Chapter 3: The Substitute

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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Much to my surprise—and utter delight—Andy's embarrassing situation escalated soon after we returned from the morning recess. And this time it happened without any shenanigans on the part of Mia and me.

When we returned to the classroom, Miss Hanover was standing in the front of the room chatting with another lady, who was unfamiliar to me. She was in her early to mid twenties, slim and attractive, with blonde hair. After we were seated, we found out who she was, and why she was there.

"Class," started Miss Hanover, "I'd like to introduce you to Miss Prescott. I have to attend a school district conference, and I will be off campus. Miss Prescott will be substituting, and will be your teacher for the rest of the day. She comes highly recommended, and I'd like you to be on your best behavior for her. Good day, and thank you, Miss Prescott."

At the time I was quite disappointed, thinking that Andy's embarrassing punishment would be cut short. But my disappointment was soon alleviated.

Miss Hanover had one foot out the door, then stopped herself. For whatever reason, she felt inclined to fill us in on Andy's current state of affairs.

"Just so you know," she said, addressing the class while looking at Andy, "Miss Prescott has been thoroughly apprised of Andrew's gross misbehavior this morning, and of the consequences for his actions. She is quite agreeable to the terms of his punishment, and is fully receptive to him spending he rest of the day in his underwear. Also—and I hope this won't be necessary—she is not at all opposed to further disciplinary actions should the need arise. (I remember glancing at Miss Prescott at that moment, and I swear I detected a slight smile on her face.) Thank you, and good day."

As she departed I looked back and smiled at Andy. I may have been licking my lips.

* * * * *

Before continuing with the accounts of that fabulous day, I think it would be worthwhile to tell you what I now know about Miss Prescott.

I recently researched her extensively on the Internet, and you're not going to believe this. Her name is Monica Prescott, and she was a substitute teacher for several years, until she was ultimately arrested and stripped of her teaching credential. Evidently she had a history of abusing her students. I didn't read or hear of any physical abuse—it was more along the lines of....well, of what Miss Hanover was doing to Andy that day. Apparently she had a predilection toward inflicting humiliation, and on more than one occasion would force a student to remove one or more articles of clothing in front of her and the other students. At some point someone reported her to the authorities. There was an investigation, and several incidents similar to the one that got her arrested were uncovered.

And get this: She was convicted of crimes that normally would have warranted a prison sentence. But the school administrator recommended to the judge that she be given a chance to rehabilitate through psychotherapy, and the judge went along with it. She was turned over to the care of a psychiatrist. Isn't that wild?

Well, it gets wilder. It came out later that the psychiatrist was a bit of a pervert in her own right, and her therapy consisted of humiliating Miss Prescott in the same manner that she humiliated her students. There was a fair amount of depravity taking place behind closed doors in her office. Some guy who goes by the pseudonym Blondie actually wrote a book about it, called The Satanic Psychiatrist. You should check it out if that sort of thing interests you.

And one other interesting tidbit: In my research I also contacted the author, and he let me in on a little secret (he also said it was okay if I disclosed it here). He is planning on adding more chapters to The Satanic Psychiatrist someday. When he does, his readers will find out that Monica Prescott divulged to the psychiatrist while under hypnosis that her given name was Felicity, and that she conducted a reign of humiliation terror when she was in high school. It hit home with me, because, though it was a different time period, it was at Roosevelt High School, the same high school that Andy and I attended! Evidently she had a few of the kids under her thumb and subjected them to countless humiliations, most often involving the removal of some or all of their clothing against their wills. She actually wrote her own book about it entitled The Felicity Chronicles. What's intriguing to me is that, like Andy in my story, it looks like she eventually got her comeuppance, thanks to a perverted psychiatrist.

Anyway, she changed her name to Monica Prescott when she decided she wanted to become a teacher, thinking that if any of her high school abuses came out then it would be the end of her teaching aspirations. And I guess fittingly, she ended up losing her teaching credential because she couldn't control her strong urges to enforce humiliation, mostly on high school kids. Crazy, huh?

Sorry to get off the track like that, but I just thought that knowing what type of person Miss Prescott/Felicity was would add to your enjoyment of reading the rest of this story.

I was already pretty excited about Andy's embarrassing predicament before Miss Hanover left for the day. Had I known of Miss Prescott's sordid history at the time, I probably would have been overwhelmed with delicious anticipation.

* * * * *

"Good morning, class," addressed Miss Prescott. "I'm looking forward to spending this time with all of you." She looked down at her notes. "Please open your math books to Chapter 13 and read over the first two pages. When you're done with that we can work out an equation related to what you've learned."

