Chapter 4: The Shaming

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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When I last checked in, Mia and I were holding the beleaguered Andy's hands high in the air, facing our audience. Our fellow classmates were glaring open-mouthed, clearly enthralled by the spectacle. The reason it was a spectacle, of course, was that Andy was wearing nothing but a pair of old tighty-whities and profusely blushing cheeks.

The deviant Miss Prescott looked on from a spot in the middle aisle. Her high level of enjoyment was betrayed by the unrelenting look of amusement on her face.

"Andrew," she said. "You are blushing ever so much!" Andrew's reaction was to blush even brighter, something I didn't think was possible. "You're obviously quite embarrassed. Can you tell me what you're embarrassed about?"

"I...I...please...I'm in of my clothes are gone."

Apparently he didn't want to say the word "underpants." Miss Prescott would rectify that forthwith.

"So please tell us what you are wearing now," she said.

"My underpants," he relented. Giggles could be heard from a few of the students.

"I'd like you to call them 'underpanties' from now on," said Miss Prescott, resulting in increased giggling. Andrew was silent, so she persisted. "What are you wearing, Andrew?"


"And nothing else, right?"

I looked up at Andrew to see him nod his head. My arm was getting tired, so I switched hands and continued to hold his hand up high. I remember thinking that if I was in his shoes—oh wait, he wasn't wearing any shoes <giggle>—that if I was him and it was possible to make myself just die on the spot, then I would strongly consider availing myself of that opportunity.

I also remember thinking that short of yanking down Andy's underpants (I wish!), Miss Prescott would be hard-pressed to increase the level of Andy's embarrassment.

But I had strongly underestimated the level of her depravity.

"Tell me, Andrew....I know you're embarrassed to be standing there showing off your underpanties to all of your classmates and me. What exactly is it about your condition that embarrasses you?"

"I....I don't know....please...."

Andy was flustered, and I wasn't sure myself where she was going with this.

"Okay, if you're not going to play along with me, let's do it this way. I'll point out potential factors that might be contributing to your obvious embarrassment, and you tell me if I'm hitting the right buttons."

I looked up at Andy and his wretched expression said it all.

"Okay, ready?" asked Miss Prescott. "Here we go. And be honest. If I determine you're not being honest with me, there will be consequences. Let's see, are you embarrassed to be exposed to your underpanties in front of your sister?"

Andy nodded shamefacedly while staring at the ground.

"This conversation is way too one-sided. So from now on you'll respond with your answer and repeat what I said. Now let's try again. Are you embarrassed to be exposed in your underpanties in front of your sister?"

"Y-yes, I'm embarrassed to be exposed to my....please, I....I forgot what you said."

"Exposed, underpanties, sister," she assisted.

"I'm embarrassed to be exposed in my my sister."

"Good. Are you also embarrassed that your sister and Mia are holding up your hands and exposing your underpanties and hairless underarms to all your classmates?"

"Yes....please....." Andy took a deep breath. "I'm embarrassed that Mia and my sister are....are exposing underpanties.....and hairless underarms."

"To...." responded Miss Prescott, holding out an open palm toward the students.

"To all my classmates."

"Are you embarrassed to be showing off your pretty legs, and that you have no visible hair anywhere below your head?"

Everyone's eyes—including mine—were immediately drawn to Andy's legs, which were indeed quite hairless, and yes, kind of pretty. <giggle> I wondered how long he could weather the excruciating torment.

Y-yes, I'm....I'm embarrassed to be showing off my legs, and....I have seeable hair below my head."

"Pretty legs. You forgot the 'pretty.' You have pretty legs. Let me hear you say it."

"I have pretty legs." For some reason that brought on a new chorus of giggles.

"Are you embarrassed that everyone is staring at your underpanties?"

"Yes, I'm embarrassed that....that everyone is staring at my underpanties."

"While we stare at you underpanties, it is quite noticeable to us that there is a much smaller bulge there than one might expect from a young man of your age. Are you embarrassed to have such a small bulge in your underpanties?"

Oh, my goodness!

"I....I'm embarrassed to have a....a small bulge my underpanties."

