Chapter 9: The Sheet

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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"Andrew, let's get you out of that bunny suit and back into your underpanties."

I sat up in my seat with anticipation when the words came out of the mouth of Miss Prescott. Don't get me wrong—the bunny suit was a marvelous touch, and we really enjoyed tormenting Andy while he had to wear it out in the schoolyard. And it was certainly humiliating for him. But it was music to my ears when I heard he had to go back to his tighty-whities. For one, there is much more of his skin exposed—I mean, he's one skimpy article of clothing away from being naked—and secondly, I know it is even more embarrassing for Andy to be so exposed, and one quick, simple maneuver away from being completely exposed.

Also, I was quite curious—tantalized might be more like it—about how Miss Prescott planned on going about having Andy change out of his clothing. Would she again take him to the teachers' lounge? I assumed so. Would she have him do it right there in the classroom? I doubted as much, but one can hope, right? 

I looked back at Andy, and he was not at all excited about the prospect of changing back into his "underpanties." And he almost certainly had the same question I did: How and where was this change of attire going to take place? And of course, the undressing part of the equation had to be causing him considerable anxiety. I think it is safe to say that his level of anxiety probably even outweighed my level of tantalization.

That became ever apparent when Andy remained frozen in his chair, even as Miss Prescott stared at him expectantly.

"You need to come up here, Andrew," she said, "so we can get you properly dressed."

Properly dressed? In his tighty-whities? I found the absurdity of that quite amusing.

Andy hesitated for a few more moments before slowly rising from his chair and dragging himself up the aisle to the front of the room. All eyes were on the bunny boy, drinking in his every move with great interest. And of course the bunny boy was well aware of that.

He stopped in the front of the room while Miss Prescott looked on from a spot near her desk. Andy looked toward the door, expecting to be led to the teachers' lounge like before. But, much to his dismay (and my delectation!), Miss Prescott had other intentions. Her next words must have sounded like a death sentence to the soon to be horrified Andy.

"You can take off your leotard now, Andrew," she said.

Gasps of surprise filled the room, followed by an abundance of giggling. Andy, quite ill at ease, looked back at us, then at the door, and then at Miss Prescott.

" we going to the teachers' lounge?" he asked anxiously.

"No, there's no need for that. I have your underpanties right here in my drawer," answered Miss Prescott as she pointed to the bottom drawer of her desk. "So in the interests of time and convenience, it just makes sense to get you changed right here."

The room was abuzz. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and I was giddy with excitement. I looked around and almost everyone was wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Mia was grinning widely, and when she caught my eye she started licking her lips, as if she was about to be served her favorite meal after skipping breakfast and lunch.

Andy, of course, was in a state of panic. He took a quick look back at us, then pleaded desperately with Miss Prescott.

"But....but I can't....not in front of....may I at least go change in the bathroom? Or even the hallway?" he asked.

"Nonsense," answered Miss Prescott. "There is no good reason for you to leave the classroom. Your underpanties are right here. It's only reasonable that you change into them here."

Andy just stood there, contemplating his dreadful plight. He again looked at the door, and I thought for a moment that he was going to bolt—and who could blame him if he made that choice? But he didn't. I don't know if he thought it out and considered that he was wearing a leotard and that his teacher had ownership of his clothes, leaving him no practical place to go for refuge.

In any case, he did not make a run for it. In retrospect, he probably wished that he had.

"Tell me, Andrew," said Miss Prescott. "Why would you want to go elsewhere to change instead of just doing it right here?"

As if she didn't know, haha.

"I don't....want them to see," he said quietly, but just loud enough for us to hear. There were a few titters, I'm sure adding to Andy's shame.

"Oh, I see," said Miss Prescott, acting like she was just then catching on. "You're self-conscious about undressing in front of everybody, is that right?" Andy just nodded his head. "Because," she continued, "at some point—after you take off your leotard and before you put on your underpanties—you'll be naked. And you don't want anyone to see you when you're naked, right?" Again Andy nodded.

