Afternoon Delight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Group Sex  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

”Now be good little girl for me. No, for us. Take off your bra and panties.” Jack spoke and you did so. You slided your underwear down your ankles and then took them off.
”Such obedient little thing you are. Good girl for daddy and his mates.” You heard Jack’s voice again. Now it was so soft.
”Now, I want you first to have sex with Leo. You need to get used to get filled with something so thick and hard…” Oliver grunted at oldest words.
”Why him?” He said disapprovingly.
“You get your turn right after him.” Jack said and Leo nodded.
“Come here, girl.” He said and you moved closer to the guard. He grabbed you and started to make out with you. He kissed you needly and roughly. Mmh. Leo was more harsh than Jack or Oliver. Getting fucked by him would feel amazing. So good. He kept kissing you with a tongue and then turned you around, chest against the table. Just how Jack had took you bit earlier.
“Mmh. You look delicious. Oliver, come by her side. She can give some attention to you while I pound this pretty teen cunt from behind.” Leo spoke. You felt your pussy twitch. You were bare before him, when you suddenly felt how Leo penetrated you with two of his fingers.
“You are so tight… How did you took Jack’s big rod in you?” He asked, making you blush. You didn’t know. But it felt fucking amazing.
“I stretched her out pretty good. But be sure that you make her properly wet before you intrude her.” Jack said to Leo.
“Sure. I’ll… give her something for return for that amazing blowjob…” Middle one spoke and then slid down. Oh god. Was he going to… lick you down there? Yes he was. He spreaded your folds with his fingers to gain access to your most vulnerable part. Then you felt tip of his tongue pressing against your mound. You flinched.
“Stay on your place, girl. I’m gonna eat you out until you are leaking your own juices…” Leo said and then started do as he “threatened”. He gave you fucking incredible cunnilingus. No one had ever done it better than him. Well of course he were experienced man. Like other two. You moaned and mewled, but you were quickly muffled as Oliver started kissing you. He pushed his tongue in your mouth while Leo’s tongue wriggled inside your other hole.
“You like this don’t you?” You heard Jack’s voice again. You couldn’t answer. But yeah you did. You wanted even more. You wanted Leo to just push you against that damn desk and take you like a little whore you were. So good little slut for the daddy and other guards… 

“She is dripping on my tongue. I think she is ready…” You heard Leo’s words and you grinded your cunt against his face. No. You wanted to cum first…! But he wouldn’t let you came. Not on his tongue. He wanted to make you a screaming orgasm on his cock.
“Good girl. Now. Beg again. Beg that Leo puts his big cock inside you and makes you his bitch…” Jack’s voice were so low. He was stroking his own cock as he just watched what other two did to you.
“Please… I want you… Please, put it inside me, sir…” you pleaded and Leo had no objections against giving it to you. He withdrew his tongue and you were now trembling. You were dripping saliva and your own fluids. You wanted this so fucking much that your center were aching. You wanted to feel stuffed so full you could burst.
“You really have some manners, girl… You want my big dick inside your snug teen cunt, don’t you?” Leo now held you by hair as he pushed himself against you from behind.
“Y-yes I do…! Please give me your huge cock…!” You lost yourself into this as he bit your neck. You could feel his shaft pressing against you. It didn’t go in yet, but it was firmly on your mound.
”Then look at Jack while I thrust it inside you. He is your master, after all. Now her little baby girl is gonna get fucked by his friend…” Leo spoke and turned your head to the side. You saw Jack looking at you. You saw lust in his eyes. Pure lust. This excited him. He didn’t minded to share his girls. Not at all. That’s why he wanted you to get pounded by both Leo and Oliver as well. But first one up was middle oldest.
“You are so fucking wet, little girl…” Leo said and rubbed his erection against your cunt. He then slid tip of his cock on your opening.
“Mmh…” You purred. Only seconds and he would thrust it in and spread you open around him… Your hands were on the desk, but you moved the other to your clit and started rubbing it. Leo scolded you and yanked you by your hair.
“Bad girl. You can’t touch yourself. I didn’t gave you permission.” He grunted and slapped you on the ass. It was still stinging from the previous. Jack had spanked you pretty hard. 

