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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humiliation Sex  |  House: The Humiliation Board


Poor College Kid Part Fifteenby dale10







There I was, licking and sucking on Jake’s sexy sweaty ass while my ex-girlfriend whom I loved watched. She looked on in horror while the ultimate stud ordered me to “get your fucking faggot tongue deeper up my shithole!” She watched me thrust my tongue as far as I could up another guy’s hole from which he shit! Can you imagine how I felt? And like the whimpering little sissy I had become, I obeyed. If anyone had suggested a few months back that I would be licking and sucking out the assholes of high school and college boys, I would have called them nuts. How a person’s life can change from meeting a bully like Jake. And the thing was that most of the time he got what he wanted in a very quiet way. He simply told people what to do, and they did it. Have you ever met a kid like that? The fact that he was drop dead gorgeous helped. I don’t think anyone of either sex would have refused him in bed. He was just that way. He was dreamy… and deadly.


So while I am sucking on Jake’s sweaty ass, which was surprisingly hairless and soft and smooth, and while I was wearing a pair of my ex-girlfriend’s panties on my head like an idiot or a jester, Jake was tongue kissing my ex-girlfriend whom I call A to protect her in this written account, and mauling her beautiful tits. I say mauling because Jake didn’t romantically feel a girl’s breasts, oh no. He squeezed and pulled and slapped them and pulled on the big nipples until they stuck out obscenely. Another example of Jake’s innate sadism and dominance was that he never even called his girlfriends, of which there were many, girlfriends. No, he referred to them as his “CUNTFRIENDS.” Why? Because for him, they were just objects to use sexually and abuse. They were not human to him. That is why he could enslave and fuck his own mother and sister. He would take and use any hole available when he needed to empty his balls., which was three or four times a day. I heard that he even demanded that his best buddies, the guys in his gang like Nate, suck his big dick or take it up the ass when he was in the mood.  I truly never met anyone as dominant and controlling as he was.


He paused in his kissing to snap at me that he wanted to hear me sucking on his ass. He wanted to hear slurping and sucking sounds. So the dark bitter taste and the sweaty smell weren’t enough for him, he wanted to also hear me sucking and slurping on his teenage asshole. His ass mounds were beautiful, I have to admit, strong and round and smooth, and his shithole was extremely tight, unlike mine which was getting stretched further open with ever dildo or dick fuck up it. I sometimes cried myself to sleep at night, worrying that my asshole would be ruined for life by Jake and his friends. And how sick was I becoming that I actually admired how tight and beautiful Jake’s ass was? What kind of fucking pervert were they turning me into? I mentally compared Jake’s ass with Nate’s and the other guys’ asses. When I was sucking off those twenty-five college dorm boys, I mentally compared their asses and dicks and balls with Jakes! AND I SWEAR, I AM FUCKING STRAIGHT. I LOVE GIRLS. I NEVER DID THIS KIND OF THING BEFORE IN MY LIFE! Would nobody help me?


Jake was tonguing the hell out of my ex-girlfriend, and she was moaning in heat, his spit all over her face and running out of her mouth. I was sucking his ass and making pig noises to keep him happy.  He paused long enough to hiss, “My balls, lick and suck my balls!”  I brought my tongue out of his shithole with a suctioning sound and transferred it to his huge swinging ballsack.  They swung as he kissed A and ground his body into her. He knelt over my ex-girl with his legs just far apart enough for me to be able to lick his nutsack from the rear. I was there for two reasons. To intensify his pleasure and to be totally humiliated and degraded in front of the girl I loved. Jake was still young enough that his nutsack was still more velvety than leathery. The scrotal skin was soft, and I immediately got some ball hairs caught in my teeth. The sack was extremely sweaty. I lapped at it and felt the large walnut sized nuts in the sack move around. Sweat and my spit from his asshole dripped down onto my face, along with some ass-juice. I don’t think I ever felt so miserable in my entire life. Not even when I had to suck the cocks of those college boys.  I kept wondering how anyone could treat another human being so horribly…AND ENJOY IT SO MUCH.


I heard A moan and whimper and beg him to please not pull and twist her nipples so hard, but do you think he listened? And then he dug three fingers into her cunt! He did not go gentle into that dark night. I could feel him finger fucking the poor girl, rough and hard.


“Come on, Cunt, open up. We got work to do!” he growled.  I somehow knew, with dread, that the work he referred to had something to do with me.

“Now, here is what is going to happen,” he said, pulling away from her all three of us now naked on the bed, and me with a raging hard on to boot. Of course, Jake was hard, Christ, he was always hard, and fucking swollen and wet and bloated. “I am going to fuck A here, give her the fuck she has been waiting for all day. She can’t stand not to have my prick in her, right babe?” He laughed and fingered his huge dick. She looked at it and I fucking swear, she actually drooled. It was like she was drugged. She and I had never had sex like this. Ours had been modest and polite and I thought romantic. Jake’s monstrous hunk of fuckmeat dominated the bed on which all three of us sat.


Now Asslick, I want you to lay on down here with your face right next to your ex-bitch’s cunt. It will bring back fond memories. Get your face as close to it as possible.


“Keep him away from me, Jake, I hate the creep!” she whined.