As if there was any doubt about that!

"Are you afraid they might see Little Andy?"

Andy nodded yet again, but that wasn't good enough for Miss Prescott.

"I'd like you to speak up," she pressed.

"Yes," said Andy demurely.

"Yes, what?"

"I'm afraid....I don't want....them to see...." He stopped there, and again Miss Prescott pushed back.

"See what, Andrew?"

" front side."

I chuckled to myself, knowing it would be excruciating for him to say it. But Andy should have known that Miss Prescott wasn't going to relent, and that he was only drawing out his degradation.

"And what do we call that little body part that you don't want anyone to see?" she persisted.

"Little Andy," he said quietly, but just loud enough to elicit some giggling from his enraptured audience.

"Yes indeed," retorted the cruel Miss Prescott. "Now the whole sentence. What are you afraid of, Andrew?"

"I'm afraid....that they will....that they might.... see Little Andy," he said while turning a darker shade of red.

"Okay, I'll tell you what, Andrew," she said while reaching into her bag that was sitting on her chair. She pulled out a folded piece of light bluish material and held it up by its corners until gravity allowed it to partially unfold. As she continued to hold it up, more of the material unfolded and collected at the floor. It looked like a bed sheet, about the size for a double bed. The devious teacher could only have packed it in her bag with a particular purpose in mind.

"How about if I hold up this sheet as a screen while you get changed," she said. "That way, your classmates won't be able to see."

There was a collective groan from several of the students. I was quite disappointed myself, but I held out hope that Miss Prescott had something else up her sleeve.

Andy, though dubious, found this solution much more desirable than the alternative.

"'ll hold it up until I'm done?" asked Andrew, sounding somewhat skeptical.

"Yes," chuckled Miss Prescott. "Don't worry, I won't pull the sheet away until you're in your underpanties."

Andy still had a concern.

"And....and you won't see?" he asked.

"Well, I'll be on the other side of the sheet, so how could I?" she said slyly.

Somehow that appeased Andy. I guess in his state of distress he didn't consider that being in control of the sheet, Miss Prescott could manipulate it any way she saw fit.

"Okay," agreed Andy, though somewhat reluctantly.

While Andy stood front and center, Miss Prescott stopped at a spot a few feet in front of him (there was plenty of space between the front row of desks and the front wall; Andy stood about halfway between the desks and the wall) and held up the sheet as best she could.

"Okay, Andrew," she said from the other side of the sheet. "You can take off your leotard now."

Andy was still hesitant.

"Can I....can I get my underpants first?"

"No," said Miss Prescott emphatically. "For one, you have been instructed to call them underpanties. Plus, you're not allowed to go into Miss Hanover's drawer. I'll give you your underpanties after you've taken off your leotard. When you're naked."

"But...." countered Andy, who still had the wherewithal to think this through, "Then you would have to move the sheet, and would see me."

"Let's worry about that once your leotard is removed," said Miss Prescott. "I suppose I could look the other way."

Andy was not at all reassured. I couldn't blame him, and I was loving it.

"And the's not really stretched out enough and they....I think some of them can see."

"Do you, now? You know, for someone who is being punished for unruly behavior, you certainly have a lot of demands. Don't you think that's a bit presumptuous on your part?"

"I....I don't's just....the sheet...."

"I know, the sheet," interrupted Miss Prescott, appearing slightly annoyed. "So let me get this straight: I can't stretch the sheet out far enough to keep your classmates from admiring your little striptease, and I can't give you your underpanties after you take off the leotard because then I'll move the sheet and we'll see you standing there all naked. And we might see Little Andy. Do I have that right?"

"Um....well....yes, I....I guess," muttered the profusely blushing Andy.

"Well, I think I have a solution for us, Andrew," said Miss Prescott.

Andy did not look very hopeful, and that would prove to be prescient. Her solution would once again involve Mia and me, much to our delight and Andy's consternation.