“Then put it inside me…” Your voice came out so lustful. It was enough to Leo. He claimed you by ramming his shaft deep in you. 8 inches filled you perfectly and it wasn’t in all the way yet.
“Yees…!” You nearly drooled now. Leo started to pound you. Your teen cunt was too much for him. He would come so soon and Oliver could have his turn with you.
“So snug little hole… I’m gonna fill it to the brim with my sperm…” He spoke. You shivered. It would be so fucking filthy and hot to get creampied second time this evening… By other dude. Something that have never happened to you before either. This was all so new to you. And you goddamn loved it…!
“Please do…!” You said. Jack was humming, approvingly. His little thief bitch was turning mindless little slut now. So obedient and cockhungry thing you were now for him and these other two.
“What do you say, Jack? Can I cum inside you little baby girl?” He asked for his permission. He scoffed.
“Yes. She wants it after all.” Oldest said and then turned to you.
“Don’t you, little girl? You want Leo’s thick spunk right to your womb? So you could get pregnant to either of us?” Thought made you shiver again. Holy fuck if you really would get knocked up… It could be possibility if they all were going to shoot their cum inside you…
“Yeah… Please breed me, sir…!” You responded, sticking your tongue out. Now he were balls deep in you and grabbed you by your neck. He started to choke you while he fucked you in total submission.
“Good little bitch…” He said as he pounded your pussy harder than Jack. Leo were more of rough dom than him. And you loved that he was harsh on you.
“I’m gonna cum… Kiss Jack as I do…” Leo commanded and oldest moved close to you. Then he grabbed you by hair and pushed his lips against yours. Leo was pounding away at your cunt while you kissed your daddy.
“Such a sweet little girl…” Jack murmured against your lips. He was so gentle and loving towards you. Unlike Leo. He made you shudder and shake under him. Oliver was quiet but he were touching himself. You saw it on corner of your eye. He was about to be next to fuck you. It would happen pretty soon, since Leo was seconds away from cumming. He came with low growl and curse words.
“Fuck… So warm and wet…” He growled, still choking you. His cock spasmed inside you for long while, before he pulled out. His cock were softening now and you were dripping of his cum. You must looked so fucking filthy whore right now… 

“Oliver, it is your turn.” Jack then said to youngest of guard trio. He grunted and strokes his cock. You moved a bit, but Jack told you to stay put. Oliver would take you from behind like two others before him.
“Yeah, but I want her to ride me.” He said and helped you up. He then rudely shoved his tongue into your mouth and made out with you. Jack could only watch.
“Hey. You need my permission before you do anything to her.” He grit his teeth. Oliver smirked and shrugged.
“You don’t own her. Even if you think you do.” Youngest had no respect toward his elders. Jack got bit angry with him, but Oliver kept groping you. You moaned into kiss. Damn. He was good kisser as well despite he were younger than other too. But not that much. Oliver were maybe in his late twenties to his early thirties. Much older than you nevertheless. He looked quite young and he was cute. In handsome way. You loved to get attention from all of them, but you got even more excited that you were about to have sex with him.
“I saw her first…” Jack grunted like this was some kinda competition to them. Oliver laughed.
“You caught her first. There is a difference. How the hell you even made her to do all the things she did to you? Like come on, old man.” Oliver were now really riling Jack up. Youngest were overly confident, smug bastard.
“I didn’t force her.” Jack answered briefly and it was all true. You did all of this out your own free will. No one really made you do anything you didn’t want to. They blackmailed you yes, but this wasn’t any kind of violation. You were still quiet. Oliver kissed side of your neck.
“Now I’m gonna lay on my back and you are gonna climb on top of me. I’m sure you know how to ride, don’t you?” He asked and you nodded. He went down to the ground and assisted you on top, legs spreaded. His hand were on both side of your waist as he rubbed his cock against you. You mewled.
“Put it in…” He said and made you do all the work. You reached down to his cock and guided it on your opening. Then he entered you. It was quick, but not painful. Despite his member were large too. All these guys had big dicks. It was your lucky day.
“Get to work. Move your hips and jump up and down on it. I want to see that little as bounce as you take it…” It was Jack again and he was masturbating. He sure loved to see his girls have sex with other men… He couldn’t help but touch himself while you were riding Oliver.
Youngest grabbed you by your hair and pressed you against his chest. Your small head rested there, while he used his pelvis to pound you. You moved your hips as well to feel him deep.
“Hey, Jack. You could… You know… Take her like that.” You heard Leo’s voice. Earlier Jack told you that he would love to fuck you in the ass. Now he could easily do it… Jack chuckled.
“Yeah. I could. Would you like it, baby girl? That I daddy takes your ass virginity right now and fill you up with Oliver?” He asked and you were so in ecstasy that you just nodded eagerly.
“Y-yeah!” You exclaimed as you felt Oliver brushing your g-spot. It felt fucking amazing.


Submitted: December 16, 2022

© Copyright 2023 Cici Rain. All rights reserved.

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