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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Todd the young bookseller and his new bride have become submissive slaves to a dominant male. They spend Christmas with him.

all characters are 18 or older. This is a fantasy.
Subject: The Bookseller's Christmas
I spent Christmas with Todd and Sally, my bride and groom slaves, and
it was one of the nicest times I have had.Todd is the young man who works in the
bookstore.He thought he was straight, but as a natural submissive and a quiet
intellectual bookish type, I just took over his entire life and his sexuality.I should
explain that I took one look at him and knew I had to have him. I developed this terrible
crush on him. Oh, he resisted me, fought me, tried to escape from me, but pussy boys like
Todd, don't stand a chance. I also took over his new wife.Of course he tried to resist
me at first, but he didn't have a chance against a real man. So here I was, spending
Christmas with them. Todd is quite cute; small but nicely built, with a boyish face and
glasses. His wife is a real fuckpiece, good tits and a juicy cunt. I kept them naked of
course. I
had them open one of their gifts before we ate the turkey dinner which I
cooked, not being able to trust their culinary skills. I gave each of them a rally thick,
fourteen inch dildo. Of course I wanted them to try them immediately. You should have
seen the struggle they had to get those fat dildos up their asses. I couldn't tell if
they were crying from the joy of getting such a nice present, or from the pain of having
to work them up their holes. They kept saying they couldn't do it, that it hurt too much,
but of course I knew they could. I had to get a little rough with them, but finally they
both had the rubber fuckers up their assholes. They lay on the floor groaning and too
ashamed to look at each other. I had them
fuck them in and out of each other. Such a nice activity for a young husband
and wife who were no longer allowed to fuck. They gave each other compassionate glances,
and I could tell they were still in love. Love maybe, but no fucking! Todd was not
allowed to fuck his wife, or any cunt. I couldn't have Todd fucking a girl. After all,
he now belonged to me, body and soul. And the good news we had was that Sally was
pregnant. The baby belonged to me or to one of the many college boys I had made her fuck
in the last few weeks. I think its such a thrill when a new bride discovers she is
breeding. Sally of course was a bit upset. Not only were she and Todd not financially
able to support a child, but she didn't want to have her life burdened by a baby just
yet. They had been married right out of high school and were were both just in college
and quite young.
Oh well. We all adjust, don't we? Look how well Todd was adjusting. He was becoming a
cock sucking asscunt submissive twerp boyfriend. I use those
words lovingly because I really was attracted to him and did love him in my
own way. After all it was my love for him that made me put Todd and Sally
through all of this. Well, if not love, at least deep sexual attraction.
The first time I saw him working in that bookstore...looking so scholarly
with his glasses and all. And then when I got a look at his cute young ass
in his trousers, I just knew I had to make him my complete fuckslave.
I sat at the table with Sally eating our Christmas meal. She had the
dildo up her ashole and so it was hard for her to sit on the chair. It is
difficult for anyone to take fourteen inches, you have to admit It. It may have affected her
appetite too. Todd was trying to walk with his dildo up his ass as he served us our
dinner. It was
so cute to watch his ball sack and dick swing as he walked back and forth,
trying hard not to move the dildo up his ass too much. His ass was cute too,
spread open by the beer can thick rubber cock.
Todd knelt by my chair and I fed him from my fingers. Sometimes I would
put some whipped potatoes on my dick and let him lick it off. He knew better
than to object. I spoke with Sally about her fuck schedule for the holidays.
I was making sure she got fucked five or six times a day now by guys from
her university.And sucking fifteen to twenty cocks a day. I had turned her into a real slut. I know she was secretly
enjoying it. I had her come on to only the guys who seemed to have the
biggest dicks and were the roughest toughest looking in her school year
book.Of course we had to speculate about the cock sizes from just face shots or sports
photos. We would often look through the book together, deciding which guy she would beg
to fuck her next. Almost all the guys came through...shit what college dude would refuse
a free fuck with a hot chick.I insisted that she was racially fair in her choices
too...she had to get fucked by guys of all races.
Sally was real pretty. She cried a lot that she didn't want to be a cock slut. That