"I do think you are correct," she continued. "I can't spread this sheet out far enough all by myself. I think we need two people. But that creates a dilemma. I could get one other person up here to help me with it, but then we still have the same issue: Once you're naked, I would have to move the sheet to give you your underpanties. And you don't want anyone to see you naked. Another one of your presumptuous demands. So to accomplish that, I think the best bet would be to get two volunteers to hold up the sheet, which would free me up to give your your underpanties. After you're naked."

I love how she keeps referencing Andy being naked. I'm sure he's cringing inside every time he hears that word.

"But...." Andy tried to protest, but he was summarily thwarted.

"No more objections," declared Miss Prescott. "It's time to move things along." She looked around the room and said, "May I please have two volunteers to come up here and hold up this sheet so Andrew can have his privacy while he changes into his underpanties?"

Out of the thirty or so of us in the room, more than twenty hands immediately shot up. I was ever hopeful, and pretty sure that she would pick Mia and me.

"Andrea and Mia," she said right on cue. "You've been very good with Andrew today. May I call upon you once again to assist with him?"

She didn't have to ask twice. Mia and I sprang from our chairs, and while exchanging a grin we bounded to the front of the room. I had a tasty moment when Andy and I made eye contact. His red face and miserable expression contrasted considerably with my grinning, gleeful one.

"Thank you, girls," said Miss Prescott as she handed Mia the bed sheet. Mia handed a corner of the sheet to me and we each moved a few feet to the side, extending it out.

"You might as well spread it completely out," instructed Miss Prescott. "That way Andrew will be assured of full privacy."

Mia and I took the top corners and spread them out as far as they could go. When we did so, something noteworthy—and very unfavorable for Andy—came to light. There was a small circular hole in the sheet, about two inches in diameter. When I held the sheet up above my head, the hole was right at my eye level, so if I was so inclined, I could easily peek through it (Ha! Ya think I might be?). I looked over at Mia, and yes, there was also a small hole in a corresponding spot on her side. The devilish Miss Prescott had this whole scenario planned out, and it was working to perfection.

Mia and I looked at each other and exchanged a toothy grin, for the umpteenth time that day.

Meanwhile, Miss Prescott moved just to the left of Mia, and, more significantly, to the left of the sheet.

"Okay, Andrew, you are shielded from your classmates now. It's safe to remove your leotard."

Andy had still not noticed the holes in the sheet, or the set of prying eyes that were peering through them on either end. He was more concerned with Miss Prescott. More specifically, her position in the room that allowed her to see his every move.

"But....can you go....can you get behind the sheet?" pleaded Andy.

"No, I won't be doing that," she said. "Don't you concern yourself with me. It's not like I've never seen a naked boy before. Now let's move along. You can start by removing your ballet slippers."

Andy stood transfixed while he contemplated this latest disturbing development. Eventually he realized that there was nothing he could say or do that would keep Miss Prescott from witnessing his strip down.

Resigned to that ignominious scenario, he focused on us, while still addressing Miss Prescott.

"And....and they won't move the sheet, right?" he asked.

"No, they won't. Girls, please keep the sheet held above your heads so Andrew can have his privacy."

"Yes, Miss Prescott," said Mia. I saw them exchange a sly smile.

I watched as Andy took a deep breath, then reached down and removed the slippers, one by one. My breathing got heavier, as it became evident that I was about to witness my brother submitting to a very embarrassing stripping. I looked over at Mia, and she appeared to be as titillated as I was.

Andy held the slippers in one hand while Miss Prescott approached him. While that was going on Andrew reached above his head with his free hand and pulled off the bunny ears.

"No, you're to keep those on," reprimanded Miss Prescott as she relieved him of the slippers. "You look quite fetching in them. Bunny ears and underpanties for you for the rest of the day."

Andy grimaced, and raised them back to his head. It was while he was adjusting the head band that he made the discovery.

"Hey!" he screamed out. "There's a hole in the sheet!" Then he looked to the other side of the sheet. "There's two holes! They can see me!"

