Faux Sports Physicals

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

The protagonist kidnaps the regular doctor so that she can do the high school boys' physical.

Faux Sports Physicals

My name is Cindy Smith.  I am 26 years old, 5 foot 4 inches tall and 105 lbs.  I wouldn’t say I was unattractive but I am not pretty.  Some boys said I was cute.  I am ok in the face but I kind of skinny.  My measurements are 33-22-33.

I was always a horny girl.  I loved to play doctor with the boys.  I did it every chance I got.  I loved the fact that boys’ genitals were on the outside where I could play with them.  I especially liked the fact that penises get hard and erect.  It was like they were saluting me.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t get enough sex, what I needed was to dominate and control men.  I am not a femdom, I dislike inflicting pain.  What I really like is CFNM, clothed female, naked male.  I want them naked in front of me, erect and obedient.  One of my favorite things is to strip them naked and show them naked in front of other women.

One day I had this idea.  I knew from when I went to high school that the boys had to take physicals to participate in sports.  I also knew that part of that physical was that the patient had to be checked for an inguinal hernia.  That meant the doctor had not only to take their underwear down but she had to feel their testicles.  I really wanted to take that doctor’s place. 

What I did then was research carefully how to conduct a male sports physical.  I had contacts within the school who would tell me when the physical would be done and which medical firm and which doctor within the firm would be doing the physical.  I knew the odds favored me because most pediatricians nowadays are female.  I contacted a couple of friends of mine who had the same CFNM fetish and asked me if they wanted to join me.  They did.

When the day came for the physicals. I dressed smartly in a suit while my assistant wore a nurse’s uniform.  When the female doctor assigned to do the physicals left her office, a couple of friends of mine kidnapped her.  I  took her place.  I had a name tag with a fake name on it.  I didn’t use her name because someone at the school might know her.  If they asked me where she was all I had to say was, she couldn’t make it and asked me to take her place.

I arrived at the school with my faux nurse and went to the school office.  From there I was directed to the school nurse’s office.  I introduced myself to the school nurse and sent her to the office to get the boys' records.  I wasn’t there long before the first half dozen of the boys showed up.  I had just enough time to put in 3 hidden cameras before they arrived.  I also had brought along a portable examining table. 

I used the school nurse to record my findings and the fake one to assist me.  The school nurse told the boys to strip to their underpants.  They quickly obeyed her.  I took them in alphabetical order.

I had my fake nurse do the perfunctory things.  She measured, weighed the patients, took their temperatures, took their blood pressures and checked the soundness of their joints.  I used the stethescops to listen to their hearts and lungs .  The time had come that I had waited for and they hated.  While the other boys watched I simply and calmly said, “I have to check you for a hernia.” 

The first boy surprisingly didn’t know what that would mean.  He said, “I don’t understand.”

I said to the school nurse, "Explain it to him."

She said to him, "She has to examine your testicles.  It is a standard part of a male's physical."

He gave me a forlorn look, lowered and took off his underpants.  I then used my longest finger to insert through his scrotum to find the inguinal ring.  When I found it, I said, “Turn your head and cough.”  He did.  I then did it on the other side.  Then I grasped his testicles and said again, “Turn your head and cough.”  He did. 

I then said, “Please climb up on the table and lay on your back.  He did.  I said, “Spread your knees apart and hold your knees in your hands.  He obeyed me.  He was spread eagled in front of me and completely exposed. He also did the pubescent boy thing, he got an erection.  He saluted me!  Ithen started feeling his testicles.

He said something that surprised me but I was prepared for it.  He said, “What is this for?”

I said, “I am doing several things at once.  I am checking your testicles for abnormalities, checking your sexual development and lastly, I am checking to see if you have a fungal infection, also known as jock itch.”

The school nurse said, "The other doctors never checked for more than a hernia."

I said, "I know and I don't understand why.  This is a perfect time to do it.  Why not be thorough?"

I took my time making sure that it was anything but a cursory inspection.  I told the school nurse that he was tanner 5 in sexual development, that I noted no abnormalities and was free of any fungal infections.  Then I lifted his testicles inspected his perineum visually and by touch and noted that to my nurse.  I noted that he had not been circumsized so I pulled back his foreskin and inspected his glans both visually and by touch. I grasped his cock to feel its hardness and said to my recording nurse, “This patient exhibits a normal heterosexual response.”

