Roses and candles

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

He lay on the cold floor, 

rose petals around him,

lit candles on his body,

heat warming his being,

his hungrily swollen cock

Imprisoned in its cage,

waiting for some release.


Her thin lips smiled,

and  then she placed

handfuls of rose petals

all around his body,

lit another white candle,

let him feel its heat

slowly coursing through 

his desiring body,


He just grew delirious,

unable to curb his lust,

eager to offer himself

to his powerful mistress.

She just smiled sweetly,

undid his cock slowly

and allowed him to come

but only once she was gone.


And so he did as ordered,

bathed in sweat and tears,

relieved by a violent orgasm

laced by pain and longing.

The sound of her stilettoes

pierced his ears for a while,

while the candles died softly

and he slept peacefully at last

while the aroma of his cum

mingled with the scent of roses.




Submitted: December 26, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Lizziewolf. All rights reserved.

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Makes me want to open a florist. Compelling imagery. Nothing like a man and his cage.

Tue, December 27th, 2022 2:02am


Ah...I will buy roses from you! (red). Thank you so much for your words, dearest Kitten!
Love, Lizzie.

Tue, December 27th, 2022 4:31am


You have captured so much emotion here, the frustration of being caged, the anticipation of physical and sexual release, and the admiration of his Mistress for putting him IN the cage and releasing him at her discretion. I envy him.

Tue, December 27th, 2022 2:03am


His Mistress gave him what he needed but not necessarily what he have captured what I wanted to convey.
Thank you for your words.Love, Lizzie.

Tue, December 27th, 2022 4:35am

Dick Wood

I could smell the rose petals and I imagine the candles giving off a soft French Vanilla aroma. Very intoxicating poem.

Tue, December 27th, 2022 3:05pm


Wow,,, thanks for your words, Love,Lizzie

Tue, December 27th, 2022 4:36pm


A mistress, a cage, candles, wax dripping on body… petals…. pain…pleasure… a violent orgasm… Now this is what I call a dream come true… I love you Liz… you just made my day

Wed, December 28th, 2022 5:04am


Wow...I love your made my day as well! Thank you, dear samnash!
Love, Lizzie.

Wed, December 28th, 2022 12:29pm

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