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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A mouthy young man learns to respect his elders. After all the recent stories in the (UK) press about how the 2020s will supposedly be a re-run of the 1970s perhaps we could have the fun stuff (and the music!) as well as the misery. Happy new year.

Ashley Jordan was in a hurry. This was only his third day in his new job, a summer job before going back to school to repeat the last year after his disastrous exam results dashed his chance of a place at university. At eighteen he could stand a few months in this dreary factory and the money was quite good but he pitied those whose lack of brains and/or ambition left them there permanently.

Like these two old biddies ambling down the corridor in front of him, getting in his way as he tried not to be late back from break, blocking the whole width of the corridor as they dawdled and chatted aimlessly. “Excuse me!” he said as he came up behind them, unable to keep the irritation out of his voice.

They stopped and turned, making no attempt to get out of his way. They both looked to be over sixty, shouldn't they have retired by now? “Excuse me, please,” corrected one of them, “politeness costs nothing.”

Oh for Christ's sake! Just get out of the way will you, Grandma? You're making me late!”

She looked him up and down scornfully. “Don't open a mouth to me little boy, I'll move when you ask politely. I'm sure they can manage without you for one minute. You're lucky I don't have your shorts off and make you play with yourself, talking to me like that! Auntie Kath would have done.” She turned to her friend. “You remember Kathy Sugden don't you?”

Only just” said the friend. “She retired not long after I started here. That must have been somewhere about 1980, wasn't it?”

1982, just after the Falklands thing started. Forty years ago and it don't seem like yesterday. Where does the time go? Well, I came here as a sixteen year old in '74 and Auntie Kath was in her fifties then.

All us young girls used to love it when Kath and her friends taught some cocky young lad a lesson for mouthing off to them, or sometimes just for fun. They learned some respect after they'd spent a lunch break in their birthday suit in a room full of women. We'd get to see exactly how cocky they were when they were made to prove their balls worked. You must have seen a few yourself. You started in, what, '78 or '79?”

They were still blocking the width of the corridor as they chatted, ignoring Ashley completely, and now they weren't moving at all. “Sorry if I was rude, ladies,” he began, “but you really are making me late back from break and I don't want to be in trouble. So could you please let me past?”

'Grandma' looked at her watch. “We're on late shift [2-10 pm] and it's twenty past five so this must be your first break, right? If you're too long on this one take a bit less on the next. As long as the total's right no-one will care. And if you want to get past all you have to do is say 'excuse me please' like I told you.”

Excuse me please” he said politely.

There that didn't hurt, did it?” observed 'Grandma.' “Come on, Shirley, let's get out of the young man's way.”

Of course, Rita, he only had to ask” replied her friend as they moved to one side.

Ashley didn't appreciate this lesson in manners from two old biddies who'd been factory fodder all their lives so once he was a few yards past he turned around, saw they were still looking at him, grabbed his crotch with one hand and called out to them. “I bet you'd like to see me naked wouldn't you, Grandma? Give you a cheap thrill, seeing some young dick, would it? Well, I'd like to see you try it, you wouldn't stand a chance!” He grinned, squeezed his crotch again, turned and walked off quickly.

Cheeky little bugger” said Rita, annoyed. “If only Kathy was still around. She'd teach him some manners! Mouthy sods like that deserve to be stripped naked and made to play with themselves. It teaches them respect and I used to love seeing it.

Oh well, that was a different time I suppose. It's nearly fifteen years since Kath died and these days that kind of thing's not PC or woke or whatever they calls it now. Pity, really, but there you are.”

Shirley was thoughtful. “You're right. I did see a few strippings back in the day and they were fun. I used to love seeing the look on a boy's face when he knows he's going to have to 'demonstrate the equipment' as you might call it, while we all watch.”

Not boys though, surely?” interrupted Rita.

Think back, Rita. They was all old enough to be working but I wouldn't swear they was all over eighteen, would you? But this one is, he was on nights last week and these days you have to be eighteen for that.

Anyway I was watching this programme last Wednesday called 'Back In Time For Birmingham' and they recreated what this family's shop and home was like in the seventies so they could talk about how times have changed. It was quite interesting, really.”

Yeah, I know, I saw it too. But what's that got to do with Mouth Almighty?”

Well I was thinking. We could get some of the girls we can trust and meet in the office upstairs after work. Won't be nobody in there at ten o'clock. Then we can lure Mouth up there and do 'Back In Time To Learn Some Manners' for him. He said he'd like you to try it, after all, so he can't complain if you do. I can set that up if you like. What do you say? You're not going to let him get away with talking to you like that are you?”