she loved Todd, but I had to break her of that because Todd was mine. So I felt it best
that she become addicted to lots of other get her mind off of her husband. At
first I had to beat him up pretty badly to get her to open her pussy for college cock.
She did it to save him. How touching and sweet. Then the little game escalated. If she
didn't get the required number of fucks each day and suck the required number of pricks,
Todd was punished, and she couldn't stand to see him hurt, so she was being a real good
little slut. At first it was difficult for her, but now she was taking to it like a duck
to water. A cock is a cock is a cock...that's my attitude, at least for a cumdump like
Sally. As long as it's big and fat. I only want the biggest and best dicks for
because I am so crazy about her husband. I also wanted her pregnant,
because I felt that then, she wouldn't mind so much not getting Todd's dick.
Todd was forced to play with his dick alot, but not cum. I was training him
to find sexual pleasure in his new ass pussy. I loved to kiss and neck with
Todd while I fingered his asscunt. I told him he had one of the prettiest
pussies I ever fucked.He would tremble and cry a lot when I did that...especially when I
did it in front of his wife. I often made her sit and watch while I fondled, played with
or fucked her husband.
After Christmas dinner, I had a surprise for Todd and Sally. The
door bell rang, and six guys from Sally's history class showed up. I knew
lots of the guys who fucked her by now. They thought of me as her pimp. I
had the boys strip, and I must say they were all muscular and well hung. They all took
turns fucking Sally in the pussy and ass. They were proud young studs, walking around
waiting for their turns with their dicks hard, leaking and bouncing. Todd was so
humiliated he had a crying jag. The boys all laughed at him. I told Todd to do something suck the asses of the college boys. So young Todd had to lick and suck the
assholes of the boys while they waited their turn to fuck his wife. After the first boy
dumped in
her twat not needing to worry about a rubber of course because the slut was preggies, I
also had Todd clean off the spent dick with his mouth. This then
became his duty for all the boys. He would go from ass sucking to cock
cleaning. He is just so fucking submissive. It makes me hard just to
remember him on his knees crawling from ass to ass and then opening his
mouth to suck the spent cum and cunt juice off a drooping thick hunk of
college boy fuck meat.His eyeglasses once again became all smeared with fucksnot. He
looks so sweet that way. His lips were coated with fuck, and snot ran from his nose and
tears from his eyes. The guys had a ball kicking his nuts ad ass, calling him a fucking
faggot. After the boys had each shot off in Sally's cunt and up her ass twice, I packed
them off. I wanted to be lone with my new best friends. Todd and Sally were both pretty
wiped out. Now, I had a treat for Todd. I told him he was allowed to suck the
cum from the college boys out of his wife's cunt and asshole. She was
really loaded with spooge in both holes, and it dripped and ran out. I put
him to work. He made a bit of a fuss, but I slapped him a few times, and
then kissed him after to assure him that I really was doing this for his own
good. While he sucked his wife's cunt and ass, slurping and swallowing all the dick scum
and cunt juice and ass slime,I worked the dildo in and out of his boyhole as hard as I could. I really got
him grunting and groaning.
For our next Christmas game, I stuck the toes of one foot up Sally's cunt as far as I
could and the toes of my other foot up Todd's now stretched
asshole.I made them bounce on me feet. Then, I shoved both dildos up Sally gave her a
nice little Christmas drink of my piss, and put her
to bed, and spent the rest of the night fucking her cute husband in the mouth and
stretched out ass.
"Here's to us, Todd, and all the fun we are going to have together in the
New Year. This is just the start of our wonderful romance." I whispered in
his cute ear while my dick was up deep inside his gut. "And remember how
worried you were when we first met, because you swore you were straight and
couldn't do anything with a guy. Well, those worries are over, aren't they?"
I had already cum up his ass, and now I pissed up into it. He sobbed,
chewing the pillowcase.When his tummy was bloated with my piss, I had
him squat over a punch bowl and shit out the piss and my cum into the bowl.
Then, of course, I had him drink it.

Merry Christmas!

Submitted: December 25, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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Thanks for posting this classic story. It is so nice how you improved their relationship and took it to another level.

Mon, December 26th, 2022 5:11pm

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