Chapter 9: Chapter 9

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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As the two women battled on the floor, rolling around, one on top of the other, their sweaty bodies grinding onto each other, nylon legs and feet, rubbing against each other, asses being slapped and fingernails digging in, Prisha pinned Charlene's arms to the floor.

"I want that job..bitch...AAHH...UUMM!"

" have to earn it....UUHHH....first...MMM!" squealed Charlene.

Prisha took her knee and began to grind it onto Charlene's wet pussy.

The feel of the nylon against her wet snatch, her firm clit was sending electric pulses throughout her lower body.

Rubbing harder, Prisha could feel Charlene losing steam, she wasn't twisting or turning as much to break the hold that she had on her.

Prisha backed away and grabbed Charlene's legs and spread them in a v shape.

She now began to grind her pussy onto Charlene's pussy in a missionary position.

Up and down, Prisha went with her wet pussy against Charlene's wet pussy. The juices of the two mixing together to make the grinding and thrusting more erotic.

Charlene wasn't fighting back as much as before. She was at a tipping point to where she could continue the fight, or give in and let things happen.

Prisha felt this too, and pressed harder on Charlene.

"Bitch...UUHH...gonna make cum...!"

"Charlene tried to squirm from under Prisha, but she was getting weak, was getting more sexually turned on.

"No can't!'

The grinding of the pussys was getting to Charlene. Prisha too felt electric pulses from the clit to clit battle, but she wanted to be her and get that job.

Charlene raised her head and tried to stick her tongue in Prisha's mouth, but Prisha turned away and pushed Charlene's head back to the floor.

"OH....bitch...AAHH....nnnoooo....UUHH....fuck....AAHHH....fuck me....fuck my pussy bitch....MMM....!"

Charlene had gone over the line to where she had given up the battle and wanted to cum.

"Make me cccuuummm....AAAHHH...!"

Prisha, rubbing her wet pussy over and over Charlene's gave her what she wanted.


Charlene arched her hips a bit and let out moans and grunts, turning her head left and right as she had an orgasm.

When she was done, Prisha fell on top of Charlene, her sweaty body on top of hers. Panting, she brushed away some of her hair from in front of her face and said, " I get the job?"

Charlene, breathing heavily after having a huge orgasm said, " beat me....yes...the job is yours."

Prisha climbed off of Charlene and sat up with her back against a wall, her legs spread to show her glistening pussy.

"There is one more thing to seal the deal...luv."

Charlene knew what that was.

Getting on her hands and knees, she crawled over towards Prisha and began to eat out her wet battle tested pussy.

Licking and fingering her, the juices of the two mixed in Charlene's mouth.

Prisha took Charlene's finger and sucked and licked off the pussy juices from the two and then had Charlene finger fucker her as she sucked and licke her clit.

Prisha held onto Charlene's hair as she felt her own orgasm rising up.

" me ....bitch....UUUHHH....MMMM....EEE....!'

Prisha's head went back and her hips thrusted towards Charlene's face as she came long and hard. 

Charlene lapped up her pussy cum juice as she spasmed with orgasm.

Resting against the wall, panting, wiping her hair from her face again, Charlene moved up and gave Prisha a long passionate kiss, feeding her the juices of the two.

On the floor, the two held onto each other, their sweaty sex battle tested bodies, sharing light kisses, hands gently gliding over each other.

"You said there was fringe benefits and travel?" inquired Prisha.

"Yes...there will be fringe benefits. And as for the travel, when you start on Monday, we will be in London for a few days, then we have to fly to Stockholm. There are two women who are hard in negotiations, but I think we can handle them...back in our hotel room....if you know what I mean?"

Prisha looked up at Charlene with a look of knowing what she meant.

"Blonde blue eyed Scandinavians are they?"

"Yes." replied Charlene.




Submitted: March 08, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.


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