Rita smiled at the thought. “Yeah, he did say that didn't he? I've got to say I like the idea, but it's risky. Everyone would have to be people we know we can trust. And no phones; I'm not being filmed doing something that's legally a crime you can go to jail for. Do you really think we can do this and get away with it?”


Ashley Jordan was busy operating his machine about nine pm shortly after his second break. The incident with the two old biddies was hours ago and he'd more or less forgotten it.

His section leader, Kevin, came over. “I've just had a phone call from your agency. [Temporary workers are often employed through employment agencies.] It seems there's a problem with your bank details. John Overton has to come in to see someone on night shift so he'll meet you in the office upstairs about ten past ten and tell you what you need to do.”

Is that really necessary?” complained Ashley. “I got paid all right last week.”

Well John's not here for fun is he? Just meet him and don't argue. It's only a few minutes.”

After a quick coffee in the canteen after work a grumpy Ashley made his way to the office. Typical. How could they screw up something so simple? The only person in sight was a cleaner so he asked her if she'd seen John.

John Overton? Is he about forty? Five foot ten with dark hair?” Ashley didn't know, he hadn't met him. “Well that man asked me to tell someone called Ashley to wait for him in the conference room. If that's you it's just there” she said, pointing. Ashley went into the large, empty room, which had about twenty chairs surrounding a large table, and waited.

After a minute or two the door opened and he turned to greet John. But it wasn't John, it was a group of women, about a dozen of them, some in late middle age, the rest ranging from his own age up to about forty or so. “I'm sorry, I was told to meet a Mr John Overton in here” he said. “Am I in the wrong place?”

You'll probably think so” said one of the older women with a grin. “John couldn't make it tonight on account of he doesn't exist. Your appointment's with Andy Palmer.”

Who's Andy Palmer?”

Ann Palmer's brother, of course.”

Well who the hell is Ann Palmer?” This was getting annoying.

The woman laughed aloud. “Don't you youngsters know nothing these days? Ann Palmer? Aka Mrs Palm?” She curled her hand as if gripping something and moved it up and down a few inches rapidly. She couldn't mean that. Could she? “You need to lie down” she added.

Ashley decided it was time to leave but he didn't get very far. As soon as he started to move the older women surrounded him, forced him onto the table on his back and held him there, one woman to each limb. “We're ready, Rita” called the woman.

The door opened and in walked the cleaner, followed by the two old biddies from earlier. “Hello Mouth. Remember me?” asked Rita. “Grandma? Yes, I can see you do. I'm here for my cheap thrill! You know that old film, Educating Rita? Well, this is Rita educating you. Otherwise known as Back In Time To Learn Some Manners. When I told you what we used to do to teach cocky young lads a lesson for mouthing off you said 'Well, I'd like to see you try it'. Well, it's your lucky day. You are going to see me try it so I hope you like it.”

I don't think so” blurted Ashley. “You can't do things like that any more. Queen Victoria's gone now, you know.” Some people really don't help themselves.

Well then,” said Rita, “if I can't do it then I won't, will I? But maybe I can. It's worth a try anyway. Victoria was gone long before I started here and I got my share of cheap thrills back then. I don't see why these young girls” - she gestured at them - “should miss out on the fun I had.”

Kevin must know this isn't a real meeting. I can't believe he'd set me up for this. When he finds out what you've done he'll report it.”

Shirley laughed. “Your word against ours, lover. We hung around in the changing room 'til everyone else had gone. No-one saw us come up here and no-one will see us leave. And Kevin didn't set you up, he got a genuine outside call and he can tell that from the ring tone. Instead of dialling his extension I pressed 9, then the direct dial-in number for him so it went via an outside line. Come on Rita, let's see his manly chest, I want to get home before midnight you know!”

Rita didn't need telling twice. She approached the table and made short work of pulling Ashley's tee shirt off, leaving him in shorts, boots and socks. As the older women laughed and whistled and the young ones whispered to each other and giggled Rita moved down to his boots. Soon enough he was barefoot.

Rita started gently stroking and massaging Ashley's shins, gradually moving higher until she was rubbing his thighs where they emerged from his shorts. “Nice legs” she commented. “How far up do they go?” She started undoing his shorts. “Not going commando are you?” She opened them. “No, you're not. But you will be soon enough.” She pulled the shorts off, leaving him in scanty briefs, but not for long. “Get ready girls. Five, four, three, two, one, OFF!” She whipped the briefs off him and he lay there naked.

