Chapter 12: Chapter

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Reads: 41

They walk in the park; Sit on a bench,

Look up in the sky; Tells her to make a wish,

Closes her eyes; Makes her wish,

That this man does know; How bad she wants his dick,

Suddenly feels his lips; Kissing on her shoulder,

Hand caressing her leg; She reaches for his head,

He's kissing her neck; Her pierced nipples getting hard,

Pussy getting wet; Her clit starts to throb,

His hand moves up; Massaging over her pants,

She has no control; It's like she's in a trances,

Dammit this man; Making her body cream,

Catches herself moaning softly; Calling him "Daddy",

Finds herself grinding; In the same direction,

Reaches over for him; Feels his big hard erection,

He tells her pull it out; Inch down her pants,

Sit onto of him; Let's do it right here,

A tad bit reserved; But definitely she's intrigued,

Asks him the question; "How bad you want me?",

He starts off "Honestly"; Then he proceeds,

Everything he said; Immediately soaked her panties,

How since their first time; He's been addicted to it all,

Mentioned the time on the dresser; Having pressed against the wall,

How she keeps him standing tall; Extremely hard with her frame,

The way she holds on with passion; Seductively calls his name,

She's inching down her pants; His dick fully exposed,

Like a kid in the park; Ready to slide down his fire pole,

But unfortunately over; Right as they're about to start,

Disrupted by the sound; Of hearing a dogs bark...

Submitted: December 27, 2022

© Copyright 2023 rawt. All rights reserved.


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