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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board

Poor naive Cari is the butt of a terrible humiliation and gang sex game. She is being turned into a slut.


(All characters in this fantasy are over 18. The behavior of characters in this story is not condoned by the author.)




Poor innocent little Cari was now a total slut. Her boyfriend Danny had turned her into a fucked slut. She had been a totally religious girl, sent by her arch conservative parents to a religious school. She had held onto her virginity until Danny had convinced her that if she wanted his love, she had to accept his dick!  He had moved patiently and carefully to corrupt her, and now he had her exactly where he wanted her.


Her actually fucking by Danny had not been a bad thing at all. She had to admit sinfully that she secretly enjoyed it, especially because he was the boy she loved more than anything in the world. The boy she wanted to marry and have children and a wonderful life with. Oh,it hurt the first few times, especially because Danny had such a big cock, and because he fucked so roughly. When he fucked, he seemed to care only about his own pleasure, but she knew that was not true, because he said he truly loved her. He was rather like an animal. A beautiful animal. His body was lean and muscular, he was movie star handsome, and it wasn’t his fault he had such a huge needy dick. He explained to her that he was just over-sexed, and as his girlfriend, it was her duty to take care of him.


He loved sex in so many odd ways. He loved to sit on her tummy and fuck her tits. He taught her that when his cockhead sawed in and out between her tits, she was to stick out her tongue and lick the dickhead. He kept begging her to let him ass fuck her, but she was terribly scared of that, as it seemed so sinful. She did allow him to saw his pulsing wet prick between the cheeks of her ass. He also fucked her in the armpit, and of course in the mouth. He enjoyed rubbing his swollen leaking wet dick all over her face. He told her she look especially beautiful when her face was coated with his pre-fuck or his cum. These things sometimes confused her and made her feel sick, but because she loved him so, she wanted to please him. She felt uncomfortable when he told her to masturbate his buddies or suck their dicks for them. “John’s girlfriend is on the rag, and he really needs to unload his balls. If you love me, Cari, you’ll suck him off. That’s what good girls do!” And she wanted so to be a good girl. Nonetheless, she didn’t like the taste and feel of other boys’ pricks in her mouth, and she hated it when they came like wild animals, and she had to swallow their salty, bitter sperm. Danny had promised her that she would grow to love the taste of cum. He said it was natural for girls to love cum, but it had not happened yet. The truth was she didn’t even love the taste of Danny’s, and it seemed like she was swallowing that all the time.


What she hated the most were the “Game Nights” or the “Show Nights” when the boys made their girlfriends perform before a whole room filled with horny teenage boys. If she didn’t do it, she feared Danny would drop her. He told her he loved her so much, and he wanted to show her off to his buddies. He wanted them to see how wonderful she was.


The worst game night thus far had been the last one. The contest on this occasion was to see which girl was “THE BEST GIRLFRIEND.”

Six girls competed, each of the others as shy and frightened as Cari. The boys only seemed to pick insecure, shy, backward, but beautiful girls. The girls didn’t know that the guys often had contests to see who could fuck the shyest, youngest virgin first, and the dude who won got a case of beer. There was also a pool whereby the guy who got his formerly virgin girlfriend pregnant first won two hundred bucks. If the girl came from a strict home where she could not get an abortion but had to have the baby, the dude won an extra fifty bucks. Danny had won the contest five times so far. He was hoping for a fifth win with Cari.



They had reached the most embarrassing part of the “Best Girlfriend” contest. They were up to the “CUNT INSPECTION.” For this part of the contest, all six girls had to sit on chairs with their legs bent and spread wide, and their heels on the edge of the chair. In this was, their cunts were spread wide open for the boys to inspect. All but one of the girls already had really wet pussies from the finger fucking portion of the contest. The dry girl was sure to lose points. Cari, whose cunt always got dripping wet very easily got extra points for the puddle of cunt slop beneath her pussy. Danny was really proud of that. Lots of masturbating boys in the audience took photos of Cari’s wet cunt.