The school nurse said, "You certainly are thorough."

I said, "I mean to be."

The school nurse said, "It is embarrassing for the patients."

I said, "It is embarrassing to pubescent patients because I am a female and they are so susceptible  It must be awful to get an erection in front of a doctor during an examination.  I think it is unfair to use female physicians to examine pubescent male patients. I can't help that, I still need to be thorough.

I then said to my patient, “Do not be embarrassed by your erection.  It is a normal response that I expected and nothing to be concerned about.”  The accepted response when a patient gets an erection is to ignore it.  By the very act of mentioning it you direct the patient’s attention to the fact that he is naked and humiliate him more. 

By this time, I was as wet as he was erect.  I really wanted to jerk him off but I knew that was going too far.  I had already gone a lot farther than I needed to even though I had an excuse for everything.  I could not masturbate him and justify it as thoroughness.

I told him he was finished and could go back to class.  I then proceeded to my second patient.  I spent most of the afternoon doing physicals.  They all went smoothly and no one suspected a thing.  After a while, I let the school nurse do an inguinal exam.  She jumped at the chance.  The boys were all especially embarrassed when they were touched by their own school nurse but they still obeyed.  When she examined her patient she took so much time that he not only grew an erection but he orgasmed.  When she did it didn't bother her at all.  She even took her time cleaning him up.  Her patient saluted her the entire time.  He didn't even deflate after he orgasmed.

We provoked an erection in our patients every single time.  It was glorious.  I love it when a penis salutes me.  A couple of times, we even caused our patient to orgasm.  Teenaged boys are really potent.  That really embarrasses them.  Naturally we tell them that it happens sometimes with teen aged boys.  I had the school nurse take a wet washcloth and clean it up.  When we do this, they boys maintain their erections and we make a point of giving them an admiring smile. 

One time while I was manipulating testicles while my patient was spreadeagled on the table, someone knocked at the door.  Allowing more people to observe would make it more humiliating so I said, “Come in.”  When the female aide came through the door and saw the student naked and spreadeagled in front of her with an erection, her eyes just about popped out of her head.  The boy covered himself but I slapped his hands away.  She couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. I waited for several seconds before I said anything, I said, “Young lady, you must have come in here for a reason.”

She came to her senses and handed me a note, it was from the Assistant Principal and asked for when I thought we would be finished.  I wrote on the note, “In about an hour.”  An hour and a half later, there was another knock on the door.  The nurse said, “Come in.”

It was the female Assistant Principal. I was in the middle of an inguinal hernia check so I made her wait.  When the Assistant Principal arrived he covered himself.  I removed his hands.  Only when I had finished  did I acknowledge the Assistant Principal.  I said, “What can I do for you?”

She asked, “When will you be finished?

I said, “This is my last patient.”

I then finished the rest of my examination.  To my surprise the Assistant Principal stayed and watched.  The testicle examination was next.  She asked, "Why are you examining his genitals?"

I said to her, "It is a standard part of every male physical.  It is especially important when they are young.  We are looking for an inguinal hernia and things like undescended testicle."

The Assistant Principal said, "No doctor ever did that to me when I was a girl."

I answered, "Females don't get inguinal hernias."

The presence of the Assistant Principal embarrassed the patient so much that he ejaculated.  When he did, I said to her, “Now see what you caused.”  Then I made her clean it up.  I didn’t think she did a good enough job the first time so I made her it do it again.

When we were finished and had left, I called my friends who were still holding the real doctor to let her go.  She went directly to the police but it was already too late.  We were gone.

I took the tapes from the three hidden cameras, spliced them electronically to make one tape and be sure that none of our faces were shown on the tape.  Then we sold the tapes on the black market.  I kept a copy for myself.  I view it often.  We made a decent amount of money from our exploit.  It was really fun and when we  were done my panties were sopping wet.  My regrets are that I couldn’t masturbate them while they fingered me and that I could not bring fellow female students in to watch and embarrass the patients even more.  Girls need to know what makes them different from boys.



Submitted: December 24, 2022

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Great story thank you.

Sat, January 7th, 2023 6:01am


Thank you for your nice comment!

Fri, January 6th, 2023 11:05pm

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