"Oh, I apologize for the tattered sheet, Andrew. The moths must have gotten to them. Girls, maybe you can turn the sheet the other way, so the holes will be near the bottom."

Disappointed, we dropped the sheet to the ground and picked up the other end. Our disappointment would soon turn to joyfulness, for when we pulled the sheet taut we discovered that there were two similar holes on that end of the sheet also. Miss Prescott had thought of everything!

This time it didn't take Andrew any time at all to see that his supposed privacy was not very private at all.

"The holes are still there!" he exclaimed.

"Oh dear, those darn moths are a nuisance, aren't they?" said Miss Prescott. "Hmm, I suppose we could turn the sheet ninety degrees, but I'm afraid then it won't be long enough. Some of his classmates would see him naked. And Andrew is scared to death that someone might see him naked." She paused before continuing. "Girls, can I ask you to try your best not to peek at Andrew through the moth holes while he's disrobing?"

"Sure, Miss Prescott. We will try our best," answered Mia while trying her best to keep a straight face. "I know Andy would be awfully embarrassed if Andrea and I somehow saw him while he's naked."

"Thank you, girls. Andrew, I'm afraid you're going to have to trust that Andrea and Mia will exercise restraint while you're changing into your underpanties."

I'm sure from Andy's standpoint that "trust" was nowhere in any equation involving Mia and me versus him.

"And if it helps, you can always turn your back while you're getting changed," she added. "That way they won't be able to see Little Andy."

Though disappointed with this consolation, I was still much looking forward to watching Andy being forced to strip. And seeing him naked, even though it would probably be from the back. And just as enticing, Andy will know that I'll be seeing him naked. A win/win for me!

"But....they'll still see me na—with no clothes on! And they're going to peek! I know they will!" pleaded Andy.

"Maybe they will, maybe they won't," answered Miss Prescott. "It's asking a lot for them not to peek, but at least they're willing to try.

"And I've had just about enough of your demands. We've wasted far too much time already. Girls, please try to give Andrew his privacy. I know that won't be easy, as tempting as ogling a naked boy will be for you. But do your best, okay?"

"Yes, Miss Prescott," we said simultaneously in mellifluous tones.

Of course, considering the unpersuasive directive from Miss Prescott, the chances of either of us not taking advantage of our opportunity to watch Andy strip down were about as good as the chances of Miss Prescott suddenly deciding that Andy had suffered enough and that he could have all of his clothes back. It just wasn't going to happen.

"Alrighty then," said Miss Prescott. "Andrew, please take off your leotard. Now."

Andy was figuratively backed into a corner, and there was no way out for him. His unveiling was imminent, and I couldn't have been more excited. I looked quickly at Mia, and she was as keyed up as I was. Grinning, she gave me the thumbs up sign before we both turned back to our peep holes, anxiously anticipating Andy's enforced stripping, and what promised to be a very entertaining display.

Submitted: May 24, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Blondie2. All rights reserved.


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White Briefs and Petticoats

Andy is one lucky boy .. schoolroom humiliation in just white briefs and pink bunny ears! I can't wait for the next chapter.

Wed, May 24th, 2023 9:20pm


Well, "lucky" is a matter of interpretation. I'm certain that if you asked Andy how he feels at this juncture, lucky would not enter his mind :)

Thanks for chiming in.

Wed, May 24th, 2023 3:45pm

White Briefs and Petticoats

Oh, during these sessions, of course boys just feel panic and humiliation. Then I personally I discovered that over time, there is this guilty shame of having secretly enjoyed it a little ... strip humiliation is fun for the dominant of either sex, for the humiliated boy, and for the spectators. Anyone can see from my stories (and my profile photo on here) that I am still fair game for any mean girls or fellows who want to humiliate me in underpants and/or embarrassingly frilly girl outfits. I really identify with your poor little "heroes" Blondie and Andy. :)

Wed, May 24th, 2023 11:37pm