Cari’s tits rose and fell with humiliation, as she sat there, legs spread wide. Was this really what all good girls did for their boyfriends, she wondered.? Her nipples were swollen and sore from all the boys fingering them and twisting and tugging on them. It had gotten her sexually excited in spite of the degrading feeling. She could hear the thumping of the boys in the audience as they masturbated their dicks while they watched the contest. It was funny and odd, but until she met Danny, she had never realized how important cocks were in relationships and in life. Now, everything in her world seemed to be about pleasing and servicing cock! Danny told her this was something every good girl had to learn. It seemed like she spent eighty percent of her time with Danny’s dick in her mouth. He said it was natural and that was what girls were meant to do. She sucked his dick while he watched sports on tv, while he drove his car, while he ate, at the movies, everywhere. He actually told her that God had made her beautiful mouth for his dick, and it was a perfect fit made in Heaven!


Now each of the six boys judging went from girl to girl to examine their cunts close-up.  They spread the girls’ cunt lips, tickled and tugged on their clits, shoved three fingers in to see how well the cunts gripped. Some of the girls were crying, others were grunting. These were boys who loved to make girls cry. It made their pricks even harder. But these boys were not exceptions to the rule. There are boys like this in every high school and college in America. Boys who live only for the filthiest, dirtiest, most degrading sex possible. These fuckers had no conscience, and girls to them were just objects. To them, females were not second rate citizens. No, to them females were hardly even human. They were just dick drains. Every cute girl was just a potential pussy pot to be filled with cum, spit, snot and piss.


In fact, to add to the girls’ humiliation. After each boy judge had prodded, poked and thoroughly examined each girl’s cunt, part of the contest was that he would rise and walk around behind the girl. She would then tilt her head back and open her mouth. The boy would then hawk up as much spit as he could and let it fly into the girl’s mouth. She had to gargle and then swallow the spit. Danny had practiced for hours with Cari swallowing his spit to make sure she could do well in this part of the contest. Most of the boys had smoked pot and drunk alcohol, so their spit tasted really foul. It was part of the girl’s job to show how delicious it was and how wonderful it tasted. That’s what good girls do for their boyfriends. Cari was learning that the life of a teenage girl was not easy.


Just a few nights before this contest party, Danny had taken Cari to the mall. He made her wear really short white shorts, so short they crept into the ass crack. When she tried to pull the material out of her ass crack, Danny had scolded her. Of course, she wore no panties, and her entire camel toe was visible in front because the shorts were so thin and so short and tight. But that wasn’t the worst part. Before they went into the mall, Danny had fingered Cari’s pussy until the cunt sauce flowed out of it, and now there was a huge wet pussy juice stain on the front of the shorts. He made her walk around the mall that way, with everyone, especially guys staring at her. On top, she was only allowed to wear a cropped tee shirt of the very thinnest material, so her nipples showed clearly through, large brown swollen buds. She felt like a total whore, but Danny said she was beautiful. And this was Cari’s dream boyfriend. The love of her life.


Well, the cunt inspection finished, and the next part of the contest began. For this part, each girl was to be fucked by her boyfriend, and the girl would be judged by how good a fuck receptacle she was. For this part, the entire audience of boys would watch and judge which girl they thought gave the best fuck.


All the girls were crying now. They didn’t want to be fucked in front of a gang of horny boys, even if it was their own boyfriend doing the fucking. Danny came up with the perfect solution. So that the girls would not feel embarrassed, they would be blindfolded, so they didn’t have to see the audience watching them.


As he tied the blindfold over her eyes, Danny whispered to Cari how proud he was of her and how much he loved her. “You are the best by far, Baby, and I just know you will win. Then I will really be fucking proud of you. “


“But Danny, I don’t want to be fucked in front of all those boys. It’s too humiliating.”