We all opened our books and started reading. I would take occasional glances back at Andy and smile, delighting in the fact that he had to spend the rest of the day in his underwear. On one of those glances back I noticed that he had pulled the shirt tail of his undershirt out of his underpants. I was slightly disappointed, because it covered up a good portion of his tighty-whities, including the waist band, which I'm sure is what Andy had in mind.

Fortunately, the new teacher also noticed, and she wasn't pleased.

"Andrew, would you please stand up?" said Miss Prescott. We all stared at Andy as he stood up, hands over his front. "Did I give you permission to pull your undershirt out of your underpants?" asked Miss Prescott.

Andy was a bit flustered. ", I....I didn't know I had to....had to have it tucked in, he said as her nervously tucked it back in with one hand while still covering up with the other.

"The purpose of your punishment, Mr. Babencock, is to embarrass you, as you embarrassed your sister. The full exposure of your underpants is a major component of your embarrassment."

It was silent for a spell, while she stared at him and he stood there like a frightened puppy. I think he felt obliged to speak.

"I'm s-sorry, Miss Pres....Miss Prescott," he said. "I'll keep it tucked in from now on."

She continued to stare at him, making him very uncomfortable, which I'm sure is exactly what she had in mind.

"Take your seat," she finally said, "while I decide what to do with you."

What to DO with him? Oh, this just keeps getting better!

Mia and I looked at each other with an eager smile while Andy took his seat. Miss Prescott sat at her desk while we read our assignment, and nothing relating to Andy materialized for awhile.

Until it did.

Miss Prescott wrote a complicated equation on the board. "Class, I'd like you to take out a piece of paper and work this out. Take your time, it is a difficult one to solve."

The room was quiet as we diligently worked on the problem. I was thinking that Andy was probably relieved that all the attention wasn't on him. But that would prove to be short lived.

Miss Prescott quietly but purposefully walked down our aisle. She stopped at a spot behind Andy's seat. I stopped working and turned around to see what she was up to. I took a peek around the room and pretty much everyone else had their eyes on the two people right behind me. I watched in fascination as she reached down with both arms on either side of Andy and pulled up on his undershirt. I felt a tingling inside when I first saw the skin of his white, flat belly exposed, knowing where this was probably headed.

"No!" squealed Andy, obviously in distress.

"Arms up!" commanded Miss Prescott as she continued to pull upward, exposing more of Andy's skin, much to his horror and my titillation. Andy—at least for the moment—kept his elbows at his sides, impeding the progress of Miss Prescott's undertaking.

"Please, Miss Prescott....I promise....I promise I'll be good," said Andy, sounding like a misbehaving six-year-old after being chastised.

Miss Prescott simply took hold of his wrists and, using a little force, pulled them up high over his head. Andy knew better than to resist, and Miss Prescott casually pulled the undershirt up and off of his outstretched hands. Just like that, the beleaguered Andy was sitting at his desk in nothing but a pair of tighty-whities.

"You'll get this back at the end of the day," said Miss Prescott.

As the teacher walked back up the aisle with Andy's undershirt in her grasp, all eyes were glued to my near-naked, slightly-built little brother, who was beside himself and squirming around in his chair like he had ants in his pants. Comically, he had one hand over his privates and the other across his chest, a pose one would expect from a naked girl who was desperately trying to hide her lady bits and little tits from prying eyes.

He was stripped to his tighty-whities in the middle of the classroom, and it was awesome!

* * * * *

The next forty-five minutes or so passed without incident. We moved on from mathematics to English lessons. I don't think I was alone in being unable to concentrate, as the attraction of staring at a boy stripped to his tighty-whities in the room far overshadowed any interest in the daily grind of our studies.

I continued to take frequent glances back at my brother, which was an action that never failed to entertain me. He was blushing a nice shade of red, a condition that had been constant ever since I pulled his pants down almost two hours before. His posture had changed somewhat—he had his knees together with both hands over his privates, and his arms were rigid in an attempt to cover as much of the exposed skin of his upper body as possible.

It was about 11:45 when thing became considerably more interesting. And it was then that I—and certainly Andy—realized that Miss Prescott was even more depraved than Miss Hanover.

While still sitting at her desk, she addressed Andy. "Andrew, I know you weren't able to go out for recess because you were stripped to your underwear. Were you able to get to the little boy's room and do your wee-wees?"

There was considerable giggling emanating from us students. Miss Prescott seemed pretty sophisticated, so I was pretty sure she didn't talk like that, and that she was intentionally adding to Andy's embarrassment.

"Uh, no....I'm okay," replied the mortified Andy.

"Well, you do need to do your wee-wees," countered Miss Prescott. "And you can't go out like that at lunch with the rest of the school. So I'd like you to go now, so you can get back before everyone else goes out for their lunch."

Andy wiggled in his seat, horrified at the prospect of vacating the relative safety of his desk and venturing out in his state of undress.

