.  When he did not remove it, I went to the inside of his thigh.  When he did not remove it, I moved my hand higher on his thigh. Eventually I reached the juncture of his thighs and felt his cock.  By that time, he was already hard. 

I then reached over and unzipped him.  Once he was unzipped, I reached in and felt his cock.  I then said, “I want to take you pants off.  Let’s stop so I can take them off.”  Without speaking he stopped.  I said, “Take down your pants.”  He did.

I then commenced massaging his balls.  My girl friend sitting in the back seat looked over the front backrest to watch me.  Once his balls tightened, I went to his cock.  He was as hard as a piece of oak.  I stroked his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other.  It did not take much time before he came.  When he came, so did I.  My panties were soaked when I got home.


I was invited to an unchaperoned boy-girl party.  All the popular kids were there including the quarterback.  He was a fantastic athlete but not much to look at.  I couldn’t have cared less.  He came over to me and started talking to me.  I said, “Have a seat.”

Shortly after he sat next to me, I put my left hand on his right thigh.  He did not remove it so I kept moving my hand closer and closer to his crotch.  Eventually I arrived at his cock.  He said, “Let’s go outside.”

I said, “I would rather stay here.”  Then I unzipped him.  He did not stop me.  I reached inside his fly and found his rock-hard cock.  When he still did not stop me, I took it out.  By this time the whole room grew quiet as they watched us.  I said, “Stand up.”

He obeyed me.  I dropped his pants and underpants to his knees.  He stood before the whole party naked from the waist down, with an erection and a girl fondling his genitals.  Funny how men are.  It is like when they get an erection, all the blood runs out of their brains into their cocks and they can’t think.  I stroked his cock with one hand and fondled his balls with the other.  I looked around the room and noticed that a lot of girls had followed my lead.  They hadn’t got their male’s pants down yet but some of them were fondling the male’s clothed genitals. He was so hard it did not take long before he came and spurted all over the floor. When he came, so did I.

He thought I was his girl.  He thought wrong.  I noticed another boy who was unaccompanied.  I got up and went over to him.  I looked him in the eye and grabbed his crotch.  When he didn’t stop me, I unzipped him, stuck my hand through his fly and began massaging his balls.  I continued to fondle him until he was erect.  Then I dropped his pants and underpants and stroked and fondled him until he spurted for me.  This time I reached under my panties and massaged my clit.  I came before he did.

There was still one unaccompanied boy.  I went over to him and grabbed him by his crotch.  In no time his pants and underpants were on the floor and I was stroking his cock.  By this time, I had taken off my panties and was massaging myself.  Then he came but not before I did. This was the last time I wore panties.  I always wear dresses.  The shorter the better. 


After this happened, I had an instant reputation.  I was known as the masturbatrix.  A lot of boys asked me out.  I seldom accepted but never the same boy twice.  Usually, they took me to a movie.  When they did, I reached over and pulled their cocks out of their pants and let the people in the rest of the aisle watch while I masturbated him.


My next client was on a crowded public bus.  A nice adult man got up to give me his seat.  I decided to reward him.  As he stood there in front of me, I unzipped him and stuck my hand through his fly to fondle his balls.  He didn’t stop me.  In no time he was erect.  I then pulled his cock and balls out through his fly because I didn’t want to drop his pants and underpants.  I began stroking his cock with one hand and fondling his balls with the other.  A stir went through the crowded bus and those near us could see what I was doing.  He came quick and so did I.  When he had cum, he then zipped himself up and shortly got off the bus. 


The next time was again on a bus.  I spotted a nerdy looking guy sitting on a seat facing the aisle.  I sat directly opposite him.  Now you would think that I would pick a good-looking guy but I don’t.  I deliberately pick unattractive guys because they don’t get any and they deserve some.  I let my legs drift apart so that he could see my pussy under my dress.  It took a few moments for him to notice me but I could tell when he did because his expression abruptly changed and he fixed his eyes on my pussy.  When I saw that I spread my legs even wider.  The I adjusted my skirt so that the cloth didn’t drop in front but held tight so that he could get a good look at my pussy. 

The woman next to him got up to get off at her stop so I crossed the aisle and sat next to him.  The first thing that I did was go for his crotch to see if he had an erection.  He did.  I whispered to him to stand in front of me.  He did.  I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his pants and dropped his pants and underpants to the floor.  He was naked from the waist down in front of the whole bus.  I grabbed his cock and his testicles and went to work on them.  I massaged his balls and stroked his cock.  He came almost immediately.  I didn’t get to cum but it was still fun.  I got off at the next stop.  He pulled up his pants and got off the bus with me.  He asked me my name and for a date.  I had had my fun.  I wasn’t interested.


I decided to have my pubic hair removed.  When I spread my naked pussy in front of a man, I want men to clearly see my slit.It took me some time but I eventually found a male wax esthetician.  When I went into the waxing room. I didn’t even bother to take off any clothes or wait for him to tell me what to do.  I just got up on the waxing table, lifted the hem of my skirt to my waist and spread my legs.  When I did that, he was initially surprised but recovered quickly.  What mattered after that was that he knew what I wanted and did not wax me in a professional manner.  As the waxing progressed his finger found my labias more and more.  When he tried to stick his finger inside my vagina, I stopped him and redirected his fingers to my clit.  He obliged me.  When he had finished with the waxing, I went for his cock.  He was good and hard.  Then I reached up and grabbed the back of his head and pulled his head down to my crotch.  He knew what I wanted and didn’t resist me.  He stuck his tongue inside both my labias and began licking my clit. 