“Just pretend that we are alone and making love. The room is dark, and there is romantic music on. Just you and me, Babe.” Danny would have kissed her to gain more trust, but her face was covered in spit from the other guys, so it was too gross. After the girls were blindfolded, they were placed on their hands and knees. Their boyfriend’s would fuck him doggie fashion from behind. “Just relax. It’s just you and me. I’m going to put my dick into your cunt now. Just enjoy it. “ 


She felt the knob of his big dick at her cunthole. It nudged and prodded a bit, and then the dickhead went into her hole. She grunted. Danny’s dick was so big that it always hurt a bit. She felt him behind her fucking deep into her cunt. “I’m alone with Danny. He is making love to me,” she kept telling herself. He fucked her that way for about five minutes. She could hear the grunting and moaning of the other couples.


“I’m just going to pull out for a minute, honey, so the guys can see how beautiful your cunt is when it’s fucked. I’ll just slide out. Don’t worry, I’ll put it back in in a minute. I know you love to be stuffed with my dick more than anything in the world.” The big dick popped out of her fuck ditch. “That a girl, now I’ll put it back. Nice and easy.” The dick entered her again. Somehow it felt slightly different, maybe not as large. Perhaps her pussy was adjusting to Danny. It fucked into her again. There was grunting and she felt balls slapping against her. Her cunt was dripping like crazy, and so was Danny’s dick. He fucked her for  about five more minutes. He was grunting and moaning. He must really love her. Then, she felt much more pre-cum than usual filling her cunt and running down her legs.


“Danny, what is happening?” 


“That’s just pre-cum, baby. You got me so hot. I am leaking like crazy, almost like I am cumming. This is wonderful. I’m just going to

pull out for a second to calm down. Wow, so much pre-fuck! You are juicing like crazy too, baby.”


“Christ, what a slut…” someone in the room said. Then Danny slid into her again. Her pussy was now loose and as wet as a lake. This time the dick felt swollen and thick again. It fucked into her balls deep in one stroke. It started to fuck harder and faster now. Danny’s dick seemed to grow even thicker and more throbbing. She felt it way down to her womb. More grunting. Poor Cari was getting exhausted. “It’s so fucking wet, Cari, I gotta’ pull out again.” He pulled out, her cunt suctioning the dick, and a flood of what must be pre-fuck squirted and ran from her cunt. She had never felt this kind of thing before.


Eight more time he entered her and fucked and then pulled out. He had never done this before. And twice, he paused and then said, “Here, baby, just suck my dick clean, so it’ll be a better fuck.”


“In front of those guys watching?” 


“Cari, you’ve suck most of them, so what’s so bad about sucking your boyfriend in front of them? Come on, baby, we are winning. Do you love me?”


She opened her mouth and felt a slime covered dick enter her mouth. It must be nerves, but Danny’s dick felt different in her mouth than usual, and it was covered in what tasted like cum. She was becoming an expert on the taste of cum. It covered her tongue and got in between her teeth. It ran down her throat, as the dick pushed further and further into her mouth. “Good girl. Clean that dick real good, and then I’ll go back into your cunt.” Danny’s dickhead felt so odd. Then he pulled out, moved away, and a moment later he fucked into her cunt again. Did she feel totally ashamed having this done to her in front of so many others, of course she did. She felt horrible, but she knew she had to do it for Danny.


it went on and on. Danny had never grunted so much nor leaked so much before. There were rivers of really thick pre-fuck squirting out of her pussy, and still he went on and on. Pulling out and then pushing in last, Danny shouted, “I’m cumming, Cari!” And it was over. She collapsed onto the mat on the floor into what felt like a swimming pool of fuck slime. Her cunt ached as it never had before. Her pussy kind of actually farted and more cum than she could believe shot out. The guys in the audience applauded and laughed. The blindfold was taken off, and She looked up and saw a dozen naked boys, with their spent dicks dripping standing around applauding. Danny was laughing. She looked over and realized that the other girls were not being fucked. They had their robes back on. Some of the boys were playing with their spent dicks, long strings of fuck hanging from the swollen pissholes.


Danny smiled at her shyly, like he had been a naughty boy. And poor Cari realized suddenly that she had been gang fucked! All the boys had fucked her. Only her. The other girls had watched. Cari had been the only one fucked. OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  Strange boys had unloaded their sperm into her pussy, into her womb.


She screamed in horror, and the rowdy bunch of boys roared with laughter and applauded her again.

Submitted: December 23, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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