"Really, Miss Prescott," he pleaded. "I....I don't really have to go."

"Nonsense," she replied. "You need to do your wee-wees, lest you have a boo boo later and tinkle in your little underpanties."

Oh, my goodness, she's really doing a number on him! This is amazing!

Our giggling turned into outright laughter, and I was relishing in Andy's mortification. Then, amazingly enough, it got even better.

"You'll need to be escorted," declared Miss Prescott. "May I have two volunteers to escort Andrew to the little boy's bathroom so he can do his wee-wees?"

Of course my hand shot straight up like a flash. I looked back at Mia and her hand was held high and waving madly. Several other hands were up, almost all of them belonging to females.

"Let's see," said Miss Prescott as she surveyed the room. "Andrea (yes!) and...." she paused as she looked at her seating chart. "....and Mia."

Mia and I were both out of our seats like a shot.

"Mia, I want to commend you for what you did," said Miss Prescott. "Miss Hanover told me that your intervention helped prevent Andrew's repulsive actions from escalating further."

"Oh, I'm so glad I could help, Miss Prescott," replied Mia. "I was afraid that Andrew was going to pull Andrea's skirt all the way off. Even though I stopped him, everyone got a good long look at her panties."

Yes, thanks to YOU, Mia, lol.

"Well, at least Mr. Babencock is getting his just desserts," said Miss Prescott. "He's stripped to his underpants for the day and he's blushing accordingly. I'm sure when we're finished with him he will have learned a hard, very embarrassing lesson."

Mia and I were standing over Andy with grins on our faces, waiting expectantly. Andy remained seated. He looked like he was trying to build up the courage to get up but just couldn't pull the trigger. Then he suddenly shot himself out of his chair like a cannon, pushed Mia and me aside and made a beeline up the aisle and toward the exit. He was two steps from the door before his departure was forestalled by the authoritative voice of Miss Prescott.

"Stop right where you are, young man!" she bellowed. Andy did indeed stop in his tracks. "Did I not say that you were supposed to be escorted, Mr. Babencock?"

"I....I....I thought they would come with me," tried Andy. That was not going to fly. She stared him down before replying.

"I don't think so. Not only did you defy me, now you are lying to me." She shook her head back and forth in displeasure. "What am I going to do with you, Andrew?" She paused and stared him up and down.

By this time Mia and I had reached the front of the class and were standing on either side of Andy. Which was fortuitous, because it gave Miss Prescott an inspiration.

"It's time you get your hands away from your privates," she said. "Andrea and Mia, would you each please take hold of one of Andy's hands?"

We were delighted to oblige. We reached down to take his hands, but Andy resisted, clutching his crotch even tighter.

"AnDREW!" reprimanded Miss Prescott. "Don't make me have to tell you again!"

Andy relented, and Mia and I held his hands to his sides. For the first time in almost two hours, the little bump in his underpants was uncovered. Mia and I, both grinning freely, made a point to lean forward and take a look at his tighty-whities.

Miss Prescott also gazed at his underpants. I looked up and again I swear I detected a smile on the corners of her lips. "You're not to cover your little bits with your hands again. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes," said Andy, flushing brightly.

Miss Prescott continued to stare at Andy while we stood facing her, holding Andy's hands. For the next couple of minutes Miss Prescott was scolding Andy for his misbehavior. I can't remember exactly what she was saying, because Mia and I were focused on our own little endeavor.

Andy was facing the teacher with his hips turned to the right toward the chalkboard, doing everything he could to keep everyone from seeing the front of his underpants. Mia was standing on Andy's left and she started pulling on his arm in an effort to turn him so he would face his spellbound classmates. I followed her lead from Andy's right side and pulled on his arm to lead him in the same direction. He struggled, but we had a firm hold on his hands and he wasn't about to pull away and defy Miss Prescott again. She saw what we were doing and seemed completely on board. Andy was helpless, and eventually we were successful.

Thirty sets of eyes were then focused on Andy's midsection. There was a bit of an uproar, which egged us on further. Again I followed Mia's lead when she lifted Andy's arm straight up in the air, raising the noise level even higher. We both took a peek at Andy's hairless underarms and grinned at each other. I looked at Andy's glowing face and miserable expression and I beamed brighter.

For her part, Miss Prescott actually walked partway down the middle aisle to get a better vantage point of the unusual scene. Looking Andy up and down, she did nothing to hide her smile this time. That's when I realized that her level of depravity might have no bounds, and that Andy's torment was far from over.

* * * * *

I think I'll leave you for now with the vision of the wretched Andy standing in front of his enthralled classmates in his tighty-whities, hands held high. I'll be sure to check in again and hopefully regale you with the rest of the accounts of that marvelous day.

Submitted: January 12, 2023

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