webcam granny during lockdown

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I share sex secrets with old lady on webcam and then enjoy a lovely mutual wank

Webcam granny during lockdown

Our local council had taken an initiative during the lockdown to encourage older people to use skype to meet new people on the basis that there were quite a lot of lonely silver surfers out there.

I signed up as I was bored out of my skull during this isolation due to the fact that I could not visit any of my local granny fuck mates.

I was not expecting very much but there could always be some old biddies who would be happy to give me a show to wank to.

I struck lucky on my third outing with Felicity. She emailed me saying that she would rather speak to a young person rather than some old fogies. That seemed interesting as she was in her late sixties and I was just 24.

When she answered I was pleasantly surprised to see her. A nice slightly wrinkled smiling face and more to the point a pair of quite large tits and as she was wearing a quite daring lowish cut button-down dress, her cleavage was nice, and wrinkled too. 

This is how our video chat went.(F means Felicity, and  M is me)

F – “How nice this is, I was hoping it would be a nice young man. What’s your name?”

M – “Hi Felicity, I am Robin, pleased to be having this video chat with you. I must say, you are not what I expected.”

F – “And what was that?”

M – “Well someone not as attractive as you. Someone who was more conservative, and dressed more like an elderly lady.”

F. “Well, Robin, I still like to think I am desirable. But what interests me, is why would you want to talk to an OAP like me why not a younger lady?”

M – “I must own up Felicity, I find that young women are very fickle, and they just like my money and what it can buy them. Whereas most of my most intimate lady friends are like you. They are more genuine and they don’t muck me about.”

F- “You mentioned the word intimate. That sounds to me like you have a ‘personal understanding’?”

M – “Now you’re putting me on the spot here Felicity and I don’t want to shock or embarrass you. Let’s just say we fulfil our needs with each other.”

F – “Oh all right, what else do you want to talk about?”

M – “Well, are you married, have children, are you happy? I know it’s hard during this lockdown.”

F. “Yes I was married, but now widowed only last year and I miss him terribly. I have two grown-up kids who can’t be bothered with me unless they need money and to be frank with you, I am now 68 and have decided to, excuse me for saying this, but screw them I now want to live my life the way I want – not how they want.”

M- “Well, that is a brave move.You said you missed your husband, in what way?”

F – “Now you have put me on the spot, Robin. As you have been honest with me, I will be the same with you – although I have never ever said this to anyone else –I hope you will not think of me as some wanton woman.”

M – “I really like wanton elderly women Felicity. Nothing you say will shock me.”

F- “I suspected that to be the case, Robin. So here goes. My husband Peter and I, unlike a lot of couples, had a very healthy sex life right up till he died.It was amazing but he could still get erections even at the age of 75. And to be totally honest, I miss his penis and all the things we did with each other. I suppose looking back at what we did sexually, you could class me as very highly sexed.”

M – “What about meeting someone new?”

F – “Robin, how many men in my age group could get hard let alone maintain one – sorry to be blunt but that’s the truth.”

M- “Well, I understand you there, in fact, hearing you talk about your problem is getting me quite aroused, Felicity.”

F – “Oh Robin, that’s lovely, let me see it now!”

M – “Ok, but only if you show me your lovely tits.”

F – “Deal and I throw in my hairy cunt – I love that word it always sounds so dirty.”

With that, she undid her dress and took it off and I did the same with my trousers and pants.

Seeing her naked got my cock really hard. She was sex on legs. Her extremely wrinkled and droopy fat tits were hanging just over her lovely flabby belly which overlapped her nice, hairy cunt.

F – “Oh Robin you have a massive thick cock it must be a good 8 inches. I would love that up my hairy cunt right now.” 

M – “Shall we have a wank together Felicity and talk really dirty?”

F- “Oh yes, please.”

We moved our chairs back so we both could see each other’s bodies and proceeded to wank.

Needless to say, we did not last long, and after about 10 minutes we made arrangements to meet online all through the lockdown.

 Our next chat

I was very keen to find just how perverted old Felicity was in the day and maybe even now.

Here’s what she told me. 

F- “Before I was married, I was a very nice girl but I am happy to say that my hubby was a really kinky so-and-so and he was so good to me with his cock giving me great orgasms that I became a sex addict.

One of the strangest things I found was that I got the strongest orgasms when I was washing up in the morning. He would come up behind me and start playing with my tits and nipples and then move down to diddling my prominent clit – which always got me fired up. As I got more randy, I started to piss myself – I could not help it. I believe it’s called squirting these days.”

“He was really into it and then stuck his cock up my shit hole and fucked me like mad. With four fingers up my cunt and his cock in my arse, I literally pissed all over the floor when I came and he shot wads and wads of spunk right up into my bowels. 

I tell you, Robin, it was fantastic, when he pulled out, his cum oozed down my legs.We stood there mesmerised. It was so perverted it was good.And we used to do that every week as part of what I called our playtime.

When we were younger we had sex at least twice a day but as the kids came along that tailed off. But when they had left home we were back to being sex mad.I really loved feeling his spunk shoot up my cunt and Oz out down my legs. But as he got older the quantity of spunk slowed really down. 

So, one afternoon, I asked him to bring some of his mates around to fuck me. My record was 4, one after the other. And boy did I enjoy all their thick lovely cream.”


Submitted: December 30, 2022

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Dick Wood

By any chance, was this Felicity Kendall, the hot blonde from that70's Britcom show, The Good Neighbours?

Fri, December 30th, 2022 8:53pm


No. Just my imagination

Sat, December 31st, 2022 2:28am

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