Treated for Ingrown Hairs at a Skin Spa

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: CFNM

True story of an treatment by an modestly sensitive treatment by esthetician at a skin salon and the motivations for the behavior of both the esthetician and the client.

Visit to a Skin Spa

I had what I thought were ingrown hairs resulting from a Brazilian Wax.  My waxing esthetician recommended a product to get rid of them. I bought it and used it for a month. It didn’t work.  My dermatologist recommended Benzoyl Peroxide. I used it for about a week.  It didn’t work.

I decided on mechanical removal.  I went on-line and eventually found a skin salon where the owner was willing to excise the ingrown hairs.  When I entered the examining room. she told me to take off my shoes but I could keep my socks on.  I said, “You want me to strip to the waist?”

She said, “Yes.”

I stripped to the waist and got on the examining table.  The owner was very nice and very professional.  Her confident manner put me at ease. More importantly, she did not try to protect my modesty from herself.  Something that is impossible and emphasizes the very thing it is designed to stop. I thanked her for that.

Then she examined what I thought were ingrown hairs.  She said they were skin tags and she doesn’t remove skin tags.  She did find some ingrown hairs which she removed.  She did not hesitate to manipulate my genitals.  Normally this would have given me an erection but since I was clinically exposed, I remained flaccid. To have become tumescent would have been embarrassing.  Due to her kindness and confident manner, I was completely comfortable during the entire experience.

The psychological aspect of nudity is fascinating.  Modesty may make psychological sense but it doesn’t make any logical sense.  Everyone knows what the other gender looks like and have by the time they were 5.  It is not like when they see the other gender naked they say, “What’s that”?

The medical profession unanimously maintains that it is unaffected by patient nudity.  That is not completely true.  Even though nurses may not find patient nudity erotic, that still doesn’t mean they don’t notice. 

My wife is a nurse. I remember one of her nurse friends who worked in orthopedics complaining that she didn’t have any male patients.  It medical personnel is indifferent to patient nudity why would she care about the gender of her patients? 

I include a story I found on-line where a male patient is laying naked and exposed in a recovery room listening to the female nurses talking about his physique and genitals.  He described their conversation as clipped and matter of fact.  Their conversation was not erotic yet it was still sexual in nature. 1

Then there were those 5 nurses in Denver who went to the morgue to see a deceased male’s large penis.  They didn’t do that because it was erotic.  There is nothing erotic about a corpse.  They did it due to sexual curiosity.  Nor were they disciplined because of the sexual nature of the act.  They were disciplined because they had disrespected a corpse. 

I had an ex-nurse roommate tell me about a male patient who she thought had handsome genitals.  She traded places with the other nurses on the shift so they could all see his genitals.  If it had been erotic for her, she wouldn’t have told me the story.

Stephanie Laynes is a smart, pretty, black esthetician who has her own waxing website.  In one of her videos, she discusses the fact that most estheticians do not want to wax males.  Her argument is, why would you potentially want to cut your income in half?  As part of her video, she candidly admits that she “loves to do men.”  What does "loves to do men" mean?  She must find some sexual gratification doing it.  Had she meant it was erotic, she would never have admitted to it.

The fact that my esthetician manipulated my genitals was unusual.  Yet, I never had the impression that it was erotic.  I believe her reason is the same as Stephanie Laynes.  She derived a non-erotic sexual gratification from the manipulation - as did I! If I didn’t, why am I writing about it?

I don’t think that this is unusual.  I have thought for years that mothers and sons have an undercurrent of sexuality as do fathers and daughters.  I also think that that this undercurrent is healthy as long as it remains an undercurrent.  Freud wrote that boys wanted their mothers bodily and women had penis envy.  I don’t believe either of those cases are true, yet I do think part of his premise is correct.

I cannot write this article and ignore the peculiar phenomenon of estheticians who do not want to wax males.  Why not?3  One of the reasons, is inappropriate male behavior.  Yet, doctors, nurses and masseuses have the same problem and it doesn’t deter them.  It isn’t a good enough reason to explain the loss of income the estheticians suffer.  It is like they are having a reverse sexual reaction!  Yet, if that is true, it is still a sexual reaction!  Could it be that they are afraid of having an erotic reaction? There are two things men do not like about women.  One, is that we like them more than they like us.  The second is that we cannot predict their behavior.  Women who do genital waxing but do not want to do males is a paradigm of the second. 

If men could predict them it wouldn't matter if we didn't understand them.  Men are just as mysterious to women but women don't complain that they don't understand men because men are predictable.  My final conclusion is that women are not only different from men, they are different from each other.2  Members of the mafia classify women in two groups, angels and whores.  That can’t literally be true, yet I see the same dichotomy. It seems like women who love sex do not make as good as wives as the ones who don’t.  If the female estheticians who wax men cannot explain their sisters, I shall not try.

1.Do female doctors or nurses measure boys’ penis size during their medical exam?