“Shut the fuck up, Bitch and behave. This is to teach both of you a lesson. It is to tach you to choose men better, so you don’t end up with fucking faggots, and it is to teach the faggot how real men fuck and show him that he can never fuck a girl again. Now, I am going to fuck A real slow, not like I usually do. I will fuck her balls deep and then pull out until only my big cockhead is still in her pussy lips. When I pull out, I want you, Asswipe to lick the shaft of my dick. That way, you will be able to taste my prick and the bitch’s cunt sauce. You tasting her cunt will be almost like old times. I hope you got all of this, ‘cause I don’t want to have to explain myself twice.”  Jake was over A and I pushed my face in between their sweayt bodies as far as I could. I could smell his prick and her pussy.  I watched as the huge fat dickhead spread her cuntlips and squeezed itself into her pussy. She gasped and groaned, and I didn’t blame her, it was so fucking big. My asshole twitched, as I remembered him assfucking me. We were all nothing but his sex toys. I watched inch after inch of stud dick go into her cunt, until my face was squashed by their fucking bodies. Then he pulled out with a grunt, and I moved my face in and with my tongue began to obediently lick the cunt juice from his big pink dickshaft.  My God, I felt low. I felt like shit. I felt I could not go any lower. That was because at that moment I had no idea of the other degradations Jake had planned for me. Some slime bubbled out of A’s cunt and dripped along the shaft of Jake’s pecker, and I licked it up. I was crying again, and A was moaning that his dick was so big, and Jake was chuckling. He slammed his didk back into her, crushing my face painfully. He pulled out again until only the dickhead was in her.  I licked. “Get your fucking faggot tongue up into her cunt alongside my prick!” Had his dick not been so long, I could never have gotten my face in there, but I was actually able to shove my tongue along the shaft into A’s sopping wet cunt. I felt jake’s cockhead ridge against my tongue. My tongue was soaked in cock leak and cunt juice. And to my horror, I had one of the most needy, painful erections of my entire life. I remembered being on a public bus once when I was just a kid and getting a painful erection watching this sexy young woman seated across from me. She knew this horny virgin boy was watching her and she loved it. She spread her legs and her skirt rode up and, MY GOD, she wore not panties. I think it was the first live cunt I had ever seen. And it was my stop and I had to get up and walk to the front of the bus with my pants pushing out and a huge wet spot right at the tip of my painful dick lump. She saw it and laughed, and other people saw it as well and didn’t laugh. As I left the bus, the driver yelled at me, “Stay off my bus, Pervert!”  For months after, I carefully checked every bus driver before getting on.


Now I could feel my dick spurting pre-fuck which ran back along the shaft and onto my thighs and balls and belly. I tongued A’s juicy inner cunt and Jake’s bulging dickhead. He fucked back in, squashing my face again and forcing my tongue out of the cunt, with cunt juice and male pre-fuck squirting all over my face. I kept thinking, this was the girl I loved. Everything in my life had been ruined by Jake. We fucked that way, Jake fucking and me licking for about ten minutes, then Jake halted the activities.


“All right, here’s what’s going to happen. You lay on your back, Asswipe, with your mouth open. I am going to fuck ten strokes balls deep into the bitch here, and then fuck ten strokes into your cocksucker mouth. Let’s see who can pleasure my dick the best.”  And that is what he did. Fucked from her cunt to my mouth. A made little animal noises when his dick wasn’t in her, like a hungry puppy, and loud grunts when he slammed into her balls deep. I could hear the sound of his big nuts slapping against her. Then he’d pull out and ram his throbbing prick into my mouth and down my throat. I had to painfully lift my head to take him into my throat. His dick was so big, it scraped my mouth passage and throat. I gagged and pre-fuck and cunt slime bubbled from my mouth. For twenty minutes he fucked her pussy and my face pussy. Once I could not control myself and my hand went down to pump my own painfully hard, leaking prick, but Jake slapped my hand away.


“Don’t you touch your fucking clit, Faggot, or I swear, I’ll cut it off.”  My erection hurt so bad with the need to shoot its load that I screamed, but my mouth and throat were filled with dick. My balls ached and throbbed.


After half an hour of brutal cunt and face fucking, Jake grunted and arched his back and shot a massive load up A’s cunt. She screamed hysterically and clawed at his strong naked body and the bed sheets and the air. I had never heard a female scream during sex like that, not even in porno films. Jake’s heavy breathing subsided and he pulled his still horse thick cock from her slime squirting cunt. “Okay, lover boy, suck my cum out of her cunt!” I had become a cuckhold, and the sad thing was, she wasn’t even my girlfriend any more.  I plunged my face into her sopping, pussy, passed her swollen cunt lips, and began to l ick and suck. I got mouthful after mouthful of Jake’s sperm. He made me pull my face out and open my mouth and show him and A the lake of cum in my mouth before I swallowed. Once he made me gargle with it. Of course the taste was wretched, horrible, but what could I do. He was the sperm shooting stud man, and I was the useless bullied sissy faggot boy. A would never look at me again, and would hate me more than ever. Jake took photos of me licking cunt and showing the sperm in my mouth, and then took more pictures of me licking his spent dick clean. “A lot of cum and cunt slop dripped down onto my balls, make sure you get that all up too.” He said casually.


I was wasted, mentally and physically. My dick was still rock hard, but I was crying hysterically and trembling. “Please, no more. Please, I can’t take any more!”


Jake laughed. “Okay, okay. Now that you’ve shown A what a sissyfag fuckwad slurping piece of shit you are, we can go. Just as soon as I show her how I take a nice long piss in your mouth!”

Submitted: December 14, 2022

© Copyright 2023 dale10. All rights reserved.

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"A" must still have a soft spot in her heart for the main character. She let him out of his chastity cage. Or maybe it is just to torment him before locking him up again with no release. I would love to hear more about his chastity torment in future episodes. Keep up the good work! I have been a long time fan for well over a decade and followed your work at numerous sites.

Mon, December 19th, 2022 5:11pm

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