Chapter 11: The Swimsuit

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Blondie's Humiliation Stories

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It was a few minutes before the afternoon recess, and the classroom was abuzz. Miss Prescott's announcement that one of the students in the room was to be punished with an over-the-knee spanking had everything to do with the high level of excitement.

The fact that the student awaiting that ignominious fate was my brother Andy only added to my state of delectation. My day had started with the hope that my irritating brother would endure some sort of payback for all the annoyances he has caused me over the years. But the day's events had played out in spectacular fashion, beyond even my wildest dreams.

I looked back at my anguished brother, who was clad only in his tighty-whities and a pair of pink bunny ears. When we made eye contact I reached back and gave my own ass a couple of playful spanks while grinning at him. His face turned redder while I basked in his misery.

I was so looking forward to his spanking, but it would have to wait, since Miss Prescott's plan was to carry out the dirty deed following the recess. That was okay by me as it turned out, because Andy ended up undergoing yet further humiliations before the main event.

* * * * *

Miss Prescott had us read a short chapter from our social studies book. I don't think I was the only one in the room who was comprehending very little of what I read. The matter of a boy sitting behind me in his underpants, combined with his looming fate trumped our schoolwork—by far. And to my delight, he was about become the center of attention again.

"Andrew, could you come up here please?" summoned Miss Prescott while she was busy organizing something in her bag of tricks.

All eyes were on Andy as he grudgingly slid from his chair and trudged to the front of the room. He stopped in the center and stood with his hands over his crotch and faced the teacher, who was standing at her desk. She looked up and addressed the cowering teenager.

"I'm going to let you go out for recess, Andrew," she began. "But I can't let you go outside like that." She paused before continuing. "I was going to have you wear the bunny outfit again. I would have thought that would have embarrassed you enough so that you would be on your best behavior for the rest of the school day. But evidently that did not work, based on your gross misconduct when I had to leave the room for a few minutes." Again she paused, while Andy stood wallowing in his wretchedness.

"So I'm going to have you wear something else."

"P-please, Miss Prescott. I....I don't have to....I mean, you don't need to let me go out for recess. If that's okay."

Apparently Andy did not have a good feeling about whatever Miss Prescott had in mind regarding his attire for the afternoon recess. (giggle)

"No, that is not okay," she replied. "And you are in no position to try to tell me what I need to do." Another pause.

"But you need to take off your underpanties so we can get you properly dressed in your swimsuit."

Several gasps—mostly of delight—emanated from my classmates and me. I looked back at Mia and we shared a grin for the umpteenth time that day.

Andy, on the other hand, may or may not have gasped. If he did, it certainly wasn't with delight. On the contrary, the look on his face was one of distress.

"But...." he finally said. "May I please....may I...."

There was a long pause. I suspect he didn't know what to address first: the fact that he had to take off his underpants or that he would then be dressed in a swimsuit. And he probably had a suspicion that the swimsuit in question might not be an ordinary, run-of-the-mill pair of swim trunks. I know I did.

And I sure hoped that was the case!

As it happened, I think he was too flustered to address either issue. Instead he begged.

"Please, Miss Prescott. I promise I'll....I'll be good."

"For your sake, I hope so, Andrew. But in the meantime let's get those underpanties off," replied the unrelenting Miss Prescott.

There was a momentary standoff. Miss Prescott stood quietly in waiting while Andy stood transfixed, mulling over his dire predicament. He glanced at his classmates, and assuredly noticed our expressions of jubilation. In any case, he was quite aware that Miss Prescott would not back down, and that he was going to have to strip off his underpants.

"But....please, Miss Prescott. They'll....they'll see me."

"Oh, this again," said the teacher, feigning irritation. "I forgot, you're very modest, and you don't want them to see you naked. Is that right?"

Andy nodded his head slowly.

"I'm willing to work with you here, Andrew. I know you're quite bashful. Tell me in your own words what you don't want."

"I....I don't want them to see see me naked."

This brought on a chorus of giggles, and Andy was blushing profusely.

"Good, Andrew," said the dirty teacher. "I know it would be quite embarrassing for you if all your classmates would see you naked. I think that would be embarrassing for anyone. But it might be especially embarrassing for you, because they might get a glimpse of....?" She held her palm out upright while looking directly at Andy's crotch. He knew he had to say it.

"L-Little Andy," he responded, while looking straight down shamefacedly.