This is actually what happened to me, not some made up fantasy. I wake up from kidney surgery, it must've been quick as I'm rolled back to the observation area or whatever it's called. I feel pretty fine, not really disoriented I'm aware of everything going on around me. I'm counting 8-9+ female nurses around, all sharing bits of conversation in passing as they work. No way these nurses were all present for the procedure I wondered? I was too drugged to feel any pain then, just loopy coming out and I said some outlandish things to the nurses without realizing it. As I laid there quietly again, appearing to be back asleep but I was still awake laying in that holding area, while they all were doing their jobs around me. There were bits of conversation I was literally shocked to be hearing. I already knew obviously, but hadn't processed, it was dawning on me that I'd been completely exposed to all of them in the operating room. They had to hold, pull, poke and do all these things with my penis and go inside the hole... in that freezing cold room. The entire focus was directed through my urethral passage area. None of that matters obviously, they are all professionals. The 2 nurses I spoke with before the surgery spent a lot of time paying mind to how big I was (I played college football 4 yrs and was pro sized LB height/weight by the time i had graduated 2 years before this, and had still kept a lot of the size on at that point…but never went pro).

I definitely heard comments about the size of my package and not something I imagined. I am not kidding, and there was no mistaking it. Nothing was of a sexual context, just stating it frankly. It was mainly from 1 nurse i could hear crystal clear who looked really young and had a really loud mouth. Nothing was said with any strong tone or anything, they didn't sound like they cared, not like “OMG did u see it”, mostly just flat quick, stating it like a technical matter... and then on to the next matter at hand. I just couldn't believe they were discussing it at all. I heard her mention “uncircumcised” and “it wasn't going to fit” “it was barely there at all at first to grip to get it to go in… skin kept slipping because that's all there was pretty much…” and said “3 inches” to different nurses a few different times… another nurse said something, and she said “no, stretched, 3 inches fully pulled”. Wtf does this even mean exactly am I misunderstanding something? What wasn't going to fit? I almost blurted it out but luckily didn't, I just played dead. I tried hard not to laugh at the conversation, I was actually finding it hilarious for some reason.

I somehow wasn't really bothered by any of it, it didn't feel embarrassing in a bad way, maybe because I was so drugged. I wasn't aroused or sexually excited by it either. It felt somehow intriguing to hear though, a bit humiliating but in almost a weirdly fascinating way. I had never experienced this blunt type of discussion about me, and had not been on that kind of display to anyone in such an unflattering way that I couldn't defend with a fully sprouted hardon of decent size to redeem myself. Especially up close by so many females in a group like that. My feelings were very weird and mixed about it, but in the end it didn't bother me at all. Maybe it was relevant, and it wasn't much worse than the crude remarks I'd made without thinking earlier. So guess we're even, haha.


2.Many women in prison turn into lesbians during their incarceration and then return to heterosexuality upon release.  They have a phrase for this, “gay for the stay”. I find this weird but explainable.  They get comfort from the relationship!  I could never do that.  I mention this only because I can explain this but not why most estheticians do not want to wax men.


3.Sarah Christianson, Esthetician/Skin Therapist at European Wax Center

Answered 2 years ago

There are a few reasons, actually. I’ll list them in order of importance.

  1. Dangerous.
    The practitioner (usually female) doesn’t want to deal with the sexual harassment that inevitably occurs when men take their pants off. Some bad apples ruined it for everyone, unfortunately. Some men seek out situations like this to take advantage of the practitioner in a predatory manner.
  2. It’s hard to do.
    Male genital waxing is the most difficult procedure in Esthetics(non-medical skin therapy). I’m not exaggerating. The training needed to do one of this is beyond what most salons are willing to provide. It’s dangerous to the client if the practitioner isn’t skillful (think tearing scrotum).
  3. Not cost effective.
    Waxing salons are typically dependent on a high-turnaround. We need to get one client done and the next one on the table as fast as possible. I’ve only done a handful of male brazilian waxes and they all took over an hour. A female brazilian wax, by comparison, takes me 4–12 minutes.

    I charged $107 for the male wax and $60 for the female wax. Net income for male brazilian was around $90/hr. Net income for female brazilian was $240. Of course, I wasn’t actually making that kind of money but you see the point.

There you go! A few great reasons why your typical waxing establishment isn’t waxing men.

I don't find these explanations satisfactory.  There is a basic psychological reason.  With regard to the argument that it might rip the scrotum, I mentioned this to a estheticians who was waxing me.  She said she had done over a thousand me and, "it had never happened."

Kristen Whiting

Many of these answers are valid, however, I also think many take the scary, timid approach. Im an esthetician and majority of my clientele is men, most of whom get waxed below the belt. I’ve been waxing men since 2008 and My clients are undoubtedly well behaved. I make it known upfront what’s acceptable and what’s not. What’s appropriate and what’s not. What to expect, and what will be expected, etc. Being firm is a requirement for female estheticians if you take on male clientele. Hello! You have hot wax, duh! You have the upper hand. They’re the vulnerable ones, not you!! If you’re are a pushover, timid, or Unsure of your own firmness, then intimate waxing for men is not for you. I do it daily and don’t even bat an eye.

Secondly, it is definitely more difficult. Does require extensive training and commitment. But once you’ve mastered it, it’s just as easy as a leg wax and more lucrative than a ladies’ Brazilian wax.






Submitted: December 22, 2022

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