Ashley lay there in a stunned silence. He couldn't believe what was happening. Rita made up for it, enjoying her trip down memory lane. “I bet you youngsters wish you hadn't missed the seventies, don't you? We used to do this to lads all the time back then, whenever they gave us trouble. Sometimes even if they didn't, just to keep 'em guessing! It's made Motor Mouth go quiet, hasn't it?”

Rita looked over Ashley's body appreciatively. “I'll have to stop calling him a little boy, won't I? He's certainly not that. Well then. Time to check the equipment works.

Rita leaned over the table and started stroking Ashley, then gently masturbating him. Ashley's state of shock deepened. This woman, who was literally old enough to be his grandmother, had stripped him completely naked in front of a small crowd and was now playing with his prick to entertain them. He couldn't stop his body responding though, and soon enough she was playing with a fully erect prick, to the delight of the audience.

Well, he seems to like me” commented Rita, stepping back. “But now it's time for his appointment with Andy Palmer. Let him go, Maggie.” The woman holding Ashley's right wrist released it. Rita looked at Ashley and smiled. “Well, you said you'd like it” - she glanced down - “and it looks like you do. Now it's time to 'demonstrate the equipment' and prove those balls work. Give yourself a nice time and show us some sperm, you're not going anywhere until you do.”

As Ashley prepared to argue Rita made a fist and held it close to his balls, which were still exposed as he used his newly free hand to cover as much of himself as he could. “I can 'persuade' you if I have to” she said. “But I won't need to, will I? You're a sensible boy, I'm sure. You know I've got your clothes, your money, your keys, everything, really. And I won't give them back until you do what I want. And I'm doing what you said you wanted so you owe me. And this is part of what you said you wanted. And walking home naked at this time of night is not what you want, if you've got any sense. So the decision makes itself, doesn't it?”

He realised that it did. There really wasn't a choice. He tried to soften the blow with bravado. “Sure thing, Grandma! Y'all wanna see a fit young guy jerk off for ya. Happy to oblige ya ma'am. Y'only had to ask” he said in a bad fake American accent.

I'm glad to hear it” said Rita dryly. “Especially with witnesses here. But don't call me that again or you'll be doing it twice. My grandchildren are nice kids, not mouthy bastards with no manners. I'm Rita but you can call me Mrs Jackson. Understand? Say 'Yes, Mrs Jackson.'”

Yes, Mrs Jackson.”

Good boy. Now it's show time!”


Ashley Jordan lay on his back on the conference room table, stark naked with an erection, in front of fifteen women, ranging from his own age to almost retirement age, who were ogling his body and eagerly waiting for him to “'demonstrate the equipment' and prove those balls work” as ordered by Gran..... Rita; don't call her the G word even mentally, he thought, you don't want to do this twice. But doing it once seemed inevitable; he lived five miles away and his car keys were in the pocket of his shorts.

He grasped the nettle (metaphorically, physically he grasped something else) and slowly started to give them the performance they wanted. As he began to speed up the older women laughed and jeered but not the young ones, he noticed. There were four around his age or not much older and they were watching silently with a rapt expression on their faces. He wondered if they had ever seen anyone do this before. It was kind of sexy to imagine they hadn't.

Ashley did his best to ignore most of the audience (not easy with the noise they were making) and concentrate on giving a good show to the girls who were (he chose to imagine) watching eagerly, consumed with lust and admiration. Showing off to them was sexy as hell, a privilege not a punishment. He wondered what else any or all of them might want from him.

It didn't take much of this kind of thinking before he could feel himself getting close. He listened to the jeering old biddies for a time to slow things down, then returned his attention to thinking about the girls. After a few cycles of this he judged that he should produce a good orgasm and he was beginning to need to. He kept his mind on the girls as he let himself go.

Unfortunately, whatever the 'girls' may or may not have been thinking, as soon as it was over they joined in the mocking applause and laughter. The cleaner passed him a roll of blue paper towel to clean up with.

One of the older women turned to her friend. “Well that takes me back a bit. It's years since I saw a 'performance' like that but they used to happen quite often, once every few weeks at least. Whatever happened to girl power?”

Well, Mouth,” asked Rita, “have you learned your lesson?”

Yes Ri..... Mrs Jackson” he said. It seemed the prudent course. “Can I have my clothes back now?” She gave him a look. “Please?” he added.

They're under the table” she told him. “You can get them after we've gone. My God I enjoyed that! We should do it more often. It said in the paper we're going back to the seventies; you just did! Tell your friends. We're reviving the tradition. Any mouthy little boy who acts like a wanker to us can act like a wanker for us!”

With that she and everyone else left the room, leaving Ashley alone to find his clothes and reflect on his experience.

The End

Submitted: December 31, 2022

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