"Yes, I'll bet you are, especially since everyone is staring at it. That small bulge in your underpanties makes one thing pretty clear—that your penis is rather small."

While Andy's cheeks continued to pulsate fire engine red, Miss Prescott waited for the laughter to subside. Her next question added more torment to Andy's agonizing ordeal.

"Do you have a tiny penis, Andrew? Be honest."

Oh my goodness again!

"I....uh....I don't know. I....uh....I guess," said Andy while blushing crimson and looking straight down at a spot on the floor in front of his scrunched up toes.

"You guess? By the looks of things I suspect you do. Do I need to pull down your underpanties so we can confirm that you have a tiny penis?" Gasps and shrieks of exclamation rang throughout the classroom. I was wide-eyed and agape, admittedly hoping she might really follow through with the threat.

"No!" cried Andy. Mia and I both felt a pull from Andy's hands, but we held them up firmly. "Please! I.....oh! Yes, I think, I do.....I do have a tiny pe....a tiny penis." 

"Are you embarrassed to still have an itsy bitsy pee pee?"

That one elicited a louder outburst from the students. I almost choked on my saliva. And of course, everyone continued staring at the tiny bump in Andy's underpants.

"Oh! Please, I..........I'm embarrassed to still have an....." He couldn't bring himself to say it. I mean, can you blame him? But there was no way Miss Prescott would let it slide.

"You're embarrassed to still have a what, Andy?" she pressed.

"An itty bitty....penis."

"Did I say 'penis,' Andrew? You know I didn't. And I said it is 'itsy bitsy,' not 'itty bitty,' though either one is applicable to characterize what you apparently have down there. Now try it again."

Somehow, I don't know how, Andy managed to get it out. "I'm embarrassed to still have an itsy bitsy pee pee," he said as quickly as he could without mangling the verbiage.

Laughter rang throughout, and Andy's face looked like it was hot enough to ignite.

"Thank you, Andy. I do believe you have been properly shamed for attempting to leave my classroom without permission," said Miss Prescott when the laughter subsided. "Now please allow Andrea and Mia to escort you to the little boys room so you can do your wee-wees."

Mia and I lowered Andy's arms to his sides, while keeping a steady grip on his hands. As we headed toward the door there was an admonition from Miss Prescott.

"And I'd better not hear anything about you not cooperating with your chaperones."

Mia and I looked at each other and grinned. We couldn't wait to take advantage of our most fortunate situation.

Submitted: March 03, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Blondie2. All rights reserved.


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Robert Brooks

Another superb chapter Blondie! Getting Andy to say out loud exactly why he is so embarrassed (as if anybody was in any doubt!) is exquisitely wicked. Hearing him utter the most terrible word: ‘underpanties’ in front of all his classmates is just too good. I’m loving this story so much I don’t care how long it takes to get to his spanking, haha! Brilliant!

Mon, March 6th, 2023 10:54pm


"Exquisitely wicked." I like that! It certainly is a good way to describe Miss Prescott/Felicity.

Thanks a lot for commenting, Robert. It is always appreciated.

Tue, March 7th, 2023 2:56am


Your stories are soooo good Blondie! One minor detail about you sometimes put in I always enjoy is making the person being humiliated participate. In this chapter its the having him repeat the lines, admitting out loud. Another story I remember you had a boy forced to hold a flashlight on his exposed peepee haha.

Basically anything to make them sit in the moment in that moment, the boy cant pretend its not happening, he has to be helping in his own humiliation. Just the small details that make your stories so enjoyable,

Wed, March 8th, 2023 10:12pm


Thanks, Goldfish, I'm glad you are enjoying.

I agree with you, it does add a little spice when the victim is forced to participate in his/her own humiliation. You're right, he can't even begin to pretend it's not happening when he is actively involved.

One of my favorite humiliation scenarios---if not THE favorite---is when the victim is forced to dance naked for the pleasure of his/her antagonist(s). Think about it: To be forced to dance against your will for others' entertainment while fully clothed would be humiliating enough. Naked? Off the charts.

The drawback for me is that it is extremely difficult to do justice to the scene in writing. I've tried multiple times, and I don't feel that I've ever nailed it.

Fri, March 10th, 2023 7:45pm