"Excellent!" responded Miss Prescott as the giggling continued. "Okay, here's what I'm willing to do," she said as she sifted through her bag and eventually pulled out a bath towel. It was baby blue in color and larger than normal, slightly smaller than a beach towel. She walked over and stood about three feet in front of Andy.

"I know you were very apprehensive when we used the sheet earlier, since it had a few unattractive holes in it. This towel does not. I'll hold it up while you change out of your underpanties and into the swimsuit. That way your classmates won't be able to see you when you're naked."

With that she held up the towel and waited for Andy to undress.

I was a little disappointed—make that a lot disappointed—that she didn't make Andy take off his undies without the benefit of the towel shielding him from our prying eyes.

Andy, though relieved that he wouldn't be exposed to us all, was still quite anxious. He was still going to have to take off his underpants and don a swimsuit—which, by the way, still had not made an appearance, adding to his uneasiness.

On top of that, Miss Prescott was holding the towel at a height just below her chin. Though we wouldn't be able to see anything below Andy's chest, her field of view gave her full access to Andy's impending disrobing. Of course, this did not sit well with him.

"Could you, would you mind holding up towel higher? So you can't see?"

"That won't be necessary," she responded. "I've already seen you fully naked, silly boy."

Whereupon she lowered the towel by at least a foot, pretty much exposing all of Andy's upper torso for us. If I lifted slightly from my seat and craned my neck (which I did, hehe) I could see the very top of the waist band of his tighty-whities.

"You best get on with it," she added.

"Okay! Please! Don't go any lower!" shrieked the wide-eyed Andy.

I think he got the message. (giggle)

Resigned to his fate, Andy bent his elbows and put his hands to his hips, as a precursor to lowering his underpants. He then turned his back to his enthralled audience. But Miss Prescott would have none of it.

"No, Andrew," she admonished. "Turn around and face me while you do that. I must say, I do find it entertaining to watch you strip naked at my behest, and I really enjoy seeing you blush so."

You are quite the wicked one, Miss Prescott! Or should I call you Felicity?

Andy complied, and indeed he was already blushing so.

We watched in fascination as the beleaguered Andy pushed his elbows down and bent over, disappearing behind the towel. A few seconds later his face reappeared, as red as ever. We could tell that had his hands over his front, presumably holding his underpants.

"Good, Andrew," said Miss Prescott. She then pointed to a small hook that was affixed to the top of the blackboard, directly behind Andy. "You can hang your underpanties up there," she directed.

Andy looked back, turned around, walked back a few steps, lifted his arms and placed his undies on the hook. I have to say it was a comical sight to see his tighty-whites dangling up there, and it definitely added spice to the delicious scene.

Andy came back and faced Miss Prescott. His hands were firmly covering his crotch. That would soon be amended.

"Assume the submissive position, please," ordered Miss Prescott.

Andy was all to familiar with the pose, and, though it took him a few moments to build up the fortitude, he eventually had his hands clasped behind his head.

For the second time that day Andy was fully exposed to the depraved teacher. I'm sure that Andy's misery was compounded by the fact that Miss Prescott was clearly deriving pleasure from his exposure and humiliation. Andy stood there wretchedly while she just stared at (and I'm guessing smiling at) Andy's naked state for what I'm sure felt like an inordinate amount of time for him.

"Little Andy is so cute and adorable," she finally said while looking directly at what was almost certainly was a wee penis.

Andy, of course, looked absolutely miserable.

"Please....may I put on the....put something on?" he managed to ask.

"Well, that does create a bit of a conundrum," responded Miss Prescott. "I have your swimsuit over there in the bag on my desk. But the two options that come immediately to mind would either be for me to go get it, in which case you'll be exposed naked to all of your classmates. Or alternatively you could go get it, in which case you'll be exposed naked to all of your classmates. And you've made it perfectly clear that you don't want all of your classmates to see you naked. Do you see the dilemma we have here, Andrew?"

Andy contorted his face while trying to digest what he had just heard. Perhaps it was desperation that helped him think clearly.

"We could....we could both walk over to the desk, at the same time?" he offered. "And you keep holding the towel up?"

"Hmm, that might work. But what if we're not in sync, and one of us moves too fast of too slow? Then everyone would see you naked. I think a better, safer solution would be to have one of your classmates come up and get the swimsuit for you," countered Miss Prescott.

Oh, please, yes, if there is a God!

Andy's eyes were as big as saucers.