I got off the table and dropped his pants to the floor.  I said, “Get on the table.”  He did.  I sat on his face and began to suck his cock.  I had never done this before but it came naturally.  He licked me while I sucked him off.  We came together and I swallowed his cum.  It would not be the last time I sucked a cock.  I had to make an exception to my rule about doing it in public.


I was a reporter for the high school paper.  I decided that I would get a locker room interview.  So, after winning a basketball game I entered the boys locker room.  When they objected, I said, “I am a reporter and I am here to get a story.”  I was surprised when it worked.  I thought they would throw me out.  When they didn’t, I thought they would go back to showering and getting dressed.  They didn’t.  Some of them were modest and made sure when they dressed that they didn’t show me anything.  Others made sure that I saw everything.  These boys walked stark naked in front of me to and from the showers, carrying, not wearing their towels, and watching if I was looking.  I didn’t disappoint them.  As they walked by, I addressed them by name and congratulated them for their victory. I only took interviews with the players who were completely naked.  I made sure they noticed me looking at them their cocks.  I got them erect every single time!  Teen-aged boys are so potent.  I love causing erections.  It makes me feel so feminine.  When I left several of them said, "come back again."  I wish I could.  Then I wrote a story about what it was like for a girl to be inside a boys’ locker room interviewing naked boys and casuing erections. 

The reaction of the school administration really amused me.  They knew that all of the professional sports allowed female reporters into the male locker rooms.  They just never expected that right to be exercised in high school.  Moreover, the fact that I was there spread through the school like a lightening bolt.  Everyone knew about it long before my article appeared.  The school wanted to quash my story but everyone wanted to read it and if they quashed it, the administration would be accused of censorship.  They allowed the story but made a rule that female school reporters could not get stories inside the boys’ locker room. They knew they were on weak legal grounds but depended on the fact that I could not afford to go to court.  As for me, I had had my fun.  I got to see a whole lot of cocks and I found it frustrating that I could not suck any of them.  I had mixed feelings about going back.  It would never be as good the second time.

This was not my last or only intrusion into a boys’ locker room.  One time I entered the locker room and went straight for the showers.  Once there I proceeded to give as many blow jobs as there were boys.  At one time I was actually giving a blow job to one boy and masturbating two others, one with each hand.  After that a coach always stayed near the door to keep me out.


One of my favorite things to do was go to the local beach.  By this time my reputation as a public masturbatrix was well established.  I could tell which boys wanted me to pick them.  It was simple. I would catch them looking at me with anticipation.  I let them stew for a while and then I would pick one of them.  I never picked a popular guy.  I always picked nerds and the homelier the better.  When I had decided which one I was going to masturbate, I simply walked up to him said hello and when they smiled and said hello back, I pulled down his pants.  I was never wrong.  They always let me.  Then I commenced to stroking his cock and massaging his balls.  It never took very long before they climaxed.  For some reason when I did, I didn’t fondle my clit so I never came. 

In one case, one of the boys came up to me and asked me to “do him”.  I initially declined because I didn’t have the equipment I wanted.  The next time I was ready.  The next time he asked me, I was ready.  I immediately pulled his swimsuit down.  Then I put a cock ring on him and attached a dog leash to the cock ring.  I went to the ladies rest room and tied him to a bush outside.  I wasn’t sure he would still be there when I was done but he was.  I then paraded him naked and with an erection around the beach like he was my dog.  Then I put him down on all fours and milked him like a cow.  The older women were horrified but the young girls were amused. 

Another of my favorite trick was to go to the park.  I would throw down a cloth and sit on it.  It was a simple matter after that to sit in a position that exposed my pussy under my skirt.  It was easy to tell when a man noticed me.  I recognize that stare.  They would often come over to me and when they did, they always had an erection.  I would invite them to join me and then charm them out of their pants.  Then with them naked from the waist down and people walking by, I masturbated them.  When I did and they were close to cumming, I massaged my clit and came with them.

One time in the park a pair of cops arrested me.  I worried only until put me in the front seat and didn't cuff me.  While he was driving I went for his cock.  When he pulled over and stopped I gave him a blow job.  When I was done with him I looked over at his female partner.  She said, "You know I am a lesbian."  I knew what to do.  Then they drove me home.

I got invited to a college fraternity.  I only agreed if they would meet me at a sorority house.  They did.  Just as soon as they arrived, I serially dropped their pants and underpants to the floor in front of the girls of the sorority.  Some of them tried to step out of their pants but I wouldn’t let them.  It would be more humiliating with their pants down than off.  I then commenced to serially masturbate them in front of the sorority girls.  I didn’t get far.  The sorority girls quickly blindfolded the boys and then commenced to masturbating the boys themselves.  I told the girls I wanted all the boys to cum at the same time and to slow down when they were close.  In all but a couple of cases I was successful.  It was a cum fountain!  Now it has come to be a tradition at that sorority and fraternity 


I got barred from going to high school dances.  After a couple of times where I pantsed a boy and masturbated him on the dance floor, the school administration told me never to come back. 






Submitted: January 02, 2023

© Copyright 2023 pringle. All rights reserved.

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