Chapter 5: Chapter 5

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Reads: 126

The two women broke away from each others hold.

Prisha wipped the sweat off of her brow with her arm as Charlene took off her shoes so that she could get better tracktion on the rug than with high heels on.

Prisha also took off her shoes so now that the two battlers where in their stocking feet, ready to continue.

"What sexy little feet you have luv. Hope you don't mind if I bite down on those sexy toes of yours if I get the chance." sneered Charlene.

Looking down at Charlene's nylon covered feet, "I think yours make for a bigger target. In Canada we have a creature in the northwest called, Bigfoot. You might be related."

"Bitch!!" snapped Charlene.

"Cunt!!" snarled Prisha.

The two women ran towards each other, both grabbing the hair of each other, pulling, yanking, tugging as their tits slammed against each other, twirling around the room.

"AAHH....let go!"


The two struggled until Prisha put some weight behind her and she and Charlene tumbled to the rug.

The two began to roll around, one on top of the other, arms wrapped around each others bodies, faces pressed side by side.

Their nylon covered legs wrapped around each others as their nylon cover feet fought their own duel.

Over and over, they rolled in a catball, cursing, moaning, groaning in aggressive, hot tones coming from their lips.

Prisha, on top, grabbed Charlene's hair and began to pull her head back.

As she did this, she bent her own head down and began to suck hard, and bite down on Charlene's left nipple.

"AAWWW.....UUHHH....bitch....!" Charlene yelped as she grabbed some of Prisha's hair to pull her back.

All the while, their nylon covered legs and feet, making a sexy scratching sound as they did battle.

They began to roll around on the floor again as they eneded up by a wall with Charlene on top. The wall gave her some leverage.

Charlene took her right hand an began to rub Prisha's wet pussy hard through her underwear. 

Fingering her clit roughly, pressing hard on her pussy lips, "Yeah bitch...this is what it's all about....making the other bitch cum first....!"

Prisha tried to get Charlene off of her, but she was pinned up against the wall. 

Spanking Charlene's ass and using her left foot, running it up and down Charlene's legs, trying anything to get her off of her.

She didn't want the sexfight to end like this....but it was feeling so damn good having her pussy being taken controlled of by another woman.


Submitted: January 17, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.


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