"No! I mean....I think we can do it!" pleaded Andy.

"Maybe, but I think my idea is the safest bet. That way there is no chance of all of your classmates seeing you naked."

"But....but someone else will!"

"I suppose that's true. But better just one of your classmates see Little Andy in all his glory than the whole class, right?"

"Oh, gosh!" said Andy. "Really, I think we can. All you have to do is...."

"Andrea," she interrupted. "Could you please come up here and help us out?"

I was already jumping from my seat at the word "Andrea." This was my watershed moment, and I couldn't have been more excited.

"Oh! No! Please, not her!" screamed Andy as I marched up the aisle. He started to drop his hands, but thought better of it, especially after a reprimand from Miss Prescott.

"Don't you dare deviate from the submissive position!" she warned. "Or you can bet you'll no longer have the protection of this towel."

There was a delicious moment when I neared the front of the room and Andy and I made eye contact. His eyes betrayed his fear, while mine showed nothing but utter delight.

But there was an absolutely scrumptious moment when I reached the front of the room. I stopped right next to Miss Prescott. Again Andy and I made brief eye contact before I looked him up and down. When I did he was a sight to behold. Below his glowing face he was naked and captivating and submissive and prepubescent and white and slender and fresh and youthful and vulnerable and virginal and smooth and unblemished and pretty and hairless and boyish and girlish and underdeveloped. Oh, and he had a tiny little wee-wee of a penis. In other words, for the purpose of maximum embarrassment, he was perfect!

The tiny part and the hairless part were particularly enjoyable for me. If you'll allow me to digress for a moment, it's worth telling you of an encounter that I had with Andy about a month before. Truth be told, I'm not exactly well endowed in my chest. It actually doesn't really bother me. I'm not completely flat, just a little smaller than normal. But when Andy teased me about it I definitely was embarrassed. And the fact that he did it in front of Mia added to my embarrassment.

Mia and I were hanging out in the front yard that day when Andy came out, on his way to a friend's house. Being in one of his "brat" modes, he said, "See you around, my tiny-titted sister." I was temporarily taken aback, but I had to say something and all I could come up with was, "Okay, see you, my brother with the hairless little dick." I think that hit home with him, because he turned red and before taking off he got very defensive and made a point of telling me that unlike my tiny tits his dick was bigger than normal, and that he had started growing hair on it a long time ago.

So as you can imagine, the vision of his hairless little dick was especially gratifying.

I put my fingers to my lips and giggled. It was a genuine giggle—I was definitely giddy—but I did giggle a little louder than necessary for the benefit of my classmates. I turned to them and held my other hand out while spreading my thumb and index finger about an inch apart, eliciting boisterous laughter. I took a quick look at the grinning Mia and winked at her before turning back to my favorite wretch.

"You're right, Miss Prescott," I said as I continued to grin and stare at Andy. "Little Andy really is cute and adorable."

"Isn't it, though?" replied Miss Prescott, playing along. We both continued to blatantly stare at his hairless little penis while we talked about it.

"It's quite amusing, actually," I said. "Not too long ago Andy felt the need to tell me that his penis is bigger than normal."

"Did he now," said Miss Prescott with raised eyebrows. "I suppose that might be true—if he was six years old."

Miss Prescott and I laughed heartily, as did the classmates behind us. Andy's face was as red as humanly possible, and I was tickled pink.

"I think we best get the poor lad dressed," said Miss Prescott when the laughter subsided, "lest he collapse from embarrassment on the spot." She paused, then said, "I'll hold up this towel if you'll please give Andrew his swimsuit. It's in my bag on the desk."

"Will do, Miss Prescott," I said while sauntering over to her desk.

"It's on the very top," said Miss Prescott. "It's a two-piece set."

"Oh, this ought to be interesting!" I said.

I peeked into the bag and immediately broke into a grin. On top was the bottom piece of a swimsuit. It was pink, with flirtatious ruffles. Before I started this chapter for you I researched online and found the exact item. It looked like this:



I reached into the bag and pulled it out, then gleefully held it up with both hands for all to see. Laughter resonated throughout the room. I walked over to Andy and held it up for him.

"What do you think, dear brother? Do you like your new swimsuit?"

Of course, Andy had no verbal response. But his dismal expression spoke volumes.

"And the color matches your bunny ears," I teased.

I held it out for Andy. He obediently looked at Miss Prescott for her permission to abandon his compulsory "submissive position." She nodded, and Andy took it from my grasp. I watched intently as he at first hesitated, then half-heartedly stepped into the feminine garment and pulled it up his long, slender legs and over his hips.

I stared at him and was unable to contain my laughter. Gawd, it was hilarious.

"Sexy mama!" I hooted derisively.

I turned and exultantly turned to go retrieve the top piece. When I did so I heard more uproarious laughter. I turned back and saw the reason why. Miss Prescott had stepped aside, towel wadded in hand. They were all taking delight in Andy ever so sheepishly modeling his new attire.

The laughter was about to intensify. I pulled the matching top from the bag and held it high. It also had ruffles, and to boot it had padding built in to give the appearance of small boobs. It looked like this:



I held it up for Andy, then held it against my chest for effect, grinning all the while. I handed it to him, and he knew what he had to do. It took him awhile, as he wasn't sure exactly how to put it on. Initially he tried to step into it.

"Pull it over your head, silly boy," I chuckled.

He clumsily did so—somehow managing to keep his bunny ears intact—and finally succeeded in putting his hands through the armholes and pulling the material down, where it came to rest at the bottom of his ribcage.

I looked him up and down. For me it was a visual delight, and an extraordinary moment. I moved closer to him, caught his eye and looked him up and down again slowly, with a wicked grin on my face. As my gaze moved upward, past his chest and his crimson cheeks I caught his eye once more.

"You've never looked prettier, my tiny-titted brother," I said with a twinkle in my eye, loud enough so that he could hear me over the merriment behind us.

Submitted: September 04, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Blondie2. All rights reserved.


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Robert Brooks

Another awesome chapter Blondie!
I enjoyed that really long sentence listing all the different embarrassing adjectives to describe Andy behind the towel. Made me chuckle.

That swimming costume is barely better than underpants, perhaps on a different level, even worse! Haha.
Looking forward to hearing what may befall him at morning recess :)

Tue, September 5th, 2023 10:31am


Yes, it's hard to say which is worse---the swimsuit or the tighty-whities. From Andy's standpoint, either one is better than naked.

Suffice to say, the girls will have their fun with him at the afternoon recess.

Tue, September 5th, 2023 12:04pm


I would definitely have gotten suspended from this school, then inspired to get my teaching certificate and joined the staff to start a Home EC class for boys wearing only aprons. We’d have a special ‘utensil’ day.

You’re a gifted writer, quite expert in your particular domain of interest. I have a warm place for boys like Andy… a couple warm places actually.

Tue, September 5th, 2023 5:09pm


Thanks for the nice comments, DampKitten. Coming from you, it is truly valued. You are a very talented writer (and quite prolific!). Your use of dialogue is superb, which is key.

That being said, if you are ever so inclined I would love to read about your exploits at the school that led to your suspension. :) I know humiliation isn't necessarily your main interest, but I'm sure you could do it justice.

Tue, September 5th, 2023 12:14pm


If the second recess is more humiliating than the first for Andy, we are all in for a real treat :)

Tue, September 5th, 2023 9:08pm


Well, let me put it this way: Seeing as there as been a gradual but steady escalation of humiliation as the story has gone on, I can't imagine the second recess NOT being more humiliating for Andy than the first. :)

Tue, September 5th, 2023 5:13pm


This somehow keeps getting better and as usual I cannot wait for the next chapter.

When you get to the spanking will Andy be wearing his tighty whities, the swim costume or neither? :-)

Don't get me wrong, I am in no hurry for the spanking, I hope this goes on forever.

Tue, September 5th, 2023 9:56pm


I haven't 100% decided yet, but I have a pretty good idea of what Andy's attire (or potential lack of it) will be when he's laying over the knees of the ruthless Miss Prescott. No spoilers here, though. :)

As far as the timing goes, there will be at least one more chapter before Andy's bottom gets warmed up.

Thanks a lot for the comments.

Tue, September 5th, 2023 5:08pm


Well, as far as attire is concerned , I would have hoped that the story illustration would give an accurate depiction of Andy's spanking when it does eventually come ?

Wed, September 6th, 2023 8:04am


Hey, you might have something there. :)

But just to create a shadow of a doubt, the cover art for "A Bare-Bottomed Spanking) depicts Nicky Baldini in a pair of boots while she's over the knee of her teacher, while in the story she is completely naked. It's not always easy to find cover art that portrays the story in every respect.

Wed, September 6th, 